The Ice Prince

Free Download The Ice Prince - by Sandra Marton - The Ice Prince, The Ice Prince Prince Draco Valenti known as the ice prince bears his title reluctantly and wears his icy exterior like a suit of armor that no opponent can penetrate Except Anna Orsini She isn t any ordinary adv

  • Title: The Ice Prince
  • Author: Sandra Marton
  • ISBN: 9780263886696
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Ice Prince - by Sandra Marton, The Ice Prince, Sandra Marton, The Ice Prince Prince Draco Valenti known as the ice prince bears his title reluctantly and wears his icy exterior like a suit of armor that no opponent can penetrate Except Anna Orsini She isn t any ordinary adversary she s a high flying straight talking lawyer in a no nonsense suit and killer stilettos conflicting signals that perplex frustrate and attract Draco all at the samePrince Draco Free Download The Ice Prince - by Sandra Marton - The Ice Prince, The Ice Prince Prince Draco Valenti known as the ice prince bears his title reluctantly and wears his icy exterior like a suit of armor that no opponent can penetrate Except Anna Orsini She isn t any ordinary adv

  • Free Download The Ice Prince - by Sandra Marton
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The Ice Prince

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  1. Sandra Marton

    I ve been a writer, one way or another, all my life Before I could read, I made up poems and my mom wrote them down for me In elementary school, my teachers almost always let me write poems or stories instead of requiring me to do art projects Always, I dreamed of becoming a published writerd that dream came true I write novels about sexy, powerful men and independent minded women, and what happens when they find each other and fall in love My books are sexy and romantic, and they ve very often full of romantic suspense I write the kinds of books I love to read, and I hope that makes my readers happy.


  1. The Ice Prince continues the story of the Orsini Dynasty and it s the 1st in the Orsini Brides yes, we get the Orsini s sisters stories.yippee Cesare Orsini is up to his shenanigans again what a crafty old fox This time, using emotional blackmail once again.he s asked his lawyer daughter, Anna to fly to Italy to claim back land in Sicily that once belonged to her mother and had been unlawfully claimed by Prince Draco Valenti Naturally there s to his request and I wondered what Anna, who has bro [...]

  2. The Ice Prince has to be my least favorite Orsini book, it just fell flat for me Anna is an Orsini and like her brothers hates what her father s does and thinks her mother is second to her father So she is a lawyer, with all modern outlook, that women can be like men, have sex and kick men out in the morning, she goes to meet Draco on behest of her father some property claim , but they don t who each other is at the beginning, they fight and make out on a plane.Then meet as adversaries, fight an [...]

  3. Arguably the best harlequin novella out of the three I ve read this month.Good, solid, steaming hot porn that is than 40 pages long Nipples everywhere and the protagonist is not a virgin Hellz yeah I m a pleased reader.The story was somewhat interesting, even if I only half suspected that the father was trying to play the matchmaker I really think there should be some clarification for the ones who haven t read the previous installments in the series It was sexist in a lot of ways and the effor [...]

  4. Having borrowed this from the library, this had been languishing on my figuratively and literally to read shelf for several weeks, and after having read it, it was lacking something that I couldn t quite put my finger on.Some positives I really liked how physically drawn both Draco and Anna were to one another, despite both appearances and snippy attitude One was a modern day feminist through and through, and the other, fairly old fashioned and almost chauvinistic enough to take charge of any wo [...]

  5. Jadi ceritanya Anna Orsini diutus ayahnya untuk memenangkan kasus melawan Pangeran Draco Valenti Kasusnya perebutan tanah di Sisilia milik leluhur ibu Anna dan Draco Tapi setelah bertemu yang ada mereka gagal fokus Sama2 tidak bisa menolak daya tarik masing2 yaudah deh, pada sibuk di ranjang Dan pastinya ada kesalahpahaman Intinya happy ending sih

  6. This was light and fun They both had the hots for each other and fell into bed rather quickly Draco was especially yummy It s no wonder anna cud not resist him I loved her modern attitude and resilience She was not na ve and knew how to treat men as she had 4 brothers However, I still prefer niccolo s story.

  7. 3.5 stars This started out ok, but got pretty boring by the end Plot was boring, and being told what the characters were thinking was also boring Readable, but not great.

  8. the title waspromising but the story itself just didn t live up to that title s promise why do all the main characters have to be titled and or rich and or gorgeous and or a royal PITA

  9. Anna isn t your usual HQP heroine She s sexually active, isn t afraid to walk away from a one night stand, and always speaks her mind Prince Draco has dedicated his life to restoring his family s honor and isn t about to let an American gangster s representative destroy what he s built.I struggled between 2 3 stars, settling on 2 There just wasn t a whole lot of relationship building between Anna and Draco outside their physical activities The conflict was a little contrived, as was the way they [...]

  10. Barangkali benar, aku memang tidak cocok dengan genre novel beginian Menarik sebuah ide seorang anak mafia yang melawan seorang raja Aku senang perdebatan awal mereka sampai akhirnya tiba pada pemicu percikan hasrat itu meledak, kesenanganku pun ikut lenyap berhembus Setelah itu aku malas kuadrat menamatakan bukunya Konflik utama jadi buram kelabu, entah yang mana satu Oke, mungkin cukup tahu saja itu Sekian.

  11. Siguiendo la linea de los anteriores libros.Cesare le pide a su hija abogada que lo ayude a recuperar unas tierras que segun el son de su esposa y segun el principe son de el y de su familia.Draco y Anna se encuentran en un aereopuerto,cosa bastante original ya que la historia de la serie se estaba tornando mas repetitiva.Aunque el caracter temperamental de ambos chocan desde el principio se dejan llevar por la atraccion sin si quiera saber el nombre.Luego descubren que por poco se dejan arrastr [...]

  12. At one point near the beginning, I did consider flouncing this book, but I carried on in the end and just skim read some parts Unfortunately, I m just not the type of reader who finds mob family stories that interesting and that s kind of what this is Also, I wasn t such a fan of Anna in the first place She was one of those strong and independent characters who is portrayed that way by screeching a lot, slapping people, and getting angry and rude all the time It just wasn t that appealing in a h [...]

  13. Hated Anna like really really hated her , she didn t come off as a strong feisty independent woman Nope Nope And Nope she was rude , arrogant and did I mention Rude the funniest part was how she accused Draco of acting superior while it was her doing that all the time and if there s one thing I can t tolerate it s when people don t know how to say thank you when someone does something nice for them GAH she was horrible Draco was a typical Sandra Marton hero though he was hateful sometimes didn t [...]

  14. Un libro ligero de esos que lees cuando necesitas relajarte y volver a sentir el amor que puede darte un libro Si bien es corto, te tiene sonriendo todo el tiempo, sintiendo la inexplicable pasi n de los personajes y sus tesLo feo es que los ltimos dos cap tulos pasan como el viento podr a haber trabajado mas en ellos.Especial para una tarde noche de melancol a donde necesitas de esa historia de amor que te haga volverte a enamorari sea de algo tan corto y ef mero como este Me encant tener sexo [...]

  15. Anna Orsini must buckle under to try and save her mother s legacy Having her distasteful father ask her to be his legal representative to Prince Draco Valenti and push thru the family s legal claim to property the Prince is trying to build on is galling, but she will for her mother s sake.Draco might be a prince, but he has struggled to restore the family s name and coffers thru years of hard work Having the Orsini claim on his own legacy is bothersome, but not nearly as bothersome as the fiesty [...]

  16. The worst in the series so far and to start with I thought this series wasn t as good as her other family series I didn t like both the hero and the heroine and some sentences in the story really got on my nerves.I have to say that the last few books I read by Sandra Marton weren t as good as previous books by her and I hope she ll do better soon or she won t be an auto buy for me any

  17. Mills and Boon SuccessI loved the Orsini Brothers series, it s good to see the sisters get a go at finding HEA too I can t wait to see how the Orsini s finish off Isabella is my favourite character, what better way to finish off the series I thought Ana and Draco were strong characters and it was interesting to see that for the majority of the book there was no secondary characters to fill out the story Bravo

  18. This is a book to read in a weekend It was cool but not that THING , I think this is a kind of book written to make women feel special, to make them think that passion and sex is everything but it s not There are important things than that I appreciate this book I like these kind of book but it s not my favorite reading.

  19. Sandra Marton s The Ice Prince is a part of The Orsinis series I love all books in this series I truly enjoyed Draco s and Anna s love hate relationship and also witnessing how 2 tough stubborn people get scared at the thought of them having fallen quickly in love The ice prince, Draco, has a very funny sense of humor, too.

  20. Pembukaannya lumayan menjanjikan, tapi konflik pemicu terasa nggak klimaks Sebegitu gampangnyakah urusan perebutan tanah mereka kelar Saya sudah baca bukunya Isabella Orsini duluan, jadi mikir kalau sebenarnya masalah perebutan tanah itu memang cuma akal akalannya Cesare buat mempertemukan Anna dan Draco.

  21. Awalnya saya suka dengan gaya Anna yg mandiri dan kuat itu Tapi begitu dia membukakan pintu utk Draco dan langsung beraktifitas , jadi merasa Anna tuh cewek yang selalu jual mahal Yah bs dibilang novel inii sih banyakan olahraga ranjang dan pintu dan meja daripada konfliknya sendiri Kirain Anna bakal ngasih perlawanan apa gitu soal tanah di Sisilia.

  22. Well, I really loved the story Anna and Draco had a really passion relationship, but I think that some details could be lost and the story would be even better Thanks for the lovely story Sandra I am looking for your other books to read.

  23. the Orisini Brides re the 5th 6th parts of the Orisini Brothers series Again i really really enjoyed reading it but i loved Izzy than Ana i don t Know why it s just what I felt anyway Great work Sandra keep it up i really love your Novels

  24. Some really good bits to this book, but many disappointing bits The ending was awful and very rushed.

  25. menurut aku sih biasa aja Khas harlequin bgt, cinderella sindrom Yah walaupun Anna bkn dari keluarga miskin, bapaknya Mafia Itu yg bikin unik.

  26. Amei este Draco e Ana s o personagens marcantes daqueles ficam na mem ria Nada como a It lia para desencadear as emo es.

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