The Historical Figure of Jesus

✓ The Historical Figure of Jesus ↠ E.P. Sanders - The Historical Figure of Jesus, The Historical Figure of Jesus A biography of the historical figure of Jesus The book studies the relationship between Judaism and Christianity distinguishing the certain from the improbable and assessing the historical and relig

  • Title: The Historical Figure of Jesus
  • Author: E.P. Sanders
  • ISBN: 9780140144994
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

✓ The Historical Figure of Jesus ↠ E.P. Sanders, The Historical Figure of Jesus, E.P. Sanders, The Historical Figure of Jesus A biography of the historical figure of Jesus The book studies the relationship between Judaism and Christianity distinguishing the certain from the improbable and assessing the historical and religious context of Christ s time The spread of Christianity is also discussed ✓ The Historical Figure of Jesus ↠ E.P. Sanders - The Historical Figure of Jesus, The Historical Figure of Jesus A biography of the historical figure of Jesus The book studies the relationship between Judaism and Christianity distinguishing the certain from the improbable and assessing the historical and relig

  • ✓ The Historical Figure of Jesus ↠ E.P. Sanders
    298 E.P. Sanders
The Historical Figure of Jesus

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    Ed Parish Sanders is a New Testament scholar, and is one of the principal proponents of the New Perspective on Paul He has been Arts and Sciences Professor of Religion at Duke University, North Carolina, since 1990 He retired in 2005


  1. random thoughts for Sanders, Jesus was and this is not surprising to anyone who has read his other works on Jesus and Paul very much a faithful, observant Jew I largely agree the conflicts with the Pharisees seem, when actually read in context, fairly minor in and of themselves, though the gospel writers tend to exaggerate the conflicts probably due in large part to the fact that, at the time that the gospels were written, there was a substantial rift between rabbinic Judaism, which was the succ [...]

  2. This is another book that I put on my must read list for anyone that wants to understand the history of Christianity better It is clear, almost always an interesting read, and is surprisingly critical of many of the details of the life of a historical Jesus, if we can assume it is correct that he was a real and singular historical figure Sanders does a great job laying plain the historical, social, and theological agendas of the various gospel writers the Evangelists , and puts in the proper con [...]

  3. I was in the seminary for five solid years I am not interested in theological theses any Now I check this book out of the library in the hope to get inspired, to meet Jesus the person since the book is about the historical figure of Jesus The book is written by a sceptic who will take the gospels and shred them to pieces and tell if some of its stories are probable or not Well, many of its stories seem to be improbable for the author I am not interested in what is probable and what is not I want [...]

  4. A quite noble and enlightening attempt at historical analysis of Jesus life Attempting to draw out the pericopes assumed short texts of stories, teachings, and sayings of Jesus which the Gospel writers drew on in writing their accounts, as well as Pauline epistles, Josephus, and general Roman history, E.P Sanders attempts to assemble a picture of what Roman controlled Judea as well as not Roman controlled, but protected Galilee , and how Jesus life and teachings fit into it Even Sanders admits [...]

  5. As a Jesus agnostic eager to see what I could learn about the historicity question I decided to read a few books from varying viewpoints After having read this title by Sanders I turned to The Historical Evidence for Jesus by G.A Wells which takes a pessimistic perspective Overall I found Sanders work to be an eloquent and enlightening if not a flawed account From the outset it might be helpful to add that unlike myself, Sanders assumes an historical Jesus and his work is neither an attempt to [...]

  6. i mostly bought this because i wanted to buy something at verbatim books in san diego definitely worth a browse if you are in SD and i thought this might be useful for this thing i have been trying to write i was hoping for like, social historical context of mr christ, but this was kind of cool despite a lot of necessary disclaimers that there really isn t too much concrete to know about jesus the guy even though i want him to say like, jesus was short and bald and smelled like freshly baked br [...]

  7. Here is another very valuable book on the historical Jesus E.P Sanders s book was published in 1993, and his work is on a par with the likes of Geza Vermes I had been looking for E.P.S in my local library, with no luck, so I bought this copy from and I m glad I did.It s in the treatment of New Testament Gospels where the author shines He clearly explains the chronology of M.L.M J Paul Acts etc while fishing out redaction and early Christian agenda His knowledge of first century Judaism helps gre [...]

  8. a reaction, than a review, here my reaction is like the other reader who asks what about Jesus sanctity in the context of history Sanders book is so evocative, so true an exploration, that you do have to confront what do I really know about Jesus What is mere belief Who do I really say he was

  9. Critical look at the historical Jesus Great foundation for those unfamiliar with the field.In attempting to sketch a critical and historic picture of what we can know about the historical Jesus, Sander does a wonderful job as scholar and guide Sanders begins The Historical Figure of Jesus by correcting popular misconceptions about the religious, political, and geographical settings of the life of Jesus He employees rigorous cross examination as a historian while he attempts to get back to what w [...]

  10. This book is an important one for historical Jesus research, partially because it s a coherent review of the major issues related to studying Jesus from a historical perspective, and party because it s a summary that is based on the judgments of an important Jesus scholar in E.P Sanders This book does feature some novel suggestions, as well as unique arguments in relation to Sanders own views, but it is also intended as an introduction to the major issues of historical Jesus research rather than [...]

  11. I added this to my booklist years ago when I was looking for information relating to a unique theory about Jesus I had heard on some TV show that I only heard part of I finally found the book I thought I wanted, and this wasn t it However, I kept it on the list for comparison purposes, if nothing else.This is a strictly historical study of the life of Jesus It looks lightly at some of the theological and doctrinal issues of Christianity but does not go deeply into those, as its primary purpose i [...]

  12. Jesus seems to have existed Josephus mentions him in his Jewish Antiquities among other prophets, of whom there were many in 1st century CE Holy Land John the Baptist was one another claimed that he could part the waters of Jordan, like a latter day Moses, and yet another that he could cause the walls of Jerusalem to fall, like a latter day Joshua the Romans arrested one and the other escaped I was surprised that the Monty Python movie set in this historical period was accurate in this respect O [...]

  13. This is a great read thoroughly informative throughout, Sanders vividly contextualises the life of Jesus using the relevant analytical categories For most people, every page will contain some information they had not been aware of before, or throw new light on a familiar passage by rendering what had seemed unremarkable remarkable Nevertheless, it suffers from the pitfalls of its genre sweeping, often rather under evidenced claims are made with a conviction which is not justified on the basis of [...]

  14. I enjoy reading ancient and medieval history because, when it s done right, it reads like a mystery story That s especially true when no written evidence survives from the lifetime of the subject Sanders, a former Duke University professor since retired , uses his encyclopedic knowledge of the first century Jewish world and of early Christianity to conduct an engaging study of this important subject One of the author s most appealing traits is his humility In the Preface, he warns readers that s [...]

  15. E.P Sanders seems to lie somewhere on the historical critical spectrum between the Jesus Seminar and N.T Wright He is notably critical of the gospel accounts, particularly as they move into miraculous events, but he also maintains an open mind regarding the explanations that could be offered His scholarship is rigorous, and for those who are interested in the setting into which Jesus worked, there is much to be gained from this volume.Sanders is at his best when he is explaining the world of Jud [...]

  16. My own point of view is that studying the gospels is extremely hard work.The present book gives an account of the difficulties and the fairly modest results, those that I regard as both basic and relatively secure xiii xiv That s the author s working premise, and one that I had to keep coming back to while I read this book It will not agree with a bunch that you may already have learned, but hear him out before you judge what he has said Much easier said than done for any that have been around t [...]

  17. This is not the kind of book you read if you re wanting to deepen you knowledge and faith in Jesus it s written for someone looking to deepen their understanding of the historical background of Jesus and ancient Palestine Sanders is writing from a purely historical point of view, trying his best to piece together the life of Christ In some instances I think he does well, and some, not so well Overall, I think this is a worth while read I chose to give it fours stars mostly because it was so we [...]

  18. Para um n o crente como eu, este livro acaba por n o adicionar muito do que temos curiosidade de pesquisar por n s, mas tem o m rito de reunir de forma sistematizada, e no mesmo local, toda a vida de Jesus descrita de forma n o dogm tica, recriada com factos, explica es e apr xima es a fen menos naturais grande parte do burburinho em torno de Jesus.Admito que um livro bastante convincente, possivelmente sem o sucesso esperado por n o ter revela es bomb sticas.Aos interessados no tema, ou mesmo a [...]

  19. I m auditing a class on the History of Christianity this semester and this is the first book we read I am fascinated by the quest research discovery that goes into the discussions of Jesus as a purely historical figure and this is a great contribution to the discussion It was also interesting to read because he comes to the conclusion that Jesus was not really a zealot or social justice advocate, as suggested by Aslan and Borg, but rather someone who was seen as a potential mob leader, killed fo [...]

  20. Dry and scholarly but full of the most interesting information, and therefore both fascinating and strangely not combative.This guy can tell you that Jesus was most certainly not conceived by a virgin a story that was likely made up to cover for the fact that in the synoptic gospels he s called Jesus, son of Mary rather than Jesus, son of Joseph and yet there s not a flicker of zealous argument or the whiff of scandalous statements He s not trying to argue with anyone He s just presenting the fa [...]

  21. Avevo un conto in sospeso con questo libro ne avevo letto un centinaio di pagine all incirca venti anni fa, poi mi ero arenato e lo avevo abbandonato Devo dire che ritengo tutt ora le prime cento pagine, quelle che tracciano i principali contorni politici e culturali di Giudea e Galilea e ci istruiscono su alcuni punti fermi sui quali c largo consenso tra gli storici, largamente pi interessanti delle duecento successive dove ci addentriamo in ipotesi di dettaglio circa a come i Vangeli ad esempi [...]

  22. Sanders provides historical, social and theological context to the life of Jesus In a highly accessible introduction to the historical study of Jesus life he explores the major events of Jesus life through investigating the political complexities of his age, the synoptic problem and larger problem of sources, major Jewish groups of the time, how major terms were understood As an introduction to these issues Sanders gives little attention to the scholarly debates and mentions only a few other nam [...]

  23. Sanders has done a wonderful job of extrapolating the true Jesus from the material available His points about the personification of evil, and the evolving of Christian thought are well researched, balanced, and shed a lot of light on how Jesus may have thought, and taught Sanders proves himself capable of sifting facts from fiction The investigation into miracles was an eye opener I highly recommend this book, for skeptics and believers alike.

  24. This was the first of several books I read that tried to get at who Jesus really was What was most significant was the way that it transformed my understanding of the Bible as a historical document rather than a religious one.I m afraid I have a hard time being specific about the book because it s been so long since I read it I have of a sense of what it meant to me than what the book is in and of itself My rating should be taken as similarly vague.

  25. The book by E.P Sanders is an attempt to understand the historical Jesus The main historical sources for the book are the works of Josephus, who provides the historical background, and gospels of Matthew, John, Mark, and Luke I am not a subject matter expert, and therefore cannot read the book critically, but credentials of E.P Sanders are implacable and the book is written extremely well and is very insightful.

  26. If you are going to read any book about Jesus, this is the one at present Informative and with a thorough discussion of the details You might disagree with aspects, e.g datings And where you do it is well worth going to his earlier books Jesus and Judaism and Studying the Synoptic Gospels for a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the arguments and literature Whether a believer or not essential.

  27. This is an astounding book, totally convincing in its deductions of what Jesus really intended Jesus never said he was the son of God he said he was the son of Man, and this book tries to explain what that meant This book has completely changed my conception of Christianity,and counts as one of the most influential books I ve ever read.

  28. For anyone interested in knowing about who Jesus was, this is the book for you It is the perfect rebuttal to people who claim that Jesus never existed Here you will know about the landscape he was born into, what Jesus preached, and how he lived It will help to make you truly appreciated who Jesus was and why he is so important to our world today.

  29. One of the early books I read relating to Jesus Research I was excited to hear Sanders description of Jesus as an itinerant country preacher who avoided the cities and whose message primarily was for the peasants and tradespeople He was generous and fair in his use of sources and affirming of my personal faith.Highly recommended

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