Over the Wall

[PDF] Over the Wall | by ↠ John H. Ritter - Over the Wall, Over the Wall Tyler s temper is out of control If he isn t careful he ll blow his chances of making the All Star team and being noticed by a scout But Tyler s coach a Vietnam War veteran has seen anger destroy e

  • Title: Over the Wall
  • Author: John H. Ritter
  • ISBN: 9780698119314
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Over the Wall | by ↠ John H. Ritter, Over the Wall, John H. Ritter, Over the Wall Tyler s temper is out of control If he isn t careful he ll blow his chances of making the All Star team and being noticed by a scout But Tyler s coach a Vietnam War veteran has seen anger destroy enough people He knows that if Tyler is ever going to fulfill his dreams he ll have to learn to fight his battles with his glove his bat and his love for the game Not wiTyler s temper [PDF] Over the Wall | by ↠ John H. Ritter - Over the Wall, Over the Wall Tyler s temper is out of control If he isn t careful he ll blow his chances of making the All Star team and being noticed by a scout But Tyler s coach a Vietnam War veteran has seen anger destroy e

  • [PDF] Over the Wall | by ↠ John H. Ritter
    189 John H. Ritter
Over the Wall

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    Novelist John H Ritter born October 31, 1951, in San Pedro, California grew up in the summer dry hills east of San Diego I grew up in a baseball family, says John But we were also a family of musicians and mathematicians, house painters and poets My dad was a sports writer in Ashtabula, Ohio, who moved the family out west, just before I was born, to become Sports Editor for The San Diego Union Growing up in a sparse, mountainous region also helped stretch John s imagination Out in that country, he says, there was a real sense of the spirits who walked the land in the centuries before And being so cut off from other kids, I roamed the hills a lot, following hawks and eagles, climbing boulders, sitting in Indian caves Rattlesnakes never bothered us much But I felt the spirits everywhere I think my mom, who was part Blackfoot Indian, had a lot to do with that When John was only four, however, his mother died of breast cancer, leaving his father to raise four small children on his own John still recalls his mother and her songs One thing I remember about my mom is that she sang to us constantly, making up a song for each of her four children that fit our personalities perfectly So from her, I got a sense of how to capture a person s spirit in a lyrical phrase Over time, his musical interests continued to grow and in high school, the social commentary of folksinger Bob Dylan inspired him to write his own songs, hoping to pursue a musical career He was, however, a wild student, he admits to English professor Chris Crowe in an interview for The ALAN Review, and was torn between his love of baseball and writing, calling himself both a high achiever and a rabble rouser, noting, for example, that in 1969 he was voted Senior Class President and the Senior Class Clown Teachers did, however, recognize his writing talent, although his work was so often read out loud in class that he also admits to growing complacent and somewhat lazy about having to improve his skills At the University of California, San Diego, John studied communications while playing for the UCSD baseball team, all the while continuing to write Dylan style songs But by his sopho year, he recalls, I was anxious to get on with my life And for the vision I had in mind, college didn t have much to offer me I knew I had to walk the streets, touch life, embrace life, gain experience So like his literary heroes before him, i.e Dylan, Jack Kerouac, and Mark Twain, John quit school, taking a job as a painter s apprentice, and set about traveling the country He learned to live so cheaply that he could earn enough in three or four months to allow him to travel and write for the rest of the year He did that for several years, until he married his wife, Cheryl, whom he had met in college, and they had a baby daughter With a family to support, John needed to work nine months a year, painting houses, but the rest of his time went into writing, an artistic lifestyle he later spotlighted in his song laden socio political novel, Under the Baseball Moon In 1994, after publishing several short stories, John received the Judy Blume Award and a cash grant from the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI for a novel in progress In 1996, he submitted his manuscript through the Curtis Brown Agency to Philomel Books where it became the first acquisition of junior editor, Michael Green Since then, Green has risen to become Editorial Director and Publisher of Philomel Books and has edited all six of John s novels In 1999, John s first novel, Choosing Up Sides, won the International Reading Association Children s Book Award for Older Readers and was designated an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults This hard hitting work of To see of this bio, go to John s website or his entry.


  1. In his baseball themed novels for young adults, author John H Ritter frequently combines ball field action with a kid s personal struggle with an issue that impacts his ability to play the game In The Boy Who Saved baseball, the theme was baseball and the choice between progress and tradition, or between business and the environment In Choosing Up Sides, it was baseball and the injustice of bigotry And now, in a story about a thirteen year old shortstop with anger management problems, the theme [...]

  2. Over the Wall by John H Ritter is a great book if you love baseball Or, even if you love sports The main character, Tyler Walter, goes through any problems during the course of this book The main one being, keeping his temper It is a great book to make connections to Tyler goes from his home in San Diego to New York with his cousins every summer His cousin and him play baseball in a very advanced baseball league for 13 and 14 year olds In Tyler s first two games, he gets thrown out of the game i [...]

  3. I thought this book was a great young adult realistic fiction novel about how tragedy could affect your life I like how Tyler got over his anger problems in the story I also like how Tyler ultimately got better than what he wanted at the end This novel has some vary powerful scenes and life lessons Tyler does some vary bold things in this novel Towards the end of the story Tyler made me think about the way I act I do think Tyler and Breannas relationship was wired.

  4. Over the WallJohn H RitterRealistic Fiction312 PagesThis book is about a kid named Tyler who goes to New York every summer to visit his cousins and play baseball When Tyler was younger his sister was playing a joke on their dad and she was trying to scare him, but their dad was pulling his car out and his sister fell and got run over She didn t die immediately, but in the hospital a vein burst under her eye which did kill her Tyler s dad was never the same man So, in New York Tyler is playing ba [...]

  5. Over the Wall by John Ritter is a book that I really enjoyed The main character, Tyler, is definitely a dynamic character As a dynamic character, he goes through a huge internal change This book may look like a book that is based solely on baseball, but it s not I would not recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good baseball book to read This book hones in on how Tyler finds his own opinions on certain things in life He finds a way to look past the way other people view things I know that [...]

  6. Actually, it took us two months to read this as this was our nighttime reader and we didn t always have time It s fun to read with Alex now because he is moving into books with deeper topics We d read The Boy Who Saved Baseball also by Ritter and really really loved it The author has the extra draw for us of being from San Diego and he finds a way to weave in our fair city in his books This one seems like it is about baseball, but it really isn t It s much about a 13 year old boy at a turning p [...]

  7. I rated this book 2 stars because the ending of this book was not really what i was expecting I didn t feel that the ending was what should have happened and that it didn t feel right The book didn t flow very smoothly and just felt as if it jumped from one problem to another with one big resolution at the end that didn t really resolve anything The resolution actually got Tyler in some trouble I did like how the conflicts throughout the book arose and how he tried to fight them but the resolut [...]

  8. In this book there is a lots of emotion The way there is powerful feeling in how little 13 year old Tyler realizes anger is not the way to handle all your situations, especially in baseball When he goes to visit his cousin Louis he gets interested in playing baseball with him His coach opens up to him about his past and about him being a veteran from Vietnam He tries to show Tyler that anger is not the way too solutions by taking him on a walk and his Aunt shows him the Vietnam monument in D.C A [...]

  9. Over the wall by John H Ritter tells a story of one kids ruff life due to his older sister Alyssa s death And his dream to make the all stars but his bad anger issue keeps getting him into trouble the begning of over the wall takes place in California at there family home Alyssa and Tyler was trying to pull a prank on their dad, by hooping into the back of their dad s truck as Alyssa hooped in, her dad pull the truck in revrse and by doing this she fell out and hit the ground with a great amount [...]

  10. This is an excellent YA read I m not really a sports fan but I do believe that I will look for other books written by Ritter He writes so well capturing the angst of being a boy growing up and facing both his own problems and those handed to him by life over which he has no control This is a wonderful story I haven t watched baseball games for many years but I felt as if I were beside this angry young boy who was dealing with his feelings about his father and his sport The two were twisted toget [...]

  11. The book was good for a lesson of baseball and what to do is you have some anger Tyler s temper is out of control If he isn t careful, he ll blow his chances of making the All Star team and being noticed by a scout But Tyler s coach, a Vietnam War veteran, has seen anger destroy enough people He knows that if Tyler is ever going to fulfill his dreams, he ll have to learn to fight his battles with his glove, his bat, and his love for the game Not with his fists But it all comes down to Tyler.Thir [...]

  12. I was skeptical when I saw this book, with its cover of a boy swinging a bat, but after reading it, I am glad I did I picked up the book because a student is reading it for his summer assignment, and I wanted to understand the story to better assist him in writing his analysis I finished the book because it presents a powerful story of a young boy coming to terms with the horrors of the Vietnam War that have affected his family This is a book that should be on summer reading lists everywhere.

  13. This Book was good I liked this book so much Over The Wall is a great book Its about how this is trying to bring back baseball in his town Which it works out great and baseball is back.Once the kids team strted on there first game and when it was coming to the end and they needed a hit score and he struck out and made his team lose there first game.I give this book 4 out of 5 stars Because it was a really good book.Find out about the book by picking it up and reading it.

  14. This is an all star book Tyler is a very talented baseball player who could expect great accolades for his abilities His explosive temper is completely short circuiting any chance of success he has on the field and to some degree, with his friends and family A summer in New York with a coach who sees a lot of his younger self gives Tyler a chance to think about the choices he wants to make.

  15. It s pretty good right now The story engages the reader It combine s the character s fight to deal with anger at baseball, and the war, both sides Surprising ending He s trying to get into the all stars and you d think it would be something expected, like he deals with his anger, then gets in.

  16. I read this book a long, long time ago and I don t really remember it that wellIt was about this kid named Tyler whose sister died in a freak accident, and his dad s super depressed His only real friend is his ceramic bird loving cousin who lives somewhere else I think Chicago he lives in San Diego I remembered liking it a lot, so I suppose I should reread it.

  17. As with all of Ritter s books, there is a story within the story and then some I love the mix of baseball, Vietnam, and finding out who we are as themes The story that isn t told is often to me the most important story in Ritter s books This is a quick read, and not only will teens like, I think it will appeal to many adults as well Check it out

  18. Thirteen year old Tyler, who has trouble controlling his anger, spends an important summer with his cousins in New York City, playing baseball and sorting out how he feels about violence, war, and in particular the Vietnamese conflict that took his grandfather s life.

  19. I think the book was a well written book The book made me as a reader feel loke I was actually in the book I realted to the story because I really like baseball Baseball is my favorite sport and I love to play it so the book kept me interested the whole time.

  20. This is a great book about a teenage boy trying to find himself while trying to control his anger and learn about his confusing past f

  21. This has enough sports related action to keep kids reading, but my favorite part was the surprising connection to the Vietnam War.

  22. This book was fantastic, because I can relate to the main character through his baseball experiences, and his experiences in his daily life

  23. Solid but not spectacular young adult fiction about baseball, the Vietnam War, and growing up More for middle schoolers than high schoolers.

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