Death at Dartmoor

↠ Death at Dartmoor ✓ Robin Paige - Death at Dartmoor, Death at Dartmoor Robin Paige s detectives do for turn of the century technology and detection what Elizabeth Peters Peabody and Emerson have done for Victorian Egyptology Gothic Journal Lord Charles Sheridan and his A

  • Title: Death at Dartmoor
  • Author: Robin Paige
  • ISBN: 9780425183427
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Death at Dartmoor ✓ Robin Paige, Death at Dartmoor, Robin Paige, Death at Dartmoor Robin Paige s detectives do for turn of the century technology and detection what Elizabeth Peters Peabody and Emerson have done for Victorian Egyptology Gothic Journal Lord Charles Sheridan and his American wife Kate have come to Britain s most notorious prison so that Kate can research her new Gothic novel and Charles can meet with one of the inmates But when t Robin Paige s ↠ Death at Dartmoor ✓ Robin Paige - Death at Dartmoor, Death at Dartmoor Robin Paige s detectives do for turn of the century technology and detection what Elizabeth Peters Peabody and Emerson have done for Victorian Egyptology Gothic Journal Lord Charles Sheridan and his A

  • ↠ Death at Dartmoor ✓ Robin Paige
    382 Robin Paige
Death at Dartmoor

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    Robin Paige is the pen name of husband and wife team Bill and Susan Wittig Albert.The Robin Paige Victorian Edardian mystery series was written by Bill and Susan Albert from 1994 2006 There are a dozen books in the series now completed , beginning in the mid 1890s and continuing through 1903.The series, beginning with Death at Bishop s Keep features two amateur sleuths Kate Ardleigh Sheridan and Sir Charles Sheridan, later Lord Sheridan , Baron of Somersworth Kate is an Irish American woman who writes under the pseudonym of Beryl Bardwell She comes to England and inherits a small fortune and the estate of Bishops Keep, located in East Anglia, near the village of Dedham, Essex Sir Charles is a landed peer and amateur scientist with a special interest in new forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting, ballistics, toxicology, and photography In each of the 12 books in the series, Kate and Charles meet notable figures of their time as they set about solving the relevant mystery.


  1. On the one hand, I have to wonder if this book suffers from being the low point of a long running series On the other hand, the characters, while distinctive, aren t memorable except in the ways that grate The two protagonists are thoroughly modern You can tell they are modern because they believe in things such as independence of women and Darwin and fingerprinting The locals yokels talk in phonetic accents with plenty of apostrophes in place of skipped vowels and b aint s than I ever thought [...]

  2. I really enjoy this series I look forward to the reads and have enjoyed every book so far Maybe not the most intellectually challenging books, but not simple reads either Sir Charles and Lady Kate Sheridan are a great couple and ahead of their time in many ways The inclusion of real life people in the books has been enjoyable so far It s Dr Arthur Conan Doyle in this book before he was a Sir Didn t realize his personal life was a bit of a soap opera if this book is correct and poetic license was [...]

  3. I love this seriest in England around the turn of the last century.Queen Victoria is dead, the strict Victorian morals are relaxing, an Irish American woman inherits property in England and isn t quite sure how she fits in to the societal constraints, so she doesn t The books are historical fiction mystery, but a lot history This one takes place in Dartmoord Arthur Conan Doyle is working out the plot for The Hound of the Baskervilles The books each center around a place, an event or a item auto [...]

  4. Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy Death at Dartmoor, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes a guest appearance Set in the moorland of Southern England and inspired by The Hound of the Baskervilles, this latest Kathryn Ardleigh mystery installment is full of intrigue and interesting historical tidbits.

  5. Review I really enjoyed this one in the series, though not quite as much as Death at Whitechapel I love this series so much because it does use real people as well as the fictional main characters in this story Arthur Conan Doyle is researching The Hound of the Baskervilles and it s interesting to see how he is portrayed as pretty much the opposite of the eponymous Sherlock Holmes It s also interesting to see how Charles Sheridan pushes fingerprinting and the importance of scientific evidence in [...]

  6. This book is absurd than the previous one I read in the series, and I won t be looking for any The author takes a rather superior attitude to Conan Doyle, and again gets small details wrong, and they grate.I can t imagine an Edwardian vicar condoning spiritualism, much less taking part in not one but two seances

  7. Vivid and entertaining So much to learn about this time in English history I loved the descriptive details and enjoyed the speculation.

  8. Thanks to the second appearance of Arthur Conan Doyle in this historical English cozy Mystery series and the background on his writing of The Hound of the Baskervilles, this wound up being one of my favorites in the entire series.

  9. This is another book in the Victorian now Edwardian, since Queen Victoria has recently passed away Mystery series Unfortunately, it is nowhere near as interesting or compelling as the earlier books Indeed, whereas the previous books flew by in a week, it took me nearly a month of forcing myself to read a chapter here, a chapter there, to get through this thing I think the 1 problem is that there isn t a good murder mystery early on There is a criminal who, the Sheridans suspect, was wrongly accu [...]

  10. The Hound of the Sheridans No No hound But Dartmoor and murder, a bit of a gothic feel and maybe a taste of the psychic Special guest star is, surprise, surprise, Dr Arthur Conan Doyle, and the portrait of him ain t at all bad He s human, no super sleuth in disguise, torn between two women Ask sir Charles and even Sherlock Holmes is less then a perfect creation, not up to date with the scientific developments of the time, an amateur really The story is perhaps not as humorous as some of the othe [...]

  11. This is the eighth book in the Victorian Edwardian mystery series with Kate and Charles heading off to the famous Dartmoor prison Charles is there to help set up a fingerprinting system at the prison While there, he also wants to investigate an infamous murder in which he believes the accused did not commit the crime The pair are joined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who has come to the area to work on his novel about Sherlock Holmes which will become the Hound of the Baskervilles While at Dartmoor, [...]

  12. Death at Dartmoor by Robin Paige is book 8 of the Charles Sheridan historical mystery series set in Victorian England Charles and Kate have traveled to Dartmoor, where Charles is establishing a prisoner fingerprinting system in the famous prison Kate is enjoying long walks on the moor They encounter their friend Dr Arthur Conan Doyle, who is in Dartmoor researching The Hound of the Baskervilles Charles thinks Doyle should keep up with the latest forensics techniques and employ them in his Sherlo [...]

  13. Robin Paige, the pseudonym used by husband and wife co authors, writes another murder mystery set in Victorian England The detectives, also a husband and wife team, are people of Quality Lord and Lady Sheridan Lord Sheridan, in this book sent to Dartmoor to fingerprint the inmates of the prison, is convinced of one convict s innocence Lady Sheridan, looking for inspiration for her latest penny dreadful novel, aids her husband in helping the convict who truly was innocent and his sister escape to [...]

  14. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is our guest star in this book Our famous setting is the moors as in the Hound of the Baskervilles Many aspects of that story find their way into this one which was fun having read it about weekly for a while as a kid Kate and Charles are in town meeting Patsy Marsden, who did follow Kate s advice and ran off to have adventures, and to institute some fingerprinting at the local prison While there Charles hopes to figure out a murder case that has a bloody handprint on the [...]

  15. Arthur Conan Doyle visits remote Dartmoor and becomes involved in two mysteries the murder of a wealthy landowner, and the escape fofa prsoner from the infamous Dartmoor prison, a prisoner who had been wrongly convicted Many of the characters and incidents come from Doyle s famous story The Hound of the Baskervilles It s intriguing to see how the author uses characters and incidents from Hound in this fictional story that supposedly explores the genesis of Doyle s Hound plot, setting, and cast I [...]

  16. I love this series by Susan Wittig Albert and her husband under the pseudonym of Robin Paige Victorian mysteries well researched Mist shrouded Dartmoor is the setting for Lord Charles Sheridan and his American wife, author Kate, are involved in solving a case As always, a famous personage is introduced, this time Sir Arthur Conan Doyle But do start at the beginning of the series with Death at Bishop s Keep The characters evolve with each book Great winter reading, although I read it last summer. [...]

  17. Every time I read another book in this series, it makes me want to look for of them I like the main characters The author has researched the time period and settings Well known characters appear as part of the story line this one featured Conan Doyle with references to Holmes Watson I haven t been reading these in any specific order It doesn t seem to make a difference since each plot is pretty much unique.

  18. I always enjoy this series, and the references to Sherlock and Watson made reading it even better I knew, of course, that Doyle had written books other than those starring the detecting duo, but I had no idea how many

  19. Charles Sheridan and wife Kate team up with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to solve a murder mystery on the moors of England, and to save the life of a prisoner who was wrongfully convicted As usual, Kate uses her keen intellect and wise discernment to lead their investigation in the right direction.

  20. Kate Charles Sheridan solve another mystery or two in this enjoyable book I like how the authors mix in real people with their fictional characters In this book, it s Arthur Conan Doyle I ve read all the Sherlock Holmes stories although it has been a while since I did.

  21. This was without a doubt the best of this series The continued incorporation of historical figures as well as the recurrence or characters from prior books makes this an ongoing thoroughly enjoyable story.

  22. I really like that this series uses the list of characters at the front I wish books still did that Fascinating how people get killed in the book creatively Last third of the book very interesting and entertaining, but beginning really dragged on.

  23. Includes Arthur Conan Doyle s visit to the moors that inspired the Hound of the Baskervilles It is hard to remember that in fact this was written later and includes references rather than the other way around.

  24. I love the China Bayles books by Susan Wittig Albert but the books she writes with her husband under Robin Paige really set my teeth on edge They hit all the cliche buttons Spunky poor Irish American girl entrances English lord, unexpectedly inherits a fortune, and solves crimes meh.

  25. While this book isn t heavy reading, it was fun reading Incorporating Arthur Conan Doyle into the narrative was a nice touch, especially when one of the main characters points out the lapses in Sherlock Holmes methods.

  26. I like how she incorporates well known figures from the same time period It got me to read Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.

  27. interesting reada mystery about a death on the moor and an explaintion of how Arthur Conan Doyle came to write The Hound of the Baskervilles

  28. Death at Dartmoor written by Robin Paige and published in 2004 by Berkley Hardcover A quite enjoyable Victorian murder mystery, part of a series Read at Severn Lodge, Canada.

  29. Not sure if this is a somewhat worse series entry, or if I m just getting a bit bored with the whole thing or both Either way, I must say the book is just OK.

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