Free Read Pestilence - by T.A. Chase - Pestilence, Pestilence For Pestilence the White Horseman love becomes the most powerful cure Having lost his wife and child during the Black Plague Pestilence accepts the fate destiny has given him as one of the Four Hor

  • Title: Pestilence
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: 9780857157010
  • Page: 139
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Pestilence - by T.A. Chase, Pestilence, T.A. Chase, Pestilence For Pestilence the White Horseman love becomes the most powerful cure Having lost his wife and child during the Black Plague Pestilence accepts the fate destiny has given him as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse For centuries Pestilence did his job spreading plagues and disease around the world He does it to keep the balance between good and evil yet he haFor Pestilence Free Read Pestilence - by T.A. Chase - Pestilence, Pestilence For Pestilence the White Horseman love becomes the most powerful cure Having lost his wife and child during the Black Plague Pestilence accepts the fate destiny has given him as one of the Four Hor

  • Free Read Pestilence - by T.A. Chase
    139 T.A. Chase

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    There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how I share those insights I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years When not writing, I m watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.


  1. Review Summary Lackluster characters, dull romance, and thin world building made this a difficult story for me to finish.Review Main Characters Pestilence was once a doctor named Aldo Bianchi Tormented by the deaths of his wife and son during the Black Death, he took his own life, only to find that, instead of death, he d been placed into another option serving as the White Horseman, as Pestilence, tasked with spreading illness and disease to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell He struggles [...]

  2. I had so much hope for this series I have a weird attraction about The Four Horsemen but its not a topic that comes into play many times whether in movies TV or books Here was The Four Horsemen in M M I thought, even if its sappy, it has to be decent I was wrong I ve never read a story where the Horsemen were so WEAK Weak I was amazed Pestilence can t heal someone without help or can t tell what sickness someone has He s basically the god of desease and illness that s like saying Zeus doesn t kn [...]

  3. 2.5 stars I was a bit disappointed with this story I believe, had I read it when it first came out, I might have felt differently, but as that is not the case, I felt the writing was a bit juvenile at times and quite a few things that didn t quite add up It seemed to be repeating things, and I lost interest very quickly Most of the time, it just came off as a bit cheesy, for lack of a better description Not sure I ll continue with the rest of the series at this point.

  4. I have no idea what to say about this book besides it was boring There was no alpha hero, which I was expecting since the book is about one of the four horsemen The romance was nonexistent and I couldn t care less what happened to the characters At least I finished it.

  5. nice little fantasy book Quite an adventure It really paints a rain forest scene And the length is just right This is where Chamilio was born too

  6. When I read the blurb on this book, I just had to get it I loved the concept of a world with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the heroes with each getting their own book and their own chance at redemption and happiness.This book is the story of the Rider of the White Horse, Pestilence who was once a human doctor during the time of the Bubonic plague Unable to save his own wife and son from the plague, the guilt ridden and sorrowing Aldo took his own life only to wake up as one of the Four [...]

  7. With this book the first in the Four Horsemen Series you get Pestilence who before he became one of the Four Horsemen was Aldo a doctor in the 1300 s who lost his wife and son due to the Black Death a plague that was going around during that time Ben is a professor at Harvard who studies plants He went on a expatiation with a lover in the who decided to leave him so he could claim all the fame on the very rare flower Ben had found Well Ben wonders around sick trying to get back home when Pestil [...]

  8. I thought that this was one the better books from this author I have read in a while I really like the concept, and I really enjoyed the character of Pestilence Definitely looking forward to know the other Four Horsemen, especially Death This was a fun read, I enjoyed it

  9. I liked this take of the Four Horsemen and their salvation The story s a little slow at times and Pestilence is a little too brooding for my taste but the story s still pretty interesting.

  10. This could have been oh so good what an intriguing story concept I admit I was weary about it from the outset because in my experience it is very difficult to write convincing god like beings Alas the execution in this case leaves so much to be desired that I have trouble convincing myself to even read the 2nd book, never mind the entire set of four.I usually start with what I liked about a book, but here I didn t actually like anything much beyond the basic concept Pestilence, who was Dr Aldo B [...]

  11. Reviewed for The Novel Approach.It s not often you find new books about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but every time I find one, I have to snatch it up I m not sure why exactly, but the mythology legend whatever you want to call it about the Horsemen has always fascinated me Maybe it s my love of post apocalyptic fiction or dystopian societies that draws me to them, but I know when they show up, the end is near and everything is about to go from bad to worse, and I m thrown into the socie [...]

  12. Reviewed by Tams Kelly for QUEERcentric BooksPestilence is the first story in The Four Horsemen four book series by acclaimed author, T.A Chase.Pestilence started life as Aldo Bianchi, an Italian American doctor who lost his family during the Black Death.Unable to live with the fact that his wife and child along with most of his village had died, Aldo took his own life Never in his wildest dreams had he considered waking as Pestilence the White horseman of the Apocalypse.For centuries, Aldo foug [...]

  13. Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews 2.5 out of 5.0 stars Portraying Pestilence as an Italian Doctor named Aldo Bianchi, a man who hung himself following the death of his family during the Black Death in Europe in the 1300 s, was an interesting concept and pulled me into the story.When Bartholomew Winston, III is abandoned in the jungle by his lover and the rest of their team, he stumbles through the jungle, becoming and ill as he goes Little does he know that he has contra [...]

  14. Pestilence or Pest has been serving as the harbinger of diseases and plagues since the 13th century Hard to not like Pest or see his conflicts, as he was a doctor in his mortal life, and only assumed his new position after losing his wife and son to the Black Death Frustrated with his inability to touch humans with his bare hands, he s tired of the runaround, his tasks and the limited connection he has with others like him Bart is a Harvard professor, part of a research team in the jungle Not pa [...]

  15. This book starts with Aldo waking up after a successful attempt at killing himself, so to say he was a bit confused should be taken as given He finds out that he is now Pestilence, the White Horseman It is his job to go where he is sent and spread epidemics in order to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell He was a doctor in his life, so it is both ironic and heartbreaking for him to now be spreading disease In an effort to distance himself from the human population, he lives in the middle of [...]

  16. The concept behind the series is intriguing, and I actually enjoyed Chase s Home books, so I was looking forward to this set Based on the first one, I won t be continuing.Painfully bad writing full of mistakes and unclear word choices Was there no editor involved No friend who could take a quick pass and give some notes Inconsistent characters and plot points, verging on ridiculousness I almost feel like maybe this was written as a joke or a satire of some sort Over and over Pestilence tells Bar [...]

  17. I picked this up as a free book offer on ARe in Dec 2012, and had put off reading it I would rate at 3.5, I really liked the first 2 3 of the book but the end third got a bit too much for me.I liked the premise of the story arc, with the four Horsemen struggling with their allotted tasks and hopefully finding redemption through love bet Death is the 4th book and I hope its a goodie He seemed such an alone figure.I liked the time they spent in the jungle even though Bart was ill and I did have a [...]

  18. Living forever can be a curse when you re always alone So we met the first of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Christian history.Pestilence brings disease to humans, but he doesn t understand why he got this lifetime job or why he keeps following Death s orders After many hundreds of years, Pestilence finds a sick man and tries to heal instead of spreading sickness So when the very very sick Bart Winston randomly wanders into an clearing and finds himself in Pest s care for months wh [...]

  19. I should read some reviews before starting on a book, shouldn t I I was completly blindsinded by this one totally not what I expected Going in, I thought dark, perhaps a littly moody, broody, strong male and what I got and LIKED mind you was sugar rain and puffy white clouds Ok, I m exaggerating immensely but it was basically just a cute story, the slightly dark side of it was a marginalia and the developing relationship just sweetOverall very enjoyable but still a little bit too smooth, taking [...]

  20. This is the first in a series about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Pestilence was a doctor in his human life His wife and son, along with his entire village, were wiped out by the Bubonic Plague He felt so guilty he took his own life.But, he was brought back as Pestilence Over the hundreds of years, he kept to himself Unless Death needed him to start an epidemic He lives in the jungle where the local tribes consider him to be a God.Pest s story is filled with pain, but also with the redempt [...]

  21. I was pleasantly surprised with this book I never imagined the four horsemen being anything romantic, let alone LGTB I love m m romance and this was really good Then ending surprised me, because I was expecting something different But what the author wrote made so much sense and turned out better than I imagined I m anxious and looking forward the the second in the series At least I believe there are to be books on all four horsemen This one left me smiling and giddy at the end I guess true love [...]

  22. I gotta admit I don t have much faith regarding paranormal with this author Contemporary is usually good but anything remotely fantastic and her books often crumble under pressure This book is slightly better but not by much either There are a number of incongruities and confusing issues and the background is too scattered to understand fully and while the characters are interesting, we don t really get to know them Bart spends much of the time either unconscious or hallucinating and Pestilence [...]

  23. This is a very interesting take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Very imaginative and original I enjoyed the way the attraction grew between Pest and Bart There was excellent and believable character development The way Bart grew to accept Pest s story was very well done, as opposed to the classic immediate belief just because Pest told him so A wonderful story about redemption, forgiveness, self discovery, and love I can t wait to read the other three horsemen s stories

  24. It was how I expected it would be, yet I still managed to feel kind of disappointed.I feel awkward linking to the review of someone I m not friends with, but seeing as how it s public anyway, I hope it doesn t clash with the rules I feel that this lovely lady s review sums it up in a way that s perfect So even if I did end up writing one, it would mostly likely say the same thing anyway.

  25. I thought it started out ok, but went down hill swiftly I was constantly frustrated with the inaccuracies about medicine and disease Parasites, viruses and bacteria are not the same thing Unfortunately the romance arc was not strong enough to distract me so I mostly skimmed my way to the predicable conclusion.

  26. It was an okay read It was really slow towards the middle And I didn t like that we never got an answer to what exactly cause the sickness Not sure if we do in the other books I couldn t tell by the descriptions but I have no interest at this time in reading them to find out Still nice reading for an hour or two Number of sex scenes 3

  27. Really interesting idea that never came to fruition There was no chemistry between the MCs, the pacing was off, settings were not depicted realistically, and there were no real consequences for any of the characters Not terrible but kinda dull.

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