Die Landkarte des Himmels

Die Landkarte des Himmels Best Download || [Félix J. Palma] - Die Landkarte des Himmels, Die Landkarte des Himmels Fremde Welten gef hrliche Abenteuer und eine gro e LiebeGibt es eine Zivilisation im All die intelligenter und gl cklicher ist als wir Menschen Eine Expedition in die Antarktis trifft im Jahr a

  • Title: Die Landkarte des Himmels
  • Author: Félix J. Palma
  • ISBN: 9783463406251
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover

Die Landkarte des Himmels Best Download || [Félix J. Palma], Die Landkarte des Himmels, Félix J. Palma, Die Landkarte des Himmels Fremde Welten gef hrliche Abenteuer und eine gro e LiebeGibt es eine Zivilisation im All die intelligenter und gl cklicher ist als wir Menschen Eine Expedition in die Antarktis trifft im Jahr auf ein Wesen von einem anderen Stern Sechzig Jahre sp ter will der Million r Montgomery Gil f r die Frau die er liebt im viktorianischen London eine Invasion von Au eriFrem Die Landkarte des Himmels Best Download || [Félix J. Palma] - Die Landkarte des Himmels, Die Landkarte des Himmels Fremde Welten gef hrliche Abenteuer und eine gro e LiebeGibt es eine Zivilisation im All die intelligenter und gl cklicher ist als wir Menschen Eine Expedition in die Antarktis trifft im Jahr a

  • Die Landkarte des Himmels Best Download || [Félix J. Palma]
    329Félix J. Palma
Die Landkarte des Himmels

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  1. Félix J. Palma

    F lix Jes s Palma Mac as, was born in Sanl car de Barrameda, Spain on June 16, 1968 He attended Francisco Pacheco High School and studied Publicity at the University at Sevilla.His first volume of stories, El Vigilante de la Salamandra The Lizard s Keeper showed his ability to introduce fantasy into the every day He is also author of the storybooks M todos de Supervivencia Methods of Survival , Las Interioridades Interiors , Los Ar cnidos The Arachnid , and El Menor Espect culo del Mundo The World s Smallest Show Palma has also published La Hormiga que Quiso ser Astronauta The Ant that Wanted to Become an Astronaut , Las Corrientes Oce nicas The Ocean Currents , and El Mapa del Tiempo The Map of Time The Map of Time was the first novel to be published in the United States.His book have garned many awards His Los Ar cnidos won the C diz Latin American Story Award, Las Corrientes Oce nicas won the 2005 Luis Berenguer Award for Novel and El Mapa del Tiempo was awarded the Ateneo de Sevilla XL Prize in 2008.His work has been translated into than 25 languages and published in over 30 countries Palma has also worked as a columnist, literary critic and has given creative writing workshops.


  1. 4,5 review in English below Que viagem Estou quase sem palavras Palma parece ter encarnado v rios grandes escritores nesta obra como j comentei nos updates, lembrei me de Salgari, London, Verne e Austen mas tamb m de Arthur C Clarke e de Ursula K Le Guin , conseguindo produzir uma narrativa que uma interessante e criativa sequela de O Mapa do Tempo e, ao mesmo tempo, uma hist ria fant stica que vale por si pr pria Uma hist ria que s o tr s, tal como no livro anterior, e que se completam e comple [...]

  2. As I write reviews, I realize that my favorite books are the devastating ones The Map of the Sky by F lix J Palma is devastating almost from the first page So many times hope raises its meek head only to be struck down by ineffable powerlessness I don t read sci fi or horror, and some of the scenes are so terrifying that I sometimes wondered what I was doing reading this thing Answer I was compelled The book addicted me completely and I m not sure if it s because of the length or in spite of it [...]

  3. Esta novela es todo un homenaje a la literatura de follet n y de aventuras, donde se dan lugar algunos de los grandes nombres de la Literatura Universal como son H.G Wells y Edgar Allan Poe Pero no estamos ante un libro donde la acci n te conduce a una lectura fren tica La novela de F lix J Palma es pura literatura, es un placer detenerse en cada p rrafo de cada p gina, y donde s , hay acci n, suspense, romanticismo, viajes en el tiempo, terror, pero tambi n una exquisita sensibilidad que requie [...]

  4. I am completely in love with this series Felix J Palma is my hero Seriously I loved The Map of Time which deals with H.G Well s Time Machine so it was inevitable that I picked up The Map of the Sky with anticipation, and thoroughly expecting a story that dealt with Wells s sky themed book like say War of the Worlds People, I cackled out loud several times as I read this story.Something I ve learned to appreciate, over the last year especially, is how a narrator can make or break a story If you, [...]

  5. I had the pleasure of reading Palma s book The Map of Time last year so I was excited to get my hands on his new release, The Map of the Sky Palma has a distinct writing voice, one filled with deception, grace and melodic prose.The Map of the Sky is told in three parts H.G Wells is perturbed about a sequel to his best selling novel, The War of the Worlds He didn t write it and he wants to meet the author But the author shows Wells something that he has only imagined an alien that was found earli [...]

  6. Unfortunately, rather than improving on the best aspects of The Map of Time , this novel exacerbates its worst features Yes, length is one of them, but worrying is the tendency to turn intertextuality into plagiarism The entire first section set in Antarctica is a palimpsest of that SciFi horror movie classic The Thing while the alternative 1900 set in a London colonised by evil aliens borrows heavily from The Matrix not to mention the fact that both novels simply rework K W Jeter s foundationa [...]

  7. cifituits EMDC Terminado Me ha gustado m s que el mapa del tiempo, aun as no termina de convencerme el estilo del autor, con ese narrador cortador de rollo que se ha buscado Creo sinceramente que es mucho mejor haber leido El mapa del tiempo antes, sino te pierdes buena parte de la historia, y a la vez es muy incongruente con la historia de Wells en el anterior libro.

  8. I was a really big fan of The Map of Time, which was three separate but connected stories about time travel starring H.G Wells as one of the characters I stumbled across this sequel at the library it s a bit of the same setup, but instead of using Wells The Time Machine as the inspiration, this one is all about Martians and The War of the Worlds I liked this one a little less than The Map of Time, if only because the first book seemed a little tightly constructed and clever However, both are fi [...]

  9. Im zweiten Teil seiner Trilog a Victoriana entf hrt uns F lix J Palma wieder in das viktorianische London plus zus tzlichen Abstechern nach New York und in die Antarktis Man trifft sowohl alte Bekannte wie auch neue Charaktere und verliert sich wieder genauso schnell in der wundersch nen Beschreibungen des allwissenden Erz hlers wie schon in Die Landkarte der Zeit Obwohl der Roman eine eigenst ndige Geschichte erz hlt ist es doch ratsam, die B nde in der richtigen Reihenfolge zu lesen, da einem [...]

  10. I just cannot finish this book I cannot It s horrible It s worse than Book One in the trilogy I had such high hopes d t the synopsis, but it is sluggish and nonsensical I care about no one and nothing happening.

  11. If I could be a world class writer, I would want to be a writer like Felix J Palma or Carlos Ruiz Zafon Both write beautiful, lyrical, intricate novels that are superbly spun and satisfying tales Their books are long, so you can stay immersed in the fantastical world they create for a long time often, i wish that their books would never end and that they could write far quickly to accommodate my passion for their writing Now to the story at hand.Make sure that you read The Map of Time before yo [...]

  12. A few years back, I won a copy of The Map of Time through , a time travel book that was an homage to HG Wells than anything else What started as a strange tribute to The Time Machine ended up being a really compelling story regarding fringe science, quackery, and misdirection that I absolutely loved When I saw that The Map of the Sky was announced, I quickly preordered it and then basically forgot to read it for a year Having some time on a plane, I finally gave it a shot, and I m frankly kicki [...]

  13. No es que me sorprenda del todo, porque ya hab a le do anteriormente El mapa del tiempo, pero aqu Palma confirma lo que ya sab a que es un genio de la escritura y un maestro de la narraci n, y que tiene un don especial para entrelazar las diferentes tramas que se van sucediendo para llegar a una sola La primera parte de la novela me ha parecido espectacular, en ocasiones algo densa, pero no en el t rmino negativo de la palabra La verdad es que en cierto momento me qued no entiendo por qu ha pasa [...]

  14. Ay, casi se me saltan las l grimas con los agradecimientos Enhorabuena, F lix J Palma Menudo novel n No me extra a que haya sido tan disfrutado y tan galardonado Pens que iba a ser dif cil que esta segunda novela superase a la anterior, pero sin duda lo ha hecho y con creces.He cerrado la cubierta del libro completamente extasiada Has movido algo dentro de m.Ahora lo nico que me queda es esperar a que escribas el tercer libro que cierre la trilog a Uff, seguro que la espera es ardua, aunque espe [...]

  15. Otra vez me enga oEn el 1 se quedo conmigo En este he ido m s atendo y esperando algun enga o de la misma forma que en el primero Pero cuando pensaba lo que iba a ser y alfinal nada de eso a sido otro palo.No cabe duda de que son bastante originales sus obras Ese juego de explicar la vida y sucesos del pasado mediante la fantasia y el enga o muy chulo.

  16. Wow I LOVED this book Loved it at least as much as if not than The Map of Time, which I totally was not expecting You see, The Map of Time was so brilliant and wonderful that I had a hard time believing any sequel could live up to it, but of course I went into it than willing to give it a chance So, right from the first page, the first few sentences, I was already loving it The narrative style is just so perfect for the story I love being addressed personally by the narrator, and I love how he [...]

  17. Herbert George Wells would have preferred to live in a fairer, considerate world, a world where a kind of artistic code of ethics prevented people from exploiting others ideas for their own gain, one where the so called talent of those wretches who had the effrontery to do so would dry up overnight, condemning them to a life of drudgery like ordinary men But, unfortunately, the world he lived in was not like that In his world everything was permissible, or at least that is what Wells thought An [...]

  18. Just wow HG Wells, Time Travel, Martians , and This book was full of surprises The Map of the Sky by Felix J Palma is a fascinating read The author is a master storyteller, taking the theme of HG Well s War of the Worlds and expanding upon that story to create a frightening tale What if Martians really did land on Earth What if they really had those deadly tripod machines What if the Martians really did take over Earth following HG Wells story The beauty of this book is the many connecting plo [...]

  19. This sequel is so much like the first book that I could cut and past what I said about the first one and place it here You can read my review of the first book here The Map of Time by F lix J PalmaMy rating 3 of 5 starsThis book if full of great ideas click on the star ratings above to read the full review Now for The Map of the Sky Again, Palma sets the action in three sections, which are quite different from each other, enough that it is almost too disorienting The first part is a great thrill [...]

  20. Not really sure what to say about this book Like the first, it was told in parts with different parts following different people, and seemingly disparate threads ultimately coming together though the threads were a bit straightforward in this one, if I recall correctly.Also like the first, some of the parts were interesting and others were long and overly rambling and boring Unlike the first, though, I felt there were boring parts than not in this one, and the pay off just lacked punch It felt [...]

  21. Sorry, Spanish review only No me gustan las historias de extraterrestres S , en cambio, me gustan las novelas fant sticas La magia, la acci n, las batallas picas Me gustan los escenarios inimaginables y los delicados decorados decimon nicos, tambi n los personajes inolvidables Supongo que El mapa del cielo tiene todos esos ingredientes pero es que habla sobre extraterrestres No es que me parezca mal, ojo, s lo que cada uno tira para lo suyo y no s si los gustos son aprendidos o est n condicionad [...]

  22. This is the second in a trilogy by Palma, with the first being the Map of Time.I m not sure how to describe this book Historical fiction Historical science fiction A love story set amidst horror and destruction Historical fantasy While I m not sure exactly how to categorize this novel, I will say that I enjoyed it I didn t find it as enthralling as the first book, the Map of Time, but Palma writes in such a powerful way that his writing style and skills overcome any lags in the story.In 1898 Lon [...]

  23. El mapa del cielo ha resultado ser una historia diferente a lo que me esperaba y, sobre todo, m s compleja Una novela de ciencia ficci n quiz algo densa pero que logr atraparme por su maravillosa narraci n y lo bien desarrollada que est la tramavidasecretadeloslibross

  24. Mostly held my interest H.G Welles one of the major characters, and that piece worked amazingly well or Welles One of the better post modern spins I ve read in the past decade The plot suffered from Neal Stephenson syndrome those extraneous 100 or so pages that drag things down.

  25. After writing the groundbreaking novel, The War of the Worlds, HG Wells has once again been contacted by an amateur author with hopes on selling similar works Remembering the unfortunate results of panning Gilliam Murray s works, Wells decides to go with a softer approach, an event that leads him to the corpse of a very real alien Meanwhile, the wealthy Emma Harlow has grown tired of the parade of eligible bachelors begging for her hand None infuriate her than the persistent millionaire Montgom [...]

  26. Nachdem ich Die Landkarte der Zeit verschlungen, geliebt und oft und gerne weiterempfohlen habe, war ich voller Vorfreude und Hoffnung auf die Fortsetzung Die Landkarte des Himmels Leider muss ich sagen, dass ich selten so entt uscht von einem Buch war, Dinge, die ich in Teil 1 toll fand, wie die Art, wie sich der Autor als Erz hler einbringt und dem Leser zum Beispiel ank ndigt, welche erz hlerische Route er nehmen wird, oder dass er die Privatsph re eines Paares nicht st ren will und stattdess [...]

  27. Felix J Palma s debut steampunk novel, The Map of Time , was an international bestseller but its release met with lukewarm reviews and it seems that Palma s follow up to that novel, The Map of the Sky , is destined for of the same Unfortunately, although this second novel has a lot going for it, it misses the mark in its entirety Failing to learn from the mistakes he made with his first full length novel, Palma simply tries to do too much in one book Even outlining just the plot in less than 30 [...]

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