Forgiven Best Download || [S.J. West] - Forgiven, Forgiven In the finale to The Watchers Trilogy Lilly and Brand prepare for their wedding and search for clues to uncover Lucifer s plans for her With the help of her fallen angel friends Lilly must face the

  • Title: Forgiven
  • Author: S.J. West
  • ISBN: 2940015838978
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Forgiven Best Download || [S.J. West], Forgiven, S.J. West, Forgiven In the finale to The Watchers Trilogy Lilly and Brand prepare for their wedding and search for clues to uncover Lucifer s plans for her With the help of her fallen angel friends Lilly must face the ultimate battle between good and evil to decide the fate of both Heaven and Earth Forgiven Best Download || [S.J. West] - Forgiven, Forgiven In the finale to The Watchers Trilogy Lilly and Brand prepare for their wedding and search for clues to uncover Lucifer s plans for her With the help of her fallen angel friends Lilly must face the

  • Forgiven Best Download || [S.J. West]
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    Once upon a time, a little girl was born on a cold winter morning in the heart of Seoul, Korea She was brought to America by her parents and raised in the Deep South where the words ma am and y all became an integrated part of her lexicon She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and continued writing on and off during her teenage years In college she studied biology and chemistry and finally combined the two by earning a master s degree in biochemistry After that she moved to Yankee land where she lived for four years working in a laboratory at Cornell University Homesickness and snow aversion forced her back South where she lives in the land which spawned Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham and B.B King After finding her Prince Charming, she gave birth to a wondrous gift named Caylin and they all lived happily ever after.The second book to the Harvester of Light trilogy will be available for purchase no later than December 2012.


  1. I am a huge fan of this series I felt that most of the characters in the boom were devolved really well The only exception being Will I think she should ve played into what went on with him and why he was so important in Lily s life.I definitely think she chose the right person and I think the ending was nice and happy.

  2. Aww The ending was so cute Loved it Though I wanted to read , , I liked this book a lot, though there were some things I didn t like much Like Lilly s sudden attraction to Malcom I mean, I get that he s hot and cute and sexy and very insistent, but I didn t like how she reacted to him just a few days before the wedding That said, if it was the unmarried non engaged me in her stead, I would have kissed the hell out of him Them I love also Brand veeeeeeery much, as I said in my review of the prev [...]

  3. Excellent ending to a fabulous series This is by far of the best Angel series I have had to pleasure of reading I will definitely be re reading the whole series again I wasn t ready to say goodbye to Brand and Lilly and their family and friends

  4. The concept of this trilogy that is what the characters are, the roles each are destined to play, and how they interact with each other was actually very intriguing The plot throughout the trilogy was subtly mysterious, with some elements being obvious without giving away the specific whys immediately some cloaked by shadows that are slowly lifted throughout the series The books have dramatic scenes, but they aren t blood and gore or real duke it out action Religion, albeit nondescript, played h [...]

  5. I was practically scolding myself for not reading other readers reviews before I started the first book And I definitely will NOT RECOMMEND the trilogy to others.I have yet to find an angel fantasy novel that I will truly like excepting Mortal Instruments because the shadowhunters are not really angels I accidentally stumbled upon Cursed I was burrowing another book but received this trilogy accidentally I thought I like it when I finished the first book The triangle between the three characters [...]

  6. 3.8 I liked the book than I disliked it, but I did think everything fell into place just a little too easily I also felt like there wasn t enough suspense I would have liked details on the final showdown.Plot Lilly and Brand plan their wedding as they continue to try and find out how Lucifer is going to use Lilly to end the world Characters In Forgiven, we find out why everyone is so enad of Lilly Since I hate books where every single character falls in love with the heroine, it was nice to ac [...]

  7. I love stories that deal with angels I m not sure why, but I do This one is now one of my favorite stories that deals with angels I loved Lilly Nightingale s story throughout the series This final book was very satisfying for me to read I usually don t like to read books that are in series as much as I used to because of all the suspense I just wish everything wish all the action and answers were in jammed in one book for my sanity but this series took it s time It wasn t slow just written perfe [...]

  8. I love the story but this book is in dire need of an editor There were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes that it s not funny

  9. Here are my random thoughts on this book and series I m 100% Team Malcolm, Brand is far too clean cut and Prince Charming for me This series is a little too religious for me I ve read series based on Angels before but they haven t been drowning in religion This was I ve not really experienced any feels with this series until Utha May Big feels Bonus points for Walt Disney World Ending was good.

  10. WalmartTaraWal Mart Friday.I laughed so hard I cried Lucifers plan comes out, Utha Mae finally gets to go be with her Harry, sniff sniff, will gets redemption, and God gives brand and Lily a few precious gifts Fantastic book but Tara in Wal Mart on black FridayBest part of the engine series thus far

  11. Absolutely One of the BEST SERIES I have ever read I read it on my Kindle but I have to buy it on hardback it s that good I never read books over but this is the one exception Thank you MS S.J West for giving this us this awesome series

  12. Me gust bastante esta s per, si le tengo que poner un pego es al final y el epilogo esta muy corto me quede con duda de varias cosas pero la trama en general esta muy bien Recomendable

  13. Best one yetLoved the finale to the series It was a great story of love conquering all without the cliches Can t wait to read the spin off.

  14. 2 stars It was okay.I m going to get to the heart of the issue behind this series The author did have great ideas She had everything she needed to write an epic angel fantasy fallen angels, heroine with a unique parentage, hero quests, save the world type senario Okay, basically what you see in every paranormal YA book But it was the execution that fell through.First let s address the first issue the plotting The author needed to take all elements of all the books and break them apart and put th [...]

  15. ForgivenBook Three of the Watcher TrilogyBy Author S.J WestRead 30 June 2015An ending to her trilogy or is it that didn t disappoint in any way, shape or form As I read this last installment of the Watcher Trilogy I was taken through so many emotions that I truly thought I would not survive I was thrilled by every last bit of the story From the overwhelming feeling of love, friendship and a need to overcome and hopefully survive, to the horrible sadness that this was the end of being so involved [...]

  16. Halfway through the book, I just stopped caring what happened to the characters The first book had an interesting premise, and I read it because I got it for free It was diverting enough However as the story went on the author just added TOO DARN MANY supernatural beings, vampires, werewolves, fairies, djinn the plot.My biggest beef with the books is the development of the Tara character She is the token est token black friend I ve ever read Tara s mother is a drug addict who left her and her fa [...]

  17. This story gripped me form the very beginning We don t think of God s angels being castaways on this earth, and S.J West has given us exactly that picture along with the great love that God has for all of his creation, even those who have strayed so far from Him that they don t believe they could ever be back in His good graces Yes, Brand was unbelievable sappy when it came to Lilly, but we have to remember that he was alive when all of the great poets were He was here on this earth through all [...]

  18. This was such a bad book hahahaha I don t even know how to describe it It was just bad And yet I couldn t stop reading It was like an addiction A really bad, poorly written addiction filled with spelling mistakes and plot holes It felt like I was reading a fanfiction written by some prepubescent 12 year old The author also needs to learn how to finish off books well enough to continue the sequel All three endings were bad Really bad Especially that ending Damn How cliche I m a sappy, lovey dovey [...]

  19. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts are 100% my own We re back with Lilly, Brand and the rest of the gang Things are getting pretty intense with everyone There s a wedding coming, Lucifer is about to show his hand, and God decides to make an appearance This is the definitive end for this trilogy, though this universe is far from over Lilly has some tough choices to make There s true fear that if she makes the wrong decision so she asks Brand to be her fai [...]

  20. Amor,amor y mas amor, de eso va este libro, me alegro y a la vez me hace sentir insegura de si me gusta o no, es demasiado fantasiosa y s es linda la historia porque es de esas en la que el amor lo conquista todo , pero para ser un libro que me hacia pensar en una buena lucha todo termina demasiado f cil Sent que el final fue muy r pido y el malo que yo pens que dar a mas lucha fue demasiado f cil de vencer, la verdad es que me decepciono un poco que la gran lucha de la hablaban en todo el libro [...]

  21. Favorite part is God conversation with Lucifer, you can see how jealous he is and arrogant and that any reason God will give him, he won t take none and still blame God for being impartial It s the second book I read that the author include God in it, like he actually talking to the characters Other books they just mentioned it Malcolm remains my favorite character, he was awesome Sure he did play dirty at first but the man is in love and even Bran admitted to do something like that if the situa [...]

  22. I despised love triangle I was able to tolerate it on books 1 and 2 because the author had already solidified the bond of Lily and Brand I thought this third book would be love triangle free I was mistaken The author continued to pursue that route even if Brand and Lily s wedding was set Lily kept insisting that Malcolm was just her good friend, but she allowed herself to be tempted by Malcolm by making out with him I wasn t sure what message the author was trying to convey with that gesture A v [...]

  23. This book is only 3 stars cause it ended.Somehow I found this worse than the other two.Tara was hardly in it, and she was so much enjoyable than Lilly We waited 3 book for Lilly and Brand to finally have sex and didn t even get any insights into it And I m sorry, but a virgin would not be able to have sex that often after the first time without being sore and still bleeding Why the hell did she kiss Malcolm She should know by now that she loves Brand No need to go kiss other guys to prove it A [...]

  24. Forgiven is a solid conclusion to this great trilogy Like the other two books of the trilogy, this part of the story is built around a bit of theology and includes earthbound angels in half of the main cast of characters However, that is not the only theme of this trilogy.I appreciate the moving romance, loving friendships and broad definition of family that West carries through the entire series like a thread that stitches the series together The storytelling includes just the right amount of h [...]

  25. I must give great Kudos to S.J West for writing such a beautiful Trilogy Once I began reading the first, I could not stop until I finished all three books I loved the characters and was totally engaged in their lives I thought Lilly and Brand were a great couple I totally fell in love with Malcolm and would definitely read any future stories about him I was very sad over what happened to Will I was not expecting that for him I would have enjoyed learning about his life though I was so hoping Li [...]

  26. Wedding time They finally get married plus a beautiful surprise at the end Soo mucb happens in this book Death, broken hearts, new love, reconciliation, lap dance, showdown, new characters are introduced and we finally find out who Lilly s father is I love how God was portrayed I m not a very religious person but I felt i really believed his character and felt like that would be exactly how God would be in real life Definitely touched me and made me believe This was an amazing series plus the bo [...]

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