Blood Soaked Promises

[PDF] Download ✓ Blood Soaked Promises : by RaShelle Workman - Blood Soaked Promises, Blood Soaked Promises Volume in the BLOOD AND SNOW series Each volume is novelette length Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust It s one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter something else entirely to drink

  • Title: Blood Soaked Promises
  • Author: RaShelle Workman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ✓ Blood Soaked Promises : by RaShelle Workman, Blood Soaked Promises, RaShelle Workman, Blood Soaked Promises Volume in the BLOOD AND SNOW series Each volume is novelette length Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust It s one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter something else entirely to drink the blood of a human EVERY THOUSAND YEARS THE VAMPIRE QUEEN SELECTS A NEW BODY ALWAYS THE FAIREST IN THE LAND AND THIS TIME SHE S CHOSEN SNOW WHITE Lips red as rubies Volume [PDF] Download ✓ Blood Soaked Promises : by RaShelle Workman - Blood Soaked Promises, Blood Soaked Promises Volume in the BLOOD AND SNOW series Each volume is novelette length Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust It s one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter something else entirely to drink

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Blood Soaked Promises : by RaShelle Workman
    109 RaShelle Workman
Blood Soaked Promises

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    RaShelle Workman is an international bestselling author Under this name she writes reimagined fairy tales, science fiction, and urban fantasy All of her novels have been listed on multiple bestseller lists, including her BLOOD AND SNOW series, which has sold than a million copies Her IMMORTAL ESSENCE series has been read than two million times Three of her books have been translated into Turkish and several can be downloaded and enjoyed on audio Two of her books have been published through Curiosity Quills NOW AVAILABLE Blood and Snow 1 is a CHOICE TEXT ADVENTURE game Created by Delight Games Pick it up free at the Kindle App Store today When RaShelle isn t writing, she enjoys baking, creating new taco recipes, and watching Supernatural She lives in Utah with her husband, three children and their three dogs Find her online by visiting her website at rashelleworkman And sign up for her newsletter to receive free books and get information on book release dates eepurl chMcej.RASHELLE s Books Undercover Empath Kindred Demon 16 THE BLOOD AND SNOW WORLD 13 These stories do not have to be read in order, but you can It does make the experience fun BLOOD AND SNOW Snow White blood and snow 1masquerade s moon 2love bleeds 3_________SHORT STORIES INCLUDED IN BOOK 3cindy witchthe hunter s tale Gabriel after the kiss blood s rose THE CINDY CHRONICLES Cinderella witch magic 1.1witch land 1.2witch time 1.3witch kiss 1.4witch love 1.5witch end 1.6VAMPIRE WISHES Jasmine vampire lies 1vampire secrets 2vampire nights 3vampire prey 4vampire magics 5_______SHORT STORY INCLUDED IN BOOK 3the professor s origin 0.1BEASTLY Belle a beauty so beastly 1a beauty so deadly 2 coming soon a beauty so completely 3 coming soon ASHA EVER AFTER Aurora asha s kisses 1asha s curse 2 coming soon asha s ever after 3 coming soon DEMONLAND Alice alice in demonland 1alice fights demonland 2 coming soon alice takes demonland 3 coming soon THE FORGOTTEN MERMAID Ariel Exclusively part of Once Upon a Happy Ending anthology THE IMMORTAL ESSENCE SERIES 13 ExiledDovetailedAligned a prequel short story Zaren s TravelsEarth s GuardianTHE ACROSS THE AGES SERIES 9 Across the AgesThe King s Paranormal Inquiries DivisionPast the AgesThe Fairytale Selectory, 1 Cinderella 8 Sleeping Roses A Contemporary Sleeping Beauty Reimagining 16 CARLY MORGAN Pen Name Inspirational Contemporary Romance Most Eligible CowboyMost Delicious CowboyThe Laws of MusicThe Laws of AttractionHappily Ever Summer


  1. Es innecesario que esto est separado Los libros tienen 55 p ginas creo que si hubiera juntado los primeros cuatro libros en solo uno, estar a mucho mejor, y la calificaci n ser a mayor Pero bueno, la autora tendr sus motivos Ahora si, me gusta cada vez No subo la cantidad de estrellas, porque es muy corto Momento de especulaci n No creo que Gabe est muerto Y sinceramente, si lo est , no me molestar a Seg n lo que dijeron, el beso del verdadero amor deber a volverla humana, bes a Gabe y bueno, no [...]

  2. Source Downloaded for free from This is the fourth instalment in the Blood and Snow series, and was probably my least favourite of the first four I felt like there was a lot of info dumping going on in this one, and I got a bit bored of it I thought that Gabe acted like a bit of an ass at one point, and I got bored with some of the petty things going on The ending was once again a cliff hanger, and was probably the best part of the book We got something interesting happening, and then were left [...]

  3. OMG My head is spinning and not in a good way I need the next book now Please don t let Gabe be dead Don t let Snow turn into a monster and what the heck happened to the necklace Wonderful story but come on 5 I can t remember the last time I was so desperate for the next book in a series

  4. Since novellas 1 4 are bundled together I m just going to re cap all of them at once.I don t know why they were split up like that instead of one book, it was annoying as hell.Classic Snow White re telling with vampires Spoiler, re cap below Snow is an almost 16 year old student with a beloved father and a step mother she doesn t like Her best friends are Claire, a girl from school and the 7 adopted brothers who live next door to her Bart, Sebastian, Daniel, Dorian, Gabriel, Heathcliff and Salva [...]

  5. Snow receives a gift from Christopher, a pendant which she later learns the tale of But unable to deal with the stress or responsibilities, she tries to hide from all of the issues occurring Learning that her friend is a witch, doesn t help the situation either She allows herself to b e over whelmed by everything.All in all it was a good read I am sure Ms Workman could have had details in these stories, but she choose not to included too much detail For this story, it actually works What you re [...]

  6. So I instead of writing a separate review for each SHORT story, Im just writing a full review for the first four since I bought this as four in one and copy it and paste it for the first four volumes I have to say, originally when I bought this, I thought they were ACTUALLY full books Then I saw they were short stories ok But no, they are VERY short not even novellas novelettes.Now I don t like short stories You will hear me say this time and again I like LONG novels, and Series, so the story ju [...]

  7. Up Sn hurka se neboj p t krev Pomalu se st v prav m up rem, ale pokud vypije spoustu krve, u nebude cesty zp t Sn hurka se v ak neboj riskovat a v pit krve si libuje Profesor Pops ani jej p tel Gabe ale netu , co se s hlavn hrdinkou d je.Ne ekan se vrac Sn hur in otec i jej nevlastn matka Vivian Jako d rek p ivezli sv dce i po ta a mobil Ov em na jej narozeniny nez stanou, co Sn hurku velmi mrz Cindy nav t v svou nejlep kamar dku a sv se j se sv m tajemstv m Netu ale, e i Sn hurka p ed n n co sk [...]

  8. This review and others are posted on my book review blog at geekybookgal Please stop by and say HI I purchased this novelette short story not sure what to call it it s like one book broken up into several as a 4 pack from , so I am going to review them all in this installment which is 4.First off, I will say I enjoyed these very original books and would have rated them probably a 4 but I feel several of them should be combined into one book These are really short around 60 pages each yet they a [...]

  9. I think it sucks that a certain person just leaves, makes me wonder if he s actually a bad guy Snow s parents come home, and right away you can tell that her step mom has something against Snow, she s always watching her, with suspicion, or maybe she s hiding something Snow s friend Cindy has also been acting weird She disappears one day and then shows up with secrets of her own I still don t know how I feel about Cindy She s Snow only girl friend so as long as she s on Snows side I think she s [...]

  10. Snow s life is quickly getting out of control She and Have aren t talking Christopher has disappeared Her best friend Cindy is acting really strange All of her best friends seem to be afraid of her or in desperate need of feeding her To top it off, her dad and step mom having returned two months early from their trip acting rather strangely as well.Their return is very short lived though leaving Snow White even confused I personally feel like there s something very strange going on with her par [...]

  11. I enjoyed Blood Soaked Promises much better then the last two books in this series I will admit, I sm still struggling with the weakness in character of Snow as well as the painfully obvious mistakes she continuously makes but, the anticipation is starting to build After being summoned to the Vampire Queen, Snow miles several of her drones after feeling threatened Christopher is MIA and Snow discovers she possesses magic due to a pendant given to her by Christopher Meanwhile, Snow s father and s [...]

  12. This story took an unexpected turn that I did not see coming Snow s stepmother and her father come home for a few days Snow and her best friend Cindy notice that her stepmother is acting rather strange Snow gets into a fight with Cindy and her seven best guy friends and she s left completely alone for over a month At first she doesn t mind, but Cindy convinces her to reconnect with them After all Christopher has left as well and she doesn t know when he ll return A training session with Gabe tak [...]

  13. Normally, I m not into vampire books, but I have to admit that the gorgeous cover caught my eye Once I read the first few pages in the sample, I was hooked I fell in love with the heroine, Snowe s so cool And that s not meant as a pun When I realized there was actually an evil step mother, I had to find out , and am I glad I did Because this isn t a normal mean lady, she s the Queen of Vampires not anyone to mess with Just so you know, the book took off like a shot and it never sagged Went back [...]

  14. Why do authors write main characters who never listen to advice Irritating It just doesn t make sense most of this one Snow listens to no one she should Everyone she has known and trusted for a really long time, suddenly knows nothing Don t take off this necklace, drink your tea twice a day, ask me anything anytime, don t drink from humans for than 10 secs, don t trust Cindywhat the It s partially their fault for not giving her enough info and enough time to process all this new info and then s [...]

  15. Probably Round up to 3.5 stars I read Volumes 1 4 They are short books and really are best read together, I think I have problems with girls who are constantly being told they are special and beautiful and NEVER BELIEVE IT But then again, it seems like aside from the men who know her secret no one else seems to think she s special or attractive Once my annoying with that was over, I gotta say I enjoyed the plot Some of the dialogue seemed not very natural and sometimes she seems like she was 17 [...]

  16. Another installment in the series, this one is like one long temper tantrum The separation of the story into small segments is a fun tool and one to surely help increase sales, but at times it s like watching a multiple season enders with the inevitable cliff hangers Though perhaps that s the point Anyway, the result for me is a growing annoyance and a lack of care for the heroine as continuity of feeling becomes difficult to establish in the reading Still, snow white as a vampire is just really [...]

  17. I am going to review 1 4 in this one write up By the end I was liking this set of novella s, but after the first one was not real sure about them.The twist on the Snow White story is interesting, but I don t know why it wasn t written as one book Each novella ends very abrubtly, just write in the middle of some major event It could be a little fluid in the progression, things seem to happen with very little set up.If you take the entire set of novella s and had them properly edited, this could [...]

  18. Title I love it because it s so intriguing Wonder what this novelette contains Story This is where Snow s father and stepmother visited her I mean most of the time they are not at home and they leave Snow alone at the house What kind of parents are they Her best friend, Cindy, just gone weirdo and Gabe started being close to her Cindy And then there is the matter of Chace gone missing I just hate that Snow broke her promise to Pava Oh, the last scene was heartbreaking It s not really Snow s faul [...]

  19. If these novelettes were one novel then they would make on rocking book The fourth in Workman s series is darker than the first three Many of my suspicions and predictions came true and were revealed in this heart stopping tale As usual, a lovely blend of horror, fairy tale and teen drama Snow s tantrum was annoying, but it also reminded me that she s just fifteen and therefore, completely allowed to freak out at least once Looking forward to the next

  20. I really love this series I just wish they were longer Snow is driving me crazy by not listening to everyone trying to help this does make her a very realistic teen though I can tell this must be a lead in to Workman s Cindy series I can t put these books down There is so much to love about the story and the characters but so short that if I say to much in the review I will spoil it for everyone.

  21. These four books had a unique story but it seems abit young I m glad I read them but I m not sure yet if I ll continue the story There are many books that I want to read first If you like fairy tales and the old classics this is a book for you I m into romance at the moment so I ll put a hold one set.

  22. Ok, seriously How can this end where it just did Talk about cliff hanger I am not the kind of person who usually spends money on Kindle books, but I am seriously thinking about grabbing the bank card from hubby when he gets home to buy book 5 of this series What a great take on the Snow White story LOVE it

  23. 3.5it seems that the writing is getting a LITTLE bit better with each bookis one cooled it a bit on all the commase first three felt like the author just stuck one whenever she saw andis one wasn t so.over done detailed review on book 7nsistently has same mistakes in all books, so it applies to all of them review show

  24. perdi el interes totalmente en este libro y debo decir que el amor que le tenia al inicio se esfumo totalmente, quizas fui yo o quizas fue el libro pero simplemente perdi el interes y la esperanza en estos libros Ahora bien esto no quiere decir que a otros no les pueda gustar pero yo simplemente creo que ya no pude mas

  25. I feel like there needs to be back story to the characters as I continue further in the series There s quite the back story on the Vampire Queen and lots of character development going on for Snow, but I don t feel like I know all of the characters well While I click with them easily, we re STRANGERS.

  26. I liked this book But Snow is continuously portrayed as a weak and confused girl and for as much as is put on her shoulders I feel like the lead character should have backbone And her own ideas Sometimes she seems so determined Other times it s like she can t decide what shirt to wear All in all I m enjoying this series, I just wish Snow would toughen up a bit.

  27. Really awesome The only thing I don t like is the fact that it s so shorte the story is awesome and I can t wait for the fifth I really like stories inspired by fairytales where the author play with the classic characterske Beastly or the TV show Once Upon A TimeA must read

  28. The story is progressing, kind of, and though I still like the concept, I won t be purchasing the remainder of the series If I m not sold by the end of the fourth installment, it just isn t happening Sorry.

  29. The fact that this series is seperated into 9 different novelettes, when it could be just one book, is annoying In saying that though, it gets you hooked and I want to read number 5 right now But, alas, life gets in the way P

  30. Are you freaking kidding me How can this installment end like this I m so excited to read the next part This story is addicting and I m sure I ll blow through the next books as quickly as I have these first four.

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