Stained Best Download || [Jessica McBrayer] - Stained, Stained Thorn works after dark That s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink Her tattoo parlor Stained on Berkeley s quirky Telegr

  • Title: Stained
  • Author: Jessica McBrayer
  • ISBN: 9780984700844
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback

Stained Best Download || [Jessica McBrayer], Stained, Jessica McBrayer, Stained Thorn works after dark That s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink Her tattoo parlor Stained on Berkeley s quirky Telegraph Avenue draws clients from all walks of life Her work is in high demand from the supernatural community and the undead With her raven familiar Thorn s been on the run aThorn works after da Stained Best Download || [Jessica McBrayer] - Stained, Stained Thorn works after dark That s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink Her tattoo parlor Stained on Berkeley s quirky Telegr

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  • Stained Best Download || [Jessica McBrayer]
    239 Jessica McBrayer

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  1. Jessica McBrayer

    Jessica McBrayer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area She lives in a house that looks like the prow of acruise ship and is surrounded by hills too steep for mountain goats, although every other animal seems tomake it their go to place Jessica shares her home with her husband, her two children, assorted animalsand her mother who is a writer too She is a member of Romance Writers of America.


  1. This book, which was written by a former student and debater of mine when she was in high school excellent I loved that it was a bit of a love story, too I couldn t wait to get back to it each day I liked that Thorn, the main character, was a strong woman, yet a vulnerable woman, too She could take care of herself, but liked her man to be a man, and be there for her, also The villain, Caleb, well, let s just say, I didn t think they got him in the end I had a feeling he wasn t down and outally I [...]

  2. Admittedly, this is not the kind of book I would typically read when left to my own devices, but I had the good fortune of receiving this book from First Reads giveaway and I was game for it Stained has all the elements of a fast paced, seedy, murderous thriller It is also a very extreme good vs evil story extreme in that the characters are overwhelmingly good or evil, there is no real obfuscation And while witchcraft is what sets this apart from most mystery genre books, all the other elements [...]

  3. From the moment I opened the kindle edition, I knew I was going to love this book A strong, smart, intelligent, talented female witch with a conscience as a tattoo artist who uses her art to help people Sold Combined with the fast paced, yet incredibly detailed plot line with a story arc that I never saw coming, fabulously well developed characters including a hysterical raven familiar , and a distinct lack of heavy romance love triangles and McBrayer has a winner on her hands As a stand alone n [...]

  4. To the average person, Thorn appears to be your average tattoo artist She does great work on tattoos and has a long waiting list of customers waiting to get their next ink fix What people don t know is that she is actually a witch Not only that but some of her special customers want an enchanted talisman worked into their tattoo for protection, wealth etc However, when her special customers start becoming targets of a serial killer whom cuts out these talisman, Thorn is not only in danger becaus [...]

  5. the book diariesThorn is a tattoo artist that just happens to be a witch She is the only tattoo artist that can tattoo vampires, because of her healing magick When her supernatural customers start to turn up dead, Thorn becomes the 1 suspect She is the last person to see them alive Se, a detective investigating the murders, has an instant attraction to Thorn and trys to help clear her of the murders Thorn will not only need her own magick but the magick of her dead grandmother and the help of he [...]

  6. 3.5 stars I started this book as an Irish BDSM challenge When I got to over half the book and there hadn t even been a kiss yet, I had made a bad choice for the challenge I was so into the book though that I finished and am glad I did Thorn is a tattoo artist who happens to be a witch and blends talisman into her designs Someone starts to murder her customers and remove only the enchanted part of the tattoo Enter the hunky cop.The story is solid and fairly well written There were a couple of tim [...]

  7. The opening of this book made me cringe and question whether or not I should continue I am so glad I did This book held my attention and kept me wanting I really like the characters and the way the author included magic, vampires, and Irish culture There was just enough romance to satisfy the itch for it without it turning into a romance novel The ending was OK, this book could turn into a series if the author wanted I would definitely read from this author.

  8. This was a very good Urban Fantasy The witchcraft was treated respectfully and the description of characters and setting was excellent There are some errors which a good editor would have found, but nothing too distracting It is set up to be an ongoing series although the end of the book is not a horrible cliffhanger I really hate those

  9. I enjoyed this book and hope that the author decides to make this into a series I feel that there is to this story, and the book ends open ended I bought it on kindle and I m keeping it in my librabry.

  10. Really love the characters and hope this is a beginning of a series Nice premise and lots of urban fantasy, which I especially enjoy I love the raven, no spoiler, just saying This is an enjoyable read with colorful details and a hideous villain Interesting setting, spooky serial killer, vampires from San Francisco, tattoo parlor on Telegraph Avenue, what s not to love Did I mention a touch of voodoo Two sympathetic characters overcoming their mutual mistrust to catch a killer and save their love [...]

  11. I loved the book Hadn t done much reading in awhile.when I started this book, I could not stop I had to hide my iPad to get other things done It was an easy fast read for me No boring lulls Would recommend this book for anyone.Marsha M.

  12. I loved this book It s a story about a tattoo artist witch who is being stalked for her magical abilities The story line is unique, yes it s a witch story but how the author chose to go about it is quite fascinating The characters are people you want to know and feel attached to I am excited to find out what happens next in this series I listened to the book on audible and was sucked in by the narrator She did an amazing job bringing the characters to life Her voice matched what you imagined in [...]

  13. The beautiful cover and book blurb really pulled me in Witches, vampires, tattoos I m game Unfortunately, this book didn t live up to my expectations I keep vacillating between two and three stars I like the concept and ideas behind this UF book, but so many things didn t work for me You can read my comments to get my stream of conscious rantings.As said, I liked the idea Pretty cool about a witch who weaves spells into her clients tattoos Irish magic backdrop, I m always ready to read stories w [...]

  14. Stained is an enjoyable, colorful and astonishingly well written novel As someone with a background in Paganism, I was overwhelmed by the author s obvious efforts to getting the details of a witch s practices correct While the book is fantasy, there are many books that take creative license beyond the relate able such is not the case with this book Ms McBrayer s research and hard work shine through in the spells that preface each chapter, the descriptions of the traditions passed from one genera [...]

  15. I don t really know how to rate this book I didn t detest it but nor did I enjoy it really I kept picking it up and downing a chapter or two, then putting it down for a few days while I read other things, before returning to it simply to get it finished.It kind of felt a lot at times like I d picked up book two or three in a series without realizing it, and had just tried to jump right in But this isn t book two or three in a series, so that really puzzled me It just felt like a lot of necessary [...]

  16. This was a good fun read It had me hooked, despite issues with grammar and sentence structure and the occasional word that felt thrown in there from a dictionary I would love to put a good editor on this book, because I feel that then it could really blossom.I liked the idea of a witch using her magic in tattooing, because, like my Celtic ancestors, I think tattooing can be a spiritual process, and involve transformation, helping you take charge of your own skin and bring out who you are I liked [...]

  17. I absolutely loved it A mix of paranormal, fantasy, suspense and romance, Stained was well written with strong characters and a strong plot The idea behind Thorn working magic into tattoo s was interesting on it s own, with someone cutting off the talisman s she s worked into her art for a nefarious purpose was even curious People tend to form perceptions based on superficial aspects, but they would be quite wrong about Thorn Thorn was a strong, multi layered character that I was fascinated by [...]

  18. I got this book because a facebook friend said it was on Kindle for free for a week or so It was her sister s book I was pleasantly surprised It is a metaphysical type book in other words it is about magic And they take the magic part seriously it is just part of the character s life That being said, it wasn t the sort of magic based fiction I have read before I enjoyed this immensely and truly hope this author puts out books like it I loved the relationships between the characters including th [...]

  19. This was a fun book I really love books that contain fokelore that interests me I am Irish American, I love tattoos and I love paranormal romances This book had them all Thorn owns a Tattoo shop She is very specialized She is a witch and she weaves enchanted tallismans into her work When her patrons end up dead with these tallismans cut out, the police become very suspiscious This is bad for Thorn She has been on the run from her half brother He wants her power and is willing to kill to gain it [...]

  20. I giggled, I held my breath Great story line, plenty of action and a nice twist I recommend this book if you like magickal read and a variety of characters w unique personalities the raven rocks Aside from being able to read this free Thanks to Ms McBrayer , the book is really good I normally read historical fiction, but lately I have found my reading expanding to the unexpected but very welcome

  21. I really liked it Just now I looked at a review and the person thought that there was not enough angst from the killer pooh They rarely think that they will get caught or else they simply think that they are immune to punishment former jail nurse I was interested in the way that the author treated the issue of witchcraft, and found the romance angle to be a bonus I read the audio edition and really enjoyed the performance by Valerie Gilbert.

  22. This was a good solid story about witches, with a little bit of vampires thrown in The main character, Thorn, is a witch who owns a tattoo parlor I really enjoyed the first few chapters, getting to know Thorn, and getting the plot of the serial killer set up But then, the story evolved into a basic hunt for the serial killer, with Thorn becoming both a target, and the only person who can stop the killer Overall the book was an enjoyable read.

  23. This book combined some of the worst urban fantasy tropes of recent years It had a plucky female heroine, a tough guy love interest, useless vampires and one of the worst magic systems I ve ever read I wanted to like it, i truly did, but I couldn t It had potential, and lived up to none of it.

  24. Interesting concept for a book Thought I would really enjoy this but instead found myself putting it down and picking back up The climax was extremely short and the writing was driving me crazy I finally pushed through to the end It s safe to say I won t be reading the second one whenever it comes out.

  25. an interesting paranormal seriesStained is about another witch named Storm She is a tattoo artist near Berkeley, California She is being stalked by a dark witch Great storyline.

  26. Ended up being pretty good, a nice filler anyways, onward to the Iron Fey now though a series with no cliff hangers since I have them all I m told p

  27. I m partial to paranormal stories and this a good one Magick, vampires, an evil witch and a yummy cop I really enjoyed this read

  28. Choppy writing, didn t flow Started it, put it down, and almost didn t finish it had to talk myself back into it.

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