A Traitor to Memory

☆ A Traitor to Memory ☆ ElizabethGeorge - A Traitor to Memory, A Traitor to Memory A Traitor to Memory

  • Title: A Traitor to Memory
  • Author: ElizabethGeorge
  • ISBN: 9780553801279
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ A Traitor to Memory ☆ ElizabethGeorge, A Traitor to Memory, ElizabethGeorge, A Traitor to Memory A Traitor to Memory ☆ A Traitor to Memory ☆ ElizabethGeorge - A Traitor to Memory, A Traitor to Memory A Traitor to Memory

  • ☆ A Traitor to Memory ☆ ElizabethGeorge
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A Traitor to Memory

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series Inspector Lynley


  1. I ve read all of Elizabeth George s Thomas Lynley Barbara Havers series, and I must say that this is the weakest of the bunch One of the aspects that I ve always enjoyed in this mystery series is the attention that the author paid to the lives of the two main characters In A Traitor to Memory, that seems to have flown by the wayside, and Havers and Lynley are given rather slipshod treatment The small sections devoted to their private lives seem perfunctory and forced.In addition, I felt that the [...]

  2. An inexplicable book, filled with inexplicable characters, unforgivably long I still don t know what happened on the last page, yet I m grateful George didn t expend any pages yapping on in explanation 1,009 was quite enough I think I know who the killer was, but I don t understand why a character who is not actually psychotic would destroy the Guarneri violin of the man she s trying to repair a relationship with and think this is acceptable I don t get why everyone in a book published in 2001 [...]

  3. 11 of the Havers Lynley series Wow This was another masterpiece by George I have never read another book like the ones George puts out s rating does not do it justice This author, in my humble opinion, is ingenious The book is about many things The main plot is about a family A family torn apart by lies and murder Although, George always starts the book out in a very mysterious way Not with the Havers Lynley character or any regular in the series It usually is something to grab you and take hold [...]

  4. I think A Traitor to Memory was an interesting book to read It dissects a dysfunctional family which rotates around two human suns made important by family dynamics, a son and an obsessive father First is the musical prodigy, Gideon Davies, who is a minor sensation in classical music circles, a favored child and now adult whose career everyone in the Davies world must support The father, Richard Davies, forces the entire family into a supplementary role behind Gideon s talent in every way Every [...]

  5. The writing is really good, as I ve come to expect from George, but this is not one of my favorites in this series The characterizations were as well done as usual, although I was a little disappointed that the lady in the opening chapter, a morbidly obese anorgasmic sex therapist, was not a main character I didn t care much about the characters that were the focus of the mystery I got thoroughly sick of Gideon s diary and the denouement was less satisfying than usual The author continues to che [...]

  6. Eleventh in the Inspector Lynley mystery series based in London at Scotland Yard and revolving around policemen.My TakeThis is a gawd awful depressing story but an essential read if you prefer to follow your characters chronologically There is so much in here that you need to know I think.I had a hard time reading this story It was well written I do have a few quibbles about the timeline George followed, see below but, its topic was so incredibly tragic Such a waste Such an argument for having i [...]

  7. I want to fall in love with Elizabeth George With dozens of books under her belt, she d be the perfect author to go back to time and again for a good read But I am losing faith This is the 3rd book of hers I have read and and it was the worst so far I like a long book But length should either result in deep character development or ridiculous funny detailed description Unfortunately George uses length just to repeat the same few ideas plot points over and over So it gets really boring.I am also [...]

  8. This one was harder for me to read of her books There was no resolution in the end, not that there really could be, but it was emotionally draining I also found the format switching between the narrative and the diary distracting.

  9. Another brilliant British police procedural featuring Lynley and Havers Gideon Davies estranged mother is the victim of a vehicular homicide She is a quiet woman beloved by everyone so the range of suspects is pretty sparse But there s a daughter s death in her past so Lynley and Havers are soon tilling the earth around all her friends and relations Gideon was a child prodigy with a brilliant career who at 28 just stopped playing and no one knows why His diary, addressed to his therapist, is int [...]

  10. Oh man Sometimes I think I notice glitches in mystery novel plotting, but never ones this bad It s such a long long book, with so many interwoven stories But the central event, Eugenie s death, is revealed to her son on page 226 then again, as if he hadn t known it at all, on page 676, as if it happened the night before instead of days or weeks earlier Also Katie Waddington, whom he visits in his quest to understand his past, is just fine but soon we are told that she had recently been victim of [...]

  11. A Traitor to Memory, by Elizabeth George is a compelling, fascinating book It s a long book over 1000 pages long but the writing is strong, the plot well conceived, and the characters well developed Holding A Traitor to Memory together is the story of Gideon, a violin virtuoso, and originally a child prodigy We read his journal entries, written to his psychiatrist, and learn with Gideon about the tragedy in his family s past One way to describe Elizabeth George s writing is research, research, r [...]

  12. This, as noted in another entry here, was a discovery Found at daughter in law s house and taken up without much faith in the fact that I d actually finish the 719 page hardcover But I did and it s led me back to the first of the Inspector Lynley mysteries, with a lot of catching up to do.Ms George is a very lush writer Her details are very well, detailed and she has a way of making you see, hear, feel and sometimes even taste what her character s are seeing, hearing, feeling There s a depth, to [...]

  13. Why oh why did I mentally promise to read all the books in this series The series has such potential Sir Thomas Lynley, Eighth Earl of Asherton juxtaposed with blue collar Barbara Havers provides tension and opportunity for demonstrating how each one s background affects how they view and interact with homicide suspects The back story of each of these main characters also lends depth to each of these murder mysteries I lost patience with the pouty Lady Helen, Lynley s true love, early on, but as [...]

  14. This is a huge book at over 1000 pages In small script, no less I love Elizabeth George I love her prose and her literacy She respects her characters and the page, and it shows But if you re going to go for a 1000 page book, it better be dang good And it s a good, not great, chapter in her Lynley series It could ve been edited down by 250 pages and it would have been great While I love anything she writes, the first half just didn t go anywhere for me Or went there very slowly Still, there s def [...]

  15. started to watch it, because I love the Insp Lynley Mysteries TV series, but was very disappointed in this one Didn t like it at all In fact, I just couldn t finish it

  16. Elizabeth George has written some terrific books in the Inspector Lynley series, but this isn t one of them The book alternates between long, first person passages by a protagonist named Gideon Davies, who is writing his thoughts and memories to his therapist, and third person passages telling of the efforts of others, including Thomas Lynley, Barbara Havers, and Winston Nkata, to solve the murders of people related in some way to Gideon, as well telling of other events and people in Gideon s li [...]

  17. Book 11 in the Inspector Lynley series A traitor to Memory is a complex novel, large in scope and one that encompasses the psyches of many of its characters Unlike the previous novels, Lynley and Harvers take a back seat to let Gideon be the star.I will be brief in my summary this story is intricate and over 1000 pages, it includes hidden agendas, secrets in the closet and a fair amount of danger.It opens with the death of Eugenie Davis in a deliberate hit and run accident Superintendent Malcom [...]

  18. One of my favorite in the series It doesn t focus on the core characters as much as some of the others, but I liked the diary style entries breaking up the detective bits.

  19. Yet another very big book from Elizabeth George It must take her all year to write one book, because it takes me all week to read it This one is the mystery of Eugenie Davies, who is killed by a hit and run driver one rainy night after arriving in London, seeking out what turns out to me a man from her past and also the person who discovers her body on the roadside Her son, a famous violinist, has meanwhile had a complete loss of his ability to play and is attending a therapist to try and get to [...]

  20. After much experience listening to books on CD I have maintained that I will never listen to an abrigement Somehow this one slipped in and now I have the book on order to fill in the blanks.There were so many characters I could not keep them straight and this story is told in the time jumping, changing character perspective that I have a difficult time with when actually reading a story But at least with the written word I can go back and reread a passage or look up characters to refresh myself [...]

  21. A twenty year old crime is the key to this installment of the Inspector Lynley series Eugenie Davies is the victim of a hit and run, and when Lynley and Havers investigate they find a trail that leads to Malcolm Webberly and the bathtub drowning of Sonia Davies, a Down Syndrome child The story is told in two parts the real time narrative of the police investigation, and the journals of famous violinist Gideon Davies, Sonia s brother Gideon s journals are the result of his visits with a psychiatr [...]

  22. So finished this lengthy English mystery about a crime that overlaps twenty years and implicates everyone involvedIts kinda confusing, kinda annoying with the descriptions of England London and the spellings tire spelled like tyre will kinda throw you for a loop so will the changes in narration and character just when you are getting involved and interested or a character makes a breakthrough the chapter is over and you have to get down with a new character s life and situationFor a book I just [...]

  23. I have enjoyed Elizabeth George s books They have been a little uneven but this particular book is a good read for me I enjoy the fact that she carries many of the characters from one book to the other and the characters grow on you They become like old friends as you read from one book to the other.This one is an excellent read and is about one of the main characters, Detective Inspector thomas Lynley, though other normal characters are found in the book also.Mystery readers will enjoy this one [...]

  24. Just finished, after a month and a half of slogging Rarely have I cared less about the outcome of a mystery, the answer to which was fairly obvious Whenever George emphasises the secondary characters as in, the new characters involved in the murder over Lynley, Havers, Helen, St James and Deborah, she creates a tedious and, in this case, over long journey that ends eventually, but hardly with little to engage the reader.

  25. Very good, but not my favorite in this series It wasn t the length I could read about Lynley Havers forever But the timeline was little hinky between the narrative and the journal by Gideon So it was a little confusing about what had happened when Kind of a convoluted story But it did keep my interest It was a little creepy.

  26. It s a page turner, lots of interesting sub stories, but the ending was very unsatisfying The characters suddenly acted unbelievably out of character, there were too many questions left unanswered, and the final attempt at a twist was handled poorly.

  27. This was a muddle to read Not at all a mystery in the truest senseere wasn t a mystery in my mind I figured out who committed the killing of the little girl two decades ago and who was behind the the hit and run attacks deaths really early on What made it such a muddle to me was that Lynley, Havers and Nkata were tertiary characters for most of the novel The killers and the victims were primary and secondary, and because of that structure, the novel really plodded along It wasn t the sheer volum [...]

  28. A Traitor to Memory is a mystery on many levels A woman is hit by a car Then another woman is run over This time the car backs up and runs over her several times Why And why are the police so shocked when they learn who she is In another time frame, violin virtuoso Gideon Davies has suddenly forgotten how to play the violin, after basically living to do just that since the age of three He has begun seeing a psychotherapist to try to understand what has happened and hopefully get his ability to p [...]

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