A Young Wife

A Young Wife Best Read || [Pam Lewis] - A Young Wife, A Young Wife Amsterdam When fifteen year old Minke Van Aisma travels to Amsterdam to care for the dying wife of a wealthy man she has no idea what adventures await her Within hours of his wife s death her

  • Title: A Young Wife
  • Author: Pam Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781451612721
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

A Young Wife Best Read || [Pam Lewis], A Young Wife, Pam Lewis, A Young Wife Amsterdam When fifteen year old Minke Van Aisma travels to Amsterdam to care for the dying wife of a wealthy man she has no idea what adventures await her Within hours of his wife s death her employer proposes marriage and within days the couple has set sail for the oil fields of Argentina They settle in the rough coastal town of Comodoro Rivadavia where MinkeAmsterdam A Young Wife Best Read || [Pam Lewis] - A Young Wife, A Young Wife Amsterdam When fifteen year old Minke Van Aisma travels to Amsterdam to care for the dying wife of a wealthy man she has no idea what adventures await her Within hours of his wife s death her

  • A Young Wife Best Read || [Pam Lewis]
    350 Pam Lewis
A Young Wife

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    I was a city girl, born in Burbank California to a pair of ambitious parents who moved the family every few years as my father sought greater responsibilities in the then bourgeoning aviation industry We finally settled in New York City long enough for me to attend high school I was shy, too tall too soon, and only excelled at school when I finally set my sights on Stanford University and squeaked in on so so grades.I married immediately after college, and went to work as a programmer until the birth of my sons Lukas and Joshua Casey, who are now well into their adulthoods While they grew I worked at a motley assortment of jobs including Welcome Wagon lady, treasurer to a small corporation, reporter, freelance writer and swim instructor When serious money was required, I put my head down, gritted my teeth and wrote marketing copy for insurance companies in which the objective was to make readers see their diminishing health and retirement benefits as a welcome change For this I apologize As an antidote, I wrote fiction furiously every morning, as pleasure and therapy than with an eye to publication, which, at that point in my life, seemed unlikely On the cusp of my 59th year, however, Speak Softly, She Can Hear was taken by Simon and Schuster, then Perfect Family and now, with the publication of A Young Wife, a third.A Young Wife is something of a departure from my earlier books It s a sweeping story, told on a grander scale than the others It also has some of its roots in family history.During our many moves, my California grandmother s rare visits were highlights She told me stories of a disaster at sea, a burning ship, circling sharks and a husband s heroism She spoke of her life as a very young bride in a place called Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina She recalled handsome gauchos who rode into town on fabulous horses decked in turquoise and silver, and of their thunderous races down the dusty main street.I had many questions Why had she and her husband gone there Who was this husband Why did my mother refuse to speak of him, not even to give me his name Much later in my life, I learned that at age fifteen my grandmother was hired to tend a dying relative in the home of my then thirty five year old grandfather, that he took her to South America to start a store there, and that he ultimately abandoned her in New York City with four young daughters and few skills Most astonishingly, that she continued to love him until she died.This scant but rich information was a rare gift for a fiction writer The exotic settings, the passion, and his devastating betrayal became the bones on which to build a story I was glad not to know everything virtually nothing of my grandfather so that my imagination was free to make up the rest.


  1. I read this for Book of the Month Club as a pre publication read and recommend it It s due out in 7 11, so keep an eye out for it I was unfamiliar with this author, but plan to read her previous books This is the tale of a 14 year old Dutch girl who is married off to an older man, whom her family declares is a good catch She has no idea what she is getting into Although the coming of age story has been told many times, Ms Lewis introduces us to Minke and the genre feels refreshed She grows to lo [...]

  2. I think this story has a good plot and wraps up well in the end, but I didn t like any of the characters They were a very hard group to like Seems everyone except the heroine, Minke, is nasty and cruel.In the beginning, Minke is a nurse for an invalid, skeleton like woman addicted to morphine The rest of the household consists of Sander, a man old enough to be her father that seems to care not a whit about his dying wife, a daughter that steals her mother s drugs and wishes her dead, and a humpb [...]

  3. Absorbing well written a story spanning 3 continents.When 15 year old Minke first glimpses her future husband, she knows he is older, wealthy, and that it is her older sister, not Minke, who is expecting to be hired to nurse his dying wife However, Mr Sander DeVries is persuasive Minke is the one he thinks is most suitable and in spite of her objections she ends up in a household not in harmony the daughter is jealous of Minke and does not get along with DeVries, the brother is earnest but with [...]

  4. I received an Advance Reader s Edition of A Young Wife, by Pam Lewis, through a giveaway From the moment I began reading, I was completely engrossed While mostly a serious read, it was also a quick read and very entertaining.Minke van Aisma, 15 years old, is chosen by an older wealthy man to travel to Amsterdam to care for his dying wife The day his wife dies, Sander DeVries proposed marriage to Minke within days they sail to Argentina Minke doesn t really know her husband s business details, bu [...]

  5. When Minke is 15, a distinguished older man in a yellow car arrives at her parents home looking for a girl to come to Amsterdam to nurse his ailing wife, Elisabeth Minke s time with Elisabeth in the attic of her lavish home is short, but the two form a bond as Elisabeth relates her travels to Argentina through sporadic opium induced dreams Then, suddenly and almost without warning, Elisabth passes away and Sander DeVries the man who came to fetch Minke proposes to Minke, hoping to secure a new w [...]

  6. This is another book that I won through the FirstReads program and definitely a great read In the Netherlands in 1912, at the age of 15, Minke is taken from her family to work as a nurse to a wealthy older man s dying wife After she dies, he proposes to her and after Minke marries him, they sail to Argentina, where he s talked about the two of them starting up a new life in this soon to be prosperous place It s a hard life there, and only a few years later, Minke finds herself following her husb [...]

  7. I received Pam Lewis novel, A Young Wife, as a First Read Lewis writes so well and the story is engaging I was a couple of steps ahead of the main character Minke van Aisma throughout the book but then she was only 15 years old and I am not Minke, a compassionate and devoted caretaker for her employer s dying wife, is horrified when he proposes marriage on the same day his wife dies, but she gets over it pretty quickly and is swept into what she believes will be a wonderful life with a wealthy, [...]

  8. I have to admit, I first picked up this book MONTHS ago to read but the narration was kind of stiff for me, and I put it down for another day I picked it up recently, and forced myself to allow the narrative time to develop, and you know what I m really glad I did that Because once the story picked up it completely whisked me away Minke is merely fifteen years old, and she goes to Amsterdam to take care of a sick woman, the spouse of a wealthy businessman When the woman dies, much to Minke s su [...]

  9. This book waseasant It was an easy and quick read with a satisfying ending The book opens with a young Dutch girl, Minke, being selected to go and care for a rich distant relative She nurses her cousin but she ultimately dies under strange circumstances, and the poor womans husband proposes to Minke immediatly after The tail follows her adventure after their marriage.Lewis s writing keeps you reading, painting detailed but uncomplicated settings allowing the reader to feel the mood of each place [...]

  10. I really loved the story I would give it a five, but I didn t like the raunchiness of the sex talk It s not much and there s no real sex scene apart from the first time, but Minke s mother talks to her about it and there is talk between Sander and Minke of the beginning of their marriage I m not against talking about sex I just didn t like some of the words used Call me prude, but I am what I am.I feel so bad for Minke She s surrounded by such awful people I m surprised her husband s uncle, Cass [...]

  11. Now, this is a book that really had just about everything that you could want in a novel murder, adultery, drugs, gambling, three different continents, love, marriage and yet it is based on a true story I really hope that 90% of what unfolds in the book actually didn t happen If they did the woman the main character is based on must have been one tough woman There are very few novels that make me want to call in sick to work in order to finish, and A Young Wife was one of them I actually got off [...]

  12. A Young Wife is a well written book that takes in into the early decade of the twentieth century in Holland, Argentina and New York For that alone it is worth reading The story follows a young woman, Minke, sent to Amsterdam to care for the dying wife of a relative Upon her death the husband, Sander, proposes to her through her parents and within one day or two sails for a booming frontier town in the pampas of Argentina Why the sudden departure What is Sander realling selling How does opium fig [...]

  13. Sometimes I read good reviews of a book and when I don t like it, I wonder what I missed I can understand why some people might like this book but I am not one of them I found the main character Minke to be stupid rather than naive and unsympathetic rather than a character I wanted to root for The plot twists her husband is a drug maker, her baby is stolen but it turns out the husband sold him for money were unbelievable and preposterous rather than surprising The supporting characters veered to [...]

  14. Won from first reads Enjoyed reading the book It was a little slow in the middle due to not being able to connect with the characters They did not seem as developed as the characters in the first part and the last part of the book Minke van Aisma was able to grow as a character through her journey with marriage and loss She discovers what real love is and the story takes place in three different countries.

  15. A little slow in the beginning, perhaps of the historical theme Had to complete to find out the ending Although fiction, learned a little about immigrating into other countries.

  16. I received this book as an advanced read from.Young Minke van Aisma is excited and intrigued when a strange man, apparently a distant cousin, comes to their small fishing village in The Netherlands see about Minke s sister, Fenna, going with him to Amsterdam to take care of his ailing wife One look at Minke and Sander DeVries decides to take her instead She instantly begins to care for Elizabeth DeVries and is enthralled by her stories of Argentina, of the gauchos and great lightening storms It [...]

  17. For the most part, this was an enjoyable read enough so that I would have no problem reading any of Pam Lewis other works, though from what I understand by reading the back blurb, are not historical fiction That s a bummer, because she has an eye for detail that really submerses her readers into turn of the century Argentina, New York, and Amsterdam.When the story opens, we meet a very young Minke as she is about to embark on the first of her travels to become a nurse to a wealthy man s ailing w [...]

  18. This review first appeared on my blog knittingandsundries 20The inspiration for this story was the author s own grandmother, who was hired at fifteen to tend a dying relative in the home of my then thirty five year old grandfather, that he took her to South America to start a store there, that their union was a scandal in the tiny town where she lived, that he ultimately abandoned her with four young daughters In this novel Sander DeVries pays a visit to the home of Minke van Aisma in the Nether [...]

  19. Just then came whooping sounds at a distance, and they rushed outside to see what was happening They were met with an otherworldly sight that she would remember clearly for the rest of her life A bright orange halo lay to the west with a brilliant orange center Fires Five or six small ones and one very large all sending out arcs and pinwheels of blazing sparks into the black sky In all her life, she s never seen so much fire or heard such sounds She didn t know if the sounds were animal or huma [...]

  20. I was so fortunate to be selected to receive this book through First Reads program I received the Advanced Reader s Edition of the book The publication date of A Young Wife will be June 14 Minke is just fifteen years old when she is hired to care for Elisabeth van Aisma, a wealthy woman who is dying The arrangement is made between her parents, who live in a small town in the Netherlands, and Elisabeth s husband Sander Once naive Minke meets Sander her life will never be the same.After Elisabeth [...]

  21. I could not put this book down, the story was too intense You ll want to keep going until the final page A Young Wife, loosely based very loosely on the life of the author s grandmother, is the story of Minke van Aisma, a young Dutch girl who in 1912 is sent by her parents to work in the household of a distant relation in Amsterdam Her job is to nurse the master s wife, who is dying of some cancer like illness, surrounded by her indifferent children and her seemingly loving, but mysterious husba [...]

  22. A Young Wife is a fascinating read from the first page to the last The story is based on the author s grandmother s life, starting in Holland in 1912, and what an interesting life it was Minke is a 15 year old Dutch girl who was hired by her distant cousin to nurse his wife during her last days When she comes to their great house in Amsterdam, she finds that she has a sympathetic connection to Elizabeth, the dying wife The wife dies and immediately Sander, Elizabeth s husband, hurriedly asks Min [...]

  23. I received this book through the Giveaway and I m glad I entered to win it because I honestly wouldn t have gone out of my way to find this book, which would have sucked since I loved it.I don t want to give too much away, so here s a general overview The book centers around Minke, a 15 girl from a poor family She is quickly married off to a wealthy man and joins him on his journey to Argentina There, she makes a few friends and becomes a mother Soon after, she is forced to leave behind a son, w [...]

  24. A Young Wife by Pam Lewis, published by Simon and Schuster.Category Fiction LiteraturePam Lewis has written two splendid mysteries, Speak Softly, She Can Hear and Perfect Family For A Young Wife she has loosely based the story on the life of her maternal grandmother.The story begins in the Netherlands, and a young girl, Minke van Aism, is chosen over her sister, Fenna, by Sander DeVries to be a nurse to his dying wife Elizabeth.Minke becomes an integral part of the DeVries household and a truste [...]

  25. I received an advance reader s edition of A Young Wife by Pam Lewis for free through First Reads It s the early 1900s and fifteen year old Minke van Aisma travels with the wealthy Sander DeVries to Amsterdam to care for his dying wife Sander, considerably older than Minke, proposes to Minke within hours of his wife s death The couple boards a ship sailing to Argentina to start a new, prosperous life But what Minke faces is much heartache starting with the kidnapping of their beautiful blonde hai [...]

  26. I liked the book well enough, but it didn t quite live up to my expectations The summary leads leads one to expect this great saga, and this story is not a saga The main characters, yes, visit three different continents, but I wouldn t say that they are in each of the continents for any great period of time, and the stories told in each place are not complicated or developed enough to in any way suggest a saga In Amsterdam we re talking a number of weeks In Argentina a year, and similarly a year [...]

  27. I won an advanced reader s copy of this book from a giveaway I was intrigued with this story upon reading the synopsis of it here on A Young Wife is the story of Minke who leaves her home to become the live in caretaker of the terminally ill wife of the wealthy Sander De Vries Upon the demise of his wife, Sander asks for Minke s hand in marriage and whisks her away to Argentina As Minke settles into married life in a new country she begins to understand that her new husband isn t exactly the man [...]

  28. Literary fiction isn t really my genre, so maybe I m not the best person to review this Still, it kept me fairly interested throughout, even if there was nothing about it I really loved I didn t especially like the main character I didn t dislike her, I felt bad for her and her situations, but there wasn t really anything about the character herself that made me like her Cassian is a good example of a guy who s a nice guy, but not really a good guy It was a little annoying that everyone treated [...]

  29. I was very fortunate in receiving a first reads copy of this book that I would describe as raw, descriptive and unbridled I LOVE an author that has the audacity to say what they will with no worries This book seemed uncensored to me and it was great.I loved that this story spanned across multiple countries and that our heroine is so genuine to the time period she is set in I ve seen many historicals lately that have characters that are, well, out of character I also love that we see so much dept [...]

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