The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

Unlimited The Wild Beasts of Wuhan - by IanHamilton - The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, The Wild Beasts of Wuhan In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan Uncle and Ava are summoned by Wong Changxing The Emperor of Hubei and one of the most powerful men in China when he discovers that the Fauvist paintings he recently acqu

  • Title: The Wild Beasts of Wuhan
  • Author: IanHamilton
  • ISBN: 9780887842535
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Wild Beasts of Wuhan - by IanHamilton, The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, IanHamilton, The Wild Beasts of Wuhan In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan Uncle and Ava are summoned by Wong Changxing The Emperor of Hubei and one of the most powerful men in China when he discovers that the Fauvist paintings he recently acquired are in fact forgeries Ava uncovers a ring of fraudulent art dealers and follows their twisted trail to Denmark the Faroe Islands Dublin London and New York But theIn Unlimited The Wild Beasts of Wuhan - by IanHamilton - The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, The Wild Beasts of Wuhan In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan Uncle and Ava are summoned by Wong Changxing The Emperor of Hubei and one of the most powerful men in China when he discovers that the Fauvist paintings he recently acqu

  • Unlimited The Wild Beasts of Wuhan - by IanHamilton
    273 IanHamilton
The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

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    Ian Hamilton has been a journalist, a senior executive with the federal government, a diplomat, and a businessman with international links He has written for several magazines and newspapers in Canada and the U.S including Maclean s, Boston Magazine, Saturday Night, Regina Leader Post, Calgary Albertan, and the Calgary Herald His nonfiction book, The Children s Crusade, was a Canadian Book of the Month Club selection.


  1. Book 3 in the Ava Lee series I m addicted It has been a tremendously long time since I ve gobbled up one book after another, and found so much enjoyment in the variety in the plots This time Ava is off into the world of art fraud, and travelling to Iceland and England, as well as a province of mainland China A kingpin in Wuhan has lost face buying this fake art, and Uncle features again, this time as the old village connection prevails to use his influence to seek retribution This time round, Av [...]

  2. Another adding to this stylish series I just love with how much detail and thoughtfulness the story goes Now I m officially a fan of Ms Ava Lee and Mr Ian Hamilton s writing Still I can t help myself mentionng a bit of funny idiosyncrasy about this book Ms Lee is an accountant This is punctuated by a certain repetitiveness of her mundane choices, namely the stuff she wears and the drinks she drinks.In this installment Ms Lee is still depicted as one of the most Starbucks VIA instant coffee lovin [...]

  3. While we re used to cozy mysteries led by such unlikely sleuths as quilters and cats, we usually expect our less cozy mysteries to have protagonists with qualifications for the job cops, ex cops, PIs, and the like But there s a growing sub genre featuring crime busting accountants David Dodge, active in the 1940s, may be the father of this sub genre Other authors who ve played in this pool include Dick Francis Risk , Gail Farrelly, Marshall Jevons, Colleen Cross and Ashley Fontainne More to the [...]

  4. This is the third book in this series that I have read and I ve really enjoyed all of them The main character, Ava Lee, is a forensic accountant, which means she gets people money back that has been stolen, embezzled etc In this book, the client is a Chinese billionaire who has spent 100 million dollars on an art collection, only to find out that most of the paintings are fake It s Ava s job to recover as much of that money as she can.I realize that this probably doesn t sound too exciting, but [...]

  5. I am a sucker for this series I don t know why it is, but I admit a fascination with the heroine, Ava Lee I love knowing where she is staying in the capitols of Europe and Asia, what she eats, where she exercises She is disciplined than I am, which I admire, and it is interesting to see what someone driven can accomplish in a day with unlimited funds and a sense of vengeance Author Hamilton never seems to lose sight of where Ava is in the day Ava catches planes like other people catch taxis, an [...]

  6. Maybe it s just me, but when I pick up a novel featuring a Chinese Canadian lesbian protagonist written by a straight white man my guard is immediately up So I admittedly came into The Wild Beasts of Wuhan with quite the critical eye.It s not that I didn t like the ass kicking and sleuthing part of this novel for what it was, but the queer and feminist problems I had including how it deals with sexual assault, lesbian gender, capitalism, and trans women overshadowed any enjoyment I felt It would [...]

  7. I happen to like this series about Ava Lee, a Canadian forensic accountant of Chinese descent Her business partner Uncle and she visit with a successful businessman in Wuhan to find out that he and his primary wife 2 have been duped into buying 75 million of forged Fauvist paintings Ava is afraid of retribution but is cajoled by May wife 2 to help Following a thin trail that winds through Hong Kong, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, London, and NY, Ava is a world class sleuth and is forced to educate [...]

  8. This is the best of the series so far, I think The detective work is fun, and the book continues to include charming lifestyle porn ala Entourage In the last book, we saw some of the benefits of her Uncles connections, and so it was very satisfying to see the other side of that coin in this book the consequences of those connections, and the things she can t control The books are getting thoughtful as they go along, if you can get past the Starbucks Instant VIA references every ten pages As a s [...]

  9. Ava Lee is hot Ava Lee is Chinese Ava Lee is Canadian Ava Lee is gay Ava Lee is an accountant who knows martial arts She s a formidable person and one you want on your side Who knew accounting could be so thrilling We start out on a family vacation in Curacao when she has to leave for a hot job It s off to China, then Britain, Denmark, Ireland, and even the Faroe Islands a two week blur of travel as she connects the dots on a 70 million dollar scam involving forged art She s a master of style an [...]

  10. I ve read all three Ava Lee mysteries published so far and liked this one the best so far Lots of insight into art counterfeiting Lots of moral dilemmas for Ava Too much dropping of brand names, but it s lessening Author has four or five to come, including one set in Shanghai I m looking forward to reading them, since they combine sleuthing, numbers and business quandaries.

  11. Another fun read, this novel which doesn t tax the brain, is a page turner and is the perfect diversion when reading intense and serious books Ava Lee is taking a break vacationing in Curacao with her complicated family when she gets a call from Uncle her business partner, informing her he needs her investigative services in China In this third in the series book, Ava is commissioned to investigate how one of the most powerful and richest men of Wuhan was hoodwinked into purchasing several piec [...]

  12. These books always travel to so many locations, this time from Toronto to China to the Faroe Islands, New York and London This story has Ava and Uncle delving into the murky world of art With little knowledge of this world, Ava is a bit out of her element than usual and Uncle seems to be overwhelmed by the clients demands The author does a good job of showing the differences between the Chinese culture and the Western culture in this one The misunderstandings created by these is one of the most [...]

  13. What I want for Christmas is half stars This is 3.5 stars.I liked the story a lot It was creative and well thought out The MC is a Chinese Canadian lesbian I liked the MC for the most part I found some of her dialogue hard to believe What I liked most is that I could see the chain of progression as the MC set out to find answers It was all logically done I look forward to reading in this series.This would have been 4 stars if it weren t for the unnecessary details I don t really care what color [...]

  14. The third Ava Lee novel did not disappoint Again, she solves a mystery involving a bad debt, this time in the art world On the whole, the book is less violent than the previous two Actually, there was opportunity to follow Ava s analytical process as she delved into old accounting records and found the relevant information There is a perfect teaser tied into the book that left me wanting

  15. This is the third book featuring Ava Lee and Uncle This time she is investigating art forgery traveling from China to London to Denmark to the Faroe Islands to New York and finally back to Toronto this is a quieter book with less physical violence as Ava unravels a lengthy trail of deception.

  16. In the third edition of the Ava Lee series, Uncle is asked by an old friend, Wong Changxing, to come to his home in Wuhan And what a home it is, eight stories He needs that space to accommodate his family, three wives, children, and assorted in laws But I digress Uncle and Ava are shown an outstanding art collection in Wong s living quarters Wong and his wife, May Ling, are very distressed as they have discovered they are victims of art fraud Many of the pieces are fakes Wong asks Uncle and Ava [...]

  17. My husband is an Ian Hamilton fan but I m not particularly, however I was out of reading material so decided to give this one a go I read the first book in the series but didn t care much for the protagonist Ava Lee However, I appreciated her this time around Lee is a forensic accountant who travels this world collecting large bad debts This time around 73 million dollars worth of forged paintings are the issue and she must deal with deceit, treachery and mind boggling greed as well as the usua [...]

  18. Time to take a break from this addictive series When I am getting so distracted by the constant product placement and the repetitive plot advancements and phraseology that I can t appreciate the cleverness of solving the mystery or the exotic expensive lifestyle setting, then give it a rest In this installment, Ava is chasing down forgers of really expensive art Wuhan, Hong Kong, Denmark, London, NYC

  19. Another page turning Ava Lee adventure This one takes Ava and the reader into the art world complete with forgeries I enjoy reading the books in this series They are interesting They also are light reading which is nice as an interlude between intense tomes.

  20. I like the characters and the subject I am getting very tired of the repetitive fashion descriptions, same thing every book and throughout the book.

  21. The Characters Come Alive In Book 3 of this fascinating series, Ava Lee, a young Canadian Chinese forensic accountant works at recovering money stolen In this case, a wealthy Chinese gentleman from Wuhan, China has been swindled out of 73 million dollars in fake art masterpieces called Fauvist art, which is wild colors also known as wild beasts She s not sure the money can be found, due to the matter of time that has passed since the purchase, and the man who brokered the deal has died and his r [...]

  22. My rating for The Disciple Of Las Vegas was four stars I am awarding only three to The Wild Beasts of Wuhan Why Because of Ian Hamilton s seemingly endless need to tell us that Ava Lee wears a Cartier Tank watch, carries a Chanel bag, or another bag by Shanghai Tang, from which pricey boutique she buys cuff links to put into her boring Brooks Brothers shirts How can such a supposedly sophisticated young woman drink Starbucks instant coffee from a packet It is awful, one sip was enough for me Wha [...]

  23. Full review posted on Across the LitoverseTwo months have passed since Ava s last assignment While savouring the good weather on a family cruise around Cura ao, Ava takes a business call from Uncle He has little information to offer, but the client Wong Changxing, the The Emperor of Hubei has called in an urgent favour and needs to meet with the duo immediately.Wong, one of the most powerful men in China, is livid after discovering his collection of Fauvist paintings are forgeries His love for t [...]

  24. I continue to be fascinated by how much time the author devotes to describing hotels, restaurants, restaurant meals, and plot summaries of the movies the heroine watches on the plane Also, in this novel she bought a nice sweater made by local knitters on the Faroe Islands, a sweater to which a surprising number of lines were devoted given that it had absolutely no significance to the plot.I continue to feel like Lee s identity has become an excuse to hide behind in order to play out James Bond f [...]

  25. Book 3, in the Ava Lee Mystery The Wild Beasts of Wuhan brings Ava, a forensic accountant and martial expert to the glamorous underworld of art forgery This quick witted, pure class and sexy Chinese Canadian sweetheart is savouring in the opening of this installment the good weather with her family on a Caribbean cruise near Curacao When Uncle called in an urgent favour, Wong Changxing, one of the most powerful men in China, is livid after discovering his collection of Fauvist painting are forge [...]

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