Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City

[PDF] Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City | by ↠ Lucy Neville - Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City, Oh Mexico Love and Adventure in Mexico City An irresistibly funny and romantic memoir of love and adventure in Mexico City a tale of salsa soap operas and one young woman s bid to evade the realities of life after graduation Graduating from un

  • Title: Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City
  • Author: Lucy Neville
  • ISBN: 9781742370354
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City | by ↠ Lucy Neville, Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City, Lucy Neville, Oh Mexico Love and Adventure in Mexico City An irresistibly funny and romantic memoir of love and adventure in Mexico City a tale of salsa soap operas and one young woman s bid to evade the realities of life after graduation Graduating from university Lucy Neville faces a dilemma find a job or disappear to Latin America the exotic land of her childhood dreams She arrives in Mexico City with li [PDF] Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City | by ↠ Lucy Neville - Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City, Oh Mexico Love and Adventure in Mexico City An irresistibly funny and romantic memoir of love and adventure in Mexico City a tale of salsa soap operas and one young woman s bid to evade the realities of life after graduation Graduating from un

  • [PDF] Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City | by ↠ Lucy Neville
    500Lucy Neville
Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City

About "Lucy Neville"

  1. Lucy Neville

    Lucy Neville is the eldest daughter of Richard Neville and Julie Clarke She was born in 1983 and grew up in the Blue Mountains After completing school she worked as a volunteer on an indigenous reserve in Costa Rica Returning to Australia she did an Arts Degree in Politics and Latin American Studies before travelling to Spain to study teaching English as a foreign language From there she continued to Mexico City where she spent several years teaching English, exploring, and performing in a minor role in one of Mexico s biggest soap opera Tequila Loving.


  1. Loved it, especially because it was from an Australian point of view Started to read Eat, Pray, Love after this and couldn t stand it, this travel memoir was much entertaining and Lucy is not annoying like Elizabeth Gilbert.

  2. I really enjoyed this book Oh Mexico is a memoir by Lucy Neville of her experiences in Mexico City Going from Australia to Mexico City was a culture shock for Lucy, to say the least Lucy Neville weaves a wonderful image of Mexico that rings completely true Her initial reaction to Mexico City is the exact same reaction I had the first time I went to Mexico City As Lucy tries to assimilate herself into Mexican culture, I found myself visualizing her surroundings as well as her trials and tribulati [...]

  3. I was so wrapped up reading this funny, fascinating memoir of life in Mexico that family and friends got neglected and hours flew by without me noticing Oh, Mexico has almost everything travel, history, culture, romance, and even show business Because she s not motivated to package herself for difficult to get corporate jobs she s uninterested in anyway, author Lucy Neville is determined to take a different path after graduating from college in Australia Ever since childhood she s been fantasizi [...]

  4. Lucy Neville s travel memoir, Oh Mexico Love and Adventure in Mexico City, starts out in a predictable way This recent college graduate isn t ready for the corporate world, so she decides to embark upon a journey far away from her home in Australia In Mexico City, she decides, she can better her Spanish language skills, embrace and immerse herself in a different culture, and have a host of new experiences For one year she decides to live in crime ridden but culturally rich Mexico City, and she i [...]

  5. That s proper expat lit for English speaking readers.It captures quite well the life of a foreign girl living for the first time in Mexico City I bought it just before the flight that would get me there for the first time so I read it at the perfect moment.I shared a lot of the author s experiences and found the story very funny you don t know what crowded means for a metro until you ve been into Mexico City s disclaimer I don t know Tokyo image However, the very way she decided to write her sto [...]

  6. I was really excited when I found this at the library as I am also off to Latin America at the end of my Masters this year Unfortunately I don t think Lucy s adventure was that exciting and her writing didn t really manage to captivate me I liked her inclusion of the political turmoil in Mexico City and I definitely learnt a lot about the culture there, but if anything it made me not want to spend much time in the city, and I kept wondering why she didn t try to venture further into that amazing [...]

  7. Lucy Neville spends a couple of years living in Mexico City with the goal of being able to speak Spanish without any grammatical errors She finds work teaching English and proceeds to immerse herself in the culture.Lucy takes the readers on her journey through the city to the shrine of the Dark Virgin in the most dangerous parts of the city, through the markets and into the town of Tepoztlan to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos The Day of the Dead with the locals.This book oozes with life and colo [...]

  8. I picked this up as I have an potential opportunity to live in Mexico for a while, and I have only ever read about the dark side of Mexico I wanted to find a personal account that I could relate to, and this really did fit the bill While Neville perhaps brushes over the dangerous aspects of life in Mexico city, and the nature of some of her adventures, a little too much, it is an engaging, interesting read that stands out among the cut and paste travel memoirs that get churned out I found her ho [...]

  9. Oh How I loved Oh Mexico Amazing talent What I loved is the quirky real life perspective from Lucy I could really feel the little emotions that went with her experiences This is truly what travel writing is to me I could almost taste the quesadillas, and feel the crush of the masses in the Zocalo and sense the dodgyness when she and Edgar went to see the La Santa Muerte Stunning piece of travel writing, excellent Would recommend it to anyone

  10. One of my fastest reads yet This book is incredible I loved every moment of it I learn so much of Mexico reading this book Plus, words that I was having difficulty pronouncing before, I can now say confidently I also learn a few new choice words that I love to use on specific people The food sounds delicious Reading this book makes me want to book a flight to Mexico City Thank you Lucy Neville for providing me a much better view of Mexico City.

  11. Really enjoyed this fascinating account of Lucy Neville s time in Mexico City It gave lots of insight into the culture and atmosphere of the city and had some very amusing moments as Lucy navigates her way through her time there.

  12. A light read Easy and fast to get through At the same time you learn a lot about Mexican culture and it s amazing how she loves the life there deposite all difficulties and culture shock And as a 20 something traveling woman, I was quite easily able to identify with her messy adventures.

  13. I loved this book Couldn t put it down A insightful account of the living in a foreign countries and the day to day realties of Mexico

  14. Lucy Neville does a really good job of not over romanticizing Mexico I finished the book wondering whether she had convinced me to never set foot in the country or pack my bags straight away and never come back I think it s really impressive she was able to maintain this balance She incorporates fact and statistics into her personal experiences giving the reader a well rounded view of Mexico As a story, it was brilliant I especially enjoyed her soap opera love triangles with sexy Latino men A re [...]

  15. Mexicoewed by an Aussie A travel memoir about a country as rich of culture as Mexico was very going to be bland or boring, but I thought that this book picked up speed only after Neville moves out of her personal adventures to viewing the country and its people Once there, It was a great readqueer and strange, and yet filled with a traveller s excitement and discovery A good intro to Mexico from the eyes of some one as common as you and me

  16. Being a young Australian woman currently in M xico, recently having visited DF, and trying to improve my Spanish, I really identified with this book It was a gripping read with really interesting insights about M xico scattered amongst the life of a girl just trying to make it At times I felt the book was a little too clich , a little too typical, a little too Hollywood, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

  17. Mexico City has a population of almost nine million people and boasts the second highest rate of kidnappings in the world On the other hand, Blackheath, a sleepy town in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, where author Lucy Neville grew up, has four thousand residents and no issues to date with mass abductions.For full review newtownreviewofbooks 2012

  18. LOVED this travel memoir Lucy painted such a vivid portrait of Mexico City and the people living in it, while giving some inside information on the lingo, cultural norms that seem abnormal to English speakers, some good romance and a little crazy thrown in for good measure She was really honest, which I admire in writers, especially when they have embarrassing or less than savory behaviors to admit If you liked Wild by Cheryl Strayed, you ll probably like Oh Mexico

  19. I enjoyed reading this book It was wonderful to read a book written by an Australian and also a woman no less about travelling to somewhere on the other side of the world Mexico No often is a book written by an Australian about the Americas.The book was a lot of fun to read and it was descriptive without being boring on the historical side when explaining to reader about Mexico.

  20. i love mexico, have visited a while back and would love to go again Lucy Neville spent two years mainly in mexico city teaching english and learning spanish as well as falling in love with two guys and acting in a mexican soap opera This is a sweet, entertaining travel memoir, well written and charming.

  21. I m a sucker for armchair travel A well written, entertaining and informative account of life for an Australian woman in Mexico The author avoids the ethnocentricity trap and writes with honest observation Candid and heartfelt, an enjoyable read.

  22. I really found this a bit painful A superficial investigation of Mexico and a fairly immature description of the expat experience Skip this and read Daniel Hernandez s Down And Delirious In Mexico City.

  23. An honest memoir of an Australian expat living in Mexico City Read this for a bit of inspiration before I head to Mexico Gave me a bit of insight into Mexican politics, history and culture from a Western perspective as well as an interesting story following 2 years in the authors life.

  24. One of the best books I ve read about Mexico The narrator, Lucy, is an outsider to Mexican society so when she talks about her experiences you don t get lost It s funny, witty, informative and an absolute page turner

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