The Tiny King

[PDF] The Tiny King | by ò Tarō Miura - The Tiny King, The Tiny King Fairy tale meets concept book and a tiny king welcomes big changes in this inspired story from Japan beautifully illustrated with bold geometric art Once upon a time there was a tiny king who lived

  • Title: The Tiny King
  • Author: Tarō Miura
  • ISBN: 9780763666873
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Tiny King | by ò Tarō Miura, The Tiny King, Tarō Miura, The Tiny King Fairy tale meets concept book and a tiny king welcomes big changes in this inspired story from Japan beautifully illustrated with bold geometric art Once upon a time there was a tiny king who lived in a big castle guarded by lots of big soldiers Every day the tiny king eats dinner at his big table he can never finish it all rides on his big horse he is thrown off evFairy tale mee [PDF] The Tiny King | by ò Tarō Miura - The Tiny King, The Tiny King Fairy tale meets concept book and a tiny king welcomes big changes in this inspired story from Japan beautifully illustrated with bold geometric art Once upon a time there was a tiny king who lived

  • [PDF] The Tiny King | by ò Tarō Miura
    283Tarō Miura
The Tiny King

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  1. Tarō Miura

    Taro Miura is an award winning illustrator and graphic designer He is the author of Ton and Tools and has been selected several times to exhibit his work at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition He lives in Japan.


  1. I enjoyed the retro Colorforms style artwork, however, I didn t really care for the bingo that your life is boring and meaningless until you marry and breed.

  2. Un hermoso libro infantil que recomiendo para ni os de entre 3 a 7 a os de edad Para qu leer el peque o rey 1 Muestra al ni o que la riqueza m s grande es la familia.2 Ayuda a entender la concepci n de tama os y formas Grande peque o, alto bajo, etc 3 Puede practicar los n meros hasta el 10 y buscar colores y figuras geom tricas El libro tiene im genes muy coloridas y lindas, para que al ni o a , pueda admirar y disfrutar el texto.

  3. The art is so good that despite the abhorrent theme that a life before having children is empty, meaningless, and unfulfilling, I still needed to give it four stars.

  4. Miura s simple story of a tiny king in search of some company was originally published in Japan His use of geometric shapes against black and or brightly coloured backgrounds in which perspectives shift offer a sense of humour and plenty for the young reader to explore I imagine there will be children who have tried to build block castles just like the tiny king A really enjoy this book and its simplistic style and language On the surface it is full of humour playing with the notion of size and [...]

  5. The tiny king is very lonely His house is so big, his horse is so big, his feast is so big He finally falls in love with and marries a big princess They have several children and suddenly the castle is the right size, the bathtub is the right size, the bed is the right size His family has made everything just right This is a really cute story You can tell the king loves his family They bring him joy and contentment That s not a theme I see too often in children s books nowadays I loved the geome [...]

  6. A very tiny king is very lonely in his life and castle until he meets s big princess So cute and the kids loved finding the tiny king in the pictures Toddlers and up

  7. There once was a very tiny king who lived all alone in a big castle, guarded by an army of big soldiers He ate at a huge table with an enormous feast that he could never finish He rode a big horse that threw him off every time He had a big bathtub with a fountain But all of these things did not make him happy He slept alone in a big bed and could not sleep very well Then the tiny king married a big princess and they were very happy They had ten children and everyone was happy The soldiers were g [...]

  8. I love this book I m usually a stickler for traditional picture books, but as soon as this book came into the shop it caught my attention Why It s just fun The Tiny King is the work of Japanese author and artist Taro Miura and was first translated to English and published by Walker Books back in 2013 The book was first published in Japanese back in 2010 I think and won the Sankei Children s Book Award in 2011 Taro Miura uses cut outs and collage to create bold and unique pictures to accompany t [...]

  9. Summary This is a beautifully illustrated story of a tiny king who lives alone in a BIG castle When I say tiny, I mean it He had a huge castle, a giant army, food than he could eat, a horse that was way too large for him, a bathtub the size of a swimming pool and a bed that was so big he couldn t even sleep The tiny king was a very lonely little man Then one day the tiny king met a big princess and asked her to be his queen and she said yes They married and had many children The king and queen [...]

  10. This picture book is intended for children ages two through five The book tells the story of a tiny king who is very lonely and has many problems because he is so tiny Eventually the king meets a princess and falls in love, and many of his problems are solved The illustrations in this book are quite clever, with the Tiny King shown on the cover of the book labelled as the actual size of the Tiny King The Tiny King, his guards, and all other characters and objects are illustrated with simple geom [...]

  11. Miura, Taro The Tiny King PICTURE BOOK Candlewick, 2013 17 Content G Once upon a time there was a Tiny King who lived by himself, in a big, big castle He had a big, big bathtub that even had a water fountain But playing in the water is never much fun when you are all by yourself He had a big white horse but he was so tiny he fell off the horse every time he tried to ride The Tiny King seemed to have anything and everything anyone would ever want But what s the fun in not having someone to share [...]

  12. The Tiny King has everything a royal could ever want a castle for a home, sumptuous foods, and even an army But his house is too large for one person and his dining table contains far too much food for him to ever be able to eat It s safe to say that the Tiny King is miserable until he finds a big princess and starts a family Suddenly, all that space and all that food is just perfect for a big family, and he is no longer miserable While I liked the idea that one s life can become richer through [...]

  13. Unusual, striking It stands out visually and the story is strong enough to back that up This is a true Fantasy picture book, which is actually really rare many have fantasy elements talking animals, swings that go higher than the moon, characters that get out of their books and walk around , but those elements are usually designed to play off a child s natural imaginative take on the world This one actually does some worldbuilding and tells a story within that world yes it s bare bones but I tho [...]

  14. If I had to describe The Tiny King, I would say it was unusual, but unusual in a mostly good way This picture book was first published in Japan Candlewick is publishing it for the first time in the United States It has a one of a kind feel to it And you ll pick up on this from the start The cover says THIS IS THE ACTUAL SIZE OF THE TINY KING.The Tiny King is sad and lonely At least he is in the beginning But this is a happy fairy tale He meets a BIG queen and they marry He s soon the father of t [...]

  15. The talented illustrator and graphic designer, Taro Miura has created a visually delightful book about a king and his unique family The book begins with Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a Tiny King This very small king lives all alone in a huge castle, surrounded by overwhelming array of very large things One day the Tiny King falls in love with a big princess When she becomes his queen his life changes forever Suddenly he is no longer lonely and his castle is soon full of a [...]

  16. Closer to a 3.5 The Tiny King has an impressive kingdom But his big, big castle is lonely without a family I like the use of color and the contrast on each page I love the way it opens and ends with small frames featuring only the king This art is really unique and takes an otherwise boring story to the next level.It has elements that are good for storytime There is a lot of repetition with items in the castle being big, big Big Queen and Tiny King have ten children, a perfect way to incorporate [...]

  17. A book about lonliness The Tiny King finds solace in a Big Queen and they have ten children My three year old son was very struck by how lonesome the Tiny King s life was even before the story really got to that point , and was relieved when the Tiny King found some folks to share it all with What makes this story really fun is the illustrations Good for finding letters and numbers the Tiny King has a K on his front, the Big Queen a Q and the ten children each have a number.Potentially awkward c [...]

  18. I absolutely loved this book from top to bottom and want to read it aloud to my SK group and the JK too over and over and over again This was a selection for the Butler Center s Mock CaldeNott considering only picture books for children published outside the United States Even though I wasn t able to attend the discussion, I got hold of all ten of the shortlisted books and quickly devoured them.

  19. This picturebook is translated from Japanese and there is something in the narrative that is lost in the cultural translation There are certain undertones bathing and sleeping together as a family and even the size differences that do not sit well with my American western sensibilities The geometric illustrations and colors are fascinating and wholly energetic however, the story truly suggests that only family life is worth living.

  20. I liked the artwork than anything in this book because it reminded me of Fisher Price toys circa the 80s and 90s The story goes like this the king is sad and lonely because his kingdom is too large for just himself He is much happier when he marries and has a castle full of children, the end The message was a bit eh for me happiness can be achieved without marriage or kids, but the artwork digital collage is worth a look PreK 2.

  21. Beautiful paper cut illustrations provide an excellent backdrop for this sweet and simple story about the importance of family and togetherness The tiny king is lonely until he falls in love with a big princess and they have many children to fill up the castle Very much enjoyed and would be thrilled to share with young readers.

  22. Torn on this one I love the artwork as it reminds me of Fisher Price toys that I had from the 70s and 80s and also Color forms The story It s interesting in a bare bones kind of way, but people are not going to like the implication that having a family wife and kids is the cure for loneliness, even if it helped the Tiny King.

  23. Age PreschoolThere was nothing particularly memorable about this plot based story, other than the artwork The story was very straightforward about being lonely and finding happiness in a family The characters received no special attention and the writing was bland And nothing was learned that day.

  24. The life of a vertically challenged king feels empty and meaningless until he falls in love, marries a princess, and fills his too big for one person castle with lots of children.The author draws upon his background in graphic design to create boldly colored, geometric illustrations with a retro ey feel but the story itself just felt sort of surface level, forgettable, and humdrum to me.

  25. There was a lonely king who was really small Then he wasn t lonely any I can see the value in having such a simple story, but I guess I like drama and intrigue So this story is a bit to cut and dry for me I love the bright colors, contrasts and shapes I think it would make a lovely lapsit book with an older toddler or preschooler.

  26. A tiny king has difficulty living alone in his huge castle, but once he finds a big princess who loves him and they start a family, things are much fun and manageable Simple shapes, bright colors, and collaged images illustrate the tiny king s story A good family story for little ones.

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