The Man Who Was Poe

✓ The Man Who Was Poe È Avi - The Man Who Was Poe, The Man Who Was Poe The Old City Lay Dark And ColdIt is night And Edmund is alone His mother is gone His aunt who went in search of her is dead His sister has disappeared Edmund has no one Except for a stranger of the

  • Title: The Man Who Was Poe
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780380730223
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

✓ The Man Who Was Poe È Avi, The Man Who Was Poe, Avi, The Man Who Was Poe The Old City Lay Dark And ColdIt is night And Edmund is alone His mother is gone His aunt who went in search of her is dead His sister has disappeared Edmund has no one Except for a stranger of the night A dark mysterious stranger who flees from demons of his ownwho follows Edmund with grim determination through the cold and shadow city promising to help bThe Old City Lay ✓ The Man Who Was Poe È Avi - The Man Who Was Poe, The Man Who Was Poe The Old City Lay Dark And ColdIt is night And Edmund is alone His mother is gone His aunt who went in search of her is dead His sister has disappeared Edmund has no one Except for a stranger of the

  • ✓ The Man Who Was Poe È Avi
    312 Avi
The Man Who Was Poe

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    Avi is a pen name for Edward Irving Wortis, but he says, The fact is, Avi is the only name I use Born in 1937, Avi has created many fictional favorites such as The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Nothing but the Truth, and the Crispin series His work is popular among readers young and old.


  1. As a young reader, I read and thoroughly enjoyed some of Avi s novels I fully expected to love this one.There s a lot to recommend it a genuinely baffling mystery with the fate of a young boy and his sister hanging in the balance, plenty of atmospheric settings in one of my very favorite cities Providence , and a clever tribute to Edgar Allan Poe s C Auguste Dupin, the first great literary detective.There s even an extended sequence that takes place in St John s Churchyard and the home of Sarah [...]

  2. Edmund and his sister are desperate it has been 3 days and Auntie is still not home Edmond ventures out for food and when he returns, Sis is gone Edmund meets Auguste Dupin aka Edgar Allan Poe and Poe unwillingly stumbles upon clues and helps Edmund solve the mystery Edmund s life parallels Edgar s, and Poe is able to create a story from the circumstances he is experiencing Clever and fun and informative

  3. After being left alone for three days, twins Edmund and Sis have run out of what little food they have Although they were under strict orders from their aunt to stay indoors, Edmund makes the decision to head out in search of food Unfortunately, when he returns, he discovers his sister is nowhere to be found With his mother, aunt, and sister missing, Edmund is on his own with only a strange man to help him Who is this man, where are his family members, and just what is the man writing I went int [...]

  4. This middle reader is the second book that I have read by Avi, the first being The Seer of Shadows, which I enjoyed immensely Avi tackles some pretty dark topics.In this book, we find Edgar Allan Poe acting as Detective Dupin to help a young boy find his missing mother, sister and aunt In the process, he finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery and investigating a bank heist.This book had all the ingredients Poe, murder, kidnapping, robbery But, I found this book overly confusing.Avi does [...]

  5. It was very boring and the plot was not exciting The ending was very predictable DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO READ SOMETHING EXCITING Avi totally went into and supported the slander associated with Poe The information about Poe are just stereotypes and slander He was not proven to be like that Very disappointing.

  6. I gave this book a five star rating because this book is full of suspense, and I was really sad when the book ended I wanted to continue reading the story, and of there was a sequel, I would read that too.

  7. This mysterious confusing book is OSM this book takes some examples that happened to Poe in real life The story was kind of flying place to place but it was one of the best books ive ever read People that like realistic Fiction WILL LUV THIS BOOK

  8. I enjoyed this book It was something different I thought it was a young adult book because I have read other Avi books and they a usually for children or young adults I think that it was an adult book though It was interesting and a fast read.

  9. I really enjoyed this book I liked how unexpected things happened in the story and also how the author used descriptions to describe scenes and character One thing I didn t like about this book was how some parts were confusing However, I really enjoyed this book.

  10. Lots of suspense, Poe seemed to annoy me a lot because when I thought he would help he never did The author did good using lots of clues, at times it seemed repetitive.

  11. While I thought the mystery was intriguing, I m not 100% sure that Edgar Allan Poe was necessary as a character He felt like Sherlock Holmes than what I know of him as a person I feel like the story would have been pretty much the same if his name was different.

  12. Read this book for school back in 7th grade, found it again and gave it another read It s a pretty good book The mystery was tricky but in a way you could solve it along the way as an adult, as a kid I remember being so surprised but not very surprising this time around.

  13. The genre of this book is Historical Fiction, written for age group 10 16 The plot of this story is set back in November 1848 The language used also reflects the date on the book Little boy named Edmund is in search for his auntie that leaves him and his sister at home for days without supervision and food After a few days of no food he goes in search of his Auntie only to find her dead and find his mother.I rated this book five stars because the story is full of mystery and suspense The charact [...]

  14. The Man Who Was Poe is a reissue and I must say the cover has a much better design on it than the older edition It s a historical mystery set in the nineteenth century and was sort of dark for a middle grade book.The story starts out with Edmund and his sister Sis being left alone while their Aunt went in search of their mother It has been three days, they have no food and are starving Sis urges Edmond to go out and try and buy them some food but he doesn t want to leave her alone Aunt Pru said [...]

  15. I remember reading The Man Who Was Poe in middle school and really enjoying it Just the other day, and than a decade later, I found my copy in a box of old books and on a nostalgic whim I grabbed it on my way out the door, for something to pass the time I must say, to my surprise, I still really enjoyed it.Avi weaves an interesting suspense mystery of interlocking story lines, complete with Gothic settings of graveyards and foggy streets in 1848 Providence, Rhode Island And of course, we have t [...]

  16. Wow, I had a complete misconception of this book when I first bought it from a book fair back in 91 I thought it was a book about Edgar Allan Poe, that it told some story of his past, or just his life story in some way.I was wrong.Instead, The Man Who Was Poe is about a young boy named Edmund who, after leaving his sister alone in search of food, returns to find her gone from a locked room In his panic, he bumps into a man newly arrived in Providence who claims his name is Auguste Dupin Of cours [...]

  17. I was wondering why I hadn t heard of this book before, and now I know Not much to like here, I m afraid.It s a weird tribute to Poe A dark toned murder mystery surely Poe would have approved with a bi polar, drunk, unstable, Sherlock Holmes sytle brilliant Poe on the case what now Much has been made, unfairly I think, of Poe being obsessed with death Avi takes it a step further Poe can t even conceive of a happy ending His beloved characters MUST die.This is NOT a children s book I would not li [...]

  18. This historical fiction mystery follows a boy named Edmund who came to America from England with his sister and aunt with the hope of tracking down his mother After his aunt and sister go missing, Edmund runs into Edgar Allan Poe, who is intrigued by the boy s plight and thinks it might get him out of a writing rut because he can model his next story after the boy s problems Poe helps Edmund to an extent in the search for Edmund s sister, but he also lets his drinking get in the way With or with [...]

  19. I read this for the nostalgia of reading a book like the ones I read in my youth They were usually simple, absorbing and suspenseful stories and this book fit that bill completely The character development is light, it s mostly about the plot and the mystery Edgar Allan Poe is a character in the story and the story spins him into a character with many flaws as an alcoholic and a man consumed by his art and his imagination It sounds true to the idea of Poe, but it also makes the character unlika [...]

  20. Alone and desperate Edmund searches the city for his missing sister, looking for anyone who can help him He runs into a man, who says his name is Mr Dupin The man agrees to help him but everything about him seems a bit strange to Edmund His emotions are volatile, he drinks, and he is secretive At the same time the man is brilliant and even though Edmund isn t sure he can rely on him Dupin is able to give some shocking insights into his missing sister The mysterious Mr Dupin is of course Edgar Al [...]

  21. The story had a limited omniscient narration where the reader has insight into both of the main characters thoughts,emotions,and actions It was a very reliable narration because the protagonists in the story were the commentators so they gave all of the information that would help solve the mystery It was set in old New England where it seems as though it is always gloomy and raining which helps to make the story interesting The message this book gives is to have a little hope Edmund displayed [...]

  22. This story begins with Edmund who is in a small room with his little sister who he calls sis Their Aunt has disappeared and they are afraid to leave in case the returns Edmund leaves to get them food, but when he returns his sister has disappeared Edmund goes out into the street to find help and happens to come upon a man that calls himself Dupin Dupin is a strange man that keeps many mysteries from Edmund, but he agrees to help him try to find his sister and aunt, how had left to find Edmund s [...]

  23. Edmund has run out for just a short bit to get something to eat Aunty has left him and his sister alone in the single windowed tenement room for two days She told them to stay in the room till she came back Two days ago No food, heat or word where she had gone Perhaps she had finally found their mother While out he finds he is being followed by a man A man in a long black army coat, with a pale complexion and dark hair and mustache What is it this man wants When Edmund arrives back at the room, [...]

  24. The story starts with a young boy and his twin sister It begins when Edmund s sister Sis disappears and as he searches for her he runs into Edgar Allen Poe who he is able to convince to help him find his missing sister, mother, and aunt Through several events they uncover that the two mysteries in the area are connected and between Edmund and Poe they unravel the people who are in charge of kidnapping Sis and stealing the goal that is in the vaults I thought this story was very interesting It wa [...]

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