A Trail of Fire

[PDF] A Trail of Fire | by í Diana Gabaldon - A Trail of Fire, A Trail of Fire Four extraordinary stories featuring characters from the bestselling OUTLANDER series In Lord John and the Plague of Zombies Lord John Grey is posted to Jamaica to assist the Governor as he faces a mo

  • Title: A Trail of Fire
  • Author: Diana Gabaldon
  • ISBN: 9781409144489
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] A Trail of Fire | by í Diana Gabaldon, A Trail of Fire, Diana Gabaldon, A Trail of Fire Four extraordinary stories featuring characters from the bestselling OUTLANDER series In Lord John and the Plague of Zombies Lord John Grey is posted to Jamaica to assist the Governor as he faces a most unusual kind of uprising among the colony s slave population In The Space Between Jamie Fraser s step daughter Joan is on her way to an abbey in Paris to become a nun Four extraordi [PDF] A Trail of Fire | by í Diana Gabaldon - A Trail of Fire, A Trail of Fire Four extraordinary stories featuring characters from the bestselling OUTLANDER series In Lord John and the Plague of Zombies Lord John Grey is posted to Jamaica to assist the Governor as he faces a mo

  • [PDF] A Trail of Fire | by í Diana Gabaldon
    156Diana Gabaldon
A Trail of Fire

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    Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


  1. Happily, A Trail of Fire arrived a week earlier than what I had been told to expect by A very welcome surprise for the weekend as I was feeling a need for a really good story in these short dark November days A collection of 4 previously published short stories and novellas, A Trail of Fire is not yet available in Canada or the US, hence, the UK order My husband kindly birthed the book from the cardboard packaging with extra glue placed there, I am sure, by a concerned Brit to protect the book f [...]

  2. I am a huge fan of The Outlander series It is currently my top rated series I have ever read with Harry Potter a very close second Diana Gabaldon refers to the Outlander series as BEB s Big Enormous Books which they are A Trail of Fire, Four Outlander Tales is a Buldge , stories that take place between and are interwoven and connect to BEB s Given that fans have been waiting for MOBE MOBY for close to 2 years now, many of us covet any stories we can get about Jamie Claire I read the Scottish Pri [...]

  3. It probably goes without saying that this book is essential reading for fans of Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series and related works I really have no idea whether the stories contained in A Trail of Fire would be at all interesting for newcomers to her work certainly, there s some well researched and written historical fiction here, but I have a hard time seeing it being meaningful to anyone who hasn t read her other books and isn t familiar with the characters.That said, what a delight it is to [...]

  4. A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows 2.5 rounded up.I m torn with this first novella in the collection It wasn t awful but there wasn t anything really that new There was surprise Frank which no one asked for EVER although I kind of get why he was included Apart from that the only really new thing was a change at the end and I think I d kind of guessed that before getting to that part Most of the stuff was already included in Echo I could have sworn before reading this that the Jerry stuff was ment [...]

  5. SpoilersI only read two of the short stories Jerry s aka Roger s dad and Comte Joan Michael s story Lord John has always bored me, so I didn t bother reading any of his.Jerry s story A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows started of quite slow There was a fair amount of dull monologue about the war, Jerry s planes and his training and none of it held my attention Thankfully, it picked up once Jerry went into the past, and I very much enjoyed reading about his confusion and realisation about where whe [...]

  6. If you follow the Outlander series, you need to read A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows and The Space Between two of the novellas in A Trail of Fire If you follow the Lord John series, along with the Outlander series, you might enjoy The Custom of the Army and Lord John and the Plague of Zombies I read and liked them all but liked the first two I mentioned best.A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows is the story of what really happened to Roger MacKenzie s parents, Jerry and Dolly and takes place duri [...]

  7. The Custom of the Army The world is chaos and death and destruction But people like you you don t stand for that If there is any order in the world, any peace it s because of you, John, and those very few like you I couldn t agree with this sentence about John, his sense of honor and justice are one of the things I love about him.There is never a boring time in John s life, after an electric eel party that ended up with a proposal of marriage, a duel and a death So when he receives a letter fro [...]

  8. This book consists of four, DG short stories I had read three of them already in other places but bought the book for the fourth and new short story, The Space Between I am basing this review on that story.I liked reading about these secondary characters from the Outlander series, Joan and Michael Just like we got to know young Ian in the main books, this gives a nice glimpse into Michael s life, another of Jenny and the elder Ian s children And it s great to be back in France, in Uncle Jared s [...]

  9. This book has it all Four short stories by Diana Gabaldon all wonderful in their own way And while it might not be obvious why these stories were grouped together in one book, as you get to the new story A SPACE BETWEEN , you can see the pieces come together but only if you ve been paying attention to the names and characters from the previous short stories and have a background with the Outlander series Doesn t hurt to have a background with the Lord John Grey series, either BEWARE there might [...]

  10. Disappointed Gabaldons BEB s Big Enormous Books are my favourite series of books but her novellas leave me cold Lord John Grey is a weak and boring character and having tried Lord John and the Private Matter, I should have know better I don t think the short stories achieve anything Some of the lesser known characters have by this time become so faded in memory I couldn t tie them in with what I can remember from the big books The story lines are just plucked almost out of thin air to me and unf [...]

  11. This book contains four novellas from Diana Gabaldon, three of which I had read before when they were first published in anthologies However, as the cost of buying the anthologies was quite prohibitive, I had to borrow the books from the library in order to read those stories It is fabulous to be able to own a physical copy of them all, plus one brand new one The four novellas all fit within the Outlander Lord John universe There are two Lord John stories, a story about Roger s parents which pre [...]

  12. I read three of the four stories in this book before I had to return it to the library A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, The Custom of the Army, and Lord John and the Plague of Zombies A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows tells the tale of Roger s parents I vaguely remembered this story from Roger s perspective According to a footnote, that is told in Echo in the Bone, but I thought it was in the most recent book, Written in My Own Heart s Blood The sheer mass of all these novels has leaked from m [...]

  13. A Leaf on the Wind is 4 long short stories and fills in a few gaps here and there in the Outlander saga These sorts of linking books are good as they fill in gaps and give us a taste of Outlander whilst waiting for the next big novel to come out The first story is on Roger s parents and what happened to them Although I wasn t clear on who the 2 guys at the end were and had to go Googling to find out The two Lord John stories were also good and I think I will have to go out and read the rest of t [...]

  14. Diana Gabaldon s Outlander world is so big and the characters so numerous that, since time isn t really an obstacle either, there are pockets of untold stories all over the place She could write in this world for a very long time.I had already read 3 of the 4 novellas in other collections Both of the Lord John novellas were quite good, as well as A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows although that title always makes me think of the movie Serenity oh, Wash.The Space Between was my least favorite It w [...]

  15. My hardback copy of this issue ISBN 978 1 4091 4447 2 I ordered from the UK, and, although I had only read one of the short stories, I still Love this book What a great way to get an idea for a new book, just follow a different friend or family member, and see what they are up to Did I say I loved it I am so glad Diana got the copy rights back so that I could have four of her short stories in one place A leaf on the wind of all Hallows was so good, and so was The space Between and Raymond is bac [...]

  16. Another wonderful addition to the bulge Diana Gabaldon s detail to historical fiction and ability to wind in actual historical figures with her characters never ceases to astound me Huzzah

  17. Containing four short stories which bulge from the main thread of Gabaldon s disturbingly addictive Outlander series, these vibrant short stories are delightful I think they would still make sense to someone who has not read the other novels, but for those of us who have, they give playful little hints as to how they would fill out the world Gabaldon has created Full of sensory details, they are a fun escape for the everyday, and prove again what a compelling writer she is.

  18. These four novellas were excellent In my opinion, the author has gotten better and better at filling in some of the side stories with really strong shorts Each one of these was long enough to feel like it was a complete side story, instead of some of the earlier ones that felt a little rushed in the end For Outlander followers, these are a must read.

  19. Thrilled to have the three previously released short stories from other disparate anthologies and the additional new story wrapping it up A Leaf on All Hallow s is even poignant the second time The Space in Between is heart breakingly gorgeous.

  20. I was lucky enough to pick this up on a recent trip to the UK as it s not out here in the US Loved the first story about Roger s father in the Second World War As for the rest, I really enjoyed being back in the Outlander world, even if the stories didn t include Jamie and Claire.

  21. I like Diana Gabaldon s short stories that tie up small crevices in her large books I am not that fond of the Lord John stories.This book contains 4 short stories, 2 Outlander related and 2 Lord John related I really liked A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, and the Space Between.

  22. 4 short stories Enjoyed the two that were bulges from the Cross Stitch storyline particularly the one on Roger s parents Hate how she promotes her Lord John stories as offshoots from Cross Stitch they are written completely differently and i don t enjoy them at all.

  23. Love me some bulges Wish a few of them would show up as full fledged books someday all of the stories were worth the time to read them This girlie is sure prolific

  24. Fun to read shorts from Diana regarding the Outlander series, not really about them but in between them Involving characters you know from the books I really enjoyed The Space Between.

  25. The designation of short story is rather a misnomer here, as it is Diana Gabaldon, after all There are four stories in Trail of Fire, a book of about 375 pages, so not quite short enough to be short stories, and not quite long enough to be novellas At least one of these has been published previously, and these are what Gabaldon calls bulge stories they fit in with characters who aren t doing anything in the novels with which they correlate, and thus can be sent on pretty much any errand I had a [...]

  26. She is a master when writing a long stories, hundreds of pages, absolutely brilliant with so many details Unfortunately I cannot say the same with short stories I liked that I got the chance to read about characters that I haven t got the chance before But my joy was as short as these stories were, they offered tiny bit of information, but not enough and it s been cut off toi shortly and my mind is full of questions Not exactly what I hoped for And personally lord John character is too boring, [...]

  27. Olen lukenut kaikki Matkantekij n p sarjan j rk leet T m kokoelma r nsyj oli ehdottomasti lukemisen arvoinen laajennus Rakastin lukea Rogerin vanhemmista Luiden kaiku j ttikin t lt osalta asioita selv sti avoimeksi Olen oppinut pit m n lordi Johnista Varsinkin Jamaikalle sijoittuva zombitarina j tti minut kuitenkin miettim n kokonaisuuden aikajanaa Oliko h n tuohon aikaan niin vapaa velvoitteista, kuin t ss kuvataan J nnitt vin on viimeinen tarina V litila Se her tt p tarinaan liitettyn monia uu [...]

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