Cornering Carmen

Cornering Carmen Best Read || [S.E. Smith] - Cornering Carmen, Cornering Carmen Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life focusing on avenging the murder of her husband Following leads to the man responsible she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhe

  • Title: Cornering Carmen
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Cornering Carmen Best Read || [S.E. Smith], Cornering Carmen, S.E. Smith, Cornering Carmen Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life focusing on avenging the murder of her husband Following leads to the man responsible she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhelming pain and grief that is slowly eating away at her Catching a ride on the business jet her sister is co piloting she heads to California to meet with her informant PlaCarmen Walk Cornering Carmen Best Read || [S.E. Smith] - Cornering Carmen, Cornering Carmen Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life focusing on avenging the murder of her husband Following leads to the man responsible she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhe

  • Cornering Carmen Best Read || [S.E. Smith]
    249 S.E. Smith
Cornering Carmen

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  1. spoilers ahead 63% through this and its such a dissapointment I dont even want to finish it but I want to see if it gets better.I think its because the Carmen we see in the first 4 books seems completely different to the carmen in this book Revised review after finishing it Even the scene where carmen fibally kills javier cannot make up for how bad this book was Its so annoying, its just arghhhh.My main gripes, by this point its book five, the whole dragon fire without them knowing whats going t [...]

  2. Carmen s story is the last for the five girls taken in the first book She has had the most to overcome from her past She may be the toughest of the girls, but she is the most fragile inside The perfect mate for her is the youngest of the brothers, Creon, who is also the darkest of the warriors They heal each other and understand in ways no other could.I love how each book has a slight rewind to events in the first book Personally, it helps me recall where we are in the series and what lead to th [...]

  3. Smith has created a fun, action packed, sizzling SciFi romance that packs one heck of a powerful message The vivid, action packed tale took me completely out of this world The fast pace of the story kept me on my toes while the romance builds from the ashes of where both of these characters have been This story definitely had me crying happy tears at the end Seeing Carmen s past shredded me I enjoyed seeing Carmen s views on her actions and reactions It gave insight into her psyche I love how Cr [...]

  4. S.E Smith skillfully weaves the same time line through her Dragon Lords series The books share some scenes presented in the main characters POV all the while telling the story of the growing relationship of each couple and their separate dangerous encounter with a common enemy The books can be read independently, and there s no irritating repetition of information Carmen seems to be living on borrowed time Her husband, Scott, was murdered by the leader of a drug cartel while they were on a bodyg [...]

  5. Surviving the death of a loved one is incredible difficult to say the least Carmen is but a shell of herself for the past 3 years after losing her husband Scott.So when she finds herself aboard an Alien ship all she wants is to get back to Earth for her revenge Then she can join Scott on the other side.Well that is until a certain Valdier dragon Prince discovers this fierce, wild, highly skilled beautifully dangerous women is his true mate Now he must convince her that life is worth living and s [...]

  6. SE Smith has definitely hit her stride This is the fifth book in the Dragon Lords of Valdier series and this title had it all You get to enjoy the journey of Carmen and Creon each from their respective dark places to where they are not just lovers but a mated couple in every sense of the word I really liked Creon I think his character has been the most developed of the brothers I really liked that he asked his mother for advice and his brothers I also enjoyed the humourous touches where the brot [...]

  7. Last book, I was getting to this one and thinking freedoom FREEDOOOOOMMMMMMM But noooooo, I had to start jumping to the rest of the series as well Liked Carmen.I was going to do this detailed instruction manual of what incredibly complicated order to read the books in, but life is too short Basically, I read books 2 5 at the same time, skipping between them at points of intersection of the books Because Spoilers Ye flippin gods the spoilers between books And it irritated me I had to keep going t [...]

  8. This was one of my favorite books, Carmen was so broken as a person, loss was all she had on her life Now this new man who has suffered lonliness and war after war in his few hundred years of life finds his true mate in her.He is a black dragon, cunning and dangerous, the same as Carmen she is very dangerous The two find love and new life with each other but will it be enough in the end Carmen still morns for her first love and the baby she lost even though she has found a new love and is pregan [...]

  9. I was a little disappointed after reading Tracking Trisha Trisha and Kelan didn t have that spark that makes me love certain characters Corning Carmen has redeemed the series for me Carmen was sad,depressed consumed with getting revenge She was hostile,unhappy,defensive until Creon came along I would say Creon s mother Morian helped them get together though She told Creon to look beyond Carmen s rough exterior and try to ease the pain and sadness she hides behind Once he really saw Carmen,it was [...]

  10. Magical, that is the word that comes to mind when I think of this story I love Creon He has had such a hard life I am thankful Carmen was chosen as his mate They are perfect together I cried during this book then all the rest of them, poor Carmen She has survived so much, she deserves to be happy I especially loved Vox, can t wait to read his full story, Riley sound fun, lol I loved seeing The birth of the twins, I wish we could have seen the birth of the other babies as well, but at least we g [...]

  11. love the series I think I waited to read this book character so bad that when it didn t live up to my expectations I felt let down Disappoining Pros of this book emotional, roller coaster of a journey, kick ass H h, author gets deeper into the psychological mind set of the characters than previous, finally find out about the last of the circle of friends who started out in this series.Cons of this book really no meaningful plot, many unresolved issues, bad guy was almost a non factor in the stor [...]

  12. Cornering Carmen Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 5 by S E SmithCarmen Walker has a hole in her heart big enough to throw a spaceship threw, since the murder of her husband three years ago and she has spent those years recklessly tiring to get herself killed and this time she nearly makes it.Creon Reykill his dragon will do anything to claim her, his symbiot will do anything to protect her, and he would do anything to chase the shadows from her eyes All he has to do is corner her long enough to chan [...]

  13. Carmen is a soul driven by revenge She s looking the man responsible for the death of her husband and unborn baby, and that s the only thing that can give her peace.Creon has a dark soul forged by war and betrayal, but when he sees that little woman from another world, he discovers that she is the light in his darkness.I was anxious to read the story of Carmen and Creon and I was not disappointed I loved it, it was a book that moved me.I want dragons.

  14. Love love love a must readI am loving every book from this series Carmen is a young woman who has been through so much in her young life that it is incredible that she can still function Creon is a valdier warrior who sees her for what she really is a wounded warrior in her own right Will Carmen be strong enough to get over her past or will Creon loose her before their future even begins

  15. I have read Cornering Carmen and the other Valdier series books a couple of times They all have strong fun female characters who will not settle for second best and fight for what is right The descriptions of the characters, scenery, space travel, and activities are well thought out and well written I found that the women and their friendships were believable and really enjoyed how they supported each other throughout the books Ready to read of these books.

  16. I really do enjoy this series Each story gets better and better My only problem with the book and with the previous books is the way each woman is able to beat up and fight men who are suppose to be 2 3 times their size and how the warriors seem to become scared of them Other than that the sotry is really good Cant wait for the next book.

  17. I Totally love this book Already started the next one in this series I love that Croen understood her feelings and needing to get revenge and for her to close that chapter of Carmen s LIfe.I can t wait to contine this series.

  18. Really needs to stop reliving the same scenes over and over All of the repeating is annoying If you can overlook that this is a great series Love the heroine and hero they will take you on a wild and crazy fun ride Second time through and I actually enjoyed it a great deal .

  19. There are some inconsistencies with how Creon was described in previous books and how he was depicted in this book I enjoyed the book, but I wanted to read the dark character personality that Creon has in previous books That personality was not found in this book.

  20. I m glad Carmen has a second chance at love with a man who will help her deal with the tragedy of her 1st mate unborn child I m also glad Creon allowed to get her revenge because unfinished business can stop a person from moving forward, fully, as it will always remain on their mind until it is done or answered It is a surprise at the number of human encounters Carmen encounters on her journey with Creon to find Vox But I suppose it is not surprising that she, Ariel their friends are not the 1st [...]

  21. Cornering CarmenSmiths books are an outstanding job of storytelling If you re looking for some really awesome storytelling with a lot of loving and laughs, then look no further This series just gets better with each new book HOT and sensual, draws you into the story and doesn t let go AWESOME

  22. Amazing One of the best sci fi romance series out there Storylines converge from book to book and stay consistent Fabulous writing and love these characters

  23. Book 5 in the series and this one is focusing on Carmen the last and final female of the first group of women captured from Earth.

  24. Loved itThis was a tear jerker She had a lot to work through She had the right dragon to help her through it all and he gave her the closure she needed Loved it

  25. 3 3.5 starsThis was an enjoyable story overall The main reason I only rated it as 3 3.5 stars was because for the first third of the story, Carmen was the epitome of a TSTL heroine view spoiler I realize she was supposed to be suffering from extreme grief over her late husband but he died 3 years before the story started and I haven t lost a husband but her actions seemed very OTT to me Her continual attempts to escape when she had no chance of getting back to Earth on her own were just lame and [...]

  26. I gave this book 2 stars simply because it was well written Other than that I was extremely disappointed in it For me, each of these books has gotten worse as the series progressed, I only stuck with it until this book because I thought for sure, with the way Carmen is portrayed in previous books, that this book would be different In the previous books Carmen is portrayed as strong, able to hold her own against the Valdier men, while she has had an event in her past that was horrible, it has mad [...]

  27. 4.5 stars.My heart has bled for Carmen since we learnt her story in book 1.Reading what happened at the beginning of this book made me cry, then travelling along with her as bits and pieces were told broke my heart.I love that Creon is strong enough to support her needs and help her do what she needs to put the past behind her, get closure and move on to her new life This doesn t mean Carmen has made it easy, none of the earth women have and this has given us a great set of stories to enjoy.The [...]

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