Dispatch from the Future: Poems

[PDF] Dispatch from the Future: Poems | by Ä Leigh Stein - Dispatch from the Future: Poems, Dispatch from the Future Poems Funny surprising and lyrical these poems range from the deserts of the Southwest to the abysses of Facebook From online dating to beauty pageants Greek mythology to road trips Leigh Stein gives us

  • Title: Dispatch from the Future: Poems
  • Author: Leigh Stein
  • ISBN: 9781612191348
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Dispatch from the Future: Poems | by Ä Leigh Stein, Dispatch from the Future: Poems, Leigh Stein, Dispatch from the Future Poems Funny surprising and lyrical these poems range from the deserts of the Southwest to the abysses of Facebook From online dating to beauty pageants Greek mythology to road trips Leigh Stein gives us resilient young women in longing and in love Post confessional like Sylvia Plath raised on MTV or Anne Sexton on Twitter the poems seduce with a narrative hook or sta [PDF] Dispatch from the Future: Poems | by Ä Leigh Stein - Dispatch from the Future: Poems, Dispatch from the Future Poems Funny surprising and lyrical these poems range from the deserts of the Southwest to the abysses of Facebook From online dating to beauty pageants Greek mythology to road trips Leigh Stein gives us

  • [PDF] Dispatch from the Future: Poems | by Ä Leigh Stein
    325Leigh Stein
Dispatch from the Future: Poems

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  1. Leigh Stein

    Leigh Stein is the author of the novel The Fallback Plan, a collection of poetry called Dispatch from the Future, and a memoir, Land of Enchantment, forthcoming from Plume in August 2016 She is co founder and Executive Director fo the nonprofit literary organization Out of the Binders, and lives outside New York City.


  1. life is only too short if you are having a good timeose of you who know me know that i am not really a poetry girl the last poetry book i tried to read, i got 3 4 through before i realized i am not really having any fun reading this so i stopped and i never stop reading books, even when they are horrible but it is actually not all that hard to give up on a poetry book, it s not like you are going to wonder forever how it ends.but this book is by leigh stein and her novel,The Fallback Plan, blew [...]

  2. This is a definitive example of poetry that is boring Primarily strings of thoughts, meant to shock or disturb you, and then disorient the reader in an attempt to relate to slews of Internet saturated twenty somethings Littered with abstract pronouns, run on and incomplete sentences and ultimately, nothing spectacular or innovative Attention, we want it.I used to think that I was missing something in this kind of poetry, and then I just realized there was nothing to understand, because it isn t [...]

  3. I watched Moonrise Kingdom yesterday, and then finished this book today, and that s when it occurred to me that part of the reason I like this poetry is that it reminds me of a Wes Anderson film The imagery is very strong, but also seemingly very random, and it makes me feel nostalgic for something I m not really familiar with Also, it makes me think of Garden State, the way the poems take me to all these weird places that I never expected to be going, like a trailer house on the edge of a giant [...]

  4. This is a fantastic collection, one that I m sure I ll come back to again I know that I am around the author s age, and I am curious how that fact shaped my perception of her work I found it very relatable and very moving For example, Facebook, and the Internet itself, seem to be a huge, hulking presence in the background of Stein s poems, as they are for me and countless others in my and Stein s generation This and other themes, like our conception of choice as informed by Choose your own Adven [...]

  5. I won this book through the first reads program.I found this book absolutely delightful, a bit thought provoking, and very rhythmical The cadence of the poems is a bit infectious The poems are funny, evocative, and clever in unexpected places The words bounce off the page in excitement, and then sulk back only to cut through with an unexpected remark.Leigh Stein is well versed in mythology, and Oregon Trail She writes with a cynicism that tends towards the snarky rather than the hurtful Her poem [...]

  6. I read this a few months ago in 2012, but I keep going back to it so I decided to write a review I was blown away by Leigh Stein s poetry She is playful and smart and her lines punch you the way poetry should punch you and she flirts with pop culture in a really wonderful way I think if I had to choose a favorite poem, I d choose Based on a Book of the Same Title which was based on The Notebook, but I m going to leave you with a poem that I think reflects well on the collection REVISIONISMListen [...]

  7. Loved it Right from the beginning it sucks you in I love these poems, but i especially enjoyed Based on a Book of the Same Title, Diary of a Young Girl, and Universalism The poems are very universal The reader connects to them in such a natural way If you haven t seen Leigh read from this book, you should.

  8. I think I m just not meant to read poetry None of this made sense to me I slogged through it just to be able to mark it as read instead of abandoned.

  9. I ve now read this book three times, three different ways The first time, I started at the beginning, but there are a number of poems that include Pic A Path phrases such as turn to page , and when I reached that phrase, I would turn to that page, read that poem to its completion, and then return back to the space in the original poem.The second time, I read it from front to back, in order.This time, I started with the epigraph If you attempt to leave this planet, turn to page 77.If you decide t [...]

  10. Really didn t enjoy this one Of the entire collection there was only one poem in itself that I thought was decent, and there were a handful of lines scattered throughout that I thought were alright but for the most part I found these poems very underwhelming.

  11. I wish I downloaded a sample before buying this book for 14 Well that s money I m not getting backMaybe I don t understand poetryOr maybe this poetry book just sucksEdit thank God for kindle refunds

  12. About halfway through reading this collection of poems, I came to a serious question about what poetry is and, specifically, what good poetry is.I don t think this book is the latter, and it seemed only in parts to be the former.What most of Stein s poems seem to attempt is or less the same from snippet to snippet you re presented with disjointed, rambling voices alluding to things you maybe can t quite make out, there s some interconnected stream of consciousness and bizarre references, occas [...]

  13. I feel a bit mixed Her style is very mesmerizing, but the collection feels like it s all one tone I get the idea of sticking to a theme, but at this level all of the poems seem to blur together It encourages reading like sleepwalking.

  14. This should have been a book I loved wacky narrative interrupted and thrown off course by weird narratives, often patterned on received stories from pop culture, like for example that speeches of Ms Universe contestants or choose your own adventure plots, this didn t quite work for me.I think, in the end, it was that the narrative that were spliced together never seemed quite compelling to me they were quick and witty, but not deeply invested with enough meaning to really engage me as a reader, [...]

  15. I have a small writing desk next to my side of the bed that is next to my poetry bookshelf The other morning I pulled this slim book of poetry from the shelf and began reading randomly I liked it, quirky, disparte lines run together to create a distinct feeling I got the book when I was a member of The Rumpus Poetry book club, a really great book a month club that I wish I could still afford, it was is such a treat to get currated books in the mail, especially poetry I got Stein s book of fictio [...]

  16. I received a copy of this book through the Good Reads program I m a tough grader, so three stars is good Overall I enjoyed this book The poems were evocative with wonderful imagery that made many of them haunting or nostalgic or both There is also a fair amount of wry humor to keep things light They are mostly what I d call free verse, but with just enough structure to help them hold together e.g unrhymed couplets, meter and line length I actually like formal poetry that is highly structured, s [...]

  17. The praise for this book has got to be an elaborate practical joke I took my medication and looked at picturesof people who were not in love with me I deletedtheir names from my cache, said hello to my catover the phone, took medication Dayspassed The above is 100% what the entire book is like It s a fair representation.Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Leigh Stein s poetry All share the bond of no visible talent.Quirky Sparse Pop culture But nothing poetic here With very few exceptions, all free ver [...]

  18. I m usually not a huge fan of poetry, but because I really loved The Fallback Plan , I was drawn to read some Leigh Stein s poetry, and I m glad I did It s clever, but it definitely doesn t take itself too seriously, and I actually enjoyed jumping through the pages, and found it easy to read one poem after another I m also super excited because I found something Kelly Link esque in Stein s writing, which is just yay.

  19. Much of the book seems to be a struggle for an authentic voice Several of the poems made me think this was an exercise in smashing together unrelated words and phrases that however interesting on their own, did not add up to be than the sum of the parts A few highlights, such as Immortality, but mostly an uneven, unfinished collection.

  20. sadly I am rather disappointed with this one It started well, I was squeeing over the first poem with glee, then the poems quickly lost me a few lines made sense, and then it would suddenly veer off topic and lose any kind of connection.

  21. This book seemed all over the place I really enjoyed some of the poems, but others failed to make a point worth bringing to the attention of the reader The whole dispatches theme started as an interesting idea, but then got boring as the book progressed.

  22. I received this from the first reads giveaway, and enjoyed it very much As it tends to go with any sort of grouping of things, I found myself thrilled with some of the poems and not so much with others Overall, though, I enjoyed it and will probably read it again sometime.

  23. While it would be easy to simply condemn these poems as too prosaic and lacking imagery, there s a lot humor and playfulness in these poems than many of the stuffy ones I encounter from the establishment There s a flippancy to these poems, sure, but I just want to be friends with them.

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