[PDF] Unbroken | by · Paula Morris - Unbroken, Unbroken Welcome back to New Orleans Where the streets swirl with jazz and beauty Where the houses breathe with ghosts A year ago Rebecca Brown escaped death in a New Orleans cemetery Now she has returned to

  • Title: Unbroken
  • Author: Paula Morris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unbroken | by · Paula Morris, Unbroken, Paula Morris, Unbroken Welcome back to New Orleans Where the streets swirl with jazz and beauty Where the houses breathe with ghosts A year ago Rebecca Brown escaped death in a New Orleans cemetery Now she has returned to this haunting city She is looking forward to seeing Anton Grey the boy who may or may not have her heart But she also meets a ghost a troubled boy who insists only she canWelcome back to New [PDF] Unbroken | by · Paula Morris - Unbroken, Unbroken Welcome back to New Orleans Where the streets swirl with jazz and beauty Where the houses breathe with ghosts A year ago Rebecca Brown escaped death in a New Orleans cemetery Now she has returned to

  • [PDF] Unbroken | by · Paula Morris
    304 Paula Morris

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    Paula Morris, a novelist and short story writer of English and Maori descent, was born in New Zealand For almost a decade she worked in the record business in London and New York She now lives in New Orleans, where she teaches creative writing at Tulane University.Paula s first novel, Queen of Beauty, won best first work of fiction at the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards Hibiscus Coast, a literary thriller set in Auckland and Shanghai, was published in 2005 and has been optioned for film Her third novel, Trendy But Casual, was published by Penguin New Zealand in 2005.Paula s first short story collection, Forbidden Cities 2008 was a regional finalist in the 2009 Commonwealth Writers Prize.Ruined, her first YA novel, was published by in 2009.


  1. WHAT THE FLIP I did not know she was writing a sequel to Ruined Oh my freaking God, I am spazing out right now I know the books arn t that long, but theyre so damn good I need this book UPDATE That was great I live in Louisiana and I visit New Orleans very often, so it s great when you can read something and visualize its settings so vividly The rich history went even deeper and broader, expanding to well known history instead of pertaining to heritage of New Orleans alone I find Rebecca to be a [...]

  2. After reading I m going to miss Rebecca The new and old characters Ruined was the first novel I ever read and this being the long awaited sequel I didn t want it to end but it did It wasn t as great as Ruined or a great book at all I would say it was a nice read but I think the reason I think Ruined was amazing and Unbroken not so much is because the amount of reading I ve done since the first novel I read Unbroken was wonderful and gave me closure and a sense of better surrounding and thinking [...]

  3. Oh My GOD explodes with happiness I cried on the first book softy and I could believe it ended OAnd now explodes again does a dance I can t wait

  4. This book was good It got a little boring at times, but other than that I really enjoyed it and its use of vocabulary.

  5. Since I m a huge fan ofRuined , I thought it was worth it to giveUnbrokena try The story starts with Rebecca s visit back to New Orleans, this time with her father and best friend Ling Although Rebecca is prepared to forget all about her supernatural adventures, she meets a ghost with an unfinished deed, and she s once again part of another paranormal adventure.I miss Lisette I thought Lisette s story was a lot interesting was hard for me to be really engaged in this plot I felt that it was jus [...]

  6. Getting back to business.Rebecca had a hectic year after finding out after escaping a near death in a New Orleans Cemetery Returning wasn t her first choice, but she is hoping to see the one boy she can t help thinking about Anton Helping a ghost or two is apparently in the cards as well, much to her dismay.The setting was perfect for the mysterious vibe that this story gives off and I was glad to return to it in the sequel I love how everything is set up in Unbroken and that we get to figure ou [...]

  7. I can not wait for this book to come out I m anxious to see what trials Rebecca faces next and what happens with her dad, aunt, cousin, and most especially Anton

  8. Not a bad sequel, but I really liked the first one better I did like all the new characters in this story especially Frank, Raf, and Delphine I also like the idea of a ghost villain as well as a human villain.

  9. Once again Paula Morris has ghost seeing Rebecca in New Orleans now in the French Quarter for a week with her best friend, Ling, from New York City for Spring Break The problem is she s seeing a ghost or ghosts again and one in particular needs her help I loved Ruined Morris first novel set in New Orleans and was hoping for of the same, but this one just didn t quite live up to my expectations At least part of it didn t.The story starts in New York City, that s where Rebecca first sees the ghos [...]

  10. The sequel to Ruined A year has passed since the events in Ruined, and Rebecca is back in New York City living with her dad, going to school, and hanging out with her BFF Ling Rebecca s dad has business in New Orleans, so he plans to rent a house there and would like Rebecca and Ling to join him during his business trip, which coincides with their spring break It s been awhile since Rebecca has seen Anton, and it feels like their relationship has cooled off, since they hardly see each other, and [...]

  11. 2.5 rounded to 3Rebecca has returned to New Orleans for Spring Break with her father and her best friend Ling before she can even enjoy the city, she meets Frank, a ghost who needs her help She also learns from Anton that Tobey is out for revenge She s on a mission to put a ghost to rest, keep herself and her family safe, and to reconnect with Anton Likes The sense of setting is great This author really knows New Orleans, and she shares her love of the city and it s unique culture I actually fou [...]

  12. Like the first book Ruined A Novel, this second book was a 5 star read for me.From School Library JournalGr 8 Up In this sequel to Ruined , 2009 , Rebecca is back in New York maintaining a long distance relationship with Anton hanging out with her best friend, Ling and trying to put last year s horrors in New Orleans behind her But the ghosts can t seem to leave her alone She soon learns that she is the only one who can see Frank, and he begs Rebecca to help him find a lost locket that he hid in [...]

  13. In this book Unbroken , it has to an end with my favorite series Rebecca is returning to Orleans , which I think is kind of odd since her last trip didn t end to well She meets a new ghost , Frank ,which is strange but cool since i mean she is the only person who can see ghost Once she meets him at first back in New York it really caught me off guard since no ghost has been as desperate for help as much as Frank But honestly can she really trust him He may seem creepy at first but when i started [...]

  14. After a disastrous year in New Orleans The French Quarter where Rebecca Brown discovered a lot of hidden secrets , one secret was so big that at first she was terrified as Rebecca can see ghosts The second secret was finding out that she was in fact part of the Bowman family and that a curse was upon her and that either her or her cousin in order for the curse to be broken had to die Fleeing from New Orleans, Rebecca has been living in New York for the past year and now it s time to head back an [...]

  15. I really enjoyed Unbroken I liked it better than the first book, Ruined The detail was just right and the plot was captivating I held my breath in parts and when you thought you knew what was going to happen, it surprised you with something else I felt connected with the characters than I did before and I absolutely loved how the end came together This book is haunting, brings mystery, adventure brings you the magic of the south I hope the author writes another book to add to the series, I enjo [...]

  16. Unbroken wasn t nearly as good as Ruined , in fact I could have done without this second installment While there was still a creepiness factor to the story, it was missing the magical element of the first book I was excited when I discovered that the setting was once again New Orleans, which I still desperately want to visit someday Overall Unbroken is good, but not great.

  17. This was a quick read which is always nice Rebecca comes back to New Orleans but this time with her good friend Ling Yet again when she shows up all the people she had to deal with were terrible to her because apparently they all like to hold a grudge Like in the last book she is confronted by a ghost who asks for her help Although this time she has some help from her friend and cousin.

  18. I love Paula Morris writing style Her stories are well thought out and flow like a river I almost enjoyed this as much as the first book I said almost.

  19. That was the way it was in New Orleans, and in every old haunted city across the world Ghosts vanished, and new ghosts arrived to take their place Things changed Things stayed the same Well dang, this book, like its predecessor, is nothing if not a 300 page advertisement for New Orleans Liked Delphine, the girl in the gallery a specific scene actually made me teary eyed And she wasn t even really a character Ling a cutie Raf and co also cutiesGeneral spookinessThe endingry bittersweet and fittin [...]

  20. This was a rare feat, a sequel detailed, advanced, interesting and entertaining than its predecessor Rebecca, the young woman who can see ghosts is back in New Orleans with her dad, and best friend Ling The spirits still seek her out though, in this case it is the ghost of a young boy named Frank He needs her help to find a locket that was intimately connected to his life Once Rebecca to help, the story becomes so multilayered and fascinating From the history in New Orleans, to Frank s life and [...]

  21. I absolutely loved Ruined and I finally got around to reading Unbroken I wish I could say this was a sequel that didn t require reading the first, but I feel like there would be a ton of missing or confusing links if the first is skipped over Please, do not read this one before reading Ruined That said, let s start with the good I was super happy to be back in New Orleans again I think it s a place that s important to Rebecca and who she is as a person I loved the new characters introduced to th [...]

  22. I think that the book is very good because of the amount of suspense that the book puts out and the generalization of the book s origin is good One other thing I would like to say is the book is not so informal if you haven t read the first book Ruined Some other thing that I would like to say is the books equal balance of surprise and mystery is good it just needs a little bit romance just to even out the factors a bit To end my review I would like to say, don t make the mistake of reading th [...]

  23. Having loved RUINED, I wanted to love Unbroken as well While it had all of the ambience and local New Orleans flavor, I found myself ahead of the story almost throughout Morris predictable story didn t stop me from reading, but I wish it had delved deeper into Frank s backstory and maybe Toby s motivations.

  24. I loved Morris first book, Ruined, and was really hoping this book would be similar I was not disappointed There is an equal amount of New Orleans history and ghost thriller, which really makes me want to revisit New Orleans and look into the history behind some of the folklore.

  25. I should have realized this was not the first book in the series before starting it It still worked as a stand alone and I enjoyed the plot.

  26. Loved it I enjoyed reading the first book in this series Ruined If you haven t read that book I would suggest you start with it because this book does reference events that happen in it.

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