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  • Author: Vasily Grossman
  • ISBN: 9785458033503
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback

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  1. Vasily Grossman

    Born Iosif Solomonovich Grossman into an emancipated Jewish family, he did not receive a traditional Jewish education A Russian nanny turned his name Yossya into Russian Vasya a diminutive of Vasily , which was accepted by the whole family His father had social democratic convictions and joined the Mensheviks Young Vasily Grossman idealistically supported the Russian Revolution of 1917.When the Great Patriotic War broke out in 1941, Grossman s mother was trapped in Berdichev by the invading German army, and eventually murdered together with 20,000 to 30,000 other Jews who did not evacuate Berdychiv Grossman was exempt from military service, but volunteered for the front, where he spent than 1,000 days He became a war reporter for the popular Red Army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda Red Star As the war raged on, he covered its major events, including the Battle of Moscow, the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk, and the Battle of Berlin In addition to war journalism, his novels such as The People are Immortal were being published in newspapers and he came to be regarded as a legendary war hero The novel Stalingrad 1950 , later renamed For a Just Cause , is based on his own experiences during the siege.Grossman s descriptions of ethnic cleansing in Ukraine and Poland, and the liberation of the Treblinka and Majdanek extermination camps, were some of the first eyewitness accounts as early as 1943 of what later became known as the Holocaust His article The Hell of Treblinka 1 1944 was disseminated at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal as evidence for the prosecution.Grossman died of stomach cancer in 1964, not knowing whether his novels would ever be read by the public.


  1. Vasily Grossman was a writer of unique genius, a great war correspondent and an even greater novelist Earlier this year I read Life and Fate, a panoramic novel set in the Second World War I don t think I ve ever been as overwhelmed by a work of fiction, at least not since I read Dostoevsky s Crime and Punishment It s an astonishing tour de force, a description of people and places and events delivered with freshness and stunning insight Even before I finished I offered the following comment As a [...]

  2. It was with trepidation that I picked this up Vasily Grossman s Life Fate is the only book I have ever snapped shut, not out of boredom or irritation or a desire to read something else, but out of fear, a fear of what I would be exposed to and how it would affect me More than once as I carried it around with me during the day, fitting in a few pages here and there I made a fool of myself in public, especially at work, during breaks, sitting there damp about the eyes, with a pained expression on [...]

  3. Introduction Everything FlowsNotesChronologyA Note on Collectivisation and the Terror FaminePeople, Places and OrganisationsBiographical NoteFurther ReadingAcknowledgementsAn Afterword by Yekaterina Korotkova Grossman

  4. This is not a novel but as another reviewer has quite rightly pointed out, a verdict Nor is it complete, Vasily Grossman began it in 1955 and was still revising it during his last days in the hospital in September 1964 Grossman was also one of the first witnesses of the consequences of the Holocaust He published The Hell of Treblinka in Russia, the first journalistic account of a German death camp in any language He even published a non fictional account of World War II called A Writer at War Va [...]

  5. This is a brave and thoughtful account of the Stalin years Admittedly, Grossman wrote this documentary style fiction well after Stalin s death when it had become possible to acknowledge that mistakes had been made However, he knew from his experience of trying to get his previous book past the censor that the freedom to write the truth was still far from possible in tightly controlled, KGB run, soviet Russia This book, unpublished in his lifetime, provides an insight into the psychology of the [...]

  6. A man returns home after thirty years in the gulag He is prematurely aged and unfamiliar with the modern world How will he fit in after such a long time away, time spent in a dehumanizing hell hole He meets up with his cousin and bumps into an old friend in the street Both have built succesful lives for themselves whilst Ivan has been in the camps, and they feel embarassed and guilty at their relative good fortune, the friend doubly so as, unbeknownst to Ivan, it was he who had denounced him.Iva [...]

  7. Not under foreign skies, Nor under foreign wings protectedI shared all this with my own people There, where misfortune had abandoned us Anna Akhmatova s Requiem If Life and Fate New York Review Books Classics may rightfully be seen as Vasily Grossman s masterpiece, his Everything Flows may rightfully be seen as his testament, a requiem if you will not only for his own life but for the lives of those who lived in his time and place Everything Flows tells a simple, yet emotionally deep and politic [...]

  8. Despu s de la majestuosa literatura zarista de la Rusia del siglo XIX, surge una pl yade de escritores sovi ticos cuyo talento no le va mucho a la saga al de aquellos escritores que produjo el siglo XIX Uno de ellos es Vasili Grossman 1905 1964 , cuya obra Vida y Destino es un logro literario asombroso y que ahora nos regala con esta novela sobre la Rusia estalinista Este texto es una de tantas obras que relatan y a la vez tratan de revelar todas las atrocidades del r gimen de Stalin 1878 1953 e [...]

  9. Ideale prosecuzione di Vita e destino, questo romanzo ne anche la logica conseguenza Se Vita e destino, infatti, era ambientato in pieno stalinismo, Tutto scorre prende avvio dopo la morte di Stalin, e fa i conti con tutto quello che lo stalinismo stato, dai gulag alla collettivizzazione forzata, dal Terrore del 37 all attacco postbellico contro il cosmopolitismo Il ritorno dal gulag di Ivan Grigor evi , infatti, costringe lui stesso e i personaggi che gli si muovono attorno a riflettere su quel [...]

  10. This is very powerfull and frightfull text It s actually a verdict then a novel A verdict to the Stalin s regime Stalin dies, old broken bald man is freed from one of the Stalin s labour camps and Forever flowing is his thoughts while he stumbles across this Moscow and Leningrad world of not imprisoned people, which he did not see for 20 years He meets the man who sold him, he meets his old love who forgot him, he meets his brother who found a way to succeed inside Stalin regime, he learns the [...]

  11. Grossman s last gasp An epitaph, which still roundly condemns the inhumanity and evil of the Soviet system, from Lenin on.Even here, there is one last faint glimmer of hope.As the title indicates, the novel flows, from the train trip at the beginning, through show trials, apartment houses, and long lost friends It s not bitter, and certainly not resigned Rather, I sense a quiet determination that this man must tell his story That is the duty of every survivor of great evil.

  12. M s que una novela, aunque s tiene algo de acci n, es un recuento de las cosas terribles que pasaron por el estalinismo Desde la deskulakizaci n, los millones de prisioneros, sentenciados sin ning n tipo de prueba, a desaparecer, ya fuera fusilados, prisioneros de por vida, las familias separadas para siempre, l hambre, la corrupci n, en fin, todas las consecuencias que tuvo la b squeda de Stalin por reprimir lo m s esencial en el ser humano la libertad A n con todas las cosas terribles, con lo [...]

  13. GulagA minha estreia liter ria com o escritor Vassili Grossman, nascido em 1905 na Ucr nia, foi precisamente com o seu ltimo livro Tudo Passa , romance iniciado em 1955 e no qual ainda trabalhava durante os seus ltimos dias de vida, acabando por falecer num hospital de Moscovo em 1964.Ivan Grig rievitch regressa vida depois de ter passado trinta anos num gulag campo de concentra o na Sib ria V tima, tal como milh es de russos, da arbitrariedade, das falsas den ncias, das fraquezas humanas, assen [...]

  14. It read like a series of essays with the central character Ivan Grigoryevich now released after 29 years in prisons Siberia for a crime he did not commit There is some musings from Ivan on the meaning of freedom There are some musings from informers who survived by naming others as enemies of the State There is a bleak and harrowing chapter on the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s Then there are chapters as Grossman tries to understand what happened during the Stalin years.It s an impressive book.

  15. Potrebbe essere un capitolo di Vita e Destino, ma pi disincantato, pi disperato, quasi un grido Che illusione terribile, il sogno di libert Secondo Grossman tutto il misticismo, la spiritualit russa proviene dai 900 anni di schiavit Come se lo sviluppo dell uomo che in occidente coincide con la libert , in Russia fosse legato all asservimento Mi sono sempre chiesta perch tanta causalit nel finire in Siberia nei lager, perch furono eliminati tutti, perch bastava un nulla Ora almeno so che non c m [...]

  16. Creo que deber a empezar por decir que soy comunista, y bastante convencida de hecho, leer a Vasili Grossman no ha hecho que cambie de opini n en el plano te rico en absoluto, ya que las ideas que m s se alinean con mi manera de pensar efectivamente siguen siendo similares a las de la base de la Revoluci n bolchevique Nunca he sentido simpat a alguna por Stalin, pero de alguna forma tengo cierta tendencia a desde ar los discursos de aquellos que se empe an en hablar mal del proyecto sovi tico po [...]

  17. un romanzo strano Ne sono protagonisti i condannati e le condannate ai lavori forzati, che hanno perso la vita nei lager di Stalin come Ma a Ljubimova, o come il personaggio principale, Ivan Grigor evi , che riesce invece a ritornare dal Kolima dopo la morte del grande tanghero e dopo quasi trenta anni di lavori forzati Grande la soddisfazione e il senso di liberazione perch il megatanghero crepato E all improvviso, come la luce dell aurora boreale, cominci a filtrare tra i ranghi morto Stalin D [...]

  18. Everything flows begins with Ivan s release from a prison camp after thirty years and his return into a Russian society still suffering from the dehumanizing effects of Stalin s determined attempt to bring about socialism in one country It doesn t really read as a novel, but introduces characters and their stories to throw light on the horrors of that age the gulags, the liquidation of the kulaks as a class, and the lengths to which people had to go to stay alive A harrowing yet fascinating read [...]

  19. Qui n y donde nos escondi al gran narrador que es Vassili Grossman Por qu motivo los medios no acogieron sus obras con el apoyo que se merec an Tal vez su defensa de la libertad y sus opiniones contra el error horror en que se convirti la dictadura comunista en Rusia No lo se, pero desde luego nos han privado de conocer antes a un MAGN FICO autor.Entre novela y ensayo pol tico sobre la libertad y su vulneraci n, lejos de la gran distancia de VIDA Y DESTINO, pero con un contenido pol tico m s int [...]

  20. As a blow the doors off journalistic expose of Stalinist genocide, purges , Everything Flows is a masterpieces the courageousness of which is matched only the the quality of verbal expression Grossman was, in fact, a Soviet War Correspondent in WWII Neither this work nor his larger Life and Fate were published during his lifetime and I m amazed that Grossman had the gut to even submit this material to Soviet authorities for approval Considering it was only less than a decade since Stalin s death [...]

  21. Scritto tra il 1955 e il 1963, quando l Unione Sovietica era guidata da Chru v, in una discontinuit ancora troppo debole col passato, Tutto scorre pi che un romanzo, ch personaggi e trama hanno un ruolo minimale un libro di forte denuncia degli aspetti pi aberranti delle pregresse fasi leninista e stalinista in particolare, del genocidio per fame Holomodor, 1929 1933 di ucraini ebrei e kulaki contadini etichettati forzatamente come agiati e della soppressione o deportazione nei gulag di moltissi [...]

  22. The threads that can be noted between adjacently read books always surprise and interest me In this case, Frayn s Constructions discusses the Heraclitus aphorism that the title of Everything Flows is derived from Grossman applies the aphorism to a transport of political prisoners Everything Flows doesn t read that much like a novel and is evidently unfinished Grossman was still working on it when he died Despite or even because of this, it has extraordinary power and impact Grossman s Life and F [...]

  23. Me encant Grossman usa la novela como excusa protagonista ficticio con un conflicto por resolver asociado ste a la triste suerte de su generaci n y de su pa s , ocupado en encuentros reveladores de su psiquis y la de sus cercanos , para que el libro se oriente hacia lo que l quiere decir sobre el drama de la naci n que mejor conoce Las ltimas cuarenta p ginas son en realidad la denuncia de Grossman de las imperdonables decisiones de Lenin y de Stalin, y lo que l estima fue su esencial extensi n [...]

  24. I hestitated giving this book 5 stars because, although it is amazing, there were parts of it I didn t enjoy that much The story starts out simply enough Ivan Grigoyevich is released from Gulag after 30 years The novel takes us though his story, his cousin s who doesn t agree with the regime but is too worried about his career to speak out , his lover an activist in the Ukraine during the famine there in the 30s We also see viewpoints from various characters who turn their friends co workes fami [...]

  25. This little book is in a way a short version of the giant life and fate In it Grossman also describes the cruelties of stalinism, illustrated by the return of an old man, after 30 years in the detentioncamps We see how his friends and family react uncomfortable, because all of them in a way were responsible for his detention, and or have complied with the regime Grossman depicts this psychological process in a very refined way.But he goes further in the end the story changes into a real pamphlet [...]

  26. Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu.Totul curge, spune titlul romanului lui Vasili Grossman Totul curge pe l ng Ivan Grigorievici, cel care a fost nchis pentru 30 de ani Via a poate acum s o reia n libertate Dar cum Multe au curs n cei 30 de ani Chiar i Ivan Grigorievici a curs I s a scurs via a, mintea, sufletul, timpul Timpul, cel mai mare du man al omului Timpul i vremurile cel mai mare i ur t du man al cet eanului sovietic care a tr it fascinan ii ani de sub conducerea [...]

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