[PDF] Bliss | by ë Kathryn Littlewood - Bliss, Bliss It was the summer Rosemary Bliss turned ten that she saw her mother fold a lightning bolt into a bowl of batter and learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that her parents made magic in the Bliss bakery

  • Title: Bliss
  • Author: Kathryn Littlewood
  • ISBN: 9780007451746
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Bliss | by ë Kathryn Littlewood, Bliss, Kathryn Littlewood, Bliss It was the summer Rosemary Bliss turned ten that she saw her mother fold a lightning bolt into a bowl of batter and learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that her parents made magic in the Bliss bakery [PDF] Bliss | by ë Kathryn Littlewood - Bliss, Bliss It was the summer Rosemary Bliss turned ten that she saw her mother fold a lightning bolt into a bowl of batter and learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that her parents made magic in the Bliss bakery

  • [PDF] Bliss | by ë Kathryn Littlewood
    409Kathryn Littlewood

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  1. Kathryn Littlewood

    Kathryn Littlewood is a writer, actress, comedienne, and bon vivant who lives in New York City, works often in Los Angeles, and has a sweet tooth for pain au chocolat and sweet novels for middle grade readers This, her second novel, is a sequel to her first, Bliss.


  1. LONG AND EXTENSIVE REVIEW WITH SEVERE CRITICISM3.5 starsI reeeeally enjoyed this book It had suspense and magic, and was easy to read Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Candymakers.But I have to say, there were three things I didn t like possible spoilers 1 Throughout the entire book, Rose had these stupid fantasies and just plain STUPID REMARKS about her crush and her.She d be like Oh if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we d stand on top of the highest hill and look down a [...]

  2. Yeay, aku baca buku ini pinjam dari temenku Sebenarnya waktu pertama kali lihat buku ini sih naksir ama covernya dan biru biru halamannya itu Keren HehehehehehKeluarga Bliss menggunakan nama rempah untuk semua anaknya Ada Thyme Ty , Rosemary Rose , Sage, dan Leigh Ty yang tampan, Sage yang lucu, dan Leigh yang menggemaskan Hanya Rose yang merasa dirinya biasa biasa saja dan terkadang merasa diabaikan.Dulu, Rose pernah melihat orang tuanya meracik kue dan ternyata menggunakan SIHIR Well, Rose pen [...]

  3. Aku sangat membenci Rosemary memiliki ego yang terlalu tinggi.Aku sangat membenci Ty laki2 terlalu pede setinggi langit dan tkg mengeluh.Aku sangat membenci Sage yang sk mencari perhatianmun.Aku sangat menyukai Leigh anak perempuan terakhir yang periang nan menggemaskan.Aku sangat menyukai Purdy dan Albert pembuat kue sihir yang cukup keren buatkudai membuat buku menceritakan tentang awal terakhir Purdy Albert.bukan anak2 Bliss yang tidak begitu diandalkan setiap kubaca si Rose Ty Sage membuatku [...]

  4. Menyenangkan membaca cerita tentang berbagai kue Apalagi ketika mendapatkan tulisan cokelat Rasa lapar langsung mendera.Yah walau yang gue inginkan hanyalah kue cokelat yang biasa Tanpa sihir seperti yang ada di buku ini Namun, karena sihirlah cerita tentang petualangan anak pemilik toko kue ini menjadi menarik Sebenarnya gue lebih tertarik dengan sosok Rose di keluarga Bliss Sosok anak yang rata rata di keluarganya Rata rata membuatnya jadi tidak terlihat Tidak seperti Kakaknya, Ty yang tampan [...]

  5. 3 this is a very nice book I love it so much, and suddenly I realized that I could see myself in Rose character lol I bought this book actually because of its cover, it s very adorable and it s about cake and cookies, I love those sweet things anyway, the plot is going very well and I ll bought the second one asap I really can t wait to read how Rose is going to take the Cookery Booke back to her family xD

  6. Di sebuah kota kecil bernama Calamity Falls, hiduplah sebuah keluarga yang mengelola sebuah toko roti yang mungil Bliss Bakery namanya Diambil dari nama keluarga mereka, Bliss Toko roti dan kue ini adalah toko satu satunya yang ada di kota itu, dan mereka mengemban tugas suci untuk mengatasi kelaparan warga kota setiap harinya Jadi, tugasnya si Bliss Bakery ini seperti tukang bubur dan tukang nasi uduk di deket kantor saya, yang memenuhi hajat hidup orang banyak ya xDSegala jenis muffin, cake, a [...]

  7. Not sure about the stars The first chapters were nice to read and fun but then it turned and became weird Full review to come.

  8. Muffin ZucchiniBahan bahan 1 Sari vanila tahiti 2 cangkang ek2 Tepung 1 kepal3 Gula 1 kepal4 Labu hijau besar 1 buah5 Telur Burung Cinta Bertopeng 1 butirMantera Agapornis PersonataCara Membuat 1 Parut labu hijau besar sambil menyenandungkan nama dua orang kesepian yang akan disatukan dalam cinta, sebanyak 3 X.2 Ayak tepung dan gula dengan mempergunakan pengayak logam.3 Taburkan sari vanila tahiti terbaik di atas tepung.4 Campurkan dengan telur Burung Cinta Bertopeng5 Tuangkan dalam loyang muffi [...]

  9. So so disappointing IT HAD SUCH A GOOD COVER AND PREMISE So, the premise of this is that Rose Bliss works at a magical bakery with her family She is never allowed to touch the magic, though, and this irks her, because she knows she can make something special She wants to make snickerdoodles that cure colds or cookies that warm hearts But instead, she is always left out, and her brothers and her family don t seem to appreciate her So, when her parents leave to take care of a town ailing with swin [...]

  10. 2.5 3 starsA 3 had there been a solid conclusion that did not give the impression of an impending sequel and the loose ends that necessitate one.Rosemary Bliss is the underappreciated, low on self esteem daughter of magical bakers with three siblings.I liked the story, thought it was fun and cute, but it lacked depth, real humor, any sparkle to its prose and worst of all, no conclusion or resolution to Lily s absconding with the magic cookbook Also, I wanted from Ty and Sage appreciating and sh [...]

  11. 3.5Das Cover ist absolut zauberhaft und hat mich als erstes neugierig auf das Buch gemacht Auch der Klappentext hat dann mein Interesse geweckt.Die Idee der Geschichte ist wirklich s Ich fand die besonderen Rezepte gut in die Geschichte eingearbeitet und au erdem fand ich es echt klasse, dass zu jeden Rezept noch der Entstehungshintergrund erz hlt wurde.Die Geschichte hat von allem etwas, es gibt was schmunzeln und an Spannung fehlt es auch nicht, allerdings hatte es an mancher Stelle doch ein p [...]

  12. Un roman jeunesse tr s gourmand, une famille adorable ORIGAN LOVE FOREVER , on s attache a la famille Bliss, et m ler la sorcellerie la p tisserie, QUEL PLAISIR Un peu de magie toute mignonne et sucr e Malheureusement un seul b mol, on ressent le cot jeunesse et le personnage principal Rosemary est insupportable, elle ne pense qu elle et son apparence, au d but on la pense pas si na ve mais elle s av re pire que aJ ai beaucoup aim la fa on simple d crire de Kathryn Littlewood j ai aim la recherc [...]

  13. The cover was the best part of the book I picked it up for my eight year old to read, but I ended up reading it myself The premise is good, but it didn t live up to its potential I don t know if it was a problem of plot holes or weak characterization, but this book had lots of problems Why don t Rose s parents let her help Why do they go away leaving four basically unattended children to guard a valuable book AND run a bakery Why does Aunt Lily do nice things for Lily then her parents, despite [...]

  14. From the book jacket Rosemary Bliss s family has a secret It s the Bliss Cookery Booke an ancient leather bound volume of enchanted recipes like Singing Gingersnaps Rose and her siblings are supposed to keep the Cookery Booke under lock and key while their parents are out of town, but then a m mysterious stranger shows up Aunt Lily rides a motorcycle, wears purple sequins, and whips up exotic dishes for dinner My reactionsOkay, I knew it was a children s middle grade book, and I knew it involved [...]

  15. Whew This one took a long time to finish It was a really clever idea, but the execution didn t excite me very much More complete review to come.Full review When I read the premise of Bliss, I was very intrigued It sounded like such a fun idea would the temptations of her family s magical bakery prove too much for young Rose Bliss My daughter and I read the book over the course of several months and, though reading it in short chunks didn t help, it never really captured me the way I might have t [...]

  16. Raccomandazioni durante la lettura del romanzo tenere sempre a portata di mano dei dolcetti o, meglio, una fetta di torta fatta in casa Profumo di cioccolato il primo volume di una saga per ragazzi che unisce magia e pasticceria Rose, Ty, Sage e la piccola Leight sono quattro fratelli che appartengono ad una famiglia di maghi pasticceri e vivono in una piccola cittadina dove risolvono con discrezione i problemi dei loro concittadini cucinando loro torte e paste molto speciali grazie al Magiricet [...]

  17. This book was fun It is ultimately a story about family, with some magical hijinx and a hint of coming of age story thrown in, which is why it felt classically American to me It takes place in a small town that seems to exist just outside of the real world, a safe, wholesome place with kooky locals and life lessons to be learned, untouched and nostalgic all at the same time It s the kind of place where kids have quirky names Rosemary, Sage, Parsley called Leigh and Thyme called Ty and niche busi [...]

  18. Kisah mengenai toko kue atau tema masak masak sudah pasti seru Tapi kalau di tambah dengan bahan bahan ajaib Wow itu pasti seru Di buku ini kita akan di kenalkan pada keluarga Bliss yang turun temurun membuka toko kue lezat sekaligus penuh rahasia Mereka adalah ahli sihir dapur yang menggunakan media kue kue untuk menolong orang lain di kota mereka.Well, buku fantasy anak ini super cute Ceritanya sederhana dan mudah di pahami tapi juga punya pesan moral Karakter utama buku ini Rosemary adalah ga [...]

  19. Die Gl cksb ckerei bekommt von mir 3,5 Sterne Eine ganz s e und lustige Geschichte f r zwischen durch Die Protagonistin Rose lebt mit ihrer insgesamt 6 k pfigen Familie in einem kleinen Dorf Die Eltern besitzen eine B ckerei in dem die Glyck Kinder sie immer wieder unterst tzen Jedoch werden hier nicht gew hnliche Rezepte gebacken, sondern Liebesmuffins, Wahrheitspl tzchen aus einem gut beh teten Buch Eines Tages m ssen die die Zauberb cker verreisen und Rose soll mit ihren Geschwistern alleine [...]

  20. 3,5 BintangBuku yang saya nikmati pelan pelan Isinya enggak bikin nafsu cepet cepet beresin, tapi pelan pasti ingin beresin bacanya.Ada bagian yang bikin ngakak Novel yang kalau kayak kue, lembut tapi enggak terlalu manis.

  21. I really enjoyed this book I could have finish it in one day, but school slows me down And this is so sad that I can t continue the other books I don t own them Grr

  22. Books 190 2017 Buku ini untuk menyelesaikan Tsundoku Books Challenge 2017 dan 30 hari membaca 3,2 dari 5 bintang Membaca buku sekilas membuat saya flashback ke masa remaja saya yang menyukai buku buku Lupus Kecil dan mennonton film Home Alone Keramaian dan kegaduhan antar sesama saudara Rosie, saga, Ty, Leigh yang memiliki karakternya masing masing Kegaduhan ini mengingatkan saya akan Home Alone dan Keluarga Weasley entah mengapa haha __sebenarnya ceritanya juga cukup menarik tentang sebuah toko [...]

  23. Mana sequelnya Aku mau getok Sage, mau tonjok Ty, dan mau kurung Leigh di kulkas Thanks God, my siblings have never acted like Rose s ___ EDIT Rosemary Bliss menurutku beruntung bsia menjadi bagian dari kkeluarga yang mengelola toko roti FOLLOW YOUR BLISS Bagaimana tidak Toko roti milik keluarga BLISS itu toko roti ajaib Saking ajaibnya, Albert ayah Rose lebih memilih untuk mengubah nama belakangnya menjadi nama belakang Purdy ibu Rose BLISS.Purdy bisa membuat Snickerdoodle Tidur Pulas untuk Mr [...]

  24. Profumo di cioccolato una storia per bambini Una di quelle avventure leggere e senza impegno adatte per trascorrere un p di tempo staccando i pensieri o dai compiti della scuola Dolci e magia si fondono in un mix cos ben amalgamato che sembra quasi che ogni dolce del mondo sia effettivamente pieno di magia Sono una persona abbastanza golosa e solitamente mi piace leggere questo genere perch in questi racconti per ragazzini, solitamente ci sono grandi insegnamenti e adoro vedere come certi scritt [...]

  25. i finished reading the book, and i found that i m really enjoy the story and waiting for the 2 BLISS to release in my countrye book tell story about a family who use magic to run the bake bussiness, without people noticing it The use of magic is somehow for a purpose, you will know it when you read the book they got a family heritage cookbook called Bliss Cookery booke that book was used by late Bliss family and inherited for centuries.Rosemary Bliss Rose as oldest daughter feel to take the resp [...]

  26. Covernya menarik perhatian saya di antara tumpukan buku yang menggunung di salah satu book fair, di booth mizan Dengan ujung lembaran yang berwarna biru berkilauan, dan gambar cover yang manis Maka tanpa babibu saya menculik satu copy ke kasir.Sihir yang disajikan dalam buku ini juga berbeda dari yang lain Tidak dengan ayunan tongkat ataupun ucapan mantra Namun dengan memanggang kue Karena keluarga Bliss telah menjadi ahli sihir dapur semenjak dulu.Keluarga Bliss tinggal di kota kecil, Calamity [...]

  27. Akhirnya selesai juga membaca bagian pertama dari The Bliss Bakery Trilogy karya Katheryn Littlewood Sebuah buku fantasi, sebuah genre yang sebetulnya tidak kukenal baik Tapi karena cerita fantasinya berkutat tentang usaha bakery dengan segudang resep ajaibnya, jadi deh suka membacanya Buku ini bercerita tentang keluarga Bliss dengan 4 orang anak, yakni Thyme, Rosemary, Sage dan Parsley, yang punya bakery dengan resep turun temurun yang ajaib.Mereka mencampurkan berbagai ramuan aneh, seperti pet [...]

  28. When Rosemary Bliss parents must leave town, responsible daughter, Rose takes over the family bakery, knowing her siblings will not be much help Young readers will identify with Rose, who feels unappreciated and ordinary in a family whose talents include baking magical pastries and cakes Rose wants to feel pretty, important, special, and when the previously unheard of Aunt Lily shows up on a motorcycle right after the Bliss parents leave, Rose is captivated by someone who sees her potential She [...]

  29. The Bliss Family Bakery offers wonderful baked treats with a bit of magic Mr and Mrs Bliss are called away to help fight a mysterious flu in a neighboring town and they leave the Bliss children in charge of the bakery Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and Parsley Leigh have varying reactions to being left alone with the bakery to run, but you know that disaster is going to loom They have one rule magic And of course that just makes the magic that much tempting Then comes a mysteries Aunt Lily into the pict [...]

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