Queen of Dragons

☆ Queen of Dragons ↠ Shana Abe - Queen of Dragons, Queen of Dragons Hidden among the remote hills of eighteenth century England lives a powerful clan of shape shifters who ve become the stuff of myths and legends They are the dr kon supersensual creatures with the abi

  • Title: Queen of Dragons
  • Author: Shana Abe
  • ISBN: 9780553805284
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Queen of Dragons ↠ Shana Abe, Queen of Dragons, Shana Abe, Queen of Dragons Hidden among the remote hills of eighteenth century England lives a powerful clan of shape shifters who ve become the stuff of myths and legends They are the dr kon supersensual creatures with the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon Now a treacherous new enemy threatens to destroy their world of magic and glittering power For centuries they thought themselvesHidden amon ☆ Queen of Dragons ↠ Shana Abe - Queen of Dragons, Queen of Dragons Hidden among the remote hills of eighteenth century England lives a powerful clan of shape shifters who ve become the stuff of myths and legends They are the dr kon supersensual creatures with the abi

  • ☆ Queen of Dragons ↠ Shana Abe
    458Shana Abe
Queen of Dragons

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    Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books that she most enjoyed reading 1 She later attended college in Los Angeles, graduating with a degree in drama.Her second novel, also a contemporary romance, took third place in a writing contest She sent the book to several prospective agents, many of which responded with questions similar to Nice voice but what line are you writing for Unwilling to try to fit her writing into some of the rules that governed contemporary romances, Ab chose to concentrate on historical romances For her first attempt at a historical romance, the newlywed Ab chose to tell the story of her own romance with her husband, set in medieval times The manuscript was purchased by Bantam Books and published as A Rose in Winter.Many of Ab s subsequent novels have also been set in the medieval time period Ab chose the time period because of its great sense of dichotomy.It inspires thoughts of grandeur, of courtly grace and chivalrous knights but at the same time there s a gritty, raw aspect to the period that just cannot be denied Ab has received the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, and has been nominated six times for Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, winning twice


  1. 1.5 starsI was originally going to give this book just 1 star, but I decided to go with 1.5 stars Why, you ask Because I liked the last 25 pages or so I m a sucker for a good ending And, since the ending was the only part of the book I actually enjoyed, I felt that it deserved an extra half star.The plot in this book is weak In fact, I can t really see that there is much of a plot Aside for the minimal page time given the humans hunting the dragons, the book seemed to only consist of Maricara sk [...]

  2. Shana Ab doesn t know the word nice nor does she know words like good or bad You know those words that you see all the time to describe some regular thing or other making you wonder why the author can t be a tad creative in their writing style Well with Ab you ll never have that problem She can make the most mundane, humdrum and inconsequential thing explode into a freakin firecracker of colour The woman could convince you that ironing and sweeping are an intricate ballet of swooping arms and t [...]

  3. This is the third book of the Drakon series, and it appears that the books decline in goodness The first book The Smoke Thief was really good, and the next book The Dream Thief was okay I didn t finish Queen of Dragons I got about half through, and I had to keep forcing myself to pick it up It just kept going on and on, and I didn t care at all The characters could all die, and I would have been okay with that because at least the book would have finally been over.

  4. The first book of this series was something different from things I was reading It is historical romance, with all the ladies and lords and proper etiquette in England long past Add fantastical elements dragons The second book of the series got me hooked.This book had me in suspenseful reading binge I loved center characters This book was less about romance and about intrigue and mystery It made me feel like the build up from first two books is coming together finally.Only it ended on a cliffha [...]

  5. I am loving this series I am going to quote from the book to try and explain just what the Drakon in this world are, because I think it is important that the reader of these books realizes that these are not PEOPLE HUMANS I am surprised that the reviews of these books are so critical of how few choices the females have and how dominant the males are And this pertains to the main characters, not the entire world of the drakon because most of them have total choice in their romances and marriages [...]

  6. Eh Three books in, I am becoming unable to escape the conviction that this author thinks a man being so turned on by you he just can t control himself is very dashing and romantic, and a high compliment So far, all of her heroines have avoided rape, but the dude in this one does a lot of We re meant to be together, you can t escape that and he doesn t mean that fate will bring them together he s talking about his goons The romantic declaration of feelings on his part is when he basically decides [...]

  7. The Drakon series by Shana Abe is doing a curious thing to my reading habits I am normally a romance genre fan but I am finding that I am as interested, if not so, in the fantasy genre story in this series as I am in the romance.As a romance book, Queen of Dragons was not as impactful for me as The Dream Thief was Maybe that s because that while Kimber, the hero in Queen of Dragons is very nice, he just doesn t compare to Zane from Dream Thief Thankfully, Zane does make a brief appearance in Qu [...]

  8. Shana Ab hates cabbage I know this because she makes her main characters hate cabbage in every book so far.In other news, this time the protagonist, Kimber, is not a rapist That s good Actually, he and Maricara don t even have sex until page 203 And she has a spine, stands up to everyone, proves her strength and resourcefulness I think Ab is trying to lead up to a women finally gain some rights plot that might appear somewhere in the final book But I m not holding my breath Plus points for makin [...]

  9. This book didnt really hold the excitement the first two did There was a story outside of the romance involving hunters, but it wasnt really much of a focus I would say most of the story revolved around Maricara and the tension between her and the drakon of Darkfrith Her ways are so different that it takes a long time for them to trust each other This was the shortest book so far and didnt have enough time to really focus on either the story or the romance There wasnt as much of a connection bet [...]

  10. Queen of Dragons is the third book in the Drakon series This is the story of Kimber Rue and Kit s eldest son and Princess Maricana of the Zaharen Again, Shana Abe tells a beautiful story She implements a new group of people, hunters who are dead set on killing the Drakon I gave Queen of Dragons four stars because it took a while for things to pick up In her previous books of the Drakon, I was pulled in from start to finish and so sad once the book ended Although, I am not sure if it fair for me [...]

  11. nsan,Ejderha,Duman formuna giren muhte em varl klar n kitab bitti18.YY ngillteresinde ge en bu seriyi ok seviyorumEjderha Krali esi serinin 3tab idi Puan 5 3,65Seri be kitaptan olu uyor devam gelecek mi bilmiyorumSerinin di er kitaplar na g re biraz daha vasatt sankiSon okudu um R ya Avc s bana g re daha g zeldiBu serinin bir talihsizli i de farkl yay n evinden kmalar lk kitap Duman H rs z Erko Yay n dan km Seri bir b t n bence olaylar birbirini takip ediyorKolleksiyon Yay n evi serinin ilk kita [...]

  12. The writing in this book is beautiful It is lush, rich I just wanted to bury myself in it like warm blanket or decadent cake Unfortunately, like cake, the story was all sugar and no substance.The female protagonist in this story had no agency in the romantic plotline Every single romantic scene is told from the man s point of view, about how she is his and he wants to possess her, wants to literally lock her up in a room in his basement to keep her there She is described as being powerful and be [...]

  13. The third novel of the series is about the woman who seems to be the strongest of the drakon race she is a part of Traveling to Darkfrith to meet the other drakon for herself the story is about the troubles she meets along the way.Plot The plot is about a group of men that are killing off the drakon, though you do not actually realize what the plot is about until halfway through Before that it seemed to be about how Maricara could possibly be destroying cattle and churches and well, I do not rea [...]

  14. I generally don t like the fated to be mated theme because I consider it a gamble that few authors manage to actually win The reason is that it can easily turn into an unavoidable union between two people who are happy to find some attraction between them to ease their way, rather than a passionate, emotional love story This book only served to reinforce this opinion of mine Kimber is the alpha of the English Drakon now that his parents have gone missing while Maricara is the alpha of the Carpat [...]

  15. So I found out far too late into the book that this was probably a romance novel written by someone who generally writes romance novels Keep this in mind, as I do not particularly like romance as a genre Good execution can make me enjoy it, mind, and I m generally fine with romance in a story if it makes sense, though preferably when it s not the main plot.Because of this, I m specifically writing this review to avoid commenting too much on the love story, aside to comment that lust is not the s [...]

  16. Read 12 31 1 1 08.Queen of Dragons is the latest book in the Drakon series Set in 18th century England and Romania, the story is a romance fantasy mixture about the Drakon folk who tend the land, love their tribe and shape shift into dragons In this volume, Princess Maricara of the Romanian Drakon arrives in the quiet English shire of Earl Kimber Langford and sparks fly Maricara has come to England to warn these distant Drakon cousins of great danger, an evil that hunts the Drakon, only to disco [...]

  17. I don t think I ve read another series where the paranormal species it s about has PISSED ME OFF as much as these Drakons The females are OK, I suppose at least in the previous two books Not so much in this one But the guys are and there s really only one word for it assholes Their domineering mentality over the female characters makes me feel violent, and I fail to see how the heroine s could overlook that and fall in love with the so called heroes anyway I mean, for Christ sake, this guy spend [...]

  18. this would have been much better as a short story Perhaps in a compendium of shifter stories This book was short on plot There was quite a bit of discussion among the characters and quite a few descriptions, but neither of these furthered the plot I don t feel like I ve learned anything new of Maricara, and Kimber appears to be a spoiled child I really enjoyed the previous two books, or I wouldn t have read this one I was very disappointed I ll be thinking twice before committing to the next boo [...]

  19. This installment of the Drakon series was not my favorite of the three I ve read so far Actually, I would give this book three stars because the plot is almost nonexistent However, Abe s writing style enthralls me It s dreamy and enchanting and unlike almost any other style I ve encountered So my enjoyment of the this novel was not affected by the lack of plot Therefore, four stars.

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry in the Dr kon series It was fast paced and set up plots to take the reader through several entries in the series Of all the characters introduced in the series so far, Maricara, Kimber, and Kimber s brother, Rhys, are my favorites I can t wait for the next book to see where the author takes them.

  21. It was pretty good, just felt like the plot lost got very confusing without enough details sometimes and then overloaded with too many details at other times.

  22. At first I thought, it would be weird to be reading about these characters and even though I was trying to catch up with the years, in the end I enjoyed a lot.

  23. I just didn t become involved with the characters In a book you like the characters or hate them In this book I didn t care The ending leaves the opening for the next story and I m not sure I even care to find out what happens next That s unusual for me

  24. Super good At first not sure where going but kept me turning pages Not as much mystery and a slight cliff hanger and full of drama.

  25. This is my third Shana Ab book and I m still in love with all things Drakon.The previous book The Dream Thiefhad my favourite character Zane, and Amalia the daughter of Kristoff and Rue from Book 1, The Smoke Thief This one is the story of the Transylvanian Drakon Queen Maricara and Lia s elder brother, the Darkfrith Alpha Kimber.Mari has come to Darkfrith with news of an Old enemy of the Drakon who are trying to wipe them out But the arrival of a unknown Drakon into a Darkfrith that s been disc [...]

  26. Is it just me to this book seem slow Not in like a bad way, but one of those languorously slow books that pull you in bit by bit until it has you sucked in completely Excellent way to do things I say, and Abe continues to write wonderfully and with such vivid description that if Regency England weren t semi solid knowledge in my brain, it is after reading this and the previous books.I will, admit, however, that I ve never noticed the age gap between the characters It seems always that the female [...]

  27. This was my reading group choice for our February meeting but as is my usual habit I didn t start it until after the meeting.This book is part of a series but I was told that it can easily be read as a standalone so I decided to give it a go since I had already spent the 6 to purchase it for the group To be completely honest I only decided to read it after reading the author blurb who talked about sharing her home with bunnies and a goofy dog and who promotes supporting your local shelter She se [...]

  28. If I were a Drakon Princess who was determined not to become mated to the Drakon Alpha of another Drakon tribe, the last thing I would do is travel to his home Our Drakon Princess Maricara travels to England to Darkfrith as soon as she is of an appropriate mating age She goes straight to Kimber Langford s home She pops up in his home in the middle of the night, naked to accuse him of trying to spy on her and to declare that she will not wed him She also flees his home to hide from him She goes t [...]

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