The Patience of the Spider

Free Download The Patience of the Spider - by Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli - The Patience of the Spider, The Patience of the Spider The latest mystery in Andrea Camilleri s internationally bestselling Inspector Montalbano series Winning fans in Europe and America for their dark sophistication and dry humor Andrea Camilleri s crim

  • Title: The Patience of the Spider
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
  • ISBN: 9780143112037
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Patience of the Spider - by Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli, The Patience of the Spider, Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli, The Patience of the Spider The latest mystery in Andrea Camilleri s internationally bestselling Inspector Montalbano series Winning fans in Europe and America for their dark sophistication and dry humor Andrea Camilleri s crime novels are classics of the genre Set once again in Sicily The Patience of the Spider pits Inspector Montalbano against his greatest foe yet the weight of his own years Th Free Download The Patience of the Spider - by Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli - The Patience of the Spider, The Patience of the Spider The latest mystery in Andrea Camilleri s internationally bestselling Inspector Montalbano series Winning fans in Europe and America for their dark sophistication and dry humor Andrea Camilleri s crim

  • Free Download The Patience of the Spider - by Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
    288 Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
The Patience of the Spider

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  1. Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli

    Andrea Camilleri born september 6, 1925 in Porto Empedocle is an Italian writer He is considered one of the greatest Italian writers of both 20th and 21st centuries.Originally from Porto Empedocle, Sicily, Camilleri began studies at the Faculty of Literature in 1944, without concluding them, meanwhile publishing poems and short stories Around this time he joined the Italian Communist Party.From 1948 to 1950 Camilleri studied stage and film direction at the Silvio D Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts, and began to take on work as a director and screenwriter, directing especially plays by Pirandello and Beckett As a matter of fact, his parents knew Pirandello and were even distant friends, as he tells in his essay on Pirandello Biography of the changed son His most famous works, the Montalbano series show many pirandellian elements for example, the wild olive tree that helps Montalbano think, is on stage in his late work The giants of the mountain With RAI, Camilleri worked on several TV productions, such as Inspector Maigret with Gino Cervi In 1977 he returned to the Academy of Dramatic Arts, holding the chair of Movie Direction, and occupying it for 20 years.In 1978 Camilleri wrote his first novel Il Corso Delle Cose The Way Things Go This was followed by Un Filo di Fumo A Thread of Smoke in 1980 Neither of these works enjoyed any significant amount of popularity.In 1992, after a long pause of 12 years, Camilleri once took up novel writing A new book, La Stagione della Caccia The Hunting Season turned out to be a best seller.In 1994 Camilleri published the first in a long series of novels La forma dell Acqua The Shape of Water featured the character of Inspector Montalbano, a fractious Sicilian detective in the police force of Vig ta, an imaginary Sicilian town The series is written in Italian but with a substantial sprinkling of Sicilian phrases and grammar The name Montalbano is an homage to the Spanish writer Manuel V zquez Montalb n the similarities between Montalban s Pepe Carvalho and Camilleri s fictional detective are remarkable Both writers make great play of their protagonists gastronomic preferences.This feature provides an interesting quirk which has become something of a fad among his readership even in mainland Italy The TV adaptation of Montalbano s adventures, starring the perfectly cast Luca Zingaretti, further increased Camilleri s popularity to such a point that in 2003 Camilleri s home town, Porto Empedocle on which Vig ta is modelled took the extraordinary step of changing its official denomination to that of Porto Empedocle Vig ta, no doubt with an eye to capitalising on the tourism possibilities thrown up by the author s work.In 1998 Camilleri won the Nino Martoglio International Book Award.Camilleri now lives in Rome where he works as a TV and theatre director About 10 million copies of his novels have been sold to date, and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and North America.In addition to the degree of popularity brought him by the novels, in recent months Andrea Camilleri has become even of a media icon thanks to the parodies aired on an RAI radio show, where popular comedian, TV host and impression artist Fiorello presents him as a raspy voiced, caustic character, madly in love with cigarettes and smoking Camilleri is well known for his love of tobacco.He received an honorary degree from University of Pisa in 2005.


  1. Il commissario Montalbano sono.Demenza giovanile far volare per aria il paperback, credendo fermamente che sia un gabbiano Eh beh, capitemi I momenti di distrazione fra un s addrummolisce e un macari ce volevano Accuss pian piano sono arrivata alla fine, fra un gabbiano e l altro Mi parse impossibile all inizio, ma nesc viva No, basta, pensavo che sarebbe stata una cosa carina fare la Camilleri anche io, ma sono talmente sazia di dialetto siciliano che un ce la faccio All inizio ero disperata, a [...]

  2. L ottavo romanzo di Camilleri dedicato a Montalbano si svolge esattamente dov era finito il precedente Giro di boa, che io non ho ancora letto , ovvero col nostro commissario convalescente dopo esser stato ferito Richiamato urgentemente in servizio dalla convalescenza, si ritrova a indagare su un sequestro che sveler , col proseguire dell indagine, particolari ben pi inquietanti.La bravura e la maestria di Camilleri riuscita a sorprendermi ancora una volta riesce a scrivere un ottimo giallo senz [...]

  3. Un alt roman din seria Montalbano pe care l am a teptat ndelung i n a fost deloc o dezam gire, de i pare c Montalbano ncepe ncet ncet s fac pasul napoi Aventur , suspans, mister, anchet ntortocheat , de i am reu it i eu spre final, n sf r it, s ghicesc cine ar fi f pta ii i de ce Recenzie, cur nd, pe FanSF.

  4. Grover Gardner is in typical form i.e wonderful in this entry in the Inspector Montalbano series His voice for Catarella is worth noting he manages to convey the crazy accent but still be understood, quite a feat

  5. I know this series is a crime procedural, but that doesn t stop me always want to a laugh out loud and b want to eat really good Italian food, when reading them.

  6. A young woman is kidnapped and Montalbano, recovering from a heart attack, is called back in to help solve the case alongside a kidnapping expert This wasn t my favorite in the series I picked up on the solution pretty early There also wasn t a second mystery in this one which meant time was spent on the main plot, and, I think, let to the preponderance of clues that gave it away for me Some lovely moments with Livia.

  7. The first of the Montalbano books where his Genoa based girlfriend, Livia, is at this home for most of the book, supporting his recuperation from being shot at the end of the previous book He is called back to duty to support the team after a kidnapping and applies his usual peculiar insight to the mystery which emerges.

  8. 8 Inspector Montalbano mystery set in Vigata, Italy Supposedly recuperating from the wound he sustained at the end of the last book, with the lovely and yet curmudgeonly in her own way Livia visiting and tending to him, Montalbano is instead dragged into a kidnapping case, just to consult while another detective has the lead role Susanna Mistretta has disappeared, presumed kidnapped, although motive seems a bit unclear as her family has lost most of their money years previously Several days pass [...]

  9. 5 stars Yes It was funny, insightful, and surprising What a great summer read Among the details which I enjoy the attention paid to details I stopped today and watched a spider web carefully, inspired by the dear detective He listens to his body, listens to his emotions and is self reflective My only regret is, as I ve mentioned before in reviews of this series, that women are remarkable only for their cooking skills or their beauty I write that and immediately I know it s not true Ingrid drives [...]

  10. 3.5 Stars Yet another entertaining read from this delightful series.Andrea Camilleri always has a way at looking at crimes from a slightly different perspective I do like the character of Inspector Montalbano But what is about his relationship with Livia I look forward to returning to this series soon.

  11. 3.5 While I enjoyed every minute of it, I did find some of the plot predictable this time And poor Montalbano, recuperating and having Livia cooking for him instead of Adelina, didn t get as many wonderful meals in this one Still a solid mystery with above average writing.

  12. I am really fond of the Inspector Montalbano series This story moved on at a good pace, and kept me guessing throughout.

  13. Very enjoyable Especially the fact I managed to work out some of the plot from a few leads Also very happy a new series has started on television

  14. Enjoying reading this book in Sicilian it s such a fun cross betwenn Italian and Maltese It s like an on going puzzle

  15. More serious, with Simenon in mind, even mentioned again, with the same sure hint of the solution, and the same personal justice.

  16. La paciencia de la ara a es el octavo libro de la colecci n del comisario Montalbano Camilleri, su autor, ha creado un policial directo, conciso y claro, que a partir de un caso aparentemente com n se desatan otros conflictos de los cuales, en un principio, nadie sospechaba El caso en cuesti n no tiene mucho de espectacular Una chica volv a a su casa cuando dos hombres la abordan y se la llevan A pesar de esto el secuestro toma una gran dimensi n medi tica y de repente todos los periodistas, pol [...]

  17. This time, it s a kidnapping, but the family clearly does not have enough money to pay a ransom, so who could possibly have kidnapped Susanna An outsider who doesn t know the family s financial standing, or was she kidnapped for some other reason The girl has a worried boyfriend and a father who would do anything to have her back Her mother is on her deathbed and her uncle is doing all he can to help the family I guessed most of the answer early on, although one piece took me longer.Overall, it [...]

  18. A pretty young girl is kidnapped riding her scooter home after studying with a classmate Inspector Montalbano is convelescing from his gunshot wounds, and is dragged in to assist in the case Eventually, a large ransom is demanded from her family, which has been devastated by the financial trickery of her now rich uncle The uncle, who has political aspirations, is shamed into paying the ransom for the safe return of the girl As always, Montalbano using his unorthodox policing style, figures out t [...]

  19. Enjoyable, but less so than some of his others.I think Livia got on my nerves I also guessed the ending way before the denouement.

  20. As the character of Montalbano gets older in the books then so too does his way of thinking mature This is perhaps the most notable change between this and other previous novels in the series Otherwise Camilleri s writing, even in translated form, is poetic and incredibly beautiful as always As for the mystery itself, for the first time I could tell how it was going to end by the first few chapters but, whilst slightly disappointing, it says a lot of the strength of his Camilleri s writing that [...]

  21. A family revenge plot disguised as a kidnapping to ruin a corrupt and irresponsible uncle brother A cut above the usual in this series possibly because there are fewer of the set pieces meals etc and a tighter focus It becomes apparent what s going on about half way through so the key is how montalbano figures things out He also administers his own judgment on the crime Livia has called him a little God She s actually fairly snappish in this one.

  22. La trama interessante, ma i risvolti sono fin troppo prevedibili Montalbano resta Montalbano, nel senso che divertente, appassionante da leggere, ma in questo libro non sono riuscito ad avere la curiosit di ci che potrebbe accadere, in quanto avevo previsto lo svolgimento dell intera vicenda gi dai primi capitoli.

  23. Entertaining, light reading, typical of an Inspector Montalbano mystery Figured out the whodunit about half way through the book Plus Livia was getting annoying very little compassion in that character s soul.

  24. Enjoyed this The Montalbano mysteries are becoming comfortable little reads, but as ever, I feel less invested in the mystery of the murders and interested in the characters Montalbano is infinitely entertaining.

  25. El relato del comisario Montalbano que m s me ha gustado hasta ahora Po tico, melanc lico Rompe forma y el big reveal se difumina a lo largo de los tres ltimos cap tulo El t pico de la moribunda, la traici n y la venganza justiciera son abordados con desbordante sensibilidad.

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