Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis

[PDF] Download Ä Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis : by Wendy Cope - Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis Wendy Cope is very clever She s good at taking much of what poetry holds dear and pricking its balloon Her humour is an acquired taste and one short poem from Strugnell s Haiku sets the tone of this v

  • Title: Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis
  • Author: Wendy Cope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download Ä Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis : by Wendy Cope, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis, Wendy Cope, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis Wendy Cope is very clever She s good at taking much of what poetry holds dear and pricking its balloon Her humour is an acquired taste and one short poem from Strugnell s Haiku sets the tone of this volume first published in to great popular acclaim The leaves have fallen And the snow has fallen and Soon my hair also a perfect haiku in form and perfecWendy Cop [PDF] Download Ä Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis : by Wendy Cope - Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis Wendy Cope is very clever She s good at taking much of what poetry holds dear and pricking its balloon Her humour is an acquired taste and one short poem from Strugnell s Haiku sets the tone of this v

  • [PDF] Download Ä Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis : by Wendy Cope
    142Wendy Cope
Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis

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    Wendy Cope was educated at Farringtons School, Chislehurst, London and then, after finishing university at St Hilda s College, Oxford, she worked for 15 years as a primary school teacher in London.In 1981, she became Arts and Reviews editor for the Inner London Education Authority magazine, Contact Five years later she became a freelance writer and was a television critic for The Spectator magazine until 1990.Her first published work Across the City was in a limited edition, published by the Priapus Press in 1980 and her first commercial book of poetry was Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis in 1986 Since then she has published two further books of poetry and has edited various anthologies of comic verse.In 1987 she received a Cholmondeley Award for poetry and in 1995 the American Academy of Arts and Letters Michael Braude Award for light verse In 2007 she was one of the judges for the Man Booker Prize.In 1998 she was the BBC Radio 4 listeners choice to succeed Ted Hughes as Poet Laureate and when Andrew Motion s term of office ended in 2009 she was once again considered as a replacement.She was awarded the OBE in the Queen s 2010 Birthday Honours List.Gerry WolstenholmeFebruary 2011


  1. When I was at university and writing endless essays about The Waste Land, few things gave me greater pleasure because I am not a big Eliot fan than pulling out Wendy Cope s Waste Land Limericks , in which she condenses the whole poem into five admirably no nonsense quintains IIn April one seldom feels cheerful Dry stones, sun and dust make me fearful Clairvoyantes distress me,Commuters depress me Met Stetson and gave him an earful.IIShe sat on a mighty fine chair,Sparks flew as she tidied her ha [...]

  2. While I am not always a fan of a light verse, b parody s of formal poetry, and c British grumpiness, Cope mixes them all so seamlessly that one can t help but be charmed The send up of Eliot and Wordsworth made me almost choke with laughter the wasteland condensed to limmericks and the alter ego of Strugnell who seems a mix of Cope herself and Philip Larkin, also famously formal and grumpy is fascinating.

  3. You wait for the title poem, the one with the intriguing title Cope gives it to you on the last page It was a dream I had last week And some kind of record seemed vital I knew it wouldn t be much of a poem But I love the title.That s it Lame and not worth the wait or the joke But everything before is marvelous I personally like the villanelle, and she gives us several I like her take offs on other poets here s Eliot, here s Dickinson and Wordsworth Cope is a funny poet, not afraid to poke fun at [...]

  4. Multiple editions of this were tucked away, unsorted, in one of my favourite secondhand bookshops in a lovely seaside town in Suffolk I read a couple of poems on the spot and some lines and passages reminded me of a friend, whom I am going to pass this on to, so I bought it Brilliant and witty and Wendy Cope will have to be read by future moi.Just my cup of tea Cocoa

  5. Wendy Cope is famously rather grumpy Maybe she really doesn t want to be Poet Laureate, and maybe she has a point about her poems being available for free on the internet Anyway, I think her grumpiness is hilarious Also, she has an amazing way with jarring juxtapositions and edgy parodies I d read a lot of these poems before, but I m not very good at reading poetry collections I m glad I ve read this one properly now There are so many lines that would sum it up, but I ll choose these, on the ben [...]

  6. Entertaining light verse written in the same cutting tone of Dorothy Parker Inside you ll find deconstructions of famous poems The Waste Land one is hilarious and musings on relationships most of which are rather sardonic and apathetic Light verse such as this is an excellent place to start for people who dislike conventional poetry, or find it overly flowery and pretentious here you ll find nothing but reality and clean, easy to comprehend writing.

  7. Elegant, literate, amusing and unheard of If you enjoy the very English tradition of light verse, find a copy even if you have to order it from Canada or the UK Also worth getting If I Don t Know and her anthology The Funny Side All the wit of Dorothy Parker without the gin.

  8. Wendy Cope is one of the most famous parodists you ve never heard of This collection includes send ups of T.S Eliot, Byron, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare, plus an entire section dedicated to parodies of Jason Strugnell, whom I have never heard of.Her poems are witty, although much funnier if you know the subject of the parody Not as good as Dorothy Parker, still great.A few of my favorites were Usquebaugh, a poem on the joys and sorrows of whiskey and the subsequent hangover, plus From June to Dec [...]

  9. Wendy Cope is generally recognised as the greatest parodist of recent decades Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis has three sections to it the first has random snide poems, including ones obviously done for competitions along the line of rewrite a nursery rhyme in the style of Wordsworth or of TS Eliot , as well as such glorious items as a reduction of the five sections of The Waste Land to five limericks, the fifth being No water Dry rocks and dry throats,Then thunder, a shower of quotesFrom the San [...]

  10. I m staying with some friends this weekend, and I pulled this off their bookshelves to read before bed on the basis that it was short and had an interesting title So I went in with no expectations It sokay Cope writes wry poems about middle class English life, and she writes them in a plain, clear style with few flourishes or moments of real ambition There are some funny lines, butwell, look, this is going to sound snobbish but I prefer reading stuff that aims to stretch the reader a little So [...]

  11. Proper funny Lures you in with light poetry and then BAM hits you in the feels.Some of it was lost on me cause I haven t read the stuff she s slamming but I enjoyed it nonetheless I d never heard of her until I picked this book out of an FF collection from the charity shop, so that was a pleasant surprise.Favourites All Purpose Poem for State OccasionsThe nursery rhymesAt 3 a.m.From June to DecemberBudgie Finds His Voicethe title poem

  12. I always find it challenging to review any sort of collection, because the individual members can be so very different from one another There are some of Cope s poems which delight me, some which make me laugh really hard, and some which irritate me, but it is enough of a mix that I will keep reading collections of her work in search of the ones that are pleasing.

  13. Quaint Short Quick Some rhyming poetry, for which I m always on the hunt I rate my poetry by the number of dog ears I put in the book This one had none.

  14. My admission is that for years I avoided reading poetry I could not understand the fascination with the form I failed to appreciate its depth, the myriad shapes into which the poet could contort their verse There were some poets that hooked me Miroslav Holub, Seamus Heaney, and Sylvia Plath and with them I could feel an attraction Poetry crossed my radar many times though, and I would read the one Wendy Cope was one of those poets, though the poems that make up Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis wer [...]

  15. I think I may be a bit of a poetry snob I m not an expert by any stretch of the word , but I think that I may prefer my contemporary poetry to be a little experimental A rare few of these made me snigger or smile, but I don t think the funny stuff is really my bag.

  16. A collection of parodies, put ons and comic verse, written by a lady who could be best described as a literary Pam Ayres As such, the mildly amusing rubs shoulders with the tweely humorous throughout, only occasionally enlivened by an honest to goodness belly laugh The title poem is nothing than the kind of inane ditty that might suddenly spring into your mind while you were waiting for a bus and give you a momentary half smile, then be forgotten instantly and forever, yet she names her collect [...]

  17. This exceedingly slim volume 59 pages, some of which are blank exhibits the problem with poetry as a profession in the modern age How can anyone possibly make a living at it Cope s forte seems to be satire Many of the poems here have that intent In the opener, Engineers Corner, she laments the poet s lot of worldly success in contrast to that of the downtrodden engineer, even if the latter doesn t get memorials in Westminster Abbey She also rewrites nursery rhymes in the styles of poets such as [...]

  18. O s citez integral poezia care d titlul volumului It was a dream I had last weekAnd some kind of record seemed vital.I knew it wouldn t be much of a poemBut I love the title mi place Wendy Cope Amuzant , ironic , heartbreaking n c teva texte despre dragoste i dulce ntr un mod non cheesy n altele Un om care eman atitudinea asta de prea b tr n i trecut prin prea multe ca s nu lase lucrurile simple s fie simple Ironizeaz citate din al i autori sau din ziare Se joac cu diverse forme literare i e des [...]

  19. My favourites were definitely the nursery rhyme parodies Baa Baa Black Sheep in the style of William Wordsworth and Hickory Dickory Dock in the style of T.S Eliot They were clever and funny and perfect I could happily have a read an entire book of those Still craving an E.E Cummings nursery rhyme, not going to lie I also really enjoyed the love poems, From June to December and My Lover These are the poems i can see myself wanting to go back and re read.The rest the rest i was pretty unimpressed [...]

  20. This is a wonderful and hilarious collection of poetry Each one as funny and interesting as the previous It s been a while since I read poetry so this was a welcome rekindling of my love of it I would say though that this collection isn t for everyone And THANK GOD for the lack of free verse and modern Poetry in it I would have gagged if it had been filled with it The only thing with this collection is that you might want get yourself a friend living in the UK so you get some of the localised j [...]

  21. This was a wonderful little collection of poems from a delightful poet I loved the literary parodies and the way she pokes fun at the things people take too seriously Her use of bathos is just perfect and I often found myself laughing out loud Although the majority of the poems in this book are humorous they contain kernels of wisdom and grains of truth, and the overall comic tone of the collection makes the few serious poems seem all the serious by comparison Definitely not a book to read on t [...]

  22. I loved this collection of poetry Wendy Cope is an excellent writer, humorous, touching, and insightful She doesn t limit herself creatively either, she covers many different ideas and subjects as well as poetry styles One of my favorite stanzas was Cuddling the new telephone directory after I found your name in it was going too far It s a safe bet you re not hugging a phone book, Where ever you are From the poem From June to December I look forward to reading from her.

  23. I love Wendy Cope s poetry It is simple, beautiful and endearing I read this book when I was in love, and even though the relationship is long gone These poems have stayed with me Especially As Sweet Wendy CopeIt s all because we re so alikeTwin souls, we two.We smile at the expression, yes,And know it s true.I told the shrink He gave our loveA different name.But he can call it what he likes It s still the same.I long to see you, hear your voice,My narcissistic object choice.

  24. Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis is a great collection of poems Cope offers the perfect blend of humour and poignancy I laughed a lot as I read through the poems and also felt moved to tears at times It takes a special kind of talent to write poems that can tap into a range of emotions I bought Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis years ago but never got round to reading it I m so glad I did My favourite poems are Strugnell in Liverpool, Reading Scheme, Waste Land Limericks, Lonely Hearts, At 3am and Gi [...]

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