İki Genç Kız

İki Genç Kız Best Read || [Perihan Mağden] - İki Genç Kız, ki Gen K z ngilizce talyanca ve Macarcaya evrilen ki Gen K z n Roman ait olmaya sevmeye ge mi yaralar sarmaya ve yeni yaralarla ba etmeye al man n ac t c hik yesi y l nda Kutlu Ataman taraf ndan ki Gen

  • Title: İki Genç Kız
  • Author: Perihan Mağden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle

İki Genç Kız Best Read || [Perihan Mağden], İki Genç Kız, Perihan Mağden, ki Gen K z ngilizce talyanca ve Macarcaya evrilen ki Gen K z n Roman ait olmaya sevmeye ge mi yaralar sarmaya ve yeni yaralarla ba etmeye al man n ac t c hik yesi y l nda Kutlu Ataman taraf ndan ki Gen K z ad yla sinemaya uyarland ve film ok say da d l kazand Yoku a a inerlerken kolunu Handan n omuzuna at yor Behiye Asl nda Handan birazc k daha uzun ngilizce talyanca ve Macarcaya ev İki Genç Kız Best Read || [Perihan Mağden] - İki Genç Kız, ki Gen K z ngilizce talyanca ve Macarcaya evrilen ki Gen K z n Roman ait olmaya sevmeye ge mi yaralar sarmaya ve yeni yaralarla ba etmeye al man n ac t c hik yesi y l nda Kutlu Ataman taraf ndan ki Gen

  • İki Genç Kız Best Read || [Perihan Mağden]
    464Perihan Mağden
İki Genç Kız

About "Perihan Mağden"

  1. Perihan Mağden

    Perihan Ma den is a Turkish novel writer and columnist in newspapers, especially known for her wit and diverse use of language Ma den was born in 1960 in Istanbul After graduating from Robert College of Istanbul, she studied psychology at Bo azi i University By her own account, she was an unruly student and her mother was proud of it.One of the most famous writers in young Turkish literature, Perihan Magden has spent some time at Yaddo, the famous artists community.Ma den is a single mother who lives in Istanbul.In addition to writing editorial columns for Turkish newspapers, Ma den has also published fictional novels and a collection of poetry Ma den s novel ki Gen K z n Roman Two Girls , published in 2005 by Serpent s Tail, was praised for pushing Turkish beyond its conventional literary patterns and compared to J.D Salinger s Catcher in the Rye for the way she had captured adolescent anguish.She spent some years in far east countries Her novel 2 Girls has been a big success in homeland Turkey and became an award winning movie premiered in Europe in London Film Festival right after Sydney She is the author of Messenger Boy Murders Haberci ocuk Cinayetleri , The Companion Refakat i and Escape Biz kimden kaciyorduk, Anne Her latest novel Ali and Ramazan published in 2010 in Turkish and now out by Suhrkamp German and Crossing USA Her latest essays on Turkey are collected under the title Political Essays Politik Yaz lar Her novels have been translated into 19 languages including English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Russian.


  1. Saptantili Behiye ve onun y zeysel oyunca Handan Olay Behiye nin zerinden d nd i in ondan bahsedece im sesleri, duygu durum tekrarlari, bunal m ve kasvet kokan c mleler beni bitirdi Magden in acayip anlat m tarz da buna tuz biber oldu O kadarcik g nde bu kadar fazla duygu yo unlu u ben de yasasam intihar ederdim herhalde Sonu da ok havada zaten im i ti ama en az ndan okudum diye teselli ediyorum kendimi Asl nda Behiye den ok daha kapsaml ve karanl k bir hikaye kard indeki bu sevgi a k , bu para [...]

  2. Life is not easy for a smart, OCD, self starving, hard drinking lesbian with serious cooking skills lemon k fte shapeless hazelnut tangerine cake , who moves in with her hot, vapid, probably heterosexual female friend and the friend s terribly attractive, infantile mother who happens to be a mistress by profession Behiye is a great character, a love child between Ernest Hemingway and Catherine Breillat.

  3. This was my first ever Turkish novel and I was really excited about reading it I liked the stream of consciousness I really disliked the lesbian stereotypes can I just once have a healthy, loving relationship between two girls, possibly with a happy ending Or is that off limits for wlw

  4. This book was just plain weird and difficult to get into and I never, at any moment, got anything out of it The murder findings don t tie into the book in any kind of moving or relatable way and the protagonist is never lovable for her faults.

  5. Ben bu kitaptaki karakterleri, karakterlerin betimleni ini, karakterlerin evrelerinde olan bitene verdikleri tepkiyi, olan biteni, yazar n karakterlere d n p her birinin akl ndan ge enleri oldu u gibi aktarilme yetisini ok sevdim Kitab n ad ndaki ironiyi, kitaptaki gen k zlar n d ncelerini sevdim K fretmelerini, b ak ekmelerini, belki de ld rmelerini, cesaretlerini sevdim Ben bu kitab okudu umda okudu um kitaptaki karakterler gibi insanlar n ya ad n bilmezdim, belki de o y zden ben bu kitab ok a [...]

  6. Teknik a dan olduk a zay f Sadece birine ba lanma duygusunu iyi aktar yor Bir nevi Z lf Livaneli asl nda Perihan Ma den de, ilgi ekici bir konu, roman sanat ndaki onca geli meyi hi e sayan bir aktar m, tekrarlar, duygusal anlar Tek fark Ma den in uydurma kelimeleri, bir de bol k f rl konu malar

  7. Very different to what I normally read.Someone compared the vibe of youthfulness in this to The Catcher in the Rye but I did npt get that reference.Interesting and bewildering would be my choice of words for this book.

  8. I ve been thinking if this book deserves 1 or 2 stars.Cause i reaaaally didnt like it.But i decided not to be too harsh,but maybe it s even for 1.I cant even describe how much i didnt like it the writing,the style and the plot it was ughhhhh

  9. Ak c bir dil,s r kleyici bir hikaye,sohbet tad nda bir yaz m tekni iTek ele tirim bu kitab ok ok daha gen ya lar mda okumal ym m

  10. This was a very odd book At first I really enjoyed it but then as it progressed I found myself getting and annoyed with it as the characters turned into cliches and we had another instance of the monstrous lesbian and subculture is bad for you stereotypes.The book was about a young girl who was depressed, alternative her favourite bands were Blink 182 and the Cure , she wore black and purple, she read intresting philosophical European literature and unlike her friends had managed to get into u [...]

  11. this book is so confusing behiye s obsession with handan is pretty disturbing, but i would be lying if i said i couldnt empathize with behiye at all the feeling you ll be rescued is a coping mechanism in which you hope and rely on someone to save you from yourself, but truth is we alone can only be rescuers of ourselves the murders werent clearly tied in with the overall plot but i am pretty sure its done by behiye i was so absorbed during the second half of the book, out of fear and apprehensio [...]

  12. This book is very hard to get into The main character instantly falls in love with a girl she sees and from then on she is basically obsessed with her.I actually put the book down for some weeks, months maybe, before I picked it up again It gave me some time to get used to the insta love and was believable after that However, it still wasn t great It s mostly written as a stream of consciousness, which of course is quite strange if the main character is having some serious, serious issues.I did [...]

  13. Was something lose in translation I read the Turkish to English translation of the novel, and it wasodd But then again, looking at the ratings this has received here on , judging by the reviews from fellow readers, I am not alone in finding this utterly meh I don t like the author s style of writing I didn t like the main character, Behiye She s awful, her life is awful, everything about her is depressing and horrible and I didn t enjoy her fatalistic obsession with Handan There was no obvious t [...]

  14. okay what the hell was the purpose of those murder reports view spoiler they were just randomly put into the main narrative, with practicaly no relevance to the story i really expected them to tie in somehow, otherwise what s the point is it supposed to imply that behiye is behind all of that were we just supposed to think that she was but she really isn t or was it just used to fit into a metaphor for all the pain she felt in the end i get that the author wants to make us wonder and give our ow [...]

  15. Behiyes destruktive Gedankeng nge k nnen einem ganz sch n auf die Nerven gehen und zerren und r tteln so an ihnen, dass es fast schon weh tut Mit all ihren Stimmungsschwankungen und ihrer extremen Art bleibt sie dennoch ein absolut glaubw rdiger, menschlicher Charakter Die eingestreuten Obduktionsberichte geben dem ohnehin schon atemlos erz hlten Roman eine zus tzliche Spannung zwischen Realit t und Phantasie.

  16. Of het aan de vertaling ligt weer ik niet maar als men in turkije zo met elkaar praat, vind ik het op zijn minst heel apart Het taalgebruik is heel kinderlijk, rommelig, dromerig, dommig, warrig De.hoofdpersoon is een zeer manische persoonlijkheid, schiet van het ene dal naar de andere top, wat het taalgebruik wel een beetje verklaart Op zich is het een mooi verhaal, maar heel jammer dat het thriller gedeelte niet uitgediept wordt.

  17. Bizarre The random police reports make NO sense and seem to have no relevance whatsoever, I ended up skipping them Nor is the main character all that likeable, though I found it interesting at least for the very different culture.

  18. Couldn t relate to it at all I couldn t sympathise with Behiye and found all characters overwhelming and made up Wouldn t recommend it.

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