A Gentleman's Affair

[PDF] A Gentleman's Affair | by ✓ A.J. Linn - A Gentleman's Affair, A Gentleman s Affair Donovan Hart is handsome wealthy successful and single While his single status has always been something he s coveted enjoyed and exploited now his attitude is changing The former Malibu playboy

  • Title: A Gentleman's Affair
  • Author: A.J. Linn
  • ISBN: 9780989376709
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] A Gentleman's Affair | by ✓ A.J. Linn, A Gentleman's Affair, A.J. Linn, A Gentleman s Affair Donovan Hart is handsome wealthy successful and single While his single status has always been something he s coveted enjoyed and exploited now his attitude is changing The former Malibu playboy has been set up fixed up felt up and is now fed up At the age of he is ready to settle down and find the girl of his dreams Can he escape his sordid past and move fDonovan [PDF] A Gentleman's Affair | by ✓ A.J. Linn - A Gentleman's Affair, A Gentleman s Affair Donovan Hart is handsome wealthy successful and single While his single status has always been something he s coveted enjoyed and exploited now his attitude is changing The former Malibu playboy

  • [PDF] A Gentleman's Affair | by ✓ A.J. Linn
    379A.J. Linn
A Gentleman's Affair

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    A.J Linn published his debut novel, A Gentleman s Affair, Volume 1 of The Gentleman s Series, in May, 2013.Since that time, he has continued protagonist Donovan Hart s story in A Gentleman s Secret, published in December, 2013, and revealed Donovan s earlier life in a prequel, A Gentleman s Memoir, a novella published in August, 2014.The series quickly became very popular with fans of his RP character blog, which he d been writing for almost a year He credits those fans with this series, since they were the ones who encouraged him to write a book and dedicated the books to them With his unique voice and writing style, the popularity of the series began to grow, despite the promotion and marketing challenges facing a self published indie author In an original and creative idea, he gave his readers the opportunity to submit characters for A Gentleman s Secret and A Gentleman s Memoir, which he crafted into the story The results were intriguing and sometimes hilarious, as he paid the ultimate compliment to his fans and readersking their characters part of Donovan s story.The next installment of the series, A Gentleman s Fate, will be published in late Spring, 2015.While having full time job and a very busy life make finding time to write a challenge at times, his readers are in agreement that he has done a fantastic job four books in two years is quite an accomplishment.The paperback editions of the series can be found on The ebooks are available on Smashwords, Barnes Noble, and iTunes.


  1. If you re tired of being dragged through the emotional wringer of tear jerking erotic novels, and want to read a book that s simple, life affirming, romantic, sexy AND hilarious, pick up a copy of A Gentleman s Affair, and don t put it down until the end The protagonist, Donovan Hart, is at first glance fairly typical of all contemporary book boyfriends gorgeous, wealthy, smart, successful, sexy, single But the similarities end there Donovan doesn t have any of the usual deep childhood traumas t [...]

  2. After following the author s blog on WordPress, and his alter ego on Twitter, I was intrigued about his self published first book, and eagerly ordered it I m always inspired when a new writer takes a shot at a broader audience, and if for no other reason, I believed he was deserving of the support I ordered the book as soon as it was released, and set it aside to read after I finished another new book by a very hot author of the same genre.What was interesting was that the hot, new, highly antic [...]

  3. First of all, I know the author from twitter I start following his alter ego right after I was reading his POV blog on WordPress He is an extraordinary guy who knows how to put words in the right place to open up your soul by reading his blog As he told me that he was writing a book I honestly couldn t wait to have my own copy And what I began to read was incredibly I ve been reading the book once and then twice, I couldn t put it down The main character Donovan Hart is handsome, wealthy with a [...]

  4. I currently follow the author s blog on WordPress and as well as his alter ego as Christian Grey on twitter After reading his blogs, I knew that I would love his book as well I was one of the first to order his book and I have read it twice Donovan Hart, the main character, is this handsome, smart and wealthy guy that owns La Fuga Hotel and is trying to give up the playboy life to find a girl he can fall in love with but has troubles on his journey to a true love relationship We learn about his [...]

  5. Donovan Hart is successful, handsome and smart After the tragic death of his beloved mother he took over the running of the family hotel La Fuga from his heartbroken father and turned it into the best establishment in Malibu At the age of 32 he has become tired of living the life as a playboy and has decided to search for his Unico Vero A His one true love.Can he leave his past behind and find the girl of his dreams After a few disastrous dates he meets Rebekah She s beautiful and seems perfect [...]

  6. Sadly, I feel as though I have not read the same book as the other reviewers I went into this story, having had some previous experience in RP role playing myself, excited to see that someone had taken their storyline and published it I can easily get past the editing issues Some of my favorite books are self published authors who could have used an editor for the minor stuff, but that didn t deter from their story Besides needing some editing, I found the characters to be rather flat in persona [...]

  7. My understanding is that this author is a fan fiction blogger If so, to me the book was written as a blog would be written and I just couldn t get into it He is probably a very entertaining blogger, but it came off as cheesy for the book The character development was also extremely lacking I am extremely surprised by the ratings on this one He must have some loyal fans.

  8. My ReviewReading books written in the male point of view are becoming my favorites A Gentleman s Affair by A.J Linn is the story of the sexy bachelor Donovan Hart told through his point of view I must say, getting inside the mind of this eligible bachelor makes this story a funny, witty and sexy read.So tell me, who doesn t love a handsome wealthy bachelor I for one love them Add food and wine to his list of interests, and he is a real winner to me Donovan, well, he fits that description and has [...]

  9. 4 starsI stumbled upon this book on twitter and was immediately intrigued So when I received my copy I dove right in.The book follows Donovan Hart, owner of La Fuga Hotel, and the story itself is told from his POV He s successful, witty and confident and you are thrown into his world as he tries to find love Having been through his playboy phase in the past he s ready to settle down and find a lady to share his life with.You get to experience his many failed attempts at finding that true love Fr [...]

  10. I read this book once, then read it a second time before I could write a review A Gentleman s Affair is one of the best books I ve read in a good long while When I first read that Donovan Hart, the main character, was handsome and wealthy, I thought Oh no, here we go again I couldn t have been mistaken This is a truly original story, with interesting characters, from Louisa to Scarlett Montgomery, and of course, my new book boyfriend , the irresistible Donovan Hart We get to accompany Donovan o [...]

  11. This was such a wonderful book In the beginning I felt so bad for Donovan as he went on those disastrous dates They reminded me of the blooper scenes of dates that the dating game never truly aired When each name showed for a chapter the dating game theme song came into my head As horrible as the failed dates were, they had me cracking up This playboy who now wants to find the one going on such disastrous dates cracked me up And then steps in Scarlett He resists the pull of the wonderful and kin [...]

  12. A Gentleman s Affair is a Great Story and a quick read Donovan Hart, is the Owner of La Fuga hotel located in Malibu and Pisa of Las Vegas Donovan is smart, handsome, rich, sexy and a recently reformed playboy, in search of his il mio per sempre My Forever The story takes us through his hilarious and sometimes not so hilarious love life Donovan has not been selective in his past and is starting to believe there is out there for him It is not until he breaks his own rules about mixing business a [...]

  13. Favorite Quotes But Jared and I are the only men in the room again, and the ladies have begun to stare us down as if we are the last two bowls of chocolate ice cream left on the entire planet We are kissing so passionately that you would think that we were the ones that if fact, created kissing and just because back in the day actually ended just a few months ago, well, that doesn t make me any less serious about finding the one She is like flies at a picnic Annoying, and always there, landing w [...]

  14. Donovan Hart is 32 yr old drop dead gorgeous playboy He is successful, smart, wealthy with a great sense of humor He owns a luxury hotel on the beach in California He will soon open another one in Vegas He is wealthy enough to buy a large yacht just because he had extra money in his bank account that needed to be spent He is looking to find his one true love He is tired of the playboy way of life He doesn t have much luck until he breaks his rules and mixes business with pleasure This was a quic [...]

  15. Good read, but different from other books in this genre While I enjoyed the book, I will admit that it had a different style of writing than most books in this genre For some, that will be a welcomed relief but, to others it may take awhile before you re able to get into the writing style It was almost as though you were reading snippets from Donovan s dating journal The book started off by highlighting some of Donovan s least favorite dating experiences, with almost each chapter representing a [...]

  16. This was a unique book written in a man s perspective I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and that ending, wow You ll see Donovan Hart, eligible bachelor, playboy realizing he wants to change his ways and find something permanentd here s where you will laugh be enlightened with the ladies he encountersI think he s a great guy and a fabulous character I enjoyed him and the relations he has with his assistant and Scarlett You ll enjoy the passion, sex and laughs as well as be on your toe [...]

  17. This is a great read I love how honest and real the character is I don t have to stop and think what does that mean Donovan s thoughts and feelings are laid out in the open.He s in search for the one, his perfect match, the woman he will start a life and grow old with His journey from one hilariously bad date to the next is quite entertaining You find yourself thinking My god did I EVER do that I highly recommend this book to everyone No matter what genre of books you like, this one is funny, fa [...]

  18. What a wonderful book, light hearted and humorous yet a wonderful love story Main character Donovan is a charmer and playboy who thinks he is ready to settle down and find the right woman His search for her is hilarious and so true to life We ve all been there at some point He puts his heart out there in his search for a woman The other side of the story is his business which he took over from his parents He is a smart business man and has a keen eye for what he does Successful and hot, can t as [...]

  19. Not bad at all Donovan Hart rich playboy hotel owner has decided to trade in his bad boy ways and start looking for his forever After a series of bad dates he is just about to give up when his hotel decorator Scarlett catches his eye To bad for Donovan he has a rule about not dating women he works with thanks to the cheating whore ex Danielle will Donovan bend the rules and make room in his life, heart and bed for Scarlett We ll have to wait and see

  20. An excellent and hard to put down book Told from Donovan s point of view, I found myself laughing at some of his exploits, and crying at other points this author pulls out all the range of emotions from his readers and does it winningly Characters from Donovan to the women who cross his path are well rounded and it s easy to develop an opinion of each of them This author definitely needs to write MORE books this first outing has him hitting the ball out of the park Bravo

  21. 30pages Since i dnt have any basis for my rating since its only 30 pages and a big cliffy, 3 stars Please make it better on the next book and please please make it 300 pages and inexpensive How would the readers buy your books if it s too expensive for them to read and too short to grasp the ideas of the story I wont say it s a waste yet but please make it better on the next one Thanks.

  22. I was really pleasantly engrossed by this book from a different perspective, that of the rich alpha male for a change it was witty, refreshing and made me want to read it again, always a good sign this is a new author that makes it all the interesting Beware it ends on a cliff hanger, I can t wait to find out what happens next arrrggghhh.

  23. I laughed and cried and I enjoyed the roller coaster that is Donovan I loved how he would laugh at himself, I loved how he had to convince himself of everything From the moment you hear about his dad you fall in love with him I love the unexpected turns in the book too It is so easy to talk yourself in to doing the right thing but it is fun to do the wrong thing.

  24. A.J Linn is an awesome author I absolutely loved reading this book I fell in love with sigh Donovan Hart I was rooting for him to find the one after all the disastrous dates he went on I was so ecstatic when he finally found the one in Scarlett Montgomery They are my favorite couple I can t wait to read A Gentleman s Secret.

  25. Amazing read, and a totally unexpected ending, I absolutely recommend this book, Donovan Hart is a great character, loved how the book is written, they re time when the character addresses the reader as he s telling the story which I love, it gives this story a realistic dimension to it.

  26. I loved this book I loved the main character Donavon Hart He is funny, witty and most of all sexy as hell The way he told his story makes the book a must read I can t wait until the next book comes out.

  27. The build up in the beginning was necessary, but had me wondering when the romance would kick in who was he going to get with.ever once it started I loved it Donovan Hart is a reformed playboy looking for lasting lovewill he find it if he breaks his rules Looking forward to book 2

  28. For me, the book went very fast It felt like I was reading someone s writing who has ADHD and had forgotten to take their meds It s not a bad thing if you like quick reads or fast paced novels For me, I prefer slow and steady with descriptions I just couldn t connect with anyone.

  29. I found this book to have an exceptional storyline I would definitely recommend this book as a good read looking forward to the second book of the series, just hope it don t take 6 months to get.

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