===== Umbrellix Press Releases ===== Due to a recent incident that warrants a press release, Ellenor2000 has decided that from now on, Umbrellix will, from time to time, release prepared news articles detailing happenings in the Umbrellix organisation and beyond. ^ Release Date ^ Name ^ Summary ^ | [[:press:20190329-debunking|29 mars, 2019]] | [[:press:20190329-debunking|Debunking establishment health claims]] | Calories in, calories out, salt's bad for you, we've heard it all. Let's get to brass tacks on health. | | [[:press:20190123-hyphovy|23 janvier, 2019]] | [[:press:20190123-hyphovy|Regarding Umbrellix sponsorship of Hyphovy.Net]] | We've terminated our sponsorship of Vibhore Changy's Hyphovy IRC network because he's just too easy to socially engineer, and gave his password out to script kiddies. |