Una notte nell'Eden

[PDF] Una notte nell'Eden | by ↠ Candice Proctor - Una notte nell'Eden, Una notte nell Eden Bryony Wentworth accusata della morte del marito condannata alla deportazione nell ultimo luogo della Terra l aspra e selvaggia Australia Lo strano dovere che le viene imposto occuparsi di un bamb

  • Title: Una notte nell'Eden
  • Author: Candice Proctor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Una notte nell'Eden | by ↠ Candice Proctor, Una notte nell'Eden, Candice Proctor, Una notte nell Eden Bryony Wentworth accusata della morte del marito condannata alla deportazione nell ultimo luogo della Terra l aspra e selvaggia Australia Lo strano dovere che le viene imposto occuparsi di un bambino il figlioletto dell affascinante capitano Hayden St John Fin dal primo sguardo l attrazione tra loro incandescente Ma sar solo nella purezza dell a che poBryony Wentworth ac [PDF] Una notte nell'Eden | by ↠ Candice Proctor - Una notte nell'Eden, Una notte nell Eden Bryony Wentworth accusata della morte del marito condannata alla deportazione nell ultimo luogo della Terra l aspra e selvaggia Australia Lo strano dovere che le viene imposto occuparsi di un bamb

  • [PDF] Una notte nell'Eden | by ↠ Candice Proctor
    171Candice Proctor
Una notte nell'Eden

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    Candice Proctor, aka C.S Harris and C.S Graham, is the bestselling, award winning author of than a dozen novels including the Sebastian St Cyr Regency mystery series written under the name C.S Harris, the new C.S Graham thriller series co written with Steven Harris, and seven historical romances She is also the author of a nonfiction historical study of the French Revolution Her books are available worldwide and have been translated into over twenty different languages.


  1. Bryony Wentworth, once a wealthy, privileged English landowner, is convicted of murdering her husband After being transported to a penal colony in New South Wales while pregnant, Bryony gives birth to her child, then loses it to fever Captain Hayden St John collects her from the prison so that she can become a wet nurse for his son Grief stricken over the loss of his wife, Hayden is bitter and untrusting Bryony, fearful and angry at her fate, finds much to resent in Hayden, but his child offers [...]

  2. Night In Eden, by Candice Proctor Five full stars An exceptional book one of the best I ve read so far this year.A realistic look at life in 1808, New South Wales and the struggle to carve out a life in a strange, forbidding land Within just a few pages I was enthralled with the story The harsh brutality of the beautiful Australian setting is not just a wallpaper backdrop, but actually a vital ingredient to the flavor of this book.The Government House, Parramatta, AustraliaOne of the things I lo [...]

  3. If you re a lover of historical romance or even romantic historical fiction and are looking for something different to the typical London Regency Victorian era romance, then this book should probably go straight to your TBR pile.How wonderful to read a bona fide Romance novel set in early 1800 s New South Wales, Australia, instead of England And what a setting This is no wallpaper historical Here you will get the harsh, bleak, majestic and brutal landscape and life of colonial Australia with all [...]

  4. So good I think this is the first novel by Candace Proctor, aka C.S Harris, aka C.S Graham Her sister is Penelope Williamson.Top Marks An outstanding historical western set in Australia in 1808 The British Welsh heroine, Byrony Wentworth, is falsely convicted of murder and sent to a penal colony in New South Wales, where she gives birth, but her baby dies Because she has milk, she is farmed out as an indentured servant at a huge cattle ranch, hired by widower Captain Hayden St John to serve as h [...]

  5. Night in Eden is one of those books that will stay with you forever Most books I read are decent enough and entertain me, but over time they fade in my memory and I can t really remember the details A select few books are so incredible that they are vivid in my mind long after I finish reading them This is one of those Hayden and Bryony are what make this book so fantastic The chemistry that these two share is so hot, laced with tension, and palpable that I found myself breathless at times These [...]

  6. I loved this bk A hidden gem It was astonishingly realistic it was not all dancing rainbows fairies and shit it was a PROPER love story with omg omg the hero Arrrghh The sexual tension btwn the two was sizzling i very much respected the h for sticking to her principles but i cudnt help scream at her to let him hav u lady or ill take him off ur hand Hehehe wow he was something else For some reason he reminded me of Hugh jackman in the movie Australia u know wat i mean the scene where he throws th [...]

  7. 5 stars historical romance I just love it when a book ends up being a real treasure worth savoring This book was suggested on one of the discussion forums on and from the synopsis itself, it sounded like a book that I would love And from the first page itself, this book captivated me by its wonderful charm and didn t let go long after I finished the book.Bryony Wentworth is unjustly sentenced to spend her life in servitude in New South Wales for the murder of her husband Oliver Wentworth With he [...]

  8. I dropped it with only 50 pages to go but i really couldn t take it any I kept telling myself that I ll come to understand the heroine s feelings of love for the hero but I lost all respect for her when she became mistress and then got pregnant You d think after the hell she went through in her year in prison, losing her child, and being separated from her other child that she would be a bit careful about getting pregnant when she s not in a stable status I never felt the love All of it was lu [...]

  9. This book was too depressing for me It seemed like things got worse and worse I started to think, How much can one woman suffer, and when is it going to get better as I read Not a good sign It was such a downer for me, I started skimming, and while the writing is good, it s just too dark in a way I don t personally care for And there is a twist I really didn t like as well.After reading three of her books, I ve come to the conclusion that Candice Proctor is not for me I have The Last Knight in m [...]

  10. 4.75 Beautiful, Heart Warming Stars Life goes on Even when you don t think it can, even when you re not sure you want it to, it goes on.

  11. Loved it A epic story about the Australian frontier More of the old fashion style romance, not quite a bodice ripper A strong alpha male falls madly in love with his wrongly accused convict he has rescued from a women s camp She is to be a wet nurse and caretaker to his infant son after his own wife has died in child birth There is so much sexual tension, honor and passion that when they finally get together it is beautiful As typical with this style of romance there are a lot of conflicts that [...]

  12. Good story but some parts were depressing.I ve become impatient with many romance novels lately and don t finish them So I was pleased that this one held my interest It was written a long time ago 1997 The author researched to show life in Australia when Britain began sending convicts there This is good historical fiction but also some good romance.I liked the character and relationship development There were a few sex scenes mostly referred to, not much detailUTION, VIOLENCE AND DEPRESSING PART [...]

  13. Enthralling Story of Love in New South Wales, Australia in the early 19th CenturyIncredibly good, that s what this debut novel by Candice Proctor is incredibly good Proctor is the younger sister of one of my absolute favorite authors, Penelope Williamson with talent that good, I can only say it must run in the genesGHT IN EDEN tells the story of Bryony Wentworth, who was transported to New South Wales in 1808 as punishment for the accidental death of her cheating husband And in telling us her st [...]

  14. Just 3 stars for this one, unfortunately It was okay, but not as good as I d hoped it would be I couldn t get all that invested in the romance between the hero and heroine Mostly it seemed like scene after scene of them staring at each other or brushing up against each other and breathing heavily lots of lust and not enough love until too far into the story for me to care.Also, while I liked the heroine pretty well, the hero was a jerk much of the time He was constantly patting himself on the ba [...]

  15. There are, generally speaking, two types of historical romance 19th century British romance subdivided into Regency and Victorian romance , which is all about lords and ladies and balls and there is also 19th century Western romance, which is about cowboys and settlers and Indians There is not, however, a particularly dedicated outflow of historical romance about 19th century Australian penal colonies, and after reading Night in Eden, I really must wonder why the hell not In this book, Candice P [...]

  16. Well some might say I always have the same thing to say, and call me a misogynist but I ve always believed and I ll always believe this no matter what but for a girl there are many things to be proud of, many things to smile about but what makes her above everything in this universe is her power to give birth.And no matter how many times you read it, how many times you feel it you can t really experience it until you become a mums.And if you re giving up that coz of career and money or independe [...]

  17. 08 31 2013 Overall Rating 5 Stars considered a classic Book Cover Book Blurb Book Title 5 5 3 4.5 StarsWriter s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 4 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars a classic I started reading romance novels when I was a young girl maybe 13 or so This was around 1974 I like to think I ve read some of the very best, but had never read this one One of those that slipped my mind I re discovered it again recently and searched far and wide for an eBook I saved i [...]

  18. I don t care what bloody practices were exercised at what time in history, if I m reading a historical romance, which mostly deals with fiction, I want its protagonists to be non assholes this book sadly just enraged me I m sure the flogging, whoring, beating, threatening women, slaving, treating natives as something of a horror show, all was practised and condoned by society in general, but I m pretty sure there existed people who abhorred these customs too, who were decent human beings, who ha [...]

  19. This is such an excellent novel The love story and attraction is compelling and real The history and detail of the setting excellent The characters are so richly drawn I have reread it several times and just completed another reread I can t recommend finding a copy of this book and rereading it enough.

  20. Un infinit di stele sconosciue brillavano sopra di lei, e si sent avvolta da un ondata di solitudine.

  21. NIGHT IN EDEN is Candice Proctor s debut romance novel and she packs a punch with her setting in the penal colony of what will eventually be Australia This was a hard review for me because I was tempted to stop reading after our hero Hayden St John entered the picture He was a brisk, rude, and a someone to loath type of man He acted like a jerk with a capital J Yet I am sure someone like him existed back then Oh, and did I tell you that I changed my mind but it took awhile I continued to read be [...]

  22. 5 amazing stars This book was almost perfect to me I will probably be adding it to my favorites shelf, just a beautiful story And I m not surprised, one of my favorite authors is Penelope Williamson, and Candice Proctor is her sister They are truly amazing writers This is a very slow read, but I couldn t put it down, if that makes sense The author takes her time building the characters and their love story, which is what I adore about this book I would say this story is about Bryony and her jou [...]

  23. This has got to be one of my favorite romances I am an avid reader of romances, mainly historical, and having read through such phrases as his throbbing manroot and she opened herself up to him as a flower opens itself to the sun let s just say I normally scan over the sex scenes or skip them completely But not the case with this story This story holds some serious sexual tension up until the moment that the two finally find themselves in one another s arms and when they didI wanted to stand up [...]

  24. I m at 8%, Bryony just got manhandled and threatened by St John and then the next hour these are her thoughts about himHe stood at the bow of the boat, his spurred boots spread wide, his arms folded across his chest in that aggressively masculine stance of his As she watched, the sailor beside him said something, and a quick, wicked smile flashed across St John s face Then he tipped back his dark head and laughed The deep, throaty sound of it reached her across the length of the boat She glanced [...]

  25. A rather misleading title for this book there was nothing remotely like Eden to be found in the English colony at New South Wales, Australia, in 1809 The heroine has been convicted of killing her husband and transported to Australia, leaving a 3 year old daughter behind in England and giving birth to a son, and losing him to disease, while on the ship And that s just the intro Lots of brutality and misery follows floggings, rape, floggings, suicide, floggings, deaths of children, floggings you g [...]

  26. This is an historical romance worthy of both qualifiers Bryony is a wonderful heroine She isn t the typical highborn one, she is quite common in her upbringing, which is highly refreshing in an historical and makes her an actually useful woman with useful skills in a wild new world She has been convicted by murdering his husband and being deported to Australia She has suffered a lot, and seen how other women were debased and abused When the story begins she has just lost her child and this is ju [...]

  27. Historical Romance Author aka C.S Harris C.S GrahamThis is the author s very first published book that I know of Being a HUGE C.S Harris fan St Cyr historical mysteries , I am reading her backlist of historical romances written earlier in her career.Bryony Wentworth is convicted of murdering her husband and is transported to the prison colony in New South Wales Australia She is purchased by Captain Hayden St John to be his servant details withheld so as not to spoil.The book is extremely well wr [...]

  28. This was such a well written, beautiful story I was hooked from the start and just wanted to keep reading I loved seeing the characters grow and seeing the weight literally lift off of Briony by the end of the book It was one of those things where right up until the end I didn t know how it was going to work out for the couple, if at all This is my second book I ve read from this author and I definitely plan to read from her

  29. The most beautiful romance you will ever read After reading it, I had my heart full and my eyes were full of happy tears I can t believe I did not come across this book sooner than this This is how love stories should be like

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