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N de Nó Best Download || [Sue Grafton] - N de Nó, N de N Kinsey Millhone should have done something else she should have turned the car in the direction of home Instead she was about to put herself in the gravest jeopardy of her career Tom Newquist had bee

  • Title: N de Nó
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: 9789727114887
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback

N de Nó Best Download || [Sue Grafton], N de Nó, Sue Grafton, N de N Kinsey Millhone should have done something else she should have turned the car in the direction of home Instead she was about to put herself in the gravest jeopardy of her career Tom Newquist had been a detective in the Nota Lake sheriff s office a tough honest cop respected by everyone When he died suddenly the townsfolk were saddened but not surprised Just shy ofKinsey Millhone shoul N de Nó Best Download || [Sue Grafton] - N de Nó, N de N Kinsey Millhone should have done something else she should have turned the car in the direction of home Instead she was about to put herself in the gravest jeopardy of her career Tom Newquist had bee

  • N de Nó Best Download || [Sue Grafton]
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  1. Sue Grafton

    Sue Grafton was a 1 New York Times bestselling author She is best known for her alphabet series featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone in the fictional city of Santa Teresa, California Prior to success with this series, she wrote screenplays for television movies Her earlier novels include Keziah Dane 1967 and The Lolly Madonna War 1969 , both out of print In the book Kinsey and Me she gave us stories that revealed Kinsey s origins and Sue s past.Grafton never wanted her novels to be turned into movies or TV shows According to her family she would never allow a ghost writer to write in her name Because of these things, and out of respect for Sue s wishes, the family announced the alphabet now ends at Y Grafton was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, the Ross Macdonald Literary Award, three Shamus Awards, and many other honors and awards.Grafton had three children from previous marriages and several grandchildren, including a granddaughter named Kinsey She and her husband lived in Montecito, California, and Louisville, Kentucky.


  1. Book Review3.5 out of 5 stars to N is for Noose, the 14th book in the Kinsey Millhone cozy mystery series, written in 1998 by Sue Grafton When one of your own dies, it s hard enough But when his widow begs for you to help solve the case, as she doesn t think her husband died of natural causes, you re in a tough spot Especially when you have a feeling something dangerous is going on, your first instincts are always right But Kinsey takes the case and soon finds herself embroiled in a very scary i [...]

  2. 2.5 sOn the referral of her good friend Dietz, PI Kinsey Millhone left Carson City where she d been caring for him post surgery, and headed to Nota Lake in California Kinsey was going to interview a client about a prospective case, one which started off vague and confusing, and didn t improve Her initial instinct had been to head straight home looking back, she would have been much better off if she d trusted her instinct, ignored Dietz s referral and kept on driving Kinsey s investigation into [...]

  3. Sorry, I m a nit picker First let me say I love the Alphabet Series Kinsey Millhone is one of my all time favorite characters As in many similar series, I picture the the main character as the author Think Michael Connelly Harry Bosch Or Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta I really dig Sue Kinsey I think of her as Nancy Drew for big girlsEVER.I have this bad habit, I guess, of noticing errors in books and it drives me nuts I often wonder how books make it to the publisher with mistakes that are so o [...]

  4. My least favorite of the half dozen Grafton s I ve read Though it had a compelling enough mystery, the ending was terrible I know, going into a Grafton that the protagonist will be in grave danger at the end of the story it s just a trope Grafton follows However, the danger she is in usually makes some kind of logical sense within the confines of the story This time, Kinsey was just an idiot and I had little sympathy for her Also, at the end of the book I didn t really understand what the killer [...]

  5. Ok, so my enjoyment for this series has dropped progressively through the past few books and I think I ve finally dawned on the reason why I hate Kinsey Kinsey is a rude, judgmental bitch who s greatest pleasure in life is lying to people Every time she offers up some snarky remark which is basically constantly I find myself rolling my eyes and grinding my teeth She s just a horrible person And because I m still irritated with her, I ll offer you several reasons why We re reminded in every singl [...]

  6. So glad this book is over One of the worst books I have ever read The characters were flat and nearly unemotional There was absolutely no plot The story just drug on indefinitely This was no page turner Ugg now I have to read the next few because someone gave them to me There is no way I would ever spend my money of any of these books This book is something that you just endure and get it over with, not enjoy I almost felt like it was taking off a bandaid, you just have to get it done fast and m [...]

  7. DISCLAIMER Kinsey Millhone is my favorite character ever and I couldn t find fault with a Sue Grafton book even if the alternative was a root canal Having said that, it should come as no surprise that I loved N I read M in a pre published form so it s been nearly two years since I ve had a chance to visit with Kinsey way too long She picks up a client who s husband is quite dead by natural causes heart attack But, the wife wants to know what was bothering him before he died See, what I mean The [...]

  8. Different structure, certainly an amusing ending I like this Kinsey adventure but I was also glad when it was over Had me reaching for the next one almost every one does but I was happy this particular cast of characters I wouldn t have to read about any .

  9. Kinsey works a case for the widow of a dedicated cop The widow doesn t question her husband s death, but she s curious what he was working on during his final weeks The case becomes complicated when Kinsey discovers the cop may have been onto something, and someone doesn t want Kinsey to know what The 14th Kinsey Millhone mystery in Grafton s alphabet series This is another out of town job for Kinsey Once again, the locals aren t keen on an outsider questioning the locals This one seemed a bit [...]

  10. I love the Sue Grafton Kinsey Milhone books and the alphabet series WHY N for Noose is a fun easy read As other reviewers noted 1 Grafton s books are not memorable 2 Many were written before cell phones, etc 3 They may contain bad words and have mistakes 4 Not a ton of romance That is ok with me If I forget them ten minutes later So what The important thing is I had a great time reading them I like books that are entertaining and upbeat Sue Grafton s Alphabet series fills the bill perfectly And [...]

  11. I am not surprised that Sue Grafton received the Ross Macdonald Literary Award in 2004, which is given to a California writer whose work raises the standard of literary excellence 4 A is for Alibi Kinsey Millhone, 1 4 B is for Burglar Kinsey Millhone, 2 4 C is for Corpse Kinsey Millhone, 3 4 D is for Deadbeat Kinsey Millhone, 4 4 E is for Evidence Kinsey Millhone, 5 4 F is for Fugitive Kinsey Millhone, 6 4 G is for Gumshoe Kinsey Millhone, 7 4 H is for Homicide Kinsey Millhone, 8 4 I is for Inno [...]

  12. N is for Nothing happens.I gave this book two stars only for the writing style Otherwise, there were no characters whom I could find interesting and the plot was not much eventful I will start reading T is for trespass cause it has been in my to read pile of books for months and I hope will like it.

  13. Starting into the second half of the alphabet now and I have to say, reading these books at the rate of one every three months or so is just right for my tastes Coming to each one of them after a short break like that is like visiting old friends It s a comfortable fit.This time around, Kinsey Milhone, former cop turned private detective, takes a side journey to the small California mountain town of Nota Lake where a well loved and highly respected member of the sheriff s department, Tom Newquis [...]

  14. I have read nearly all Sue Grafton s books in this series and find that this is a little slower than the others and not nearly as exciting The widow of a small town policeman asks Kinsey Millhone to find the reason for her husbands fretfulness and ill ease just before he dies of a heart attack While this appears at first to be a fruitless exercise, Kinsey obviously disturbs someone during her rooting around into his life and begins to wonder who is upset enough to harm her Two related murders se [...]

  15. I honestly didn t find this book too memorable The parts that stick out to me are the relationship with Dietz and the small town she investigates her mystery in I found the relationship with Dietz sort of soured for me in this book And as for the town Nota Lake how they treat her is something that speaks to that deep fear in a person When she tries to buy gas at a gas station and they just pretend she isn t there the writing in that scene haunts me a little bit I think anyone who has been in a s [...]

  16. 4.5 StarsThis was really good, and old Kinsey wasn t so bitchy Probably because she was scared Kinsey is getting to close to the truth and the killer is none too happy about it Nice pacing after the initial set up and before you can spur Kinsey on, things get a little scary I didn t see this one initially but had an inkling mid way through, had it taken away and then confirmed.

  17. Sad.Edited 2.2.17I enjoy these books although, they never rate super high on my list I still find myself wanting to read the next one I love the way Mary Peiffer reads these books and wouldn t be able to listen to her read anything else, because she IS the main character lol.

  18. I stumbled over Sue Grafton and her plucky PI and police force dropout, Kinsey Millhone, with this, the fourteenth volume in her alphabetical mystery series By now, she s up to Y is for Yesterday I found myself wondering if by this far into the series, Grafton may assume all her readers already get what Kinsey is all about and bring her baggage with them from previous volumes As a newbie to the series, I felt a bit like Kinsey presumably felt on arrival in the little California backwoods town of [...]

  19. Mystery novel s series almost never work out in my opinion The main reason being they go one of two ways, either they don t make sense as a series and are just stand alone book in which the main character learns the same Deep lesson over and over again Or they become a long running series with a ton of events you need to know, so much so it becomes a soap opera and the murder goes to the background You can get two to five good books out of a series but once you reach Harry bosch or Alex Cross le [...]

  20. It s been a few years since I last read a Kinsey Millhone book I was really enjoying this one, I liked the way that Sue Grafton made Kinsey feel very out of kilter Very uncertain Out of her depth, even The character s sense of disconcertion and bewilderment was very, very real This was a real mystery One Kinsey just could not solve.And it was all working well until the endThen, it broke down like a Landrover on a bush track Or a Landrover, anywhere, for that matter.Don t buy a Landrover but I di [...]

  21. I started this series at the beginning with A is for Alibi and have continued through x I just pre ordered Y, which will be out in August I m wondering what happens when Sue Grafton reaches Z Kinsey Milhone is my favorite private eye, because the series is set in the 80 s So when she solves cases, she does it the old fashion way

  22. I wasn t crazy about this one I listened to it quickly and don t think I really retained much Dietz again Huzzah That was fun But the plot was alright I wasn t wrapped up in it like I ve been with others in the series And there was a lot going on Plus Kinsey wasn t in her normal hunting ground I don t know, it was just alright Some parts caught my attention like the way the suicides were Gruesome, man But most of it was just a chunky blur I don t even remember who dun it.

  23. Much better Ms.Grafton seems to be finding her way as a writer, although the non dialogue interiority remains nothing than fluff The plot moved along nicely to a believable conclusion I am actually hopeful for successes in future novels.

  24. I think I like Kinsey as the series goes on and I m probably stuck with this series up til Z now, providing Grafton manages to take her all the way there After reading several of the early books in quick succession I got rather burnt out but I ve been going steadily since about H and I think the books are all the better for it Although this book begins the second half of the series little has really changed since A but I don t especially want it to For much of this book Kinsey is away from home [...]

  25. When I finished this story this morning I was out of Kinsey Millhone books, but not any the peril of living a block away from Barnes and Noble This one I had figured out before Kinsey, but only just I had narrowed the suspects to two about halfway through the novel and then knew the murderer just two pages before Kinsey zeroed in Kinsey gets this job in the mountains after caring for her former beau and fellow private detective Robert Dietz after knee surgery A former client of his wants a PI to [...]

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