Full Tilt

Full Tilt Best Read || [Creston Mapes] - Full Tilt, Full Tilt Book by Mapes Creston

  • Title: Full Tilt
  • Author: Creston Mapes
  • ISBN: 9781590525067
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

Full Tilt Best Read || [Creston Mapes], Full Tilt, Creston Mapes, Full Tilt Book by Mapes Creston Full Tilt Best Read || [Creston Mapes] - Full Tilt, Full Tilt Book by Mapes Creston

  • Full Tilt Best Read || [Creston Mapes]
    424 Creston Mapes
Full Tilt

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  1. Creston Mapes

    Creston is the 1 Bestselling Author of Christian Fiction Suspense Thrillers His top rated mystery thrillers include Poison Town, Fear Has a Name, Nobody, Dark Star, and Full Tilt Creston s new thriller series, The Crittendon Files, launched June of 2013, and will continue with two new releases in 2014, including Poison Town and Sky Zone His early years as a reporter inspire many of his novelsA journalist, copywriter, and editor, Creston works from his home office in Atlanta for some of the nation s top media companies, and nationally recognized corporations, including Chick fil A, Coke, ABC TV, and The Weather Channel In addition to Creston s novels and freelance writing, he has ghostwritten and edited seven non fiction titles CrestonMapesTwitter crestonmapesFacebook crestonpes


  1. Full Tilt is the second book in this series, I didn t know that when I started it, but the author tastefully added in the back story so that even early on I felt like I knew what had happened before Now I m going to go back and read book one Darkstar.When a secular rock star gives his life to God he is changed forever He can no longer stay in his band Deathstroke He uses his musical talents to start and new band and faces a lot of hate from former fans When his brother s bookies threaten to coll [...]

  2. Creston Mapes novels continue to entertain readers in the Christian Fiction genre His story lines are centered on real human characters with human faults and emotions At times the characters are a little pushy in getting other people to choose Christ as their Savior It perhaps is indicative of the urgency of Christians to want people to spend eternity with Christ, rather than suffer without Him.Those who have addictions to various dangerous habits have greater struggles physically than the peopl [...]

  3. ExcellentI loved it God s forgiveness and grace is the central theme of this story I love that the characters were flawed and human Highly recommended.

  4. I really enjoyed this series it is Christian fiction telling the tale of a drug addicted rock star and the battle for his soul It is a bit on the supernatural creepy side, but it works.

  5. The second in Mapes popular Rock Star Chronicles series, Full Tilt is the riveting 2006 sequel to his 2005 debut, Dark Star In short, the series tells the fictional story of Everett Lester, the once out of control frontman for the platinum selling heavy metal band, DeathStroke A man battling many demons the usual rock and roll suspects sex, drugs, booze, greed, ego and the like, Lester ultimately experiences his own Damascus Road awakening and realizes his true life purpose But even after discov [...]

  6. I was excited to read book 2 in the Rock Star Chronicles, my review of Book 1, Dark Star can be found here Full Tilt did not disappoint.Mr Mapes uses of the back and forth writing to keep the story interesting, this time going back and forth between the characters instead of back and forth between times And while the focus is still mainly on Everett, Full Tilt starts to include of Everett s family as well.It s definintely a wild ride and at times scarier than some of the horror books out there [...]

  7. Creston Mapes s second installment of the Rock Star Chronicles, Full Tilt starts right where book 1 ends At the end of Dark Star, Everett Lester is free from all criminal charges and his prior bondage to drugs His band has dissolved, and he is planning to marry Karen Bayliss, the young lady who so faithfully witnessed to and prayed for him So at the beginning of Full Tilt Everett and Karen are married, and Everett has started a new band that he plans to use to share what God has done in his life [...]

  8. In the sequel to Dark Star Confessions of a Rock Idol, Everett Lester is eager to share the redeeming peace of Christ s love through music Acquitted of murder and newly married, he is trying to get a new tour off the ground But while his life is on the upswing, Everett s new life as a Christian is threatened, as always, by Satan and his minions.Everett s older brother, Eddie, is in deep with the mob for Eddie s steep gambling debts and as much as Everett tries to be there for his brother, Eddie [...]

  9. Once I started this book I couldn t put it down, and I m not sure what it wasCreston Mapes has a hard hitting, fast paced style of writing that kept me flipping pages even when I didn t sympathise with the characters and was getting annoyed with gramatical oddities Intensity is his strongpoint.I also appreciated how, even though the main character has recently become a Christian, his life isn t suddenly perfect and full of peace Instead, he s got this foundation and anchor in spite of the terrib [...]

  10. Of all the book series, I ve read, I ve never known one in which the point of view changes As you might know in Dark Star, it s in first person In Full Tilt, it s in third person.The way this book helped me as a writer, it was with conflict Creston pulled out all the stops with it How could you not have that, with a wife facing infertility from an abortion, a brother who has a gambling addiction, which I must say is worse than any of Everett s and a nephew who is on meth, who hates him forever.B [...]

  11. I just finished both Dark Star and Full Tilt, so my review is for both simultaneously Both books did a great job of showing the struggle of not only the antagonist but many of the side characters as well in their daily lives The inability of many situations to be handled or influenced by us without some Divine help was also illustrated incredibly well Of the two books, I liked Full Tilt a little bit While Dark Star was certainly a great book, the flashbacks did not really work well for me, but [...]

  12. I read my first Mapes book, Dark Star, and became completely hooked on Everett Lester s story I had no choice but to hop onto the sequel While Full Tilt isn t quite as exceptional as Dark Star, it s still great When I first started reading it, I was a bit overwhelmed with the melodrama, but it grabbed hold of me nonetheless and didn t let go until I came out the other end Full of action and suspense I miss Everett s first person storytelling from Dark Star, though

  13. This story is outstanding all by itself, but is actually the sequel to Dark Star Confessions of a Rock Idol Here we find Everett Lester coping with the death of one of his nephews and how he strives each day to living a better life free from the trappings of his past Fans of the show, Breaking Bad will eat this up

  14. what a great read of hope and dispair It goes to show that only Jesus can mend the broken hearted No amount of money, drugs or fame only Christ Jesus Creston Mapes I am a fan

  15. Terrific continuation of Dark Star Suspenseful to the end Can t wait for the third book to be published What else will Satan throw at this family

  16. Wonderful follow up story to the rock star saga There are some difficult parts to read through, but so true to life, unfortunately Mapes has quickly become one of my favorite authors

  17. This book kept me up late trying to finish I was scared at times but that was what made this such a good book I can t wait for the next in the series Creston Mapes is a good story teller.

  18. I just love the way creston writes it draws you into the book like nothing else this was another fabulous book I give it 4 1 2 stars I will be excited to read the rest of his books.

  19. Great read which immerses the reader in a Christian worldview It traces the path of a converted rock star who has to face many difficulties as he lives for God

  20. Good second book in the series Is there anything you would change about this book As genres go this is not one that is for me That is not the books fault, it is mine fore jumping out of my usual reading box However, fans of Christian reads will eat this up with a spoon If you ve listened to books by Creston Mapes before, how does this one compare It is very similar to the first book in the series in that there is a lot of Christian content It is even here because Lester is now looking to testif [...]

  21. This wasn t quite as interesting as Dark Star for several reasons What seems like the biggest, from the get go, is the switched perspective Dark Star was entirely from Everett s eyes, now it s third person and alternating Frank Peretti and Stephen King can pull it off, yet this effort by Mapes feels off kilter.Another is the writing style, in my opinion, is not as fresh, plus the worst people never convinced me in their dialogue of how cruel they could be Still, at least Mapes kept the PG 13 atm [...]

  22. A decent follow up to the Dark Star book, but way preachy than the first It s the end of a really good story if you don t mind blatant attempts to save your soul.

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