Free Read Nevermor - by Lani Lenore - Nevermor, Nevermor LONDON In the foggy city polluted by coal smoke from the factories along the river year old Wren is clinging to a small thread of hope the shimmering silver dream of a better life Wren and

  • Title: Nevermor
  • Author: Lani Lenore
  • ISBN: 9781482638400
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Nevermor - by Lani Lenore, Nevermor, Lani Lenore, Nevermor LONDON In the foggy city polluted by coal smoke from the factories along the river year old Wren is clinging to a small thread of hope the shimmering silver dream of a better life Wren and her brothers Henry and Max are orphans They wish to be adopted but no one wants to take in all three of them Wren won t be separated from her family but no matter hoLONDON In the fo Free Read Nevermor - by Lani Lenore - Nevermor, Nevermor LONDON In the foggy city polluted by coal smoke from the factories along the river year old Wren is clinging to a small thread of hope the shimmering silver dream of a better life Wren and

  • Free Read Nevermor - by Lani Lenore
    249 Lani Lenore

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  1. Lani Lenore

    Lani Lenore is a writer of gothic horror and dark fantasy In addition to rewriting well known fairy tales with a twist, she also writes original stories in a style she calls dark fairy tale , which uses fantasy elements to build horror stories Most of her tales, though horrific at times, have a subplot of romance She loves to keep readers on the edge of their seat and immerse them in worlds of beauty and terror.Lani currently lives in Tennessee with her husband, two dogs, and four cats.


  1. Not so much of a review, I suppose, but a long time ago, I learned that I should always vote for myself or else risk embarrassment, so here it is.First I need to say thank you to all those who have shown interest in this book and if you re reading this, that means you I m an indie writer, and I m not afraid to say it, but that doesn t lessen me It gives me faith in myself to look at this book and see what I can accomplish when I set myself to it Even as the author, every time I read Nevermor whi [...]

  2. Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This is not the first book I ve read by author Lani Lenore, therefore when I was contacted by the author to know if I was interested in reading Neverland s first two books I was than happy to comply Big Cheshire cat smile Having read, in the past, Roses and Black Glass _book over which I will continue to harass The Book Depository until they have it for sale _ I was well aware of the author s writing style, and knowing I was in for a [...]

  3. 5 5 Stars In my recent newfound obsession with Peter Pan retellings, Nevermor is my favourite so far What originally started in the fanfiction world which holds a special place in my heart as a Pan retelling Lani Lenore went one step further and separated from that And begin a tale of her own so based on the fairytale and self published this brilliant book And I love that Everything I ve been looking for in a dark Pan type story, I ve found here And I almost feel as if I can die in peace now an [...]

  4. Welp I think I ve found a new favorite series Let me begin by saying that I ve LOVED the story of Peter Pan for as long as I can remember I have no idea why, but I do That said, I have enjoyed many adaptations over the years mostly in the form of film Disney s version, the 2003 version with Jeremy Sumpter, Hook, that steampunk Scifi version, etc When I came across the Nevermor book series via , I KNEW I had to read it I bought it on my Kindle immediately and dropped all the other books I was rea [...]

  5. Where to begin I ve been searching for a good old Peter Pan story for ages, and I couldn t come across anyone that I actually liked This one, though, is an entirely different thing It s fast paced, vivid, intriguing and it draws you in right from the dark I especially love how Lani Lenore sprinkled the dark element over this story I love the cpncept of the whole plot Simply beautiful Also, I love the way how she brought the characters from flatness to 3D towards the end, each finding his her own [...]

  6. I m seriously in love with this series A dark Peter Pan retelling YES JUST YES And Lani Lenore simply nails it.Nevermor begins a little slow But it s necessary to know why Wren needs Nevermor so much, and it s all the exciting when Wren finally gets there and meets The Rifter, a strange, magical boy who has power that she can t begin to understand.The Rifter so named for his ability to jump the rifts between worlds and his Wolf Pack Lenore s version of The Lost Boys defend Nevermor, the place w [...]

  7. This was an amazing, well writen teen version of the peter pan stories It wasn t all happy, and that made it good.

  8. The TL DR short review is, as always, at the bottom of this long post of nitpicks and opinions.Spoilers ahead In my quest to find as many Peter Pan reimaginings as I could, I stumbled on this series.Initially, I was sceptical Changing the names of well known characters to make the characters seem like your own was, in my mind, a little bit of a cop out, if I m being truly honest But I bought this book, and its sequel Forsaken Dreamscape from , and they promptly arrived I didn t, however, start r [...]

  9. So This is my first review I m not really good at putting my thoughts in words, yet this time I felt like I needed to write this because 1 I absolutely loved this book and 2 I feel that it deserves recognition.I came across this book while searching for a good retelling of Peter Pan For several reasons it was one of my favorite stories when I was a kid and it stayed with me till now so I m constantly searching for related books, movies etc Yet I have been disappointed by many of them not from t [...]

  10. The first 15% was pretty good, and the last 15% was kind of interesting, but the whole 70% 70% in between was well, I did not like it If I hadn t been using this book to cover the title letter N in a reading challenge, I would not have finished it.The first 15% take place in London in 1873 Lovely young Wren Wendy stand in is in an orphanage with her two younger brothers, wishing they could all find a better life together Characterizations are nicely established, as is the griminess of their poor [...]

  11. An unforgettable adventure overflowing with heart pounding swordfights, dreams that you can almost touch yourself, and the pulsing spirit of a young girl whose love of a certain flying boy will never die I have always cherished the story of Peter Pan, and to be honest, I was horrified at the idea of a darker twist on the story, but yet, a new plot and characters that follow as well And I am now admitting that I couldn t have been wrong in my feelings.I first discovered Lani Lenore on Wattpad I [...]

  12. Somewhere out there, beyond the sea of dreams, there is an island It is the place where dreams go A girl, a boy, a beautiful island and a ragtag group of boys, adventrue, danger, friendship, love In Nevermor, dreams can become reality But, remember, nightmares are dreams too.Lani Lenore did a beautiful job of deconstructing the timeless tale of Peter Pan, weaving in her own unique threads of imagination and creating a delightful tale that captured my attention and flowed from the page as if writ [...]

  13. REREAD IN DECEMBER 2015 FOR SHADOW SUN 5 stars Again I love the world, I love the writing, I love every character Wren is a little cutie even if I want to shake her sometimes xD and Rifter is perfection with perfect flaws I m so in love with him and the Wolf Pack This book is the beginning of a masterpiece trilogy.

  14. I am in love with this BOOK and all the other books the same writer wrote They way she describes the scenes, her choice of words is just so lovely, I totally recommend it.

  15. Rift with Thoughts of flyingThe tale was tantalizing with the connection between Rifter and Wren It wasn t fluffy like some stories, which is good The switching between POV was sometimes confusing though In some spots it was unclear because you thought it was Rifter s POV and than another character starts talking from their POV within the same section Foul language abounds as does violence Surely, a memorable retelling at any rate.

  16. nevermor is exactly the peter pan retelling ive always dreamt of believe me, ive read A LOT, but this one is by far one of my favorites each character is so wonderfully crafted and still so true to what barrie originally wrote im absolutely in love with this universe and i cant wait to read the rest of the series, which looks even promising

  17. Loved the different take on Peter Pan and Captain Hook The grungy feel of this entire fairy tale made me want to keep reading I will say I not a terribly big fan of the main character Wren, I m about girls women who can either fend for themselves or at least make steps towards being able to protect themselves Wren is definitely a damsel in distress throughout this whole book and it gets a bit tiring after a little You just want to shout at her to grow up and not JUST depend on the boys to save [...]

  18. I found this book purely by accident And what a treasure it is Peter Pan has been one of my favorite books movie play since I was able to read And this retelling is everything I could wish it to be I love how the author takes the concept of Neverland, but makes it her own She adds her own twist and expands on the idea of Neverland and what it resembles I loved the darker and scarier elements of the story, and its not exactly a kids story any And I thought it was so cool how she took each of the [...]

  19. Okay so I was balancing this book between school so it took me a while to read, but once I got back into it, It was a great ride Wow I have the second book and will definitely start that one The only thing I didn t like was that Wren was practically helpless and always had to depend on Rifter or the other boys I know she felt bad about it but I am hoping that in the second book she s a bit badassybe Other than that I really enjoyed it This book is filled with adventure, suspense, and of course, [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this retelling of Peter Pan It started off slow, but after the first 100 pages I was hooked and didn t want to put it down I liked how Peter Pan Rifter and Wendy Wren are teenagers and are attracted to each other Never Never Land Nevermor is a place of dreams and nightmares and there s a new take on Captain Hook the Scourge I m looking forward to reading the next book.

  21. 3.75 I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this book, except the main character I d say I enjoyed her about half the time.

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