Kişisel Bir Sorun

[PDF] Read æ Kişisel Bir Sorun : by Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin - Kişisel Bir Sorun, Ki isel Bir Sorun Kendini kand rma zehrini bir kez tadan insanlar bir daha kendilerini asla kurtaramazlar B y k ehir ortam ndaki yaln zla ma ve yabanc la ma sanc lar ndan kurtulu u Afrika gezisi hayallerinde arayan de

  • Title: Kişisel Bir Sorun
  • Author: Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin
  • ISBN: 9789750712111
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read æ Kişisel Bir Sorun : by Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin, Kişisel Bir Sorun, Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin, Ki isel Bir Sorun Kendini kand rma zehrini bir kez tadan insanlar bir daha kendilerini asla kurtaramazlar B y k ehir ortam ndaki yaln zla ma ve yabanc la ma sanc lar ndan kurtulu u Afrika gezisi hayallerinde arayan dershane retmeni Bird Kar s her an do um yapmak zeredir ve evlendi i anda iyice azalan Afrika gezisine kma umudu ocu un do umuyla t m yle s necektir Bir de ocuk be Kendini kand rma z [PDF] Read æ Kişisel Bir Sorun : by Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin - Kişisel Bir Sorun, Ki isel Bir Sorun Kendini kand rma zehrini bir kez tadan insanlar bir daha kendilerini asla kurtaramazlar B y k ehir ortam ndaki yaln zla ma ve yabanc la ma sanc lar ndan kurtulu u Afrika gezisi hayallerinde arayan de

  • [PDF] Read æ Kişisel Bir Sorun : by Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin
    355 Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin
Kişisel Bir Sorun

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  1. Kenzaburō Ōe Hüseyin Can Erkin

    Kenzabur e , is a major figure in contemporary Japanese literature His works, strongly influenced by French and American literature and literary theory, engage with political, social and philosophical issues including nuclear weapons, social non conformism and existentialism e was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994 for creating an imagined world, where life and myth condense to form a disconcerting picture of the human predicament today.


  1. Reading A Personal Matter is nothing less than an agonizing experience It almost feels like somebody poking at and opening up our most secret, suppurating, psychological wounds and making them bleed all over again, thereby compelling us to wake up to the realization of their existence These scars and bruises make their presence known time and again by causing us pain of the highest order And so we proceed to wrap them up in the protective wadding of false pretensions, carefully hiding them away [...]

  2. Not in the Travel BrochuresNothing about Japan, neither its culture nor its institutions, not to say its people, is portrayed with any sympathy in A Personal Matter The tragedy of a grotesquely deformed child, while disconcerting and disruptive to everyone concerned family, hospital staff, employer is no than that They were glimpsing an infinitesimal crack in the flat surface of everyday life and the sight filled them with innocent awe The universal desire seems to be for escape, not just from [...]

  3. People love this damn book but I wanted to climb inside the pages and tip our hero into a cement mixer so he could become part of the foundations of the new Tokyo and therefore perform the only useful act in his miserable life I mean, fucking hell, get a grip.

  4. You and I exist in alternate different forms in countless other universesAt each of those moments you survived in one universe and left your own corpse behind in another Kenzaburo Oe A Personal MatterBird, the protagonist, is confronted by a grave problem, a problem that threatens his future freedom in life a deformed baby He is devastated by a sense of shame since he has just fathered a monster baby and feels trapped with unforeseen, unwanted responsibilities In the face of his grotesque traged [...]

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  6. No se qu puntuaci n darle Creo que nunca, o muy pocas veces, un libro me hab a hecho sentir emociones tan diferentes y tan opuestas Por un lado me parece brillante, pero por otro terrible y horrible Me ha hecho sufrir much simo A la vez me ha parecido un libro honesto He odiado tanto al protagonista por ego sta, por tonto, por mala persona pero a la vez, no ser a tan extra o encontrarse en su situaci n o s He sufrido tanto por ese beb por la madre no se este libro me ha dejado muy tocada Y creo [...]

  7. I think one reason I love this book so much is because I really detested it when I started reading it Like, I really really hated the main character The book starts off with this 20 something college professor named Bird, who is wandering the streets after drinking in a bar His wife is in the hospital having a child, and Bird is enjoying a mud bath of self hatred He thinks, I ve wasted my life, I don t really want to be a father, I m not as attractive to women as I used to be, blah blah blah Any [...]

  8. If you ve never read this one and you re looking for a shortish novel that rocked hard enough to win the dude the Nobel Prize, something you can read before the weekend ends, something with serious existential, historical, and cultural HEFT, but also relatively easy reading, here ya go I taught this in a lit class last fall and several students said it was the best book they d ever read Easily in the top ten for me When people talk about perfect novels, an idea I totally glower at, I think of th [...]

  9. Kenzaburo Oe, Japonya n n Kavabata ile birlikte Nobel d ll b y k yazarlar ndan biri Ki isel Bir Sorun da ba yap t olarak g r len en tan nm eseri Yazar eseri 1964 de yaz yor Kendisi de engelli i bir ocu a sahip olan Oe, bu kitapta beyinden engelli bir ocuk sahibi olan baban n, ocukla hesapla mas , sahiplenme korkusu, hatta onu omuzlar nda bir kambur olarak g rmesi zerine bir hikaye anlat yor Olduk a karanl k bir yk bu Ba karakter Bird, hepimizin kolayca empati kurabilece i birisi de il Bu durumda [...]

  10. I m torn On the one hand, this is an extremely well written short novel about a man coming to terms with the birth of a special needs child that will inevitably cause him to have to grow up and sacrifice many of his own selfish needs.On the other hand, I don t recall ever having such intense hatred for nearly every character in a book I m not trying to say that I simply didn t like them or that they were horrible characters I mean that if I knew these people in real life, I would likely be in pr [...]

  11. Pod s encontrar esta rese a tambi n en mi blog ceresplaneta 2Bird, un joven profesor de ingl s, recibe la noticia de que su hijo ha nacido con un problema Pero no con un problema menor, sino que el diagn stico indica que, de no morir a los pocos d as, a causa de su deficiencia cerebral, las posibilidades de que le beb lleve una vida casi vegetativa aumentan A partir de este hecho, se suceden en Una cuesti n personal un gran n mero de reflexiones, pensamientos e ideas sobre qu hacer ante determin [...]

  12. This book is a perfect example of how good writing conquers all It ultimately doesn t matter whether the subject is gruesome, the main character completely despicable, the culture foreign or how dated the material is, how much of the beguiling effect is owed to the translation I don t know, but I assume that it is based on an outstanding original.What to make of a young man whose wife has just delivered their first baby while he was having a showdown with a street gang and who responds to his so [...]

  13. I had never read Oe, although I was aware that he had won the Nobel Prize The blurbs on the cover report that this is his most popular book, published around the time I graduated from college in the late sixties I didn t know what to expect, but was surprised to discover a Japanese existentialist, a student of twentieth century French extentialist literature His writing style reflects the influence of Sartre, Camus, and Beckett I had read considerable French existentialism during my college year [...]

  14. But it seems that reality compels you to live properly when you live in the real world Kenzabur e I am glad I got the chance to read this exceptional work It is a wonderful feeling for a reader to read a book that has a strong ongoing plot with mature and very well build characters This quality to be expressed in the form of writing is rare and e has displayed this through his novel.The characters will take to a journey and will make you feel a different world They are so realistic and developed [...]

  15. Independientemente de la amoralidad, de la falta de valores o de lo despreciable que nos pueda parecer el personaje principal de la novela llamado Bird , la verdad es que el autor crea a un personaje profundamente humano, lleno de defectos mezquino, ego sta y vil Un ser vicioso y miserable en fin crea a un ser como hay muchos sobre nuestro planeta La obra en s misma me ha parecido estupenda, ya que plantea un tema sumamente escabroso y lo hace con apertura y a veces hasta con cinismo aborda una [...]

  16. There is no doubt in my mind that A Personal Matter is a skilfully executed piece of literature And I hated reading it The main character, Bird, is a 27 year old who dreams of going to Africa When his son is born with a brain hernia, he is faced with deciding between surgery for his son which may or may not allow him to develop normally and preventing the surgery and allowing the baby to die.Maybe it s because I m a young father myself, but the very idea that Bird would even consider allowing hi [...]

  17. This was the first book by Oe that I ve read, and it was fantastic I was shocked at how disgustingly honest Bird was with the reader, who is an obvious parallel to a younger Oe, who has a brain damaged child of his own, although when this was written, it was unclear how the child would develop as he grew up, which is how I think Oe managed to put the ending of A Personal Matter as he did The story is essentially an extreme study of morals within the main character, who is a tragic character who [...]

  18. Oe Kenzaburo won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994, which adds absolutely no enjoyment to his novels A Personal Matter has burned itself into my brain, unforgettable and unpleasant as only a cesspool of defects gathered in a single character can be He drinks and he pukes, he pukes and he drinks, but those are almost quaint and lovely traits compared to his desire to kill his own defective baby Compounded with his fear of everything and his will to run from any challenge, he takes the baby le [...]

  19. This is the kind of book you would like it to be if you are a humanitarian a bestseller Raw, truthful, crafted, deep, beautiful and, if not life changing, at least it will make an impact in your heart.P.S.The ending might seem predictable, yet it is something deeply rooted in Japanese culture to take responsibility for your actions and embrace what life brings to you and natural than premeditated if the novel is read vividly.

  20. Es todo un tour de force avanzar este libro Bird, el protagonista, es una mezcla entre Raskolnikov y Meursault Si bien pareciera que la mayor a de las actitudes de los personajes son inhumanas, el autor logra que las sintamos reales Eso gracias al extremo realismo con que describe todo, lo corporal, el sexo, el sufrimiento, el dolor, lo sicol gico En muchos sentidos, leer este peque o libro, es mirar hacia un abismo No lo recomiendo si se est pasando por malos momentos Y un review que pretenda a [...]

  21. WARNING May contain triggers for those who have experienced rape.I ve written before about how novellas sometimes sneak up on me, taking a while to build up and becoming truly engaging just as they re about to end I suppose that one sure fire way to avoid this syndrome is to start your novella like Kenzaburo Oe s A Personal Matter full throttle intensity from the first page, when the atmosphere of subtly grotesque alienation is already fully developed, and the reader seems to be thrust down into [...]

  22. 3.75 starsReading this novel by Kenzaburo Oe was nearly a mission impossible to me On August 11 last year 2012 , I started reading it, reached Chapter 4 and quit there I didn t find it readable enough to find any motive to read any further, it was seemingly hopeless to read till I could make it with his 13 chapter The Silent Cry I think Oe has tried to convey his message or voice by means of his novels written out of his bitter, tormented and enigmatic mind Surprisingly this novel also has 13 c [...]

  23. Amazingly tight existentialist story about moral choices Really my only complaint has to do with the last 3 4 pages, and it s hard to talk about those pages in any specific detail without giving away the book s ending I was totally on board up to and including the moment in which Bird makes his choice, but I could have lived without the flash forward scene that came next, and revealed the repercussions of that choice The choice itself seemed to be the thing that was important, a choice made unde [...]

  24. I ve often thought of Oe as having this sort of David Lynch quality Comparisons to Eraserhead are inevitable here We have the deformed child slowly getting sicker, the reluctant father, the absent mother, the icy and terrifying realms of medicine and technology, the web of sexuality and alienation Reading A Personal Matter is a constant downward spiral into the darker areas of modernity I love shit like this Maybe you don t Your tolerance for grotesquerie entirely determines your opinion of the [...]

  25. He sufrido leyendo este libro, un espejo al abismo de lo m s oscuro del ser humano, un personaje despreciable, de principio a final que a mi mode de ver no logra redimirse pero ese lado existe y volver la cara es de necios Recomendarla S , pero con muchas reservas.

  26. the end was grotesquely simple, i was a little offended that i read through 160 pages wanting to know what the characters would figure out and ended up with that

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