The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family

â The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family ↠ H.M. Ward - The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family, The Arrangement The Ferro Family THE SERIES WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume in the bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery s life is slipping between her fingers Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesn t

  • Title: The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition

â The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family ↠ H.M. Ward, The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family, H.M. Ward, The Arrangement The Ferro Family THE SERIES WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume in the bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery s life is slipping between her fingers Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesn t take this job The idea of being a call girl doesn t appeal to Avery but her first client does Sean is too difficult to resist This might be the opportunity to fix â The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family ↠ H.M. Ward - The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family, The Arrangement The Ferro Family THE SERIES WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume in the bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery s life is slipping between her fingers Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesn t

  • â The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family ↠ H.M. Ward
    170 H.M. Ward
The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family

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  1. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME IS THERE NO MERCY AT THIS AUTHOR S FEET IS THIS A CRUEL JOKE MEANT TO ENCOURAGE VIOLENCE NO THEN WHY, OH WHY ARE WE LEFT WITH A MOTHER OF A CLIFFHANGER Now that I got my rant out of the way, ehem, I will proceed to give an honest reviewIS BOOK ROCKED BACK AND FORTH BABY The second in The Arrangement series, this was a short, SHORT, novella that is part of a multi series of novellas surrounding the Hero heroine, Sean and Avery, respectively I fell in love with them in t [...]

  2. So, here is the deal These books are good They are written really well However, they are really short Asnof now there are 7 books so far, and no matter how good they are I am just not okay paying 3 for a book thqt is only 70 100 pages Especially when each book picks up where the last left off My opinion the first 3 or 4 into one book sell it for 6 8 dollars, and combine the last ones as well Just not worth it to me Maybe they will eventually sell it as a boxed set or something, but I just don t [...]

  3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    WOWSo far this series is a 5 Star read for me The slow buildup between Avery and Sean is keeping me happily hooked to this story Avery and Sean s first date was cut short by Miss Black and her body guards.This arrangement had supposedly come to an end because Sean broke the rules by taking Avery outside of the hotel.The angst hurt a bit in this one.Poor Avery, her hopes were dashed of having the chance for Sean to be her first.She s in a desperate situation and doesn t want to continue to work a [...]

  4. 3.5 Very Steamy StarsSo part II picks up with Sean and Avery in the hotel room and a couple of kisses and smiles later, and I sound like I m ready to marry the guy Everything is going hot and heavy until Miss Black, the madam comes knocking at the door Rut ruh, some rules were broken and now the arrangement is off Poor Avery is still a virgin and Sean is in trouble Avery goes back to her dorm and college life until she asks for a second chance with Mr Ferro Sean At first he rejects Avery s offer [...]

  5. The second hot and sexy installment of H.M Ward s new NA series of novellas is just as good as the first Each book pulls you in a little bit and leaves you wondering what s going to happen next Sean and Avery s chemistry continues to sizzle and burn, and the questions about Sean just keep piling up Book number three, WHERE ARE YOU Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. OMFG Seriously, cliffhanger again but it is worth it with what was written before that last paragraph The way Sean s body was described sighs happily if only he was real Plus Avery and her temper with Sean and her roommate later on O.O you wouldn t want to mess with her when she s ticked off But what happened later on is what she was thinking of and in her eyes, from what I read, was amazing for her until you read that last page Anyway, seriously hotter than the first but since it is barley the [...]

  7. Well needless to say The Arrangement 2 is another torturous novel That ending Ugh I am so happy I got to read this book a little in advanceever that also means I have to wait longer If you don t know already I loathe waiting Not that Holly s books aren t worth it, because they so totally are Plus the reviews she gets for her books the faster the next book comes out soad and get to writing those reviews peeps I promise to love you forever and ever.Anyway, onto the review The arrangement part 2 s [...]

  8. I am very slowly falling in love with this series.The second one picks up right where the first finishes Avery and Sean are in his hotel room and are planning on a VERY sexy night Sean is being his usual charming self, and Avery is trying to figure out how all of this is going to pan out Pull that lip back in right now or I swear to God, I ll kiss you so hard that you come Sigh I love me some Sean.And then it happens their little secret is not so secret any and Miss Black is back and demanding A [...]

  9. Sexo, es solo sexo que cuando viene acompa ado de sentimientos es aun mejor, no conosco a ninguna amiga que si primera vez alla sido ni la mitad de buena que lo fue la de avery, pero teniendo en cuenta que es un libro se cree cualquier cosa.El libro tiene su toque, sigo sintiendo es un gran libro separado en muchos, y bueno seguire leyendo, avery me cae bien, esta da ada en una manera que ni ella misma lo sabes y los secretos de sean son un poco predecibles pero tal vez me equivoque.

  10. Okay I loved this and finished it in an hour I m on too book 3.Damn you HMWardyou crack dealing sadist you I m hooked.

  11. So Apart of this series to be so dang short, it s such a HUGE tease Seriously, I ve never been teased like this for as long as I can remember H.M Ward better be writing for the next volumes now or I ll end up reading and re reading about Avery and Sean and lemme tell you, it will not do you good cause you ll find me up at you computer snap just like that But still, thanks for creating Avery and Sean s story I greatly appreciate it happy face Basically, The Arrangement 2continuous from where the [...]

  12. This second addition to the series is pure torture Why I m losing my mind from that damn ending This was totally amazing and just as addictive as the first installment to the series Sean and Avery officially seal the deal but the terms of their relationship only causes an even deeper wedge between the two It s obvious that they care about each other but Avery is afraid she s in too deep and that Sean s interest doesn t go any further than their current arrangement Sean on the other is running t [...]

  13. Don t get me wrong with my rating, I enjoyed the book but felt as if I was being ripped off as a reader Ms Ward broke apart this story into eight books charging 3.99 each I will continue to read the series, one because I did purchase them based on the other series of hers I read and two because I like the characters The depth she has displayed in developing them and mainly because I want to see how the story ends But as a reader I am so frustrated by how short each book was for the price I doubt [...]

  14. Decisions, Decisionswhat s a girl to do Avery must decide what s important, her education or will she cross that forbidden line

  15. The irony that this over priced and drawn out single book disguised as a series is about a high cost but lower class inexperienced call girl who is drawing out her relationship with the wealthy but needy young man and is therefore raking in the money with each encounter with the one man to whom she could and should be having a relationship and encounters with for FREE is not at all lost on me Maybe the author is trying to tell us something For 70 for the soft copy edition 7 x 10 of this single b [...]

  16. When Avery Sean finally decide to move forward things are heating up, Miss Black put a halt to their first date She claims Mr Ferro has broken the rules there are no negotiating the rules with Miss Black Avery is heart broken because she was ready to go all the way with Sean now she is not allowed to see him any continue to work for Miss Black Avery just can t find it in herself to see anyone else besides Sean decides to end the whole thing With her world imploding once again, a good friend sugg [...]

  17. Read More Reviews Like This On My BlogPart 1 This Book was suggested to me by one of my facebook friends and I was so happy to have been directed towards it, because I d never heard of it and I was looking for something short that I could get through within a short amount of timeSo anyway, Arrangement was the first of the many book suggestions I had received.Anyhoo I rather enjoyed this book It was funny at the beginning and I really enjoyed the method the author used to introduce us to Avery an [...]

  18. CLICK HERE TO READ MY FULL REVIEW AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORF I received this story in exchange for an honest review THE ARRANGEMENT SERIES This story unfolds over the course of multiple short novels Each one follows the continuing story of Avery Stanz and Sean Ferro WTF FML Seriously, Ms Ward You built me up to crash me down You built me up and up and up and then you dropped me from a 10 story building How are you able to run my emotions all over the place in such a shor [...]

  19. The story continues in the part 2 of Avery Sean s storyUgh this book is such a tease it s killing me hahaWe can tell that they are undeniably attracted to each other but something holds them backNo one has ever looked at me like this Avery StanzIt s like his eyes could devour me whole That carnal look makes my body grow warner My heart slams into my ribs like it s trying to save itself, like it know Sean s bad for me Avery StanzThe way his eyes drink me in, the way his hands feel on my skin, and [...]

  20. Leave me cliffhanger againd Avery herewell, TSTLI think Well, Avery, finally agreed to be Sean s whore.A virgin whore my thinking is mostly like this.You see , when a bad boy and a virgin whore they called it call girl welleeahI m Mother is what would exactly happen AND THISShe can t complain when he said goodbye, he paid her for service after all I don t deny this one is a good readbutI hate it when the heroine so lack of confidence and weak even she chosen to paid for sexhave a dign [...]

  21. This series to be started out really well The dialogue was sharp and the chemistry between Sean and Avery was smoking I find their early encounters adorable Then somewhere towards the end of the first novella, I can t figure out Avery any Whereas in the earlier 70% she s a well defined character, when Miss Black and her job offer comes into the picture with Sean in the mix, she just stopped making sense view spoiler In essence, she agreed to become a call girl because Sean s the client who she s [...]

  22. Sweet Lord in Heaven the ending practically killed me, and this time it wasn t because of the cliffhanger I liked this installment then the first I LOVE Sean s body Muscles rise and fall in perfection Sean s body is Greek God material Lord help us but when Avery gets pissed that girl gets pissed Let me in my car I hiss and drop my hands to my sides He s blocking the door What will you do if I say no His eyes sparkle, like he thinks this is funny I lean in close to his face A twisted smile snake [...]

  23. Que locura me hace sentir esta historia, me hace desear cosas que no deberia sufri con la pobre Avery toda esa confusion que es Sean, la verdad es que no lo logro entender y lo peor es que no quiero que se pierda porque necesito saber mas de el, tal como quiere Avery, hacerlo feliz, porque en el fondo ya nos dimos cuenta que es un chico solitario que plr alguna razon no se deja sentir emociones profundas Ese final me ha dejado destruida ahora no me queda mas que seguir leyendo, porque tengo que [...]

  24. I am so liking this series This is part 2 of The Arrangement Sean almost didn t get the opportunity to take Avery s V card, but he did They are pretty much friends outside of the arrangement so when they come together and have sex, emotions arise and become stronger We know that she feels the love for him, but do he feel it for her and it seems as though he is hiding something I don t know I am looking forward to the next installment and maybe we can see if Sean is hiding something I think he is [...]

  25. I love and hate these short stories I feel Avery s ache and I wonder Seans secret, but I have to keep reading to get my fix

  26. The thing I hate about serials is that they all end in cliffhangers, but oh well This one is really good.I will write a full review at the end of the series.

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