Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy

Unlimited Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy - by Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin - Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy, Hellblazer Empathy is the Enemy Collecting award winning novelist Denise Mina s Garnethill Deception Field of Blood take on the hard drinking master of bad luck magic from HELLBLAZER When an ordinary man innocently uses an

  • Title: Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy
  • Author: Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin
  • ISBN: 9781401210663
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy - by Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin, Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy, Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin, Hellblazer Empathy is the Enemy Collecting award winning novelist Denise Mina s Garnethill Deception Field of Blood take on the hard drinking master of bad luck magic from HELLBLAZER When an ordinary man innocently uses an incantation he turns to Constantine for help But when an infamous Scottish occultist gets involved Constantine discovers he has been cursed with empathy for his fel Unlimited Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy - by Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin - Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy, Hellblazer Empathy is the Enemy Collecting award winning novelist Denise Mina s Garnethill Deception Field of Blood take on the hard drinking master of bad luck magic from HELLBLAZER When an ordinary man innocently uses an

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  • Unlimited Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy - by Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin
    187 Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin
Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy

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  1. Denise Mina Leonardo Manco Ian Rankin

    Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in 1966 Because of her father s job as an Engineer, the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs, including working in a meat factory, as a bar maid, kitchen porter and cook.Eventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patients.At twenty one she passed exams, got into study Law at Glasgow University and went on to research a PhD thesis at Strathclyde University on the ascription of mental illness to female offenders, teaching criminology and criminal law in the mean time.Misusing her grant she stayed at home and wrote a novel, Garnethill when she was supposed to be studying instead.


  1. This is the first of two Hellblazer titles written by Denise Mina, after Mike Carey left the driver s seat I am a huge fan of the series John Constantine will always be one of my favorite characters I also think that for every writer who takes over the series, they have been given a difficult thing to mess up, especially now since the run has been around for so long Constantine practically writes himself Everyone knows his character, his quirks, abilities, problems, and attitude Above all else, [...]

  2. Wow Brilliant story, great dialogue and devious set up Denise Mina s JC voice is impeccable Who knew that a volume entirely devoid of JC s use of magic would be so delectable It s a cool thing to witness JC use only his wits and badboy charm to dig himself out of this sticky situation Very riveting stuff.

  3. John Constantine makes his way to Glasgow, where something rather nasty is brewing There s sickness in the air, and it s driving people mad they re being made to feel what others felt in the moments before their deaths It s the last thing Constantine needs empathy really is a liability in his line of work Like a lot of Hellblazer collections, a flick through this book makes it look very unappetising murky, dull and coloured in various shades of black and grey Once you get into it, though, the ar [...]

  4. Denise Mina has taken Mike Carey s place as the writer for this series I m a little sorry to see Carey go, as I think he did some excellent things with the character, but I m excited to see what directions Mino takes things in This is a good start Mina s John Constantine is a little vulnerable than we re used to seeing, but I think it works She said in an interview that she sees Constantine not as a true cynic, but as an idealist who s been let down too many times, and I think that s pretty apt [...]

  5. Great book follows the John Constantine model of Constantine in bar Friend walks in, presents incredible problem that hooks reader Constantine follows this friend s problem, and then realizes that this problem is just the tip of the entire narrative and what is really going on is bigger than anyone could possible imagine.In an Olympics anaolgy Denise Mina takes on an All star team in the Hellblazer saga, and delivers gold.Great art by Leonardo Manco, Bradstreet esque

  6. Good volume, although I did get a little confused at times New Hellblazer writer Denise Mina takes a stab at the character and it s apparent she has a good grip on the character Good story with plenty of twists and turns and demons Manco s art is great as always He really is a great artist for this series.Hellblazer fans should enjoy this one Looking forward to the next volume

  7. Not a bad story, but nothing amazing There are some really great callbacks, like references to Kit and the Lords of Hell, but besides that, there s not a ton to talk about The Third Place is a cool idea, though The art is nice and reminds me of Andrea Sorrentino s work, but I d prefer a less gritty style The writer pretty much nailed writing Constantine though, but there s a large focus on other characters that I don t care for.

  8. Well, I m still not sure what to think about John Constantine He s becoming a sympathetic character, but without finding some kind of origin story to read, I m still pretty lost Why is he sworn off magic why can he even use magic in the first place what are the rules of this universe Also not appreciating the nudity It s not as gratuitous as Hard Times, but the fact that it makes little logical sense still puts it firmly in the gratuitous category I also have a rule of thumb about language If t [...]

  9. I m a big fan of Scottish mystery writer Denise Mina the Garnethill and Paddy Meehan trilogies I m also a big fan of legit authors who take a spin at graphic novels This story takes John Constantine on the road with a new mate that he has saved from a life threatening empathy spell, eventually taking them to Glasgow, the locale where Mina sets all of her fiction It s a pretty twisty plot about spells, ancient Scottish cults, murder and an afterworld called The Third Place I m not even going to t [...]

  10. this is the first Constantine book I ve read, but I don t think my issues with it stemmed form that The first issue was hard to follow I was left confused about who all these people doing themselves in were becasue they were referred as the son s child and stuff like that I was like whose son whose grandmother Turns out it didn t matter and it got confusing before it got clearer There were some interesting concepts in the book and some great one linbers on Constantine s part, but I didn t find [...]

  11. A whole new storyarc begins in this collection, with a whole new demonic foe The story begins with a rather odd group of monks off the coast of Scotland who discover that beside Heaven and Hell there is a third place in the afterlife It is a place where there is no feeling as an alternative to the joy of Heaven and the pain of Hell and it looks like the ruling being not sure what he is yet has a plan to saturate the world with empathy to overwhelm the population with feeling so that they crave t [...]

  12. Genuinely disturbing stuff featuring the Laughing Magician, John Constantine written by an author I m not familiar with but will look for of her stuff You really should read the Hellblazer graphic novels in order Since I can t afford to buy them, I get them from my local library and they only have a few since Hellblazer is apparently a favorite target of library book thieves Empathy is the Enemy lets slip some major plot points in the life of John Constantine that left me going ARRRGGHHH If you [...]

  13. Ma miskip rast olin enne arvamusel et Denise Mina oli Hellblazeri autoritest see t ielik augup hi M nusa ja meeldiva llatusena saabus arusaam, et asi pole kaugeltki nii hull, tegemist on jumala m nusa stooriliiniga Leonard Manco stiil kunstnikuna istub mulle ka j rjest rohkem, kuidagi eriti noir ja s ngetes tumedate stoonides hes naga jumala tipp topp asi See siin on esimene pool kaheosalisest D Mina autorslusega stooriliinist, kus Constantine satub otimaale Glasgow sse ja tegemist on empaatia v [...]

  14. Pretty solid until a startlingly abrupt ending, and right before that, a lot of explanatory talking heads dialogue in the several pages preceding the climax So the build of climbing action fell apart at the end, but otherwise no complaints.I was cracked up by the flashback to 6th Century Scotland where a bunch of Christian monks buried a fellow monk with a shovel direct from the hardware store, complete with folded flanges and a factory forged arc to the shank tube.I wonder what the story is beh [...]

  15. This comic really does prove that John Constantine is a cool character I really liked the concept of the story in this volume, although I had to stumble along with much of it since the scenes changed abruptly and I couldn t really distinguish between all the characters Eager to see how the story wraps up in the next volume.

  16. Mike Carey was doing a helluva job writing the book, and he left Denise Mena took over and just destroyed it It doesn t help that Leonardo Manco s art is sloppy, too big, and very inky It looks lazy After the cinematic style of Marcel Frusin, Manco s looks like pish Skip this one and wait for the TPB of Andy Diggle s run.

  17. A good constantine noir tale, but I felt like there was alot of telling most of the story was told with characters sitting around a table and recounting events it really slowed down the story good thing the dialogue was pretty good.

  18. The story felt a bit padded out For a book that reprints 6 or 7 issues, there isn t a lot going on Plus, there wasn t much of an ending to the book, as it simply sets up the next story Unfortunately, I am not interested enough to see what happens Leonardo Manco s art is really nice though.

  19. A good multi part story.Not really a scary story, of a psychological thriller, but hey, those can be fun as well.And imagine that Constantine actually feeling empathy for others will wonders ever cease

  20. It s not bad, but it seems to mostly consist of Constantine discovering bits of a story that has already happened Didn t really get any sense of immediacy or that he had any power to affect the outcome of the story.

  21. The Mina run starts out really strong, but then in the next trade it just kind of falls apart and comes across flat Because the two trades are a part of the same story, then ultimately while this one was great it suffers because of the resolution.

  22. I m a big fan of both Denise Mina and John Constantine so I thought this was a slam dunk But the story was convoluted and the art was too coarse for my taste I couldn t tell who was who a lot of the time.If you re on the fence, give this one a pass.

  23. This was my first Constantine book, and I enjoyed it particularly the slow pace The imagery was a bit disturbing gave me nightmares but the book was pretty enjoyable.

  24. A great, wonderfully eerie start to Mina s run Also, a great, wonderfully eerie finish to the arc Manco s art is fantastic, and Mina does a great job drawing the reader in.

  25. Shame s a luxury of hindsight, John It s cheap to look back and despise yourself Excellent writing if a little slowpaced Recommended reading for all nihilists.

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