Promessa de Infância

[PDF] Promessa de Infância | by ↠ David Adams Richards - Promessa de Infância, Promessa de Inf ncia Aos doze anos de idade Sydney Henderson empurra o seu amigo Connie Devlin do telhado da igreja Ao ver o corpo im vel de Connie l em baixo Sydney convence se de que ele est morto Fazei com que Connie

  • Title: Promessa de Infância
  • Author: David Adams Richards
  • ISBN: 972290650
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Promessa de Infância | by ↠ David Adams Richards, Promessa de Infância, David Adams Richards, Promessa de Inf ncia Aos doze anos de idade Sydney Henderson empurra o seu amigo Connie Devlin do telhado da igreja Ao ver o corpo im vel de Connie l em baixo Sydney convence se de que ele est morto Fazei com que Connie viva e nunca mais farei mal a ningu m promete Sydney a Deus Nesse momento o rapaz levanta se limpa o nariz a sangrar e com uma gargalhada vai se embora Nos anosAos doze an [PDF] Promessa de Infância | by ↠ David Adams Richards - Promessa de Infância, Promessa de Inf ncia Aos doze anos de idade Sydney Henderson empurra o seu amigo Connie Devlin do telhado da igreja Ao ver o corpo im vel de Connie l em baixo Sydney convence se de que ele est morto Fazei com que Connie

  • [PDF] Promessa de Infância | by ↠ David Adams Richards
    107David Adams Richards
Promessa de Infância

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  1. David Adams Richards

    David Adams Richards born 17 October 1950 is a Canadian novelist, essayist, screenwriter and poet.Born in Newcastle, New Brunswick, Richards left St Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, one course shy of completing a B.A Richards has been a writer in residence at various universities and colleges across Canada, including the University of New Brunswick.Richards has received numerous awards including 2 Gemini Awards for scriptwriting for Small Gifts and For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down , the Alden Nowlan Award for Excellence in the Arts, and the Canadian Authors Association Award for his novel Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace Richards is one of only three writers to have won in both the fiction and non fiction categories of the Governor General s Award He won the 1988 fiction award for Nights Below Station Street and the 1998 non fiction award for Lines on the Water A Fisherman s Life on the Miramichi He was also a co winner of the 2000 Giller Prize for Mercy Among the Children.In 1971, he married the former Peggy MacIntyre They have two sons, John Thomas and Anton Richards, and currently reside in Toronto.John Thomas was born in 1989 in Saint John, New Brunswick.The Writers Federation of New Brunswick administers an annual David Adams Richards Award for Fiction.Richards papers are currently housed at the University of New Brunswick.


  1. Wait, please Don t scroll by I m going to do my very best to get you to click that Want to Read button located somewhere in and around this review A relatively herculean task.I know this isn t a buzz book, or one that you may be familiar with, and maybe you ve never even heard of it And hey, you might not even like it But I was pleasantly surprised with this novel and I think a lot of you will be too Also, I found my copy at a used bookstore for only 2, so it isn t even a huge monetary investmen [...]

  2. I take great interest in any novel that explores violence, so David Adams Richards s Mercy Among the Children, with all its accolades and set as it is just across the bridge from the island where I live, was a must read.I had high expectations because Mercy Among the Children tied Anil s Ghost another book about violence for Canada s Giller Prize, and because everyone I knew who d read it adored it By the time I was finished, though, the most I could muster for this book was an It s okay And it [...]

  3. Mercy Among the Children is one of the most beautifully written novels I have read This literary work has justifiably received Canada s Giller Prize for literature It s a bleak story, a story so full of sadness and cruelty that it leaves the reader depressed I am not one who favors such novels, yet the remarkable and the moving prose led me to continue to turn the pages.The story is narrated by 20 something year old Lyle Henderson Lyle is telling his story to a retired policeman who had an early [...]

  4. So many themes throughout this book strength vs pacifism, poverty lack of voice vs privilege voice, good vs evil of course , truth vs lies and choices.There s alcoholism, abuse, destitution, vileness of people the town s people are all basically selfish, mean, greedy , martyrs, rage and so much It s about facing your beliefs and living with them, the good bad of this choice.d who it may hurt or help It s a story of family, father sons and community It s not a happy story but compelling I found [...]

  5. I found Sydney s character to be the most loathsome I have ever come across And I do not say that lightly For somebody to use the concept of high morals to justify allowing every member of his family to be battered and abused and to do absolutely nothing is completely unrealistic.It is perfectly possible to be a good, moral human being and look after the people you love using these very parameters Sydney just did not He was utterly selfish in his supposed drive to be a good person, which I frank [...]

  6. Having picked up far too many books at the library on my last visit, I thought I wasn t going to have the opportunity to finish Mercy Among the Children before its due date, but I made it a priority once hearing it was a Canada Reads 2009 selection I will happily pay the late fees when entertained with such thought provoking and affecting storytelling as this.Our narrator, Lyle Henderson, has the misfortune of being a descendent of a father and grand father who have been outcasts in their small [...]

  7. ayearofbooksblog 2016 07 Book 31 in my quest to read CBC s 100 Novels that Make You Proud to be Canadian was Mercy Among the Children While it is definitely not a feel good novel, it slowly draws the reader in and keeps them turning pages to find out what is next for the stigmatized, poor Henderson family The New Brunswick author has been honoured to be a member of the Order of Canada and the Order of New Brunswick.Using first person narration, David Adams Richards tells a dramatic story through [...]

  8. This book is filled with overwhelming sadness which somehow does not descend into hopelessness or melodrama It is a difficult book to read David Richards does not spare his prose when describing the everlasting poverty of the Henderson family There is greatness in this family The father Sydney is a truly honourable and brave man who will never show his anger to any other person, including his family There is the mother Elly, who is a beautiful simple soul and one that unscrupulous people feel th [...]

  9. Okay, I m starting to think my boss doesn t like me this is the second book that she has given me that I didn t like.Again, I had high hopes for this book it won the Giller in 2000 and the premise sounded promising But that s where it ended The characters frustrated me to no end They seemed to either be too good to the point that they didn t want to stand up for themselves ie Sydney and Elly or used and abused people all the way Lyle, Mathew, Connie, Cynthia The story wandered every which way wi [...]

  10. This is a pretty good book, and I found it moving in some waysbut I also have a large problem with it, which is that Richards asks the reader to accept a very large number of coincidences People who seem totally unrelated turn out to be siblings or cousins, misinterpreted phone calls turn into murder plots, etc On the other hand, Richards s writing is excellent I ve never been to the Maritimes, but I was easily able to imagine the scenes as he describes them, and the book does not drag But it s [...]

  11. Uma escrita e enredo de grande qualidade, aconselho a sua leitura no final fiquei com a sensa o que tinha lido algo que valeu a pena.O livro faz nos refletir sobre as fragilidades do ser humano e isso sempre importante nem sempre poss vel a reden o e o sentimento que fica de tristeza, uma profunda tristeza

  12. Suppose a man existed in the last half of the twentieth century who lived a nearly perfect life according the principals Jesus taught in the New Testament and followed the example He set What would the man s life look like He would live in poverty so would his wife and children He would have a great deal of knowledge about the world and people Not being Jesus, he would have to learn that knowledge he would have to be a voracious reader of all types of books He would forgive everybody of anything [...]

  13. Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards was originally published in 2000 Richards won the Giller Prize Canada s most prestigious literary award , and the Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Award for Author of the Year and Fiction Book of the Year for Mercy Among the Children Oh My Goodness This is an incredible, heart breaking novel that will haunt me for years to come The story of Sydney Henderson s family, as told by grown son Lyle, is about the price they all pay for Sydney s re [...]

  14. It s bleak Relentless Dark Frustrating You won t like any of the characters They re almost all self serving, grasping and just awful The ones that aren t are mostly martyrs It s told in the first person, Lyle, whose father, as a child, pushed another child off a roof and vowed if the child lived, he would never hurt another person And he didn t He never hurt anyone, he told the truth, he never stood up for himself, either physically or emotionally As a result, his family suffered They were very [...]

  15. I wasn t really planning to read another David Adams Richards book, after not really enjoying The Friends of Meager Fortune I don t know, maybe I just didn t get it at the time I picked this one up only because of Canada Reads, where it s being defended by the wonderful and talented Sarah Slean A most excellent passage Men can grow up on my river, or in my province or anywhere and see nothing of violence or anger There is as much rich or middle class here as anywhere I have dealt with them But i [...]

  16. This novel begins with two boys shoveling the snow off the roof of a church They argue and one boy pushes the other and he falls to the ground As he watches the boy motionless on the ground, the pusher sends a prayer to God If he lets he pushed boy be OK, he will never strike out in anger again The boy on the ground gets up and walks away unharmed The other boy keeps his promise, and its impact on him and his children is the story of the novel The idea of turning the other cheek is one that is n [...]

  17. How much can one family endure Do your sins really find you out This is a heart wrenching story of a family in extreme poverty who are the victims of all the nasty aspects of society from the bullies next door to the bullies in government.

  18. What does it mean to show love How do we show love in a broken world In what ways do our sins follow us The only thing truly missing from this fiercely contemplative novel is grace.

  19. This was a depressing book, and I fail to see the point of all that misery, unless the message is the trite and obvious and, unfortunately, false one that goodness prevails in the end It resembles a Shakespearean tragedy, in that the tragic flaws of the characters lead to much death and destruction.Like the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, the poverty, misfortune, and cruelty in this novel is so overwhelming, for such a long period of time, that when the tides finally turn, it is far too little, [...]

  20. Set in a rural, poor, backwoods community in northern New Brunswick, Syndey Henderson makes a pact with God to never harm another soul in his life, after he pushes his friends off the top of a roof, in a tussle His friend doesn t die and Sydney then lives his life as he had promised God.Sydney has a wife and 2 children He is the butt of nasty pranks and the scape goat in this community for everything bad that happens Even his children are abused in school and around town A kid at school, stabbed [...]

  21. At the age of twelve, Sidney Henderson, in a moment of anger, pushes his friend Connie Devlin off the roof of a local church Looking down on Connie s motionless body, Sidney believes he is dead Let Connie live and I will never harm another soul, Sidney vows At that moment, Connie stands up and, laughing, walks away In the years that follow, the brilliant, self educated, ever gentle Sidney keeps his promise, even in the face of the hatred and persecution of his insular, rural community, which see [...]

  22. I loved this book It was thoughtful, beautifully written and heartbreaking It made it in to my top five books of all time The novel depicts the family of Sydney Henderson, a man who vowed in childhood never to express himself in anger or violence after accidentally pushing a playmate off the roof of a building As a result of his vow, residents of the community exploit Henderson, framing him for a crime and tormenting his children The injustices are just staggering The novel closely focuses on hi [...]

  23. This book feels almost epic in the sense that it does span three generations, though it is focussed mainly on the third Lyle tells his story to Mr Terrieux who saved 16 yr old Matthew Pit from drowning The events of Lyle s life happened because Mat Pit survived and his actions subsequently impacted Lyle s family It s the story of poverty, comparing poverty of money and poverty of love It is utterly tragic in so many ways, even though there s always the glimmer of hope, the belief that the hero s [...]

  24. I read For Those Who Hunted the Wounded Down to ensure my teenage son read it for his English class Lucky for me I did It introduced me to a new new to me author who I plan to read lots of Mercy Among the Childrena heartwrenching, spiritual novel that demands us to have a close look at ourselvesif if doesn t do that for youI think you ve missed something I rarely read a book twice but in this case I will because it was so deep, I m sure I didn t catch every little detail I had the oppotunity to [...]

  25. I had to read this book for my English ISU and at first, I was greatly disappointed This book is extremely depressing and very heart wrenching Then, as I continued to read, I fell in love with the characters and the struggles that each one of them had to face This book is very well written The author writes using beautiful metaphors and in a very timeless manner This book is a life lesson trapped in 300 pages I learned so much about society and how the way people act can affect them in life Over [...]

  26. While I ve really liked Richards other novels, this one left me a little confused It s the story of an extremely poor family in New Brunswick told by the eldest son The father is an eccentric but brilliant character who believes that one must never utter a remark against anyone, even when accused of wrongdoing This leads to all sorts of horrific ramifications for his family who are much the worse for it Maybe people can be this unseeing and unforgiving, but it s a stretch.

  27. The novels of David Adams Richards exist to 1 showcase some of the finest, emotionally draining human drama ever committed to the printed pages, and 2 to slowly destroy my soul and my will to live with each and every book Be warned Richard s books are NOT for the timidd THIS is perhaps the most powerful work in his canon of writing.

  28. I truly hated this book I read it because a member of the book club was so moved by it The writing is good, I will grant him that But the basic premise, of a family destroyed because the father harbours an unreal guilt for something he did in childhood, did not speak to me at all Relentless gloom, a book without summer.

  29. This story is bleak, following the Henderson family and their most unfair lot in life Through their plight, we are shown reactions in the extreme, wrath and mercy, and how neither in absolute allows for healing and moving on.

  30. This was a hard read at the beginning but by the middle I was absolutely hooked into the characters and tortured by their experience A depressing but fantastic read.

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