[PDF] Read ↠ Elecopter : by Michael Slack - Elecopter, Elecopter Fly along with Elecopter as she soars above the savannah patrolling the skies with her fire hose nose at the ready The other animals are safe with Elecopter on the scene Elecopter is a hero for all P

  • Title: Elecopter
  • Author: Michael Slack
  • ISBN: 9780805093049
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ Elecopter : by Michael Slack, Elecopter, Michael Slack, Elecopter Fly along with Elecopter as she soars above the savannah patrolling the skies with her fire hose nose at the ready The other animals are safe with Elecopter on the scene Elecopter is a hero for all Preschoolers are in for a treat in this chant along companion to Monkey Truck [PDF] Read ↠ Elecopter : by Michael Slack - Elecopter, Elecopter Fly along with Elecopter as she soars above the savannah patrolling the skies with her fire hose nose at the ready The other animals are safe with Elecopter on the scene Elecopter is a hero for all P

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Elecopter : by Michael Slack
    419Michael Slack

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    Michael is an author, illustrator, and character designer He uses bold colors, and fun shapes to create his quirky character driven art His illustrations can be found in books, magazines and on television He has designed artwork for various children s products and apparel His paintings and drawings have been exhibited in the U.S and Europe.Upcoming books Shorty Clem Katherine Tegan Books 2017 Pirasurs by Josh Funk 2017 Bunny Built Christy Ottaviano Books 2017 Michael is represented by Painted Words Represents


  1. This book is adorable and has an engaging rescue story My preschoolers were enthralled and even cheered at the end

  2. Elecopter is a short and really cute picture book When I saw that Macmillan had ARC copies of it I just had to request it And I m glad I did It isn t out until September, but you should really buy it then Because it is a really cute book with amazing illustrations While this is a really short book with not much text to read I still managed to love it Mostly because I kind of love picture books and middle grade books There are some amazing illustrations in this book Of Elecopter and a whole other [...]

  3. A colorful escape of an elephant helicopter rescuing the jungle animals Whatever her mission, she always succeeds The benevolent elephant, the flying stampede is always ready for action The neat thing about this book is that the female elephant utilizes her trunk as a hose, ladder, bullhorn and scooping eating peanuts off the job It reminds me of Paw Pawtrol disney cartoon.

  4. Helicopter Elephant Elecopter Elecopter is AWESOME She patrols, rescues, and puts out fires with her fire hose nose Digitally painted illustrations reminded me of classic Golden Books beloved pictures I really liked the way the pictures extended the story and Elecopter s abilities GREAT read aloud PreK 2.

  5. I Loved this book The main character is truly a heroine She was willing to sacrifice herself in very dangerous situations to save her fellow animal friends She did it because she knew it was the right thing to do She works for peanuts Great bedtime story This book is very encouraging and uplifting.

  6. Cute book about an elecopter an elephant that s also a helicopter flying around the savannah saving other animals One day, she notices a fire in the distance sets off to rescue her animal friends and to put out the big fire A book that will appeal to preschool age kids, both boys and girls.

  7. Elecopter is a fun book with nice, vivid illustrations Any book with a machine animal combo is a hit with preschoolers, especially the boys My favorite part was when Elecopter trumpeted the alarmI had my group of pre k s do the same, and we made lots of obnoxious, trumpety noise Good for pre k storytime

  8. This is a cute little elephant helicopter My kids loved it it s got so many things that kids love 1 animals2 helicopter flying3 FIRE 4 Saving the dayThe rhyme is well done and the illustrations are cute.

  9. What a wonderful, whimsical play on words story as one little elephant helicopter soars all over the savannah in search of animals to rescue Young readers will delight in all the fun things Elecopter can do

  10. The Elecopter is a helicopter elephant, and it s even cooler than it sounds Because Elecopter is out to rescue the other jungle animals when they get in trouble Endlessly clever with bright, colorful pictures, Elecopter is sure to delight your children.

  11. Delightful rhyming text shows us how useful an elecopter could be Imaginative and unexpected, in that while a fire takes place in the story it isn t a traditional fire fighting tale.

  12. I saw this out of the corner of my eye on the new books cart and POUNCED It is ADORABLE and I want to storytime it

  13. great little book some may think it s cheesy, but I m glad to see something imaginative The elecopter is always helping her friends Pretty short.

  14. Little elephant is a helicopter Proves safety in all sorts of danger Puts out fires and saves his friends.

  15. I loved the rhyming in this book It gave the story a sense of urgency that matched the plot of the story.

  16. Elecopter is a story about a elephant who is part helicopter half elephant This Elecopter helps other animals in whatever way she can She patrols around the savannah to make sure that everything goes fine One day she sees smoke and races over to save the animals trapped in it and put the fire out After saving the animals she puts this fire out and all the animals are so grateful that they pay her with peanuts I really enjoyed this story and I think that it could be used just as a fun read aloud [...]

  17. Elecopter is a book that flows perfectly with rhyming words and sentences throughout the book Elecopter goes through the outdoors and saves all of the animals from a fire that could potentially hurt them all Elecopter was determined to save all of the animals I really enjoyed the rhyming aspect of this book because it made it entertaining to read and to keep flipping the page The illustrations are very appealing to look at and help visualize the text I would definitely put this on the shelf in m [...]

  18. Michael Slack s Elecopter is a delightful and surprising rhyming picture book The shining star, Elecopter, is a brave, helpful helicopter elephant, who patrols high above the savannah, saving animals and keeping the land safe.The story is told in simple, yet addicting rhymes that young readers will have a lot of fun mimicking in a chanting manner Bright, astonishing colors burst off every page and Slack s illustrations are done in a completely unique and unforgettable style and have a fun sense [...]

  19. Although young children will enjoy the idea of an elephant that can fly through the air like a helicopter, it wasn t my cup of tea I liked the determination of Elecopter s face as she warns the other animals about fires and saves them in various ways She has her priorities straight since she saves lives before trying to put out the blaze raging in the jungle by using her fire hose nose unpaged The illustrations, created digitally and collaged through Photoshop, are lively and appealing, but I ju [...]

  20. A charming slight picture book about a crossover bombination of child popular animal and machine, similar to Monkey Truck by the same author Would be best for the 3 4 age range, though my 7 year old smiled over it Brightly colored illustrations, helping theme, intriguing toylike main character Pair these two with the I m books by Kate McMullan.

  21. Elecopter is there to save the day on the savanah, whether it s providing haircuts for lions or putting out fires.I think I would have liked this if it were just a flying elephant The part helicopter part elephant thing is justweird Still, she has a good heart and is a superhero for the African animals, so it s hard not to like her.

  22. Elecopter flies over the savannah making sure that all of the animals are safe She faithfully keeps watch and when danger looms, Elecopter springs into action Slack s bright illustrations depict the superhero maneuvers of the brave young elephant who flies like a helicopter This book will be a hit with action loving 2 5 year olds.

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