Shades of Gray

☆ Shades of Gray õ Andy Holloman - Shades of Gray, Shades of Gray Update SHADES of GRAY is now a BestSeller on with tons of five star reviews Get your copy today Debut novelist Andy Holloman speeds us on a journey with punch twist and emotional dilemmas straight f

  • Title: Shades of Gray
  • Author: Andy Holloman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Shades of Gray õ Andy Holloman, Shades of Gray, Andy Holloman, Shades of Gray Update SHADES of GRAY is now a BestSeller on with tons of five star reviews Get your copy today Debut novelist Andy Holloman speeds us on a journey with punch twist and emotional dilemmas straight from our worst fears Shades of Gray is a colorful rollicking ride from start to finish Franz Wisner New York Times bestselling author of Honeymoon with My BrUpdate SHADES of GRAY is no ☆ Shades of Gray õ Andy Holloman - Shades of Gray, Shades of Gray Update SHADES of GRAY is now a BestSeller on with tons of five star reviews Get your copy today Debut novelist Andy Holloman speeds us on a journey with punch twist and emotional dilemmas straight f

  • ☆ Shades of Gray õ Andy Holloman
    214Andy Holloman
Shades of Gray

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    Writer Andy Holloman has been scribbling stories since a young age According to reliable sources Shades of Gray is his first published novel and grew out of his experiences as a travel agency owner many moons ago He was fascinated with the true story of a client of the business that was murdered Suspecting her line of work was drug smuggling, a story sprouted in his over active imagination How far would a desperate person go to save their child and their business.His 2nd novel When His Dreams Take Flight was published in Oct 2013 and is a Suspense Thriller novel set in present day North Carolina.He is the father of three and happily married for 25 years A graduate of UNC CH, he lives in the Raleigh, NC area and enjoys keeping his wife happy, supporting the real estate industry, and tennis He loves the great outdoors in NC, is an avid reader, and a social media goofball Most evenings, he can be found tapping on his well worn keyboard as he births his next novel AndyHolloman Twitter AndyHolloman


  1. Shades of Gray, the debut novel from Andy Holloman, examines the depths of a father s love and the ramifications of desperate choices John Manning and his daughter, Lucy, are driving home from a nice evening out when their car s brakes malfunction What initially seems like bad luck turns into a much darker story John hasn t had it easy When his wife leaves, his whole world revolves around Lucy His successful business, a travel agency, is hit hard by the events of September 11, 2001 Then, he find [...]

  2. Shades of Gray is seemingly inspired by a true story It deals with a travel agent and his daughter, and a drug dealer and her daughter They get involved and difficulties arise.The book starts strong, with clear characterization and simple, down to earth prose In the early chapters, I was impressed Unfortunately, the book bogs down after about the first third What seemed at first to be simple writing drops into simplistic plotting What seemed unaffected conversation turns into stilted dialogue.Th [...]

  3. When 9 11 wrecks the American tourist industry, John Manning looks for creative ways to keep his business afloat Unfortunately John s daughter needs expensive surgery His creativity is strained as he faces mounting bills and decreasing numbers of customers Meanwhile John s brother grows and estranged, and a stranger, Wanda, is the only one to offer a way out.Andy Holloman s Shades of Gray tells the tale of a man driven over those lines we know we won t cross till they loom unavoidably ahead Ho [...]

  4. I got this book because it was written by the brother of one of the cast members of the L Word she put out the recommendation on Twitter After reading the synopsis, I looked forward to reading the story, but I quickly lost interest once I did start reading The characters aren t overly likeable or interesting, and alot of the narrative is REPETITIVE I had to give up on it after some weird dialogue between two brothers about if you can t cast your fishng line out a certain number of yards then you [...]

  5. I received this book for free in a First Reads giveaway Mr Holloman caused me to get nothing done that I needed to on my days off due to the fact that I couldn t put this book down FINALLY someone has written a book with a fresh story concept, characters you can t help but like and best of all, he did all this by omitting the boring that so many authors tend to let slip into their novels This is a great bookk it out.

  6. WOW What a fantastic, well written book I couldn t put it down What emotions Lord, I bawled like a baby than once in this book, also got angry, was on edge several times Absolutely loved it I chewed my nails alot tooNot a good read, but a GREAT read Loved the characters, loved the setting, Just a completely well written book

  7. What would you do if you were a single parent, and your child has a life threatening disease that requires a transplant surgery Would you go to the end of the world to make sure your child was taken care of, even if the means to the end was by doing something illegal What if you were always the type of person that believed things were either black or white, could you now allow yourself to believe that there are times when you have to walk the fine line, the Shades of Gray And if you walk that fi [...]

  8. John Manning is a devoted and loving single father who is compelled to make some difficult choices he could never have envisioned Committed to his daughter and her well being he is a man of deep moral conviction and sense of family He is also committed to the success of his travel agency and when the economy takes a hit after the tragic events of Sept 11th he desperately searches for a way to survive.The character of John Manning is extremely well developed and relatable on all levels He brings [...]

  9. In the first chapter you are introduced to John and his daughter Lucy and then suddenly a car accident happens and the reader is quickly taken back in time From the beginning I was intrigued as to how John and Lucy end up in a car with brakes that are not working Set in a city that is close to my heart for many reasons, I love reading books that are set in North Carolina, but to read about the behind the scenes of the drug scene was eye opening and appalling As the reader you start rooting for a [...]

  10. The title, Shades of Gray, was never appropriate to a story as it is in Holloman s tale of good versus evil, which shows how good people can get caught crossing a line that becomes blurred by crisis Holloman grabs the reader right from the beginning with action but the humanness of his characters is what keeps you turning the page.Having once been the owner of a travel agency, I related to the seamless way he wove in the workings of the agency and its relevance to the story I found it difficult [...]

  11. Shades of Gray by Andy HollomanThe story takes us on the journey of John Manning, devoted Father, coping with the realities of life and finding himself in the unpredictable world of drugs Drawing on his own background, Andy delivers a thoughtful and at times heartbreaking thriller.I can t recommend this book highly enough I gave it five stars and I don t give out that rating lightly You won t be disappointed The plot is easy to follow, and moves along at the perfect pace This book made me think, [...]

  12. White business owner John, forms an unlikely partnership with black drug dealer, Wanda The only thing they have in common are their six year old daughters, and a need for extra cash.John s brother, Travis is a crooked cop, but dotes on John s little girl, Lucy The dangerous liaisons in this character driven story can only lead to one conclusion death.This book is fast paced and well written The author managed to make the characters human, and made me care what happened to them with a very imagin [...]

  13. The novel starts towards the ending and then delves back into the events that led up to the scene of a car crash.John Manning has had an accident, his young daughter Lucy s soft cries heard to his fast fading consciousness The scene is now set to deliver the proverbial path chosen the one of good intentions and rightful reasonings.Reading the subtext of the many and varied scenes, the reader will find that choices made against better judgement can only end differently than planned.

  14. While I enjoyed the plot, I did not enjoy the read I question giving away the climax at the beginning of the book, leaving the anti climax all I had to look forward to I also found there to be a lot of dialogue, which was often difficult to follow I had to work back several times to make out who was doing the talking I hope the author continues to write and takes this criticism as it is offered, constructively I will read his next offering when it comes out.

  15. Creepy, wonderful Loved the book Loved the writing Hated that the first chapter was the book s own spoiler If only this author had stayed chronological, I would have thought it was suspenseful, intriguing Instead, giving us the ending at the beginning, it was merely a slow dribbling descent to an area we had already visited A bit fleshing out of secondary characters would have been nice, as well.

  16. Can I say that I love this book very much Great story from beginning till the end The ending totally surprised me as I never thought it s going to be like that I almost burst into tears when I was reading it Anyway, Mr Andy Holloman did a great a job I m looking forward to read his second book.

  17. I loved reading the book SHADES OF GREY.It s like seeing the story in your mind.Everything that happent s in the book it feels like joyning the characters.So awesome.And the beginning and the end are so WOW very touchingyou never expact it to end it like that.Love it.Shades of grey Is a book that I would recomment to everyoneDY HOLLOMAN is a great AUTOR

  18. It took me some pages to get into the story but I finally did It s easy to read and has a surprising twist I have to admit I was expecting drama but not this kind.I don t want to say much about the plot because I don t want to spoil it to anyone.Title did not make sense but once you ve finished the book, it does.

  19. In theory this story should have been exciting, and the very ending wasn t too bad and I was able to get into it, but for most of the story I found the writing to be pretty flat I did like the father daughter relationship between John Lucy.

  20. The writing was good I read the entire book but the end just devastated me It was so emotional It really isn t a book I d normally read.

  21. People said they were reading Shades of Gray but this is not the one they were reading I m thinking this was better Suspenseful and entertaining

  22. Ahoy Fellow Fathomers Today in The Locker I introduce to you the latest book I read, Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman Andy Holloman not to be confused with the other Grey book floating around out there After I read Andy Holloman s Shades of Gray, I realized the feeling I had at the conclusion of the book reminded me of a long ago time in a high school class A teacher proposed the Heinz Dilemma to us, in hopes of a spirited debate If you are unfamiliar with the Heinz Dilemma, I ll digress away fro [...]

  23. John Manning is a single parent who finds out that his daughter, Lucy, needs a transplant which will be very costly After the 9 11 attack his travel agency loses customers making it difficult for John to handle Lucy s treatment Through his own agency he meets Wanda and her daughter Tonya which leads to John s involvement with drug dealing Shades of Gray is told from the point of view of than one character and it s amazing how their stories come together John is a man with a good, clear heart I [...]

  24. This is the type of story that I like, even if a person lives its entire life in a world of black and white, one small step towards light gray turns into a leap that ends up in dark gray In his first novel Shades of Gray, Andy Holloman takes us into the lives of John, Wanda and Travis whose decisions take them little by little into situations where there is no way out.The story begins in March 2002, when we are introduced to John and his 6 year old daughter Lucy The relationship between them is [...]

  25. A richly expansive adventure story This is a detailed and evenly paced story that shows how desperation and urgency can lead a man to dark deeds Highly detailed and precise in narrative delivery, we see a man on the precipice of despair willing to risk everything and paying the worst possible price for crossing the line.A devoted father, John, finds himself in extreme financial difficulty With his business failing and his precious daughter in need of expensive medical care, John becomes involved [...]

  26. The review was originally posted at Library Cat book blog.When I started reading this book, at first I thought that was just one of those Fifty Shades of Gray books The ones very similar to the very famous trilogy Nothing prepared me for the emotional and thrilling story that followed I can t believe that it s a debut novel.It all started in March, 2002 A father and a daughter A man who loves his daughter than anything in the world The girl s mother has abandoned them, and the little one is in [...]

  27. You might think I m talking about the famous 50 Shades of Gray in this review, but you would be wrong Andy Holloman s book is a psychological thriller that probes the world of drug dealers, police detectives, and struggling single parent families, and how all these might cross paths in a small city in America.I was surprised I ended up liking the characters as much as I did in a story as rough as this The only characters in the book who are truly innocent are the two 6 year old girls who become [...]

  28. I can t remember why I originally added this book to my To Read list but based on the good reviews both here and on , I was expecting a decent read I was disappointed I honestly wasn t sure if I was somehow reading a different book than all the other reviewers or if I just have different expectations or likes, etc but I did not like this book at all.The idea behind this book is the oft used literary motif of doing wrong with the right intentions i.e stealing to feed your kids, killing to protect [...]

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