Their Virgin Captive

Free Read Their Virgin Captive - by Shayla Black Lexi Blake - Their Virgin Captive, Their Virgin Captive Brothers Gavin Slade and Dex fall hard for Gavin s new secretary beautiful Hannah Craig The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one who will seduc

  • Title: Their Virgin Captive
  • Author: Shayla Black Lexi Blake
  • ISBN: 9781936596065
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Their Virgin Captive - by Shayla Black Lexi Blake, Their Virgin Captive, Shayla Black Lexi Blake, Their Virgin Captive Brothers Gavin Slade and Dex fall hard for Gavin s new secretary beautiful Hannah Craig The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one who will seduce the virgin and keep her for his own But when a dangerous predator begins stalking the small town beauty they work together to protect her abducting Hannah and spirBrothers Gav Free Read Their Virgin Captive - by Shayla Black Lexi Blake - Their Virgin Captive, Their Virgin Captive Brothers Gavin Slade and Dex fall hard for Gavin s new secretary beautiful Hannah Craig The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one who will seduc

  • Free Read Their Virgin Captive - by Shayla Black Lexi Blake
    148Shayla Black Lexi Blake
Their Virgin Captive

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    Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of than sixty novels For nearly twenty years, she s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters She s thrilled that she s been living her dream as a full time author for the past eight years.Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies In her free time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.Follow me on Facebook facebook homep Sor Twitter Shayla_Black


  1. 2 The James Gang Stars Spoilers Okay let me start out by saying that I don t normally read very many Menage books I am not a sharer so it is harder for me to relate, but I do read them every now and then to keep things fresh and to keep me from getting bored And of the 10 or so I have read in the last few years I enjoyed almost all of them I say all that so that everyone reading this review knows that I am no Menage book expert and this is just my humble opinion on this book Their Virgin Captive [...]

  2. I love this whole series I re read this one yesterday and realized I never got around to rating it.Re Read June 21st, 2017Still, LOVE this book and this series I hope we get a new one soon

  3. After I finish books like this, sometimes I have to ask myself Really, what was I expecting The thing is, Shayla Black has written books that really wiped me out Books for which I don t remember the sex, just the truly emotionally affecting transformation of the hero and heroine into people who can be happy together This was not one of those books This was sort of likeint by numbers menage a quatre Honestly, the best I can do is pose the following questions 1 What is up with these menage books i [...]

  4. Oh boy sigh I had some high hopes for this one, but it turned out just okay for me Three tall, dark, and studly Texas brothers Gavin James 32 , Slade James 28 , and half brother Dex Townsend 27 capture their sweet, blonde, virginal admin I m assuming that s some sort of slang for administrative assistant and whisk her off to their remote oil company offices in Alaska when they find out a stalker is after her Two of the brothers waste no time in letting 25 year old Hannah know just want they want [...]

  5. 4 smokin hot stars The sex scenes, Dirty, Sexy, HotThe storyline, things progressed to fast,Not enough of a build between the characters, so the insta love didn t work,But like, I said the Sex was Smokin HotSo that worked for me I was hoping for , but still a descent read M F M, M M M F

  6. Warning, rant aheadI m never really comfortable with people going out of their way to speak ill of the dead, either in real life or in fiction, and that happened in spades here Gavin s dead girlfriend is a slut A conniving, social climbing slut who took advantage of Gavin during his very rough life period of being a young billionaire He was rich She was slutty What could he do except fuck her repeatedly But then we find out why Gavin feels so guilty after her death view spoiler Because one night [...]

  7. 3 1 2 starsI bought this story mainly because Shayla Black s name was on cover and so were the words virgin and menage What does that say about my reading habits Considering I also get excited when I see Etruscan or cryptozoology in a title, I m not sure Anyway, my bad for not deciphering the title closely I totally overlooked the implication of the word Master I don t typically read BDSM, only because I can t get past my immediate reaction to laugh when a man tells a woman to kneel on the floo [...]

  8. yes, yes, yesEverybody has their own guilty pleasure types of readWell, mine are Shayla Black s booksFirst of all, MENAGE is what i like cough to readduh Bdsmah, well if you must this point i ll give inAlpha broody, demanding, protective sigh and tear the chlothes off Okaaay.okaaayi ve read it cause of the S.E.X, fuck yeahd screw the storylinewhat storyline.i m even past the virgin status of the heroineSo, where were weah, yesx

  9. 1.5 Stars Oh dear, I really wish I had given this a miss I don t require my books to be deep or carry a meaning lesson, I am really easy going and easy to please as I just want to get lost in the story, but of course for me to do this it has to have a little bit of substance whether it comes in the format of romance or suspense or even just really smutty graphic sex scenes making it a pure sexfest but this book had none of that which made it a really disappointing read I have never read anything [...]

  10. Audio version.Ok, so Hannah Craig has a stalker and Texan hunk brothers Gavin, Slade Dex come to her rescue by whisking her away to Alaska On occasion, thoughts like cheesy and corny popped into my brain I continued on because I had to see how it worked logistically emotionally Yeah well that fell short too especially when narrated at times in a full Texan drawl I m afraid this was a bit much for little ole me I ve discovered three men is just one too many for me to handle D

  11. 2 starsThis is an honest review You ve been warned.Oh whatever mambang evil spirit ghost in Malay please stop this reading damnation because this is second book I ve tried to read written by Shayla Black because I needed that erotic read dose so badly and yet it didn t move pass from likable.What I likedDespite second bro Slade and half bro Dex dropped L bomb whenever it concerns Hannah, I quite liked the attraction going ons between Gavin and Hannah Only if Slade and Dex were out of picture or [...]

  12. On the eve of putting their plan into action to seduce and capture, Administrative assitant Hannah Craig, brothers Slade and Dex want to get their other brother Gavin on board They want Hannah forever, legally abd intimately, their only obstacle is jarring Gavin from whatever guilt he harbors from a previous relationship that Hannah is what they need to unite them as family.As if Gavin s stubborn determination to spend life alone wasn t enough, they find out that Hannah has a stalker who is gett [...]

  13. Loved this, It was very steamy and I loved the characters There was a really good story and emotions behind the characters it was not just some sex with a little story mixed in I stayed up Until 3 00 am just to finish it and couldn t put it down I enjoyed Hannah s character immensely, a strong female that submits because she wants to not because she is weak Shayla BlackShayla Black

  14. Blah The lack of background story and any kind of build up meant that this did nothing for me The sex wasn t exciting and the heroine was incredibly annoying.

  15. Disappointing.Predictable.Reasonably hot sex, though the oldest brother s angst got old and distracted from the hotness.Unbelievable that oldest brother who had never topped could suddenly turn on the dom, and work in sync with both of his other brothers with a virgin Really, wouldn t four in a bed be logistically awkward the first time when two had never done that before If this had been a new author, I d never buy any future titles by this author, but I gave it 2 stars only because some of Sha [...]

  16. Oh well, another menage that I didn t like I appreciate that I m really difficult to please when it comes to menage, but I had high hopes after seeing some really good reviews Unfortunately I half laughed half cringed my way through this.The dialogue was a bit ridiculous and I didn t find it sexy at all Admittedly, when Hannah is sore the day after her deflowering and she s musing to herself that it s because she spent the night riding hungry men I did hiss with jealousy.

  17. This review was posted at Under The CoversThis was just the strangest thing for me I love Shayla Black But I didn t find her in the writing of this book I thought the premise sounded so hot, of course who wouldn t want 3 hot guys to be interested in being with her at the same time Especially if they are hot brothers But this book was not too sensual in my opinion.Gavin, Slade and Dex own a pretty big oil company Hannah has been Gavin s assistant for quite some time And during that whole time all [...]

  18. I don t know why I do this to myself Maybe I am hoping it will be funny Maybe I am hoping it will be hot It certainly is ridiculous I am breaking up with Shayla Black, she doesn t know it yet but I cannot keep going on this way This story is a sort of strange, sort of bizarre I d say very but that would imply something interesting story of a 25 year old virgin in love with three huge, commanding, demanding, somehow coordinating Doms think linebacker crossed with a Neanderthal I always thought th [...]

  19. 2.5 Sharing is Caring Stars Well, besides the fact that you don t need a brain to read this book, just a vagina, it just wasn t for me Another one that is just way too much sex and not enough story However, I did really enjoy Gavin and Hannah Those two together, alone, would ve been a great book Even if they wanted to freak it up and bring in the other two for their m nage fixes once in a while bute on, that s it Don t start throwing the L word around and tell me that you think it is totally nor [...]

  20. ohh, three guys and one girl deets, three brothers err.i could honestly say this book was weird and i was just impatiently waiting for the book to end.

  21. EDITH Review 2016Yyy tuvo sus momentos el libro pero al final fue demasiado.No soy fan de 3 hombres y 1 mujer siento que 1 de ellos siempre va a recibir menos.Review 2017Saben me es curioso como las lecturas cambian con los a os un libro que como veran antes no me causo muy buena impresion, hoy me es m s agradable.Pasando del irreal echo de que son 3 hermanos milagrosamente enamorados perdidamente de la misma mujer, es un libro bastante facil de leer, con drama, si como todos si no, no seria un [...]

  22. Okay this book kept flashing through all my twitter feeds, I kept seeing the hunky men surrounding the woman on this cover and realized I needed to read it I did not take a single note in this book I couldn t stop turning the page I am not usually into a menage situation that has than two men for the one woman But in the story brought to us by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake I was dying for Gavin to come into the fold pun totally unintended, but I m keeping it We have Hannah, who is an ordinary cou [...]

  23. I honestly can t believe that i gave this book such a high rating It s not a bad book or anything like that it s just i personally have never been a huge fan of menage, but this book kinda did it for me The fact that the men are brothers probably made it a bit easier for me All of them were still highly possessive of Hannah and would have killed any man for touching her except each other of course and thats something i always look for in a book boyfriend That possessiveness As to the book itself [...]

  24. I didn t have a review the first time I read this book, but I really enjoyed it the second time around There was a lot of sexual tension between all the brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex and Hannah along with the very hot sex scenes I did like the suspense and mystery thread of the story Re read for the 2nd time Last read on 1 3 2014

  25. Their Virgin Captive2 StarsThree brothers, Gavin, Slade and Dex James, are in love with Gavin s sweet and sexy admin, Hannah Craig Upon discovering that Hannah is being stalked, they seize the opportunity to whisk her away to Alaska and introduce her to the merits of polyamorous sex Every once in a while, I feel the urge to read a m nage themed book and inevitably end up disappointed in the romance This book is no exception The simple fact is that sex with multiple partners might be erotic, but [...]

  26. Definitivamente 5 y en la lista de novelas inolvidables Por qu Es que hay tantas cosas de las qu hablar que es bastante posible el no saber por d nde comenzar Pues, primero que nada ambas autoras Shayla Black y Lexi Blake tienen mucho talento y se complementan muy bien en cuanto al manejo del libro se refiere He le do muchos d os de autores que no simple se complementan bien y leerlas sin que se note d nde comienza una o d nde termina la otra, es bastante interesante Muy buena narraci n en ese s [...]

  27. Whoa I had heard about this series and have been meaning to try it I have no idea why I waited so long This book was really hot I can absolutely see why Shayla Black and Lexi Blake are so popular I liked Hannah, the heroine She seemed like a really good person with a huge heart She was so sweet And she made friends with just about everyone at Black Oak Oil, the place where she works I found it super easy to like her but I worry that readers who are a bit cynical might find her cheerful exuberan [...]

  28. I m a HUGE fan of Lexi Blake I love her writing style This is the first time that I have read anything by Shayla Black and I thoroughly enjoyed the team effort Their Virgin Captive was a good book that definitely entertained me from the start The ending was especially good and so sweet I m so looking forward to the next book in the series I liked how Dex and Slade let Hannah know their feelings for her up front I really liked them as a trio and then as a foursome when Gavin finally pulled his he [...]

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