Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir

Free Download Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir - by Donna Johnson - Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir, Holy Ghost Girl A Memoir Donna Johnson s remarkable story of being raised under the biggest gospel tent in the world by David Terrell one of the most famous evangelical ministers of the s and s Holy Ghost Girl is a co

  • Title: Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir
  • Author: Donna Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781592406302
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir - by Donna Johnson, Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir, Donna Johnson, Holy Ghost Girl A Memoir Donna Johnson s remarkable story of being raised under the biggest gospel tent in the world by David Terrell one of the most famous evangelical ministers of the s and s Holy Ghost Girl is a compassionate humorous exploration of faith betrayal and coming of age on the sawdust trail She was just three years old when her mother signed on as the organist of tent Do Free Download Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir - by Donna Johnson - Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir, Holy Ghost Girl A Memoir Donna Johnson s remarkable story of being raised under the biggest gospel tent in the world by David Terrell one of the most famous evangelical ministers of the s and s Holy Ghost Girl is a co

  • Free Download Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir - by Donna Johnson
    171Donna Johnson
Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir

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  1. Donna Johnson

    Donna M Johnson grew up calling the once hugely popular tent preacher David Terrell Daddy She left his ministry for good at the age of seventeen and has not returned She has written about religion for the Dallas Morning News and the Austin American Statesman She was awarded a writing residency by the Ragdale Foundation Lake Forest, IL in Spring 2009 and won the Mayborn Creative Nonfiction Prize for this manuscript in progress in 2007 She lives in Austin with her husband, the poet and author Kirk Wilson.


  1. Warning This is a biased review Not only do I know and really like Donna Johnson, I also worship with her in the pews of an Episcopalian church I have had lengthy discussions with her over the years on the nature of resilient faith I am unable to separate Donna the author from Donna, whom I ve known for than 10 years You ve been warned.Everyone you know has a story that will make you laugh And, they all have a story that will make you weep On days when crisis and drama wash over me, leaving me [...]

  2. I couldn t stop reading in the train wreck sense This book was a lot like The Glass Castle with an evangelical slant Speaking of which, this book will make you hate evangelicals Kinda makes me wanna join their clan and copy their style know, get up on the stage and say, Jesus wants you to give me your money Empty your pockets or face eternal hellfire for your sins So sayeth the lord Damn good read, if you can take all of the depressing drama that comes with accounts of growing up unde [...]

  3. I have to admit that I had some personal investment in reading this book and my review will be equally personal I grew up hearing stories of the Prophet charlatan David Terrell horror stories from my mom and hero stories from my grandma My grandmother was one of the infamous Terrellites mentioned in the book, who would haul my mom to his tent revivals and eventually to his Texas headquarters So many of the themes that permeate the book also permeate the lives of my family, secret lives, paranoia [...]

  4. Donna, I don t know if you re going to the funeral, but I hear Daddy is gonna try to raise Randall from the dead Call me That s the opening line of Holy Ghost Girl, as memorable a first line as any I have seen Donna Johnson s memoir of a childhood spent on the sawdust trail, the tent revival circuit, brilliantly fulfills the promise of its opener it is fascinating, heartbreaking, and in the end, as enigmatic as the charismatic preacher who dominated Johnson s girlhood Johnson tells it like she s [...]

  5. why in the hell is this getting such great reviews it s not a bad book, but it is far from a great book it is a memoir written by a woman whose family followed the revivalist faith healing preacher david terrell when she was a child in fact, johnson s mother became terrell s second wife they were never actually married because terrell felt that divorcing his first wife would undermine his position as a holy man terrell fathered three daughters with johnson s mother, although the book never gives [...]

  6. Donna Johnson s mother joined Brother David Terrell s tent revival circuit as an organist in the early 1960 s and Donna and her brother Gary spent most of their childhood in this world, traveling the South and hearing the Gospel every night This is a fascinating look at that world, especially as seen through the eyes of a five year old When Carolyn Johnson becomes Brother Terrell s lover, as well, despite his having a wife and children, the picture becomes even complicated The endless sea of su [...]

  7. I hesitated to write a review after first reading this book because I wanted to think about it My first reaction was of overwhelming sadness for the people who have been caught up in this cult, especially for the children I come at this from a different perspective than many of the readers David is my uncle, my father s youngest brother I have heard many of these stories but from a totally different perspective My father knew the true stories of David s childhood and youth, and to hear the vers [...]

  8. Strange book of a life hard to relate to in some ways, but understandable in other ways I didn t know how to feel once the book was over, but it s a four star because I had a hard time putting it down This was my response immediately after finishing the book The time I have had to reflect on it, I found that I could relate in many ways to the feelings and confusions of the past I was able to meet the author a few weeks after reading the book and was stunned by her grace and forgiveness and real [...]

  9. Really great I have a particular fascination with tent revivalists, dating back to my life in the southeastern US long ago Actually, before that I can t imagine how hard it was for Donna to write about her young life with these people, including a mother who would be locked up as an abuser in modern times A beautiful compelling memoir.

  10. Even though Donna s story mostly takes place in the 1960s it was relatable My parents started attending an Assembly of God church when I was in the 3rd grade, so by default, I did as well This was my first experience with church, and for the most part it was good A couple of years later we moved to Oklahoma aka Holy Roller USA to take care of my grandma dad s mom She attended a Pentecostal church, spoke in tongues, danced around, went to revivals etc and so we went with her All of the stuff Donn [...]

  11. Memoirs can be many things a record of memories, an autobiography, a conciliatory gesture, a chance at revenge, a confession or a combination of any all Good memoirs allow the reader to take on the life of the author in an intimate way and this present addition to the genre will be listed in the very good section Whether the reader is religious, agnostic, atheist, socially conscious or just curious about learning of a different life, this book will supply plenteous grist for thought, dialogue an [...]

  12. Holy Ghost Girl is one of my favorite memoirs to dated not because of the scandals or the sad often heartbreaking child neglect that went down, but because Donna s story was so honest and in the mix of soap opera drama I heard a girls voice similar to my own and found so many things I could relate to.Donna walks readers through her childhood years living with her mother and a traveling caravan of tent revivalists, where miraculous healings, chanting women and exorcisms were the norm David Terrel [...]

  13. An interesting inside look at evangelical tent culture, with it s ups, downs and mysteries Donna Johnson is honest with her recollections, keeping it clean by letting you know when the memories are faded or jumbled.This memoir contains most of the elements one has come to expect from the evangelical holy rollers infidelity, death, miracles, sin, fasting and embezzlement Watching it play out through the eyes of a close witness takes away some of the cynicism you might have if you were to see this [...]

  14. This book follows Donna Johnson s family s involvement with the infamous evangelist David Terrell, who preached and healed while evading the IRS, fathering eight children with four women, and taking money from impoverished followers to fund a lavish lifestyle, before ending up in jail He has since been released and is a travelling preacher once .This memior is written in an open and honest style without a lot of explicit details, which I appreciate.I found Donna Johnson s book to be tragic and d [...]

  15. I was somewhat disappointed by this book I expected out of it I don t understand how somebody that was only four or five years old could have such a vivid recall about things that happened at that age Most of the book seemed to focus on the little details about the revivals, and not enough about the actual story, which to me was the fact that David Terrel is a crook I was also surprised at how rushed the ending seemed I would ve liked to of known about what happened to her after she left the r [...]

  16. Holy Ghost Girl by Donna M Johnson, published by Gotham Books.Category MemoirAlthough tent revivals are still held they had their hay day in the 1960 s and 1970 s Around 1960 and little know preacher by the name of Brother Terrell started on the circuit He had a modest following and it was not unusual after a revival that the company would just make expenses or even be in the hole Donna Johnson s mother, Carolyn, became infatuated with David Terrell and joined the group as an organist Donna tell [...]

  17. I heard the author speak at a writers conference three years ago and was fascinated by her story I bought the book immediately, but somehow it ended up in a pile of books and I never read it Then I noticed that I could borrow the audio from my library consortium, so thought I d give it a try And I have enjoyed it immensely The reader is awfully good I know that people have very different tastes when it comes to readers I didn t always like the way she did children s voices, but I loved her rendi [...]

  18. Donna Johnson grew up on the tent revival circuit of the 1950 s and 60 s Her mother was a follower of David Terrell s ministry, playing organ for his traveling ministry If you ve never been to a tent revival, this may all seem very strange, but for many Americans these revivals are a part of a normal spiritual life an addition to their regular church going schedule Tent revivals are a place to hear what I always think of as Holy Roller type preachers These preachers are often Pentecostal and peo [...]

  19. I have somewhat of an obsession with stories of non mainstream Christian denominations in America It fascinates me that we have the fairly sedate and almost identical tell me that you can tell the difference between the services at a Presbyterian, Methodist, or Lutheran church nowadays without looking at the sign outside Protestant sects on the one hand, with their calm sermons and traditional hymns, and then you ve got the fundamentalist and conservative sects on the other, ones in which you v [...]

  20. I devoured this book I was disappointed when it was over What happened Tell me your story now, as an adult But Johnson doesn t I want a Part II.My heart broke often reading her story To me, it is the story of every child who grows up under the delusion of the adults in their life, adults living on the edge, justifying their theology and beliefs that are not rooted and grounded in love , but something greater to the adults than the love that comes so naturally from parent to childe love of destin [...]

  21. This book is a recounting of a childhood which is blissfully alien to most of us, the perspective of a child raised in the family of itinerant freelance Pentecostal preachers Here are the tent revivals which have largely disappeared from the American spiritual landscape, and the uneasiness of racial tensions as segregation began to fall.Ms Johnson shows her family in all its glory and all its infamy There is the bravery of a committed group of believers who minister to mixed race groups of congr [...]

  22. WOW This is one of the best memoirs I ve ever read Donna Johnson pulls together an impressively sensical account of her young life and faith journey as the unrecognized stepdaughter of David Terrell, a charismatic tent revival preacher, faith healer, pentacostalish prophet active in the 1960 s and 70 s It s a whole new amazing world to me, the holy roller caravan life, and I was really impressed with how she wove hazy childhood memories into a real story while maintaining a sense of little kid n [...]

  23. Excellent Definitely a fun book, if a bit freaky Now, there s a word I ve never used before in a book review Donna Johnson tells the story of a little girl growing up on the sawdust trail of traveling tent missionary David Terrell Yes, that David Terrell Welcome to the world of public miracles, undercover infidelity and cognitive dissonance On a grand scale While it s true the story is told through the wide eyes of a child, you may turn the final page still wondering if this wayward, charismatic [...]

  24. Holy Ghost Girl caught my attention because I enjoy memoirs and I spent about 10 years of my life in an Assembly of God church which was rather calm compared to the stories in this book Johnson seems to tell it as she saw it and her writing style made the story interesting and believable And I believe every word men like the preacher she wrote about exist I ve seen them myself There really isn t much in this book that surprised me but for others who are unfamiliar, I m sure they will be fascinat [...]

  25. This book so enthralled me, it left me sleepless I just finished reading this book and was so upset about what David Terrell did and how this woman grew up I had to pray and pray Every churchgoer should read this type of book In it you will find characteristics of a cult leader i.e David Terrell You will find things every christian should look for in their church leader If you see these characteristics manifest, you know you are in a cult and you should run like the wind I was raised in a cult a [...]

  26. As I ve mentioned before, I m attracted to stories about faith, and how people gain and lose it This could have been a very sensationalistic book It s the memoir of one of the children of tent evangelist and Pentecostal Holiness preacher David Terrell Terrell apparently took upon himself the polygamous prerogatives of the Old Testament figures, as he wandered further and further from a recognizable Christianity But the book, since it is told mostly from a child s point of view, with limited I ca [...]

  27. This book about a girl growing up in the tent revival scene with a preacher who is obviously corrupt yet gifted with some kind of mysterious power is so intensely and beautifully written that I felt fully immersed in that world which was an uncomfortable feeling I felt the fear and oppressive weight of that fundamentalist life, especially because so much of the story was told from a child s point of view At the end of the book I felt both liberated and haunted, a testament to the narrator s abil [...]

  28. A remarkably kind spirited memoir about a turbulent life After finishing this book I still cannot fathom the kind of faith that prompts people to donate their wedding rings to a traveling preacher in the hopes of receiving a miracle I certainly came away with the impresssion that these people were sincere as well as deluded, misguided, and gullible and that this was not an easy life After finishing the book I did a little research and was flabbergasted to discover that David Terrell is still pre [...]

  29. This was a quick and interesting read Johnson provides a vivid insider s account of growing up in an extremist religious sect My only complaint is that the beginning is rich with detail and yet as she gets older she gets vaguer I was confused how old she was when certain events were occurring and how many siblings she ended up having I thought she left out the majority of her later experiences almost entirely and I felt that was a loss I d have loved to have heard the rest I recommend it to anyo [...]

  30. This biography was definitely interesting Donna Johnson s memoirs are filled with interesting and outrageous stories of her life on the road on the road as part of a revival crew It was so strange to hear the story of her life where people are constantly preaching salvation and giving up sins as they re cheating on their spouses I do admit that the skeptic in me wanted information, especially on the alleged faith healings though this could be because I m not convinced that they worked Overall, [...]

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