A Model and Other Stories

[PDF] A Model and Other Stories | by ↠ Anaïs Nin - A Model and Other Stories, A Model and Other Stories Seven erotic tales of sensuous sexual fantasy

  • Title: A Model and Other Stories
  • Author: Anaïs Nin
  • ISBN: 9780146000607
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] A Model and Other Stories | by ↠ Anaïs Nin, A Model and Other Stories, Anaïs Nin, A Model and Other Stories Seven erotic tales of sensuous sexual fantasy [PDF] A Model and Other Stories | by ↠ Anaïs Nin - A Model and Other Stories, A Model and Other Stories Seven erotic tales of sensuous sexual fantasy

  • [PDF] A Model and Other Stories | by ↠ Anaïs Nin
    204 Anaïs Nin
A Model and Other Stories

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  1. Anaïs Nin

    French born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer, who gained international fame with her journals Spanning the years from 1931 to 1974, they give an account of one woman s voyage of self discovery It s all right for a woman to be, above all, human I am a woman first of all from The Diary of Ana s Nin, vol I, 1966 Ana s Nin was largely ignored until the 1960s Today she is regarded as one of the leading female writers of the 20th century and a source of inspiration for women challenging conventionally defined gender roles.


  1. I had never read erotica before Sex is real and beautiful when incorporated within a story, but I ve never been interested in reading erotica I wanted to read this because I love Nin and her work and what she stood for, she was brave and experimental, and comfortable with who she is fully which is difficult for anyone, so a sexually experimental woman I cant say I was a big fan of this, the writing was very chic and pretty it didnt come across as filthy at all, although I suppose being filthy i [...]

  2. So erotica as a genre doesn t really feature in my reading I mean there are plenty of books with sex in them, even books with plots revolving around sex, but these are short stories where they are all about sex These short stories are taken from the 1979 book Little Birds, which sounds a bit creepy for erotica to be honest This is a Penguin 60s book, a set which I read and enjoy mainly because of that very reason it makes me read authors and genres that I normally don t read.This was readable, a [...]

  3. V svetu, ki nerazumno slavi priljubljenost 50 odtenkov sive, je nadvse udovito v roke vzeti klasi no eroti no tivo, ki ga preplavljata mesenost in utnost namesto mehaniziranih poro il Anais Nin pusti ravno dovolj prostora za domi ljijo, ki ga v kratki knji ici vzdr uje skozi osrednjo tematiko pogleda Skoraj vse zgodbe se vrtijo okrog pogleda, opazovanja, umetnikov in njihovih modelov.Na dolo enih mestih je pisanje rahlo naivno in poenostavljeno, vendar se sicer udovito in hitro bere e posebej ob [...]

  4. Well written, but the stories themselves seemed secondary to the eroticism, which seemed calculated rather than honest This probably deserves three stars, but I can t honestly say I liked it tenderness, a little delicacy and some emotion would have made all the difference.

  5. it is good, actually better than expected I enjoyed reading these erotic stories in a cafe shop on a rainy sunday if you know what I mean The writing has a smooth rhythm, rich and exquisite vocabularies, and agreeable plots It makes you feel like reading M rated fanfiction , but in a professional and intensive level It is like when you read a cheesy romance and try to skip over boring and abundant parts to go straight to the hot steamy part, like kids waiting for kissing scenes in Hollywood mov [...]

  6. Found in the bottom of a bag while tidying out a wardrobe A series of, let s be diplomatic, racey short stories with a basic theme of artists and models, usually from the female perspective Anais Nin must have been some woman.

  7. And now for something completely different straight erotic writing Not something I encounter regularly One can imagine how stories of this nature were received originally with shock for some and released joy for others and why Penguin only published these stories about 14 years after the author s death Most of the stories in this collection involve artists, suggesting something about the sensuousness of creating art, being a model, etc, or casting interesting light on the personalities involved [...]

  8. in such swift narratives, it s achieved gracefully in playing out a nice range of various innate sexual desires of human beings, that are in one way or another inhibited or never been discovered or explored by the societal constructs in each character s world ais nin at her most natural probably the head maestra of erotic lit.

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