Carrie's Answer

☆ Carrie's Answer ✓ Violet Summers - Carrie's Answer, Carrie s Answer Corporate Affairs Book One One weekend That s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission to sati

  • Title: Carrie's Answer
  • Author: Violet Summers
  • ISBN: 9781595784292
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook

☆ Carrie's Answer ✓ Violet Summers, Carrie's Answer, Violet Summers, Carrie s Answer Corporate Affairs Book One One weekend That s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission to satisfy his never ending craving for her and to get her out of his system Then he ll let her go Two days That s all Marcus has promised Carrie But as he pushes her past theCorporate Affair ☆ Carrie's Answer ✓ Violet Summers - Carrie's Answer, Carrie s Answer Corporate Affairs Book One One weekend That s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission to sati

  • ☆ Carrie's Answer ✓ Violet Summers
    337 Violet Summers
Carrie's Answer

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  1. Violet Summers

    Violet is actually the writing team of Sierra Summers and V.J Summers.


  1. 3.5 stars There s my girl, always coming to my defense When everything in Marcus s life turns to shit, there is only one person he can count on, Carrie, except years of standing by his side, his assistant decides it s finally time to move on She loved this man than anything, and watching him waste himself on an endless string of plastic beauty queen wannabes was slowly sucking the life out of her When the story broke of Marcus s lifestyle choice, Carrie becomes intrigued wanting to experience t [...]

  2. I read this as part of a series read for a group And I really enjoyed it I thought it was going to start off with a bang when Marcus is arriving home on his anniversary, ready to have a threesome with his wife and best friend since his wife had asked for it Marcus and Daniel had shared Karen a few times before Marcus and Karen married, and had shared women plenty of times before that But Daniel had a thing about marital vows, so Marcus had to talk Daniel into it Anyway, Marcus walks in to his ho [...]

  3. This is what they meant by erotic romance Carrie s Answer has all the elements of the traditional romance genre tender, sweet, compelling characters struggling through some sort of hurdle to be together but it has the BDSM and brief m nage m f m twist to add the erotic spice readers are looking for Not the raw, edgy somewhat dark BDSM story I am used to, this one is loving and endearing.Carrie Worthington has held a torch for her boss, Marcus Worthington, since going to work for him For the past [...]

  4. Actually this was much better than I anticipated I thought it would be a good, if a bit shorter, novel It turned out to be really quite good with excellent characters and VERY well done sex scenes Carrie s internal speak is quite nice as well it s not overdone and she never comes off as needy even though she s loved him for so many years She epitomizes the strong submissive I cannot wait to read the rest of the series This one is going on my recommend list to others

  5. This was a surprising treat It s a sorta traditional BDSM romance with the familiar experienced Dom introducing the innocent sub to his lifestyle There is a menage with his long time best friend, but it s handled in a different way than usual I m not a huge fan of the addition of a third for kink s sake meaning, ok with it when it s a full on committed relationship, but not just to kink up the sex But here the heor is trying to prove something to himself and to her The hero is betrayed by his wi [...]

  6. A sizzling erotic romance Carrie Anderson has been in love with her boss, Marcus, for years even though he only sees her as a trusted employee When his desire for her gets too uncomfortable for him, Marcus fires Carrie who in turn blackmails him into a weekend of eye opening sex and much .This is top notch romantica and definitely one of the best BDSM stories I have read in a long time Unfortunately it is not without faults that kept building up until one finally broke the camel s back and dropp [...]

  7. This book was flat with cliche characters and a rather contrived misunderstanding to add what little tension there was Carrie is a curvy, long suffering, cheerleader type secretary of 10 years to Marcus Worthington She is inexperienced in BDSM Marcus is a stereotypical Dom, who is rich, and refuses to love again after a betrayal by the wife he should never have married in the first place I felt like there must have been a book before this one where we get some back story but this is the first in [...]

  8. This was a great book But I have a feeling that my favorite in the series is going to be Daniel s book I just fell in love with him Not to mention how much I live a good menage book and this is shaping up to be a great series But I don t know about Meri, I don t really like her right now so I don t know if I m going to read her book or just skip it altogether We ll see I guess because I m intrigued by her story, I mean who doesn t love a tortured soul but I didn t like her attitude with her brot [...]

  9. This book was pretty goodI think i am just on erotic overload lately I felt that the heroine was a little too meek and weak for my liking I like having a feisty submissive that needs to be broken I will definitely read books in this series after I give myself a break on the erotica.

  10. Paint by numbers storyline, complete with angry boner man Dom and plodding storytelling he said this, she thought that It may have picked up in the second half, but by then I was too bored to care Did not finish I won t be looking for by this author.

  11. I am not a huge fan of BDSM, but I read it and prefer it light This book has its fair share, but I enjoyed every bit of it It was great and just how it should be done I look forward to reading the rest of the Worthington Series and books by this author Thanks for rec Holly

  12. So, so good The perfect blend of romance, eroticism, and plot, I was captivated and riveted by Carrie and Marcus story Loving dominance is my weakness so I was puddle of goo during the entire story

  13. Marcus is a very wealthy man His family has a well known, profitable company He has it all, money, fame, and a new wife that he loves dearly He is headed home from a business to trip to meet his wife, and best friend Marcus invited his best friend to join in for a little kinky celebration of their one year anniversary Daniel has joined them before, but never since they have been married Marcus convinces him that it will be fine Once he arrives home he walks to witness his wife trying to seduce h [...]

  14. Originally posted at whippedcream2 201Dark fantasies and extreme emotions are the foundation of Carrie s Answer Sierra and VJ Summers write a BDSM romance with an intensity that will grip readers by their throats and won t let go until the last page Marcus Worthington is a business mogul with some very dark tastes in the bedroom and a need to ultimately dominate his partner Marcus has lost faith in himself and worries that he will never find a woman who will love him and his dark fantasies Then [...]

  15. My review cross posted from Joyfully Reviewed joyfullyreviewed new rHaving been betrayed and nearly ruined by his now ex wife, Marcus Worthington trusts no woman Except, perhaps, his assistant, Carrie Anderson Then Marcus spots Carrie at the BDSM club Velvet Ice, and the mix of shock and arousal causes him to make a mess of his professional relationship with Carrie, who resigns Realizing he s about to lose the one woman he wants but has never claimed, Marcus strikes a bargain with her If she giv [...]

  16. Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI was completely blown away I loved this book I was just so amazed and impressed with how much of a connection I had to the characters in this book I will admit it did start when the hero mentioned looking across at Windsor, ON from the Detroit river front I m from Windsor, ON so I felt an instant connection to the characters but also the authors I have been to most of the locations they talk [...]

  17. Wow, that was really good how had I missed this authour We have a familiar story of a high powered executive and his faithful PA In this case, it isn t an immediate attraction, but they have been together several years and both a little dense on their attraction He was married and burned deeply by his wife s betrayal It brought his sex life, and BDSM activities, into the media She was steadfast in protecting her bossFast forward a few years, and she decides to explore her submissive side at the [...]

  18. What is it with these romance novels and major assholes I m so fucking sick and tired of it Blackmail is blackmail, no matter how you put it, and in my book it is never okay to blackmail a woman into sleeping with you It is sleazy and wrong.So Markus is rich and handsome because of course he is and has the hots for his assistant, Carrie After a messy divorce he has lost his trust in women and blah, blah, blah When Carrie shows up at the BDSM club he frequents not to be with him or anything , he [...]

  19. This book was very hot I like the authors style of writing Now for what I didn t like, she waited for 5 years, seriously, watching him with other women, sending them the flowers Yikes, do women really do that What made up for it a little is he didn t want to share her, but did So she got some pay back.The sex was totally hot I liked how she thought about using her safe word, and then figured out what was going on and straight up said she wasn t his ex wife.However, when he pulled out the huge di [...]

  20. Three and a half stars.This is book one of the Worthington group and it looks like a very promising series Marcus Worthington finds out his wife was a bitch on their second anniversary He always thought that she understood he was a Dom, but found out that she saw him as a pervert Five years later, in totally Dom mode, he sees his assistant inside the club Even though he has lusted for her forever, she being inside the club changed things He finally felt permitted to act upon his feelings Of cour [...]

  21. This was a decent read I felt like the characters could use a bit development, and I would have liked to see Carrie have a bit spunk Although the sex scenes were definitely steamy, the BDSM elements in them just seemed rather bland My biggest concern was that he keeps asking her to trust him to know what she likes, but yet he admits to not knowing much about her at all nor does he negotiate any scenes with her to find out what she likes in order to push her boundaries I liked Daniel s roll in [...]

  22. Not badAfter Marcus divorces his shrew of an ex wife Karen he is left with his personal sexual nature putted to the press With the help of his family and his personal assistant Carrie he gets his life back on track, but he is changed Carrie has been with Marcus through it all and has always been attracted to him But when she decides to explore his wold of BDSM, he freaks The story is alright and the pace is good, I just wish there was of back story between the characters and details between th [...]

  23. Really excellent erotic romance or romantic erotica, either way, definitely romance , with just a few editing punctuation grammar spelling type imperfections I m kind of in awe of how Ms Summers manages to fit so much heat, erotica, character development, and romance into such a tight little package This is one of those books that, as an aspiring writer, I m really a bit jealous and wish I could pull that off Plus, she handles the whole BDSM thing nicely, but with less structure as, say, the Sha [...]

  24. I d rate this story between a 1.5 and 2 stars I found the story was well written from a editing and flow point of view The plot was lackluster It didn t grab me and hold me It wasn t a book so boring or annoying that I couldn t finish it but it also wasn t one I couldn t put down I think I finished just because I d started it and figured why not I felt the characters were every one dimensional A great deal of the time I felt that Carrie was just filler Other than Marcus needed a sub for the stor [...]

  25. A great read with a Dom who takes precautions when the one he wants is about to slip through his fingers Carrie s given Marcus her two weeks notice, but to let her walk away from his business and the work contract, he demands she ll spend the weekend with him and finally experience what he can offer as a Dom, what submitting really means.Can either of them really walk away after this weekend Smutty fluff, BDSM and two people finally realizing what they ve got in each other Would have been a 5 st [...]

  26. This was a good freebie Almost kinda like the Grey series in the content, but shorter and maybe not as heavy There was some spots I didn t really favor, but overall an ok book I liked the emotional plot and the ending was good Plenty of steamy scenes, of this variety, good emotions, good flow and written well I probably won t end up reading this again Good for passing time or something to read Worth getting but not something I would probably pay for, not much to my preferences, but good for othe [...]

  27. This is book one of the Worthington group and I will read I believe it was around 200 pages or so and there was a lot of action packed into the book, even with my preference of longer stories It s a classic girl or woman wants man and man wants girl but can t admit it to his self after a bad history with one woman It s a quick easy read with a delightful story There is BDSM elements but I felt they were on the lighter side.

  28. I read this story under the previous publisher, and enjoyed it very much The Worthington series is hot, and its a nice introduction to mild bdsm, menage strictly m f m in this one and characters you will feel you get to know pretty well within this family I really found I started to like Daniel, and enjoyed his story later I think it ends up being the third one after this one Daniel s actually became one of my first intro s into m m f menage and a D s relationship Not a bad series.

  29. Typical romance with lots of sex scenes, rather shallow characters or at least poorly described , potential heartbreak from misunderstanding and happily ever after It wasn t a complete disaster due to quite good writing with the exception of sex scenes which displayed all the erotic clich s and if you want to get turn on, this book can do it for you However, if you are looking for something clever with an interesting plot and steamy scenes, look elsewhere.

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