Mitchell Goes Bowling

[PDF] Read ↠ Mitchell Goes Bowling : by Hallie Durand Tony Fucile - Mitchell Goes Bowling, Mitchell Goes Bowling Battle on Head to the lanes for another hilarious high energy story as four year old Mitchell and his obliging dad strike a winning deal Mitchell liked to knock things down That s just how he rolled

  • Title: Mitchell Goes Bowling
  • Author: Hallie Durand Tony Fucile
  • ISBN: 9780763660499
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ Mitchell Goes Bowling : by Hallie Durand Tony Fucile, Mitchell Goes Bowling, Hallie Durand Tony Fucile, Mitchell Goes Bowling Battle on Head to the lanes for another hilarious high energy story as four year old Mitchell and his obliging dad strike a winning deal Mitchell liked to knock things down That s just how he rolled One Saturday when Mitchell almost knocks down his dad his dad catches him and puts him in the car And when they step into the bowling alley Mitchell feels right at home Battle [PDF] Read ↠ Mitchell Goes Bowling : by Hallie Durand Tony Fucile - Mitchell Goes Bowling, Mitchell Goes Bowling Battle on Head to the lanes for another hilarious high energy story as four year old Mitchell and his obliging dad strike a winning deal Mitchell liked to knock things down That s just how he rolled

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Mitchell Goes Bowling : by Hallie Durand Tony Fucile
    442Hallie Durand Tony Fucile
Mitchell Goes Bowling

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  1. Hallie Durand Tony Fucile

    Hallie Durand the pen name for Holly M McGhee began writing in 2007 and has published the Dessert First chapter book trilogy, two picture books about a boy named Mitchell Mitchell s License Mitchell Goes Bowling , and another picture book about her son Marshall Catch That Cookie.


  1. A great book for kids who are trying to learn something new and are frustrated Four year old Mitchell goes bowling for the first time and is having a fun time but he really wants to knock down all the pins like his dad He gets so frustrated he can t that he wants to leave His dad suggests that they be on the same team and they toss the ball together Tony Fucile is one of my favorite illustrators He makes me laugh so hard One of my favorite pages is Mitchell blow drying his hands, then his face, [...]

  2. Richie s Picks MITCHELL GOES BOWLING by Hallie Durand and Tony Fucile, ill Candlewick, September 2013, 40p ISBN 978 0 7636 6049 9 Just keep your eye on the ball, Barney boy Fred Flintstone, on his way to converting a 7 10 split More than 20,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year from injuries suffered at bowling alleys, according to the U.S Product Safety Commission Injuries range from frequent bowlers suffering tissue damage to kids getting smashed by the heavy ball Here s a common [...]

  3. This book is awesome Mitchell loves to knock things down so his dad introduces him to the sport of bowling There s tons of details about the experience including the happy dances bowlers do when they score a strike I can t say enough good about this book There s a great storyline featuring father and son, there s the way the father took a destructive behavior Mitchell s affinity for knocking things over and turned it into a constructive activity bowling , there s the hilarious hot potato dance f [...]

  4. Having grown up in a bowling alley where my Dad was the proprietor, this book brought back soooo many memories The images and words made me remember the sounds and smells that accompany the environment of the lanes Mitchell s dad was quite clever, patient, and understanding, and Mitchell learned a very important lesson Bravo to the author The illustrator gets kudos as well for capturing the scenes and expressions.Most people are not familiar with candlepin bowling that s the little balls but the [...]

  5. First of all, it s nice to have a book about going bowling for kids don t think there are any other bowling stories This is perfectly pitched and by that I am speaking of sounds mood, not throwing a baseball As in Mitchell s License, Durand s understanding of the emotions and feelings of a young child are spot on.And best of all, Mitchell s dad gets things too how to channel Mitchell s energies and how to handle his frustrations Ms Durand is on a roll sorry with these characters and I hope there [...]

  6. I read this book to several Pre K classes this month, and it was a hit every time The kids were really rooting for little four year Mitchell during his quest for an X They laughed when he fell, when he or his dad did a hot potato dance, and they asked to hear the story again when it was over This book was Pre K tested, and approved.

  7. I don t care for series, but this is really good Father and son get some quality bonding time together through bowling.

  8. Topics PersistenceLearningThere are great illustrations this book The illustrator captured bowling and its ups and downs perfectly.ihaveabookyoushouldreadsp

  9. I come from a family of bowlers, so I had to take this one out when I found it at the library The illustrations are marvellous and the story is fun And bowling deserves to have some stories too Makes me want to write a similar story for five pin.I do have a couple of quibbles, like seeing Mitchell face first in the ball return and how on earth can a four year old can lift a ten pin bowling ball It was a good chance to reinforce some safety lessons with Mini Me, though.

  10. Mitchell likes to knock things down And he s pretty good at it But then his dad takes him bowling where it s okay to knock things down Only, Mitchell isn t very good at this.

  11. I don t think I could possibly love this The amusing, honest text paired with hilarious, expressive illustrations makes me so happy.

  12. This book is so fun I love that it talks about a sport that isn t talked about usually in books For kids, like Judah, who are interested in bowling this is a perfect book for them It also teaches a very good lesson about teamwork and not giving up when you re not good at something on your first try.

  13. A boy and his dad experience all the fun that goes along with bowling It s a bit long for story time but would be good for one on one sharing if you re looking for a picture book about bowling or father son relationships.

  14. Mitchell Goes Bowling is about a boy who s father decides to take him bowling on Saturday afternoon As soon as they walk in Mitchell is so excited to start playing, him and his dad both get their shoes and find their lane They type in their names and Mitchell goes first, he gets a gutter ball and isn t too happy about it His dad then goes and STRIKE Mitchell tries to go again and does a little kick just like his dad, well that doesn t end up very well He slips and gets another gutter ball Hi Dad [...]

  15. Another Mitchell book And it is wonderful I adore the illustrations Fucile is definitely a favorite for me And this story was just as fun as the previous Mitchell one with a portrayal of a fabulous dad and clever way to entertain a child as well as teamwork.6 11 14 I had a good though somewhat quieter crowd They sat still and they listened They answered my questions And they seemed to like the story They just didn t laugh very loudly.9 29 14 10 2 14 I had this as an option during the Morningside [...]

  16. Mitchell loves to knock things down whether it be wood blocks, a bowl of cereal or a stack of important papers He s been a speed demon in the past but now he s a wrecking ball What s a parent to do Fortunately, his father has the right idea when he takes Mitchell to the bowling alley where his knack for knocking things down is just what s needed to win the game Strike after strike, his father knocks down the pins, while Mitchell gets gutterballs He throws, yells and even prays but his hand eye c [...]

  17. A few weeks ago, I was in a slump of just okay books I thought it was me Now this week I have had several books that I have rated high Either the books have truly been great or truly dreadful or I just shouldn t judge books any I wanted to hate this book just so I could give a book 1 stars It has been awhile I wanted to rant and rave on how horrible this book was and how obnoxious the premise wasHowever, it isn t the books fault that is was great I loved the dad and son element, I loved the bowl [...]

  18. Readers first met the rambunctious speed demon Mitchell in Mitchell s License in which he drove his father to exhaustion In this equally delightful book, Mitchell heads to the bowling alley with his father He immediately loves its noises, sights, and smells, and he is able to put all his energy into throwing the bowling ball But learning to bowl isn t easy, and despite his competitive nature, Mitchell just can t bowl a strike like his father Readers and parents of young children will nod their h [...]

  19. I love Mitchell Mitchell ALWAYS knocked things down That s just how he rolled So his Dad takes him bowling.I ll see about reading this for my Father s Day programs.Read for a first grade class, they were wide eyed, but the teacher was laughing 5 6 14Used in story time, but Mitchell s License, might be on the younger level and this might be better for K 2 or for children likely to have some bowling experience 6 10 14Went over really well at my PreK outreach About a third of the children said th [...]

  20. Mitchell is a rambunctious four year old who loves to knock things down When he almost a knocks his dad down, dad comes up with a plan He picks Mitchell up and takes him to the bowling alley Although Mitchell did not know where they were, he liked the place It had colorful balls, smelled like pizza AND there were crashing noises But, when he is not successful at knocking pins down, he is ready to give up He wants to be like his dad who got an X and then another and then another How will Dad hand [...]

  21. In Mitchell Goes Bowling we are introduced to a little boy named Mitchell who loves to knock things down all around the house His father decides to take Mitchell to the bowling alley where Mitchell immediately feels a connection Mitchell is not as good against his father, but things change when they decide to team up instead A great book to illustrate that there are constructive, and fun, ways to let off a little energy and that instead of giving up when you think you will never succeed, it may [...]

  22. A cute book about a boy who likes to knock things down and his wise father who takes him to a bowling alley to avoid further destruction at the house Mitchell is an adorable 4 year old who takes to bowling like a whirlwind throwing gutter balls and sliding down the aisle in his efforts to get that magical X Just when he is ready to give up his father saves the day and restores Mitchell s spunkyness A fun read that made me laugh at the delightful illustrations which clearly demonstrate Mitchell s [...]

  23. Mitchell and his dad are back again As Dad notices that Mitchell likes to knock things down he thinks of the best place for him to do that the bowling alley Mitchell loves the bowling alley, but he s a pretty competitive kiddo, so when he notices his dad getting lots of Xs and his own bowl often goes in the gutter or knocks just a few pins down, Mitchell gets jealous And then when Dad gets to do a steamin hot potato dance Mitchell gets even jealous Maybe he doesn t like this game after all As w [...]

  24. I ve been a fan of Tony Fucile since reading Let s Do Nothing several years ago Once again, Fucile s illustrations bring energy and action to a terrific story line One day, his dad invites four year old Mitchell who lives to knock things down to go with him to the bowling alley Naturally, Mitchell feels right at home, but is soon discouraged when the all powerful strike eludes him Durand s characters both Mitchell and his steamin hot potato dancing dad explode off the page Humor and energy perme [...]

  25. Loved this A father and son book, something you don t see near often enough in picture books as was pointed out in some of the other reviews I love that they have a real positive outing, where there is honest and genuine interaction between the two, and the introduction to a good physical activity that little kids love but find challenging I d pair this book with an outing to the bowling alley and watch the fun unfold Great story The illustrations are absolutely PERFECT as well I want to see wha [...]

  26. Mitchell loves to knock things down He even tries to knock his dad down After that, his dad puts him in the car and takes him to a place where Mitchell feels right at homee bowling alley Mitchell quickly learns what a gutter is, that the lanes are slippery and just how hard it is to get an X like his dad He wants to do the steamin hot potato dance too when he knocks all the pins down Will he get to do the dance Read Mitchell Goes Bowling and find out.Mitchell Goes Bowling promotes print awarenes [...]

  27. I loved Mitchell for a long time So of course I was happy to see he was back in this next book So not only does Mitchell love to drive, he also loves to crash things So Mitchell s dad decides to do something about it He takes him bowling where it is perfectly acceptable to crash things Only Mitchell isn t as good at is as his dad And he is very frustrated But, just like before Mitchell s dad has come up with a great way to direct Mitchell s energy and it is a great solution And there is a triple [...]

  28. For starters, I love that this kid is full of energy and uses modern vernacular Add to that that he s from a mixed race family which is shown but not commented on and you can call it love The illustrations look like hand drawn animation stills, which makes me nostalgic in the best possible way Can I also tell you how much I love that Mitch s dad didn t let him win and didn t suggest Mitchell switch to a lighter bowling ball He let Mitchell make his choice and live with it until coming up with th [...]

  29. Mitchell knocks things down That s just what happens when he s doing his thing Until one day, his dad introduces him to a sport where knocking things down is good it s how you win He almost gives up seeing how his score stacks up next to his dad s onslaught of X s, until something awesome happensThis book is such a great, feel good book that covertly teaches the lessons of practice and teamwork Great for any child who may be interested in sports, who has a tendency of knocking things over, or an [...]

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