My Last Empress

[PDF] Download ✓ My Last Empress : by Da Chen - My Last Empress, My Last Empress A sweeping story of passion and obsession set against the upheavals of th century imperial China by the New York Times bestselling author Da Chen When Samuel Pickens great love tragically loses he

  • Title: My Last Empress
  • Author: Da Chen
  • ISBN: 9780307381309
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ✓ My Last Empress : by Da Chen, My Last Empress, Da Chen, My Last Empress A sweeping story of passion and obsession set against the upheavals of th century imperial China by the New York Times bestselling author Da Chen When Samuel Pickens great love tragically loses her life Samuel travels the globe Annabelle always on his mind Eventually he comes face to face with the mirror image of his obsession in the last place he would expect A sweeping sto [PDF] Download ✓ My Last Empress : by Da Chen - My Last Empress, My Last Empress A sweeping story of passion and obsession set against the upheavals of th century imperial China by the New York Times bestselling author Da Chen When Samuel Pickens great love tragically loses he

  • [PDF] Download ✓ My Last Empress : by Da Chen
    361 Da Chen
My Last Empress

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    Da Chen born in 1962 in Fujian, China is a Chinese author whose works include Brothers, China s Son, Sounds of the River, Sword, and Colors of the Mountain A graduate of Beijing Language and Culture University and Columbia Law School, Da Chen lived in the Hudson Valley in New York but has recently moved to Torrance, California with his wife, the paranormal romance author Sunni, and two children Brothers has been awarded best book of 2006 by The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald and Publishers Weekly from


  1. I always find it hard to read books with a protagonist I don t particularly like Samuel Pickens is perverted and obsessed with Anabelle, who seems like a homage to the literary nymphets who have gone before her than a real person Of course, the story is told in first person by Samuel himself, who is molesting mannequins while fantasizing about Annabelle s ghost like Humbert Humbert s Dolores she is not a real person to him Snark Alert I kept feeling like I had read this book before, right down [...]

  2. I read an article somewhere online that talked about how some books that are spawned from MFA Creative Writing programs have a distinctive way of coming across and I ve noticed this after reading Da Chen s My Last Empress Note Author Da Chen is a Creative Writing professor and I recall reading a book by an MFA student, with a similar style to Chen s, called Troublemaker and Other Saints There are no characters to root for, no plot to speak of, no stakes for the main characters, no obstacles And, [...]

  3. Oh how I want to love this book Da Chen weaves a complex, delicious, dark tale like few others He has excellent character development and uses symbolism beautifully I devoured the book in one day So this is when I want to give it 5 stars and 1 star at the same timeThe perverse story line, unlikable characters and weak ending, left me fairly disappointed I felt like the whole time you are on this epic journey, waiting for all the pieces to fall together, or at least come to an ending of significa [...]

  4. This is a book that has a rather unlikeable hero and yet it is still entrancing and captivating.Pickens is a character that I guess you can love to hate Some of his choices and his views make me shudder, but his story is an interesting one that kept me turning the pages despite my dislike of him What really made this book for me, though, is the prose It is utterly beautiful and poetic a joy to read I loved Chen s descriptions the way he set the scene and painted a portrait of the characters in t [...]

  5. Da Chen is a wizard of words hypnotic The tension in this book is unrelenting, the eroticism beyond endurance and overwhelming without ever slipping into the vulgar or mundane The sensitivity to language and craftsmanship of this book are both staggering and held me in their grip from the first sentence until the last In all of Da Chen s books it is love that elevates every element of story and holds it above every standard ever set In his memoirs of life in China, the reader is deeply touched b [...]

  6. I find it difficult to write a review on a novel that I have mixed feelings about First this is really not my kind of genre, historical yes in the sense that it takes place in the Forbidden City in the Orient, but also very sexual and obsessive as well The prose is beautiful, if at times almost over the top, and it is this that kept me reading The main character is very self obsessed, very unlikable and his obsession with his dead love was extreme Definitely a different type of book but this aut [...]

  7. Ugh, so tough to rate this Amazing writing, interesting story, one of my favorite settings Imperial China but seriously It s borderline pedophilia Just imagine Lolita as a Chinese Empress, add in some ghosts, very flowery language, and viola At times I was too grossed out to enjoy this, even if it is by an author that I really liked his Brothers is so super good.

  8. I m not normally a prude, but this book was way too much sex for me Death by sex, ghostly sex, anal sex, rough and bloody sex You probably get the idea The protagonist is a weak, whiny guy except when having sex who never really develops I kept reading because I expected it to get better it didn t.

  9. To get this off my reading shelf I had to mark it is as read , but I will tell you I didn t finish it This is one of only three books in my whole life of reading that flat out quit reading, but I knew even this far in that it wasn t for me After the main character had worn out five store manequins making love to a ghost I knew I didn t want to read another page of this perversion.I was hoping to like it since I love to read things about China s history and this takes place at the end of Imperial [...]

  10. Color Me EmpressedMy Last Empress by Da Chen is an historical fiction novel that takes place mainly in China during the final years of the 19th Century The protagonist bears some similarity to the character Peter O Toole played in The Last Emperor, the Royal Tutor from a land beyond the ocean but the book is from an earlier era, and focuses on the royal tutor and his obsession with Annabelle, a missionary s daughter, her ghost, and Annabelle s daughter, who is the titular fourth Empress of the t [...]

  11. Mentally disturbed Over sexed Selfish and self loathing Meet our hero, Samuel Pickens,son of an up right and prosperous turn of the century New England lawyer Expected to follow in his father s oppresive and repressed footsteps, he meets the beautiful and fresh young Annabelle after his first tawdry affair with an older woman and his life begins to revolve around her Even after her tragic death, her flitting butterfly spirit guides him in his every move, from finishing school, through his first [...]

  12. I enjoy reading books on China, both fiction and nonfiction So when I saw this at the library I thought I got lucky When I started reading, well not so much It starts out with an American, Samuel Pickens whose love interest Annabelle tragically dies in a fire Annabelle lived in China, daughter of a missionary, and thus begins Pickens obsession with China and Annabelle He goes to China in search of her She has become than an obsession, she has become a ghost that lives with him So the story begi [...]

  13. Quando olhei a capa deste livro, na vitrine da livraria, quase morri de tanta vontade l lo Tinha todos os elementos para despertar a minha curiosidade China Imperial e Da Chen, autor do meu amado A montanha e o rio Bom Apesar das minhas expectativas, A ltima imperatriz n o est na minha lista de 100 livros para ler antes de morrer Vamos as raz es.Perkins apaixonado por Anabelle Contudo, seu amor de Romeu e Julieta tem um fim tr gico, quando Anabelle acaba morrendo.O rapaz, profundamente abalado, [...]

  14. Samuel Pickens, New England WASP aimless heir becomes obsessed with Annabelle, a woman he hardly knows, after she dies smoking opium with him in a New Haven barn He then spends the rest of his life scheming to get to China and then crashing around looking for her reincarnation, totally sure that the coincidences that have allowed him to do this are Romantic Fate and entitle him to pursue any end As a tutor to the young puppet emperor, he transfers his obsession to the Fourth Empress, a young hal [...]

  15. Historical fiction famously being neither history nor fiction, Da Chen nonetheless combines both in a pornographic entertainment The history derives from Da Chen s inspiration, a statue at Yale of an unfortunate alumnus who died in China during the reign of the Dowager Empress Da Chen mines traditional Chinese sex literature, courtly abuses of power by the Empress and her eunuchs prior to the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium Wars, tribal skirmishes during the nineteenth century in China and America [...]

  16. Wanted to like it I love books like this From the western part of the world I love the traditions, the realities of life Samuel was a well thought out character But he angered me at times He seemed a bit oversexed Bleck Also, I was waiting for everything to come together, to tie together and say, yes that is an ending Nothing.Samuel searches the world for the woman he loved and lost tragically But his journey is really a bit much for this reader I didn t enjoy it very much I did enjoy a bit of [...]

  17. The main protagonist leaves you confused one minute you despise him, the next you sympathize with him and actually start to become fond of him and the ebb and flow continues A motley character best describes Pickins The composition is unique and complex The melodious prose captivates your attention and is a sheer pleasure to read The magically written prose and the convoluted protagonist give the novel a captivating edge I suggest this book for its poetic prose and inviting story line.

  18. I very much liked some of the descriptive passages, especially those of the life inside the Forbidden City, the intrigues and corruption among the eunuchs, and the lavish, doomed life style The man can write wonderfully.What I did not love was the plot and the characters what several people have termed, aptly I think, a conflation of Lolita and The Last Emperor Pickens sexual obsession got downright creepy, and his lust objects, Annabelle and her daughter surrogate Qiu Rong, were impossible.

  19. I just felt like it dragged on at some points, and the obsession the main character had was a little too disturbing for me at points I also felt like I couldn t really connect with the characters at all, and I wish there was character building and able to learn about them, other than the protagonist of course I would definitely be interested to learn a little about Q.

  20. A compelling but rather odd read Detailed icky factual stuff combined with a fairly good and readable story I find my self puzzled Not enough to lower the score, but too much to hardily recommend to those with limited reading time Perhaps if you have a fetish about Eunuchs or a strong interest in ancient Chinese politics

  21. My Last Empress is a very weird book It s true that I like weird books, but I actually didn t enjoy this one The writing is beautiful but the sex scenes are hokey like a romance novel Da Chen obviously and shamelessly borrowed from Nabokov, calling his heroine a nymphet countless times I didn t appreciate that I didn t buy the love story Would not recommend.

  22. The author of this book is rather hard to relate to or like The author seems to try very hard to incorporate Chinese culture into the story, but certain parts of the book just seem like they don t belong Certain superstitions are inserted and they aren t well set up in the story The ending is quite abrupt and also a bit unrealistic.

  23. I feel like the story has been down before, but in different locales Creepy Older dude, young impressible girl The constant use of pubescent was reminder that the main character was sexually fantasizing about a child.

  24. I found this book a little odd At first it was okay but then I got uninterested and a little lost The author didnt keep me hooked I sort of drifted off.

  25. I cannot believe I actually got through this book STUPID The ONLY reason I read it was because it was about China This book was a total waste of my time.

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