If I Should Speak, a Novel

Unlimited If I Should Speak, a Novel - by Umm Zakiyyah - If I Should Speak, a Novel, If I Should Speak a Novel The author promises to revolutionize story telling in this powerful story about three college students one Christian and the others Muslim who find themselves unlikely roommates at a small private

  • Title: If I Should Speak, a Novel
  • Author: Umm Zakiyyah
  • ISBN: 5551322513
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited If I Should Speak, a Novel - by Umm Zakiyyah, If I Should Speak, a Novel, Umm Zakiyyah, If I Should Speak a Novel The author promises to revolutionize story telling in this powerful story about three college students one Christian and the others Muslim who find themselves unlikely roommates at a small private American university Tamika the main character of this novel is a sopho in college who dreams of becoming a famous singer After a fight with her roommate she is forcedThe Unlimited If I Should Speak, a Novel - by Umm Zakiyyah - If I Should Speak, a Novel, If I Should Speak a Novel The author promises to revolutionize story telling in this powerful story about three college students one Christian and the others Muslim who find themselves unlikely roommates at a small private

  • Unlimited If I Should Speak, a Novel - by Umm Zakiyyah
    207 Umm Zakiyyah
If I Should Speak, a Novel

About "Umm Zakiyyah"

  1. Umm Zakiyyah

    Daughter of American converts to Islam, Umm Zakiyyah writes about the interfaith struggles of Muslims and Christians, and the intercultural, spiritual, and moral struggles of Muslims in America.Umm Zakiyyah s work has earned praise from writers, professors, and filmmakers and has been translated into multiple languages In 2008, Umm Zakiyyah was awarded the Muslim Girls Unity Conference Distinguished Authors Award Umm Zakiyyah also writes under her birth name Ruby Moore.Visit uzauthor


  1. I feel truly inspired.I thought, like many have before me I m sure, that this starts off a little amateurish and the writing could have had depth, but this soon transforms into one of those books that I had to stay up way into the night to finish And it really was worth it The three main characters are truly delightful to get to know, and strangely you find yourself empathising with all of them at the same time even thoough they disagree with each other Really clever.

  2. I was initially going to give this a lower rating, but the unexpected twist at the end redeemed it slightly This is a spiritual story of three roommates one is Christian, one is a practising Muslim and the third is a non practicing Muslim Tamika, the Christian roommate, has a college assignment to research a religion and do a presentation on it She chooses Islam, and this forms the premise for the rest of the story.Here are my main issues with the book Firstly, in quite a few instances, I felt a [...]

  3. A book detailing the realities often faced between people of different races and religions, though seldom expressed aloud If I Should Speak captures its readers, taking them on a journey of one character s discovery heart felt hope, sadness and finally joy A heart rending and talented piece of work.

  4. interesting, it s been a while since I read a book that I couldn t put it down I Liked the book.The ending was very touching s great to read such a novel taking about Islam, it describes the how many people see Islam, and the struggle many people go through before being Muslim and somehow Dee s or Durrah s personality is just like sadly many Muslims these day.

  5. Spoiler alert I was very disappointed in this book I m Muslim but my views are open minded than the author s I found her views and moral code to be unfortunately very narrow minded The book brings you through the lives of three young girls How they met and their religious struggles Two of the girls had dreams of becoming singers and or song writers The other felt like they were sinners for they way they dressed, and for singing and performing in front of a mixed gender crowd The moral of the st [...]

  6. I so wanted to be able to rate this book higher, since it s a good attempt Islamic Fiction and we need of those However, the writing style is very annoying to say the least I feel that the characters do reflect the struggles that many Muslims have to deal with The plot itself is alright, but I just couldn t get over the in your face preachiness Further, I feel that the author could have done a better job at explaning some the islamic issues that the characters deal with, rather than just shovin [...]

  7. A great book that I would highly recommend even as part of the trilogy Its been awhile since I read this but I do remember fondly enjoying it I cried in places, because of events and because of the comparison I was making to my own life as a convert There were times that I had to remind myself that everyone has a differing opinion of Islam and the things they do upon converting are very much different Just because one person dives right into things doesnt mean they are correct and will make them [...]

  8. Ugh We need Muslim fiction so props for that But it s a barely veiled dawah pamphlet with an unrealistic conversion story I just didn t believe the characters But it s awesome this sister is writing She s a trailblazer mashallah And it s gotta be hard to write conservative Muslim fiction at that So it s appreciated.

  9. I never thought that this book would be so good I really liked it The author stated her opinions strongly and in most of the times they were convincing The story was also interesting and fast paced.I strongly recommend this book for the muslim youth.

  10. This is a captivating book It was hard to put down There s so much to learn from this book both for Muslims and non Muslims Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  11. A beautiful very touching story about a Christian woman that becomes friends with 2 Muslim women I highly recommend it to both Muslims Non muslims who wish to have a better idea about Islam.

  12. Tamika Douglass, seorang mahasiswa Amerika yang cerdas dan berbakat seni, telah lama dihantui pertanyaan tentang Tuhan sebagaimana yang diyakini agamanya.Suatu hari, Tamika bertengkar dengan teman sekamarnya, Jennifer karena masalah kecil Masalah itu tidak cepat selesai malah semakin membesar Akhirnya, ia harus pindah kamar.Saat itu, Tamika sedang mendapat tugas untuk melakukan penelitian tentang agama di dunia Ia mengambil kesempatan pindah kamar untuk melakukan penelitian itu Kebetulan teman t [...]

  13. I read this book as part of my academic course in Eng102 in Islamic online university The story is very nice, great picture of a strong Muslim, a weaker Muslim, and a christian learning about Islam and reflecting the Islamic knowledge and logic on what she grew up to know as a Christian.This book surely will help the Muslim brothers and sisters living in non Muslim countries and are asked about some religious issues and are dealing all day with Christians It gives you an idea on where to start a [...]

  14. If I should speak by Umm zakiyyah when I first started reading it, it was interesting finding out about the characters and personality but then I found myself skipping paragraphs because it was all explanation of Islam and Christianity I am sure most converts and reverts would relate to many of the comparison and how it s perceived but I found myself passing through the chapters They only highlight is getting to know Dee at the end and her struggle with Islam and the climax at the end that broug [...]

  15. This book is great for people who want to know about Islam It gives some basics of Islam that is impeded into a good story So if you want to know a little about Islam and have no time to do an extensive research read this book.It a create Islamic fiction which tells the story of a young women and how she discovered Islam and converted to it.The book is really interesting.

  16. the book tells how non muslims where influenced by the stereotypes that came out on islam it gives you a chance to learn how to speak about islam in a convincing and a simplified way , without placing pressure on the other side i loved everything about this book , the writing style , the characters and the sequence of events its a must read book for everyone D

  17. I learned how to answer some questions about Islam if I m asked by a non muslim However, I didn t like the end, it would be better if Tamika converted to Islam before the death of Dee In general, I recommend this book to every non muslim who is planning to convert to the great religion ISLAM 3

  18. This book should be read by anyone It perfectly depicts what a college student goes through emotionally whether the religious parts apply to her or not I read this book in 3 hours While at work That is how good this book is

  19. This is the best muslim novel that I have read The author writes really well and it will teach both muslims and non muslims a lot about Islam without overwhelming them The story is about 3 girls in College and how they navigate through their spiritual journeys.This book is part of a trilogy.

  20. an excellent book revealing the struggles anyone might face in his way to a change wether to the best or worst.I m sure you won t let go of it once you hold it.

  21. I truly appreciated the arguments and content that the author brought to light in the book They than made up for the slightly typical storyline.

  22. It s hard to know how to rate this I don t want to give a low number to a book that I couldn t stop reading, and occupied so much of my thoughts when I wasn t reading it I could t concentrate on anything else for three days except the message in the book Which is not to say that I always agreed with it There was too much of the it s true because it s true, and if you just look at it, you will see that it is true method of proving a point There was too much preaching about the hellfire reward tha [...]

  23. I found it pretentious, overly righteous, and completely not a reality as I or my other convert to Islam friends has experience It only gave an idealized version of the conversion experience I was extremely disappointed.

  24. Basically you can learn how to speak about Islam using the right vocabulary, simple idea, without any complication And with confident.About the Events you can summarize it in a couple pages or read about it in the book sequel voice

  25. A heart moving story of a college student and her mental and spiritual conflicts between her religion i.e christianity and that of her new two roomates who are Muslim A compelling and entertaining read for people of all faiths Highly recommened

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