Resisting the Rancher

Free Read Resisting the Rancher - by Roxanne Snopek - Resisting the Rancher, Resisting the Rancher She s his best friend s sister but he s ready to break all the rules Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she

  • Title: Resisting the Rancher
  • Author: Roxanne Snopek
  • ISBN: 9781622661688
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Resisting the Rancher - by Roxanne Snopek, Resisting the Rancher, Roxanne Snopek, Resisting the Rancher She s his best friend s sister but he s ready to break all the rules Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she can turn to is Jonah Clarke her family s lawyer and as it turns out her brother s best friend and her childhood crush She always wanted Jonah to see her as a bona fide womShe s Free Read Resisting the Rancher - by Roxanne Snopek - Resisting the Rancher, Resisting the Rancher She s his best friend s sister but he s ready to break all the rules Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she

  • Free Read Resisting the Rancher - by Roxanne Snopek
    170Roxanne Snopek
Resisting the Rancher

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    aka Roxanne Willems SnopekA TODAY bestselling author Roxanne Snopek writes contemporary romance both sexy and sweet, in small towns, big cities, on secluded islands and sun drenched beaches, with families and communities that will warm your heart Her fictional heroes like her own real life hero are swoon worthy, uber responsible, secretly vulnerable and occasionally dough headed, but animals love them, which makes everything okay Avid gardener, soup maker and bread eater, Roxanne writes from British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by dogs, cats, deer, squirrels and occasionally bear and bobcat When she thinks of it, she does yoga and cleans the house Well, not that last thing.


  1. When Celia returns to her home town to open her veterinary practice, she brings with her a world of trouble While she was still a student, a family tragedy caused her to fall behind Headed for failure she found a helping hand from the wrong guy and now she is being blackmailed and the family business is being threatened She turns to Jonah, the guy who she followed around when she was a kid Now he s a lawyer who goes out of his way to avoid sticky legal situations, but he s always been attracted [...]

  2. So when I was offered the chance to read Resisting the Rancher, this was pretty much what went down because I have to confess that Three River Ranch is my favourite series in Entangled s Bliss line I am a complete sucker for a man in a Stetson and as Lutherton is home to many, it is one of my favourite places to visit This time the focus is on Celia Gamble and Jonah Clarke and whilst their story could be read as a standalone, personally I would recommend reading the series, or at least His Reluc [...]

  3. Heartrending contemporary romance that tugs at your emotionsResisting the rancher is the fourth book within the three river ranch series, by assured writer Roxanne Snopek This intriguing tale contains interesting, flamboyant characters that capture your imagination as they take you on a personal journey of growth and enlightenment Anyone who finds relationships fascinating will enjoy this deliciously detailed tale, of broken hearts and soul searching that s so refreshing I was taken on a roller [...]

  4. I loved this book I loved Celia and Jonah and those two together are PERFECT Jonah I think it s great he s starting to come forth with his feelings for Celia after a long time, Celia Jonah reached the barn door ahead of her and barred it with his body He held up a hand You re not a dumb kid to me I mean he may be a family friend but where Celia is concerned he s still a red blooded man, he leaned over Celia s shoulder, watching her fill out her paperwork And accidentally getting a nice view down [...]

  5. 4 starsI loved Celia and Jonah s story They both have a special place in my heart Seeing them work through their fears and insecurities together left me full of happy feels They are truly meant to be together Three River Ranch has been a great series, I ve enjoyed all the books and I highly recommend them.I love and enjoy Roxanne Snopek s work and I m looking forward to reading in the near future Thank you to NetGalley and to Entangled Bliss for the advance copy in exchange for my honest though [...]

  6. Absolutely loved this book and series beautifully written loved it from start till I finished it Loved this couple country veterinarian Celia Gamble and her brother s best friend Jonah Clarke who is also her family lawyer, she has always had a crush on her brother s best friend,But she needs his help than ever because she is been blackmailed for a mistake Great chemistry between this couple love there relationship Another great book in this series loved every one, Books not to be missed by a gr [...]

  7. I was kindly given this ARC from Netgalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.3.5 ratingI enjoyed this book and just a little upset to find out that this is book 4 in the series However, you really don t lose much and can read this as a stand alone The characters were enjoyable and the banter between them was fun and sexy I loved the history between Celia and Jonah It was a sweet book My only complaint was that the ending felt rushed But, it was a good read.

  8. I have always loved the song Kissed You Good Night by Gloriana I love the passion in it Well the song actually happens in this book and I loved it Check it out here youtube watch v rzMQuWe have Celia Gamble who has returned home after finishing vet school to practice at home She has equipment set up and a place above it to live in But after her brother died, she struggled in school and met a man who helped her That man had an interest in Celia and she in him But, turns out he s married OOPS She [...]

  9. Jonah Clarke is a contract lawyer, dead set on not taking on any juvenile cases when a girl brings a dog in need to him He s a lawyer, not a vet, so he brings the dog to the new vet in town Celia Gamble, his deceased best friend s little sister Celia s had a crush on Jonah since they were kids and though she s run into legal trouble of her own, she isn t willing to seek any advice from Jonah.The two try to deny their feelings until they can t any No hiding, honey It s time to face this I want yo [...]

  10. Another great book in the series The Three River Ranch This was just as good as the first 3 books and I hope that she writes Even though these are on the tame side, the author does a fabulous job of bringing the characters to life and making you feel what they are feeling There is passion and romance and a little suspense This book pulled at the heartstrings and had me on edge the whole time The writing flowed flawlessly and the plot was very real and the setting that the author describes was j [...]

  11. 4 1 2 stars This was the one in the series I was most looking forward to because when we met Cee Cee Gamble for the first time in His Reluctant Rancher she was the spunky but difficult little sister Now in Resisting the Rancher we get to see Celia Gamble as an adult, still spunky but having had to mature through some tough circumstances My favourite aspect of the whole Three River Ranch series is the way Roxanne Snopek characterizes the animals Mistral and Chewy seem like old friends by now Cycl [...]

  12. This book features several tropes that are my romance catnip We ve got friends to lovers , overlaid with resistant love what the SmartBitches call I m not supposed to like you I don t wanna like you I can t stop thinking about your hair DAMMIT , garnished with cowboys, on a ranch that raises what I am assuming is grass fed beef, though they call it sustainable So much to like, before we even get to the heroine, a veterinarian whose professional competence exceeds her personal confidence, and the [...]

  13. Resisting the Rancher is a cute romance with cowboys and a feisty veterinarian Celia Gamble, our heroine, was a rangy tomboy when she left Three River Ranch to go to vet school She has returned to Three River Ranch a feisty, determined, curvy woman She is definitely tired of being under her brother s protection It was the hardest thing for her to confide in Jonah when she needed legal assistance Jonah Clarke is Celia s brother s best friend and the town s only attorney Celia s brother would not [...]

  14. She s his best friend s sister, but he s ready to break all the rulesI was kindly sent an ARC from Entangled Publishing, Thank You Now I have never read any Bliss books before, nor I have I read any of Roxanne Snopek s book before so I went in to this book with no prior experience Resisting the Rancher is a Three River Ranch novel, the story centres around the Gamble family, specifically Celia CeeCee Gamble Returning the heart of her family after training to be a Veterinarian, Celia Gamble sets [...]

  15. Posted on What I m ReadingI have to say that I enjoyed reading Resisting the Rancher, then again I have enjoyed every Three River Ranch book This time we are hanging out with Zach s little sister Celia Basically, everyone in the story still sees Celia as little CeeCee and they don t realize that she s all grown up As hard as she tries to prove everyone wrong Well, she finds herself in a pickle, because what happen while at school Her past has followed her back to her hometown She calls on the he [...]

  16. Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsRoxanne Snopek is an author who never fails to tug at my heartstrings She always manages to put just the right words and emotions into her writing to bring tears to my eyes.In Resisting the Rancher, you get the real life emotions of an older brother trying to protect his baby sister, while realizing that she isn t a baby any longer Celia Gamble is living life as best she can after a tragic accident destroyed her family Celia is trying to be brave a [...]

  17. This is the fourth book in the Three Rivers Ranch series and the second I have read In this book, Celia Gamble, Zach s youngest sister, is back in town to set up her veterinary practice Unfortunately, a disgruntled person from her past is stirring up trouble Help comes from Jonah Clarke Jonah is one of her brother s best friends and is her former crush which makes getting help from Jonah, the only lawyer she knows, difficult There is obvious chemistry between the two but both are somewhat reluct [...]

  18. Resisting the Rancher Roxanne Snopek s fourth book in the Three River Ranch Series is the story of Celi Gamble the new country veterinarian who has a misunderstanding from her past coming back to cause her problems Celia turns to her brother s friend and long time crush Jonah Clarke for help I love Roxanne Snopek s Three River Ranch Series This was another great story The story of the forbidden love from the past finding their way to love in the future I love that both Celia and Jonah have lost [...]

  19. I found Resisting the Rancher to be a fun, cute story Celia has always had a crush on her brother s best friend, Jonah, but she thinks he views her as just a kid Of course, the way she dresses doesn t exactly help him view her as a grown woman, but Jonah is attracted to her no matter what she s wearing When Celia needs help due to threats she has received, she reluctantly turns to Jonah who is a lawyer I enjoyed the relationship between Celia and Jonah, but I felt that the whole blackmail story [...]

  20. In Resisting the Rancher by Roxanne Snopek, Celia Gamble is in real big trouble She has just opened her practice as a country veterinarian and is having a bit of a hard time getting people to bring in their animals to her It takes time to build trust and a clientele, but now all her hard work is in danger of falling apart.A misunderstanding and an error from her past is rearing its ugly head and she needs help to make it go away Unfortunately she needs legal help and the only person who can help [...]

  21. The premise of this story was great I loved the history and growth shown by the characters I found myself really rooting for them The side characters added a lot of depth to the story as well There was a lot of sexual tension and a sex scene, but it was handled pretty well I wish the swearing would have been left out I see no reason to add it in Especially taking the name of the Lord in vain Very easy to change without effecting the story line at all A fun story, but I will have to be very selec [...]

  22. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.When I received this book, I was under the impression that it would be a clean romance I don t believe the author and I have the same opinion of the definition of a clean romance I could not bring myself to finish this book because the language and sexual tension too much It seemed like that was the only thing on everyone s mind.I did like the main characters and always enjoy a fun girl next door grows up story I probably would have [...]

  23. Resisting The Rancher by Roxanne Snopek was such a laugh out loud, emotional read that had my attention from the start Strong character dialogue and many laughable, likeable characters that keep your attention to the story Celia and Jonah s characters had so much emotional baggage to work through and family issues to contend with The story flowed well all throughout the book.A laugh out loud delightful story with a pleasant ending.4 Stars ARC received from the publisher for an honest review

  24. Celia Gamble is all grown up, and opening a vet practice in her home town Most remember her as the skinny little girl, always trying to catch up with her brothers and their friends But she s a woman now, with a mistake she made in her past haunting her, and her newly found independence She has only one person she can turn to, Jonah, the boy man she has always had a crush on Can she trust him Full review to follow at.teaandbook shauni

  25. I really enjoyed Celia and Jonah s story Always love an older brother s best friend trope So much fun I ve read a couple of books by Roxanne Snopek, so I m not at all surprised that I have fallen in love with yet another one of her stories The author consistently provides the reader with great, likeable characters, a terrific storyline, and fantastic writing.

  26. I really enjoyed this book I loved watching Celia become than a childhood friend to Jonah A fun and flirty read that I loved Roxanne Snopek has delivered yet again An awesome addition to her Three River Ranch series

  27. Oh, this one was so much fun I love older brother s best friend stories why my parents only gave me a younger brother I will never understand , as well as childhood crushes all grown up and back with a vengeance, so this story was like catnip for me Or would Beckynip be a better description Either way, it was a guaranteed win.Add to that Celia s propensity towards wearing novelty work related t shirts Veterinary Medicine Because People are Gross and the most brilliant t shirt related proposal sc [...]

  28. Celia has recently moved back home to start her veterinary practice after graduating college She has always wanted to practice where she grew up and couldn t wait to start, even if she was nervous of failing She had so much pressure on her from her brother to succeed, that she was terrified to let them down The last thing she needed was to run into her older brothers best friend, Jonah and dredge up all the feelings she has for him Jonah is a lawyer in their small town and he feels pressure to s [...]

  29. I got a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange of an honest review.Resisting the Rancher is my first book by Roxanne Snopek, and I believe my first cowboy book too I m happy to say Ms Snopek did not disappoint It was a fun and quirky book and emotional where needed.Celia Gamble just came back home to and opened a new veterinary clinic Just when things look good, trouble ensues Someone from her past is determined to ruin her and is willing to go to any extent There is no one [...]

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