A Magician Among the Spirits

[PDF] Read ✓ A Magician Among the Spirits : by Harry Houdini - A Magician Among the Spirits, A Magician Among the Spirits Harry Houdini whose real name was Erik Weisz was one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time He was highly sceptical of the many claims made concerning psychic and para

  • Title: A Magician Among the Spirits
  • Author: Harry Houdini
  • ISBN: 9781108027489
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ A Magician Among the Spirits : by Harry Houdini, A Magician Among the Spirits, Harry Houdini, A Magician Among the Spirits Harry Houdini whose real name was Erik Weisz was one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time He was highly sceptical of the many claims made concerning psychic and paranormal phenomena which were very popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries He attended hundreds of seances for the purposes of his study and never exp [PDF] Read ✓ A Magician Among the Spirits : by Harry Houdini - A Magician Among the Spirits, A Magician Among the Spirits Harry Houdini whose real name was Erik Weisz was one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time He was highly sceptical of the many claims made concerning psychic and para

  • [PDF] Read ✓ A Magician Among the Spirits : by Harry Houdini
    319Harry Houdini
A Magician Among the Spirits

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  1. Harry Houdini

    Harry Houdini, whose birth name in Hungary was Erik Weisz which was changed to Ehrich Weiss when he immigrated to the United States , was a Jewish Hungarian American magician, escapologist widely regarded as one of the greatest ever and stunt performer, as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists, film producer and actor Harry Houdini forever changed the world of magic and escapes.


  1. This book took me a long time to read, but not because I didn t love it Because I didn t want to finish it and give it back It was so good, I wanted to stretch it out and make it last as long as possible I learned a lot from it but this book was oddly emotional, in a way, despite the fact that it s nonfiction Houdini had no problem being upfront about his life as it related to his investigations and to Spiritualism in general There is a feeling that comes with certain books that the author if de [...]

  2. An excellent review of the trick and deceptions attendant on Spiritualism.This book, first published in 1924, is a review of the investigations of escape artist Harry Houdini into the different strands of spiritualism current in the late 19th and early 20th century A accomplished stage magician, Houdini is aware of the many dodges possible to a skilled performer, and debunks the alleged supernatural explanation of those whom he investigates.The only real flaw I could find with the book is that t [...]

  3. The only thing that holds this book back is its age Harry goes into great detail on how psychics trick people and steal their money the only problem was he talked about a lot of people that I didn t know in the first half of the book The second half really picks up as he goes into detail on the specific tools that are used by psychics This book is interesting to anybody that considers psychics to be royal scumbags, and you should and funny I really enjoyed how sir Arthur Conan Doyle tried to con [...]

  4. Houdini opened his mind to Spiritualism in hopes of communicating with his deceased mother, but with his background in magic, knew that nothing that was being offered by the mediums was anything than parlor tricks In this book, you will discover not only the desperation of mankind to experience communication with the other side, but the sinister nature of those who will sink to the lowest lows to make money off these desperate souls It is an insight to the most awful parts of human nature, and [...]

  5. This was a fascinating read It is dated, of course, but the second half of the book did tell how Spiritualist cheated their followers I was also quite interested in the relationship between Sir Author Conan Doyle a believer and Houdini a skeptic There were letters in the book that the two gents sent each other.The letter writing style in the twenties seems so much personal then today s e mails.

  6. Coincidentally, the great magician, Harry Houdini, wrote a book that was published in 1924, the year that the mystery I am currently writing takes place And it pertains directly to my topic Spiritualism.Harry Houdini spent most of his adult like debunking Spiritualism, a quasi religious movement that is based on communication with the dead through mediums It is, of course, shot through with fakes, then and now Houdini s thirty five year mission was to out the fakes whenever he could One of the w [...]

  7. After reading the nonfiction work The Witch of Lime Street by David Jafer, I was curious to know about that story, particularly the details behind the strain in the friendship between magician Harry Houdini and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I was surprised to discover that they were even friends, let alone had a bit of a falling out over the topic of Spiritualism Recently I came across a copy of A Magician Among The Spirits, written by Houdini himself in which he not only gives [...]

  8. A great magician and a man in search of a life hereafter, takes on the phonies as his search continues to see if their really is something on the other side.

  9. This is not the edition I saw, which was a pamphlet in library binding which covers a multitude of sins.It was largely this book that led to a fatal quarrel between Houdini and his longtime friend Arthur Conan Doyle which ended up ending their friendship Houdini turned to the spiritualists in an attempt to establish contact with his deceased mother, whom he felt he had neglected As a form of therapy, in other words If he d had a less religious bent, he might have turned to psychotherapists Unfor [...]

  10. While I was expecting technical explication, Houdini presents his extensive research on the then epidemic wave of Spiritualism in a logical, forthright, and pleasant manner The first chapters are largely biographical, outlining the typically criminal careers of a number of so called spirit conjurer while the second half is largely made up of Houdini s own research and experiences therein.Though the book was written largely as a manual to disarm and dissemble the con artists that were preying on [...]

  11. Learn how to impress your friends with the tricks of the pseudo psychic This is fun stuff I read it for research It s not literature, but it has that earnestness of turn of the century manifesto writing that makes you wonder why we don t care quite SO much about what we believe in as they used to There s no irony in this text It s as full of self convinced bamblusterating as Breton I d like to see less hand wringing and bemused detachment in our own manifestoes.

  12. One or two interesting sections, but this is pretty dated Tales of psychics from the last 19th to early 20th century More details on how they operated that in Witch of Lime Street, but the charlatans have moved on from slates Can you even buy a slate any Interesting from an historical perspective.

  13. I find it odd that Houdini s skepticism of the cult of spiritualism did not extend to his other equally ridiculous beliefs He was however, a capable investigator and it is saddening that sense has not prevailed and these disgusting examples of humanity continue to profit from tricking the credulous and bereaved.

  14. Houdini s take on the spiritualist movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries He debunks their methods and shows how his own sleight of hand tricks are used to fool the gullible public Anyone interested in this topic should read what Houdini had to say.

  15. Houdini hated con artists He had a sense of honor about fakery he was honest that his magic was illusory, and he despised those who foisted off illusion as truth He especially despised mediums who took advantage of the gullible and grieving with their seance tricks This is his expose

  16. A brilliant classic Another reviewer remarked that it was not technical but oddly emotional I agree I found the details about his friendship with Conan Doyle to be heartbreaking This is a must for any magician or critical thinker s library.

  17. Interesting read for anyone interested in history of Spiritualism Houdini spends the whole book debunking many of the famous cases of the generation prior to his death.

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