Head To Head

[PDF] Head To Head | by â Linda Ladd - Head To Head, Head To Head After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks Missouri homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra e

  • Title: Head To Head
  • Author: Linda Ladd
  • ISBN: 9780786017171
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Head To Head | by â Linda Ladd, Head To Head, Linda Ladd, Head To Head After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks Missouri homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra exclusive wellness resort shatters a quiet summer morning [PDF] Head To Head | by â Linda Ladd - Head To Head, Head To Head After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks Missouri homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra e

  • [PDF] Head To Head | by â Linda Ladd
    195 Linda Ladd
Head To Head

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  1. This was a Free Friday selection on the Nook, which I don t typically download, but this looked like it might be an interesting mystery What to say about this book About halfway through, I couldn t figure out if I was continuing to read because I actually wanted to know what was going to happen or if I was just reading it ironically or if I was reading it out of spite or what It was kind of like reading a Lifetime movie The whole thing was cheesy everyone was super fit and good looking The rich [...]

  2. Linda Ladd is a new author to me and I think a relatively new author to begin with this book is her first and was published in 2006 But once you start reading this book, she comes across as a veteran writer This book is very well written, with a plot that will throw you for a loop This book has what appears to be 2 story lines, that work towards joining each other A great police procedural with a very good cast of characters The main character has a bit of a shady past that is given out in small [...]

  3. A new author series for me and a strong 4 stars Detective Claire Morgan pursues a uber creepo serial killer The twist at the enda couple of them, reallytally surprised me Ladd s first person takes a bit to get used to, but that s true with many author s writing styles I love Nick as the romantic male lead He is truly an amazing guy to see through Claire s armor and put up with her tough, chip on the shoulder attitude I wasn t a big fan of Claire s at first, but finding out what she went through [...]

  4. Yikes Is there a genre called Romantic Horror If so, Ladd would win with this creepy but well written book.As a veteran InDeath series fan I have to say I think I enjoyed the millionaire Black as love interest reveal even than the fairly quick hot n horny over a good cup of coffee connect between Roarke and Eve.I was right there with Claire not trusting Black as far as she could throw him He was written arrogantly enough that I wanted him to be a suspect Mission accomplished for the writer.The [...]

  5. I found this book truly disturbing There is a serial killer on the loose which doesn t really bother me since I read a lot of mysteries It is the underlying cause that has caused the killer to do these things that I found truly disturbing This was absolutely one of the creepiest books I have ever read I finished it on 6 23 and Rated it s for the creepy factor alone I truly couldn t put this one down.

  6. Where to start with this one Definitely gruesome, truly disturbing in parts and creepy Linda Ladd is a new to me author and this was a riveting book to read Claire Morgan is a police officer who has moved from LA to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri after a personal tragedy A grisly celebrity murder at a local brings her in contact with uber psychiatrist Nick Black, and sparks fly This story has two threads, one past and one present, that eventually merge and reach an intense finale The first story l [...]

  7. I had previously read book 8 in this series and loved it so much that I decided to go back and read the series from the beginning Fortunately, I already had this book on my Kindle, so I dove right in Am I sorry Heck, no This book is every bit as good as 8 Linda Ladd is consistent in her character development and plot line This is a creepy book, but I learned so much about Claire s early years and history with Black that I simply could not put this book down I will be heading into her second in t [...]

  8. Good book, easy read, interesting story Did have a bit of a lifetime movie feel, but that s okay with me.

  9. OMG talk about gruesome Half of this book was the disturbing life story of the killer and the other half the police investigation The killer s story was so unsettling that I found myself skipping parts of it because it just turned my stomach to know what was done to him Eventhough you sort of know who the killer is he s called Brat as in you re such a brat through the whole book , the ending is such a shock, I actually said no way when I got that far This book will seriously mess with your head [...]

  10. I knew there was a reason I gave up reading novels about serial killers You have to wade through pages of horrific child abuse masquerading as literature only to get to a ridiculous ending which features the killer living right under the noses of 2 police officers the entire time The reader is supposed to believe that the killer is irrevocably damaged and sick and yet also buy into the fact that the killer can hold a job and act like a healthy human being capable of normal social interactions.Um [...]

  11. Claire is a cop who has left LA to live in a quiet Ozark small town When there is a horrifying ritualistic murder of a soap opera star at a local resort, she has no idea how bizarre it will get I really enjoyed the suspense in this book and the dynamics of the characters Not to mention the back story on Claire.I accidently took a bit of the pleasure out though, because when flipping to the back to see how many pages I had left at one point, I saw a chapter heading that gave it all away for me So [...]

  12. Loved it, I normally review a lot of books and I don t get to sit down and truly enjoy a book I want to read very often This one was well crafted and the chemistry between Claire and Black is off the charts A couple of weeks ago I was gifted a book five or six in this series and it did really well Well enough that I wanted to start over At the volume of books I can read I can tell you that this doesn t happen very often and I was very happy with the first book enough to continue to the second Ku [...]

  13. Nice easy suspense thriller Claire is an officer with a past that she has thought to escaped But a murder in her town that is so despicable, ends up opening a full can of worms With a murder of an actress at a resort that Dr Black has, brings him into the case and also finds that him and Claire share than the murder.

  14. Another nook Free Friday I don t know why I download them Well, there is certainly no resemblance to any person, living or dead here and I am sure that all names, places and incidents are products of the author s lurid imagination.It s a wacky police procedural set in the Ozarks interwoven with the gruesome life story of the killer.

  15. My first book by this author Claire Morgan is a police detective working a gruesome case in the Ozarks Lots of events happen in this book and the author kept me guessing pretty much the whole time as to who the killer was There were a few lows in the book where I felt the story dragged a bit but all in all I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading books by this author.

  16. Pretty gruesome serial killer Melodramatic with the murderer being supposedly the person you least suspect, but it makes no sense to me The killer is so disturbed that it is impossible to believe they could pretend to be normal for any length of time, much less fooling so many for so long.

  17. A great page turner that not only keeps you guessing, but also makes you want to read from Ladd I wish my library carried the rest of the series 1 HEAD TO HEAD 2 DARK PLACES 3 DIE SMILING 4 ENTER EVIL

  18. I can t even Alternate title Heads Will Roll Someone should make a movie of this a comedy Willing suspension of disbelief to the 10,000th power

  19. It was a free nook offering I read it in one day It was a gruesome thriller that had some twists It kept me guessing Certainly not good literature but it entertained.

  20. The good it has both POV of the killer and how it all started Also, as much as I am not quite taken by the lead female s character, at the same time, it s like something I can t help but follow Then, there s the plot, the murder mystery I had my suspect but I wasn t sure till the end And thought it was wrapped up nicely, I was left with questions Like, was it her mom s head Did she investgate if it is The not so good well, the lead s character She d say she has good instinct but so far, her inst [...]

  21. Very quick read Not as thrilling as I had hoped Had enough suspense to see how it would conclude to give it a 3.

  22. Some parts were icky, some parts were predictable I enjoyed the characters, the pace of the story and suspense I would read another book by this author and this series.

  23. 3 stars is an odd sort of rating Is it glass half full, or glass half empty I find it can be either one, depending on the book.For me, Head to Head is glass half full I read this immediately after finishing V is for Vengenance by Sue Grafton Sorry, but Linda Ladd is no Sue Grafton, and I was prepared to delete the book from my Kindle about 50 pages into it Something kept me reading, and I have learned to listen to my intuition, even when I have no idea what it is telling me.Head to Head is a ble [...]

  24. Um I m not really sure what just happened Yikes This is beyond romantic suspense it would be better classified as romantic horror Light on the romance Oh, there was definitely plenty of suspense, but of the horrific kind This is one that will keep you awake at night wondering if there s someone lurking outside your window Detective Claire Morgan is relatively new to the Missouri Ozarks She was a homicide detective in LA before coming to small town Missouri to get away from it all Her partner, wh [...]

  25. This is one of the best books I ve read in a while From the first chapter, the action holds the reader in a tight grip As my first Linda Ladd book, this was a wonderful introduction to her writing skills Trying to figure out who the murderer was and why they chose the victims was only part of the story The heroine leaked clues into her mysterious past and how it fits with the whole story.I have to say that I did not figure out who the killer was until it was too late I had my guesseswhich were a [...]

  26. This wasn t my favorite book, but it also wasn t my least favorite book The mystery suspense element to it was fantastic and kept you guessing up until the end The character development was pretty good and I did feel connected to most of the characters by the end My biggest issue with it that s keeping my from fully loving it is the graphic nature of it Some of the scenes were so gruesome and graphically described that I actually cringed reading it was above and beyond what was necessary to get [...]

  27. Only one flaw, psychopaths do not feel guilt But, this was said in dialogue and could have been a ploy by the psycho to get to the heroine So, this is not worth docking my review.It was awesome how Ladd portrayed the serial killer in this book I felt sorry for Brat from the beginning and it was believable that Brat would start killing And even though the reader knows about the killer from the beginning, we don t know the killer s identity until the end I was still guessing at the end.The motive [...]

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