The Plague Forge

[PDF] The Plague Forge | by ☆ Jason M. Hough - The Plague Forge, The Plague Forge After discovering the first key in the wreckage of a crashed Builder ship Skyler Luiken and his crew follow the migrating aura towers in search of the four remaining relics But time is running out th

  • Title: The Plague Forge
  • Author: Jason M. Hough
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Plague Forge | by ☆ Jason M. Hough, The Plague Forge, Jason M. Hough, The Plague Forge After discovering the first key in the wreckage of a crashed Builder ship Skyler Luiken and his crew follow the migrating aura towers in search of the four remaining relics But time is running out the team learn that the next Builder event will be the last and one of the objects has already fallen into dangerous handsWill the survivors finally reveal the Builders pAfter discover [PDF] The Plague Forge | by ☆ Jason M. Hough - The Plague Forge, The Plague Forge After discovering the first key in the wreckage of a crashed Builder ship Skyler Luiken and his crew follow the migrating aura towers in search of the four remaining relics But time is running out th

  • [PDF] The Plague Forge | by ☆ Jason M. Hough
    458 Jason M. Hough
The Plague Forge

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  1. Jason M. Hough

    Jason M Hough pronounced Huff is the New York Times bestselling author of The Dire Earth Cycle and the near future spy thriller Zero World In a former life he was a 3D artist, animator, and game designer Metal Fatigue, Aliens vs Predator Extinction, and many others He has also worked in the fields of high performance cluster computing and machine learning.The Darwin Elevator began life in 2008 as a project for National Novel Writing Month The book released on July 30th, 2013 and reached the New York Times Bestseller list the following week Darwin was Jason s first published fiction The subsequent books in that trilogy were released that same summer, along with a prequel novella, The Dire Earth, in 2014.Jason s latest novel, Zero World, released on August 18th, 2015 from Del Rey Spectra US and Titan Books AUS NZ Publishers Weekly called it a thrilling action rampage that confirms Hough as an important new voice in genre fiction He lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife, two young sons, and a dog named Missbuster.


  1. It sucked Horribly the writingThe writing didn t improve an inch It remained excessively detailed I swear, if a character went to the restroom to take a dump, the scene would have lasted FIVE full pages Then, in the next chapter the character would still be shitting and it wouldn t be because of constipation It didn t matter if there was action, which the book had a lot, the pace moved like molasses I had less patience for book 3 than for book 2 so I skimmed I skimmed a lot You know it s a bad [...]

  2. Here s the thing about the entire series If you ve ever been a fan of sci fi movies or video games, the pacing and plot development will be very familiar to you In the hands of a writer like Neal Stephenson, this material would have been a million word saga And that s okay he does that really well Jason Hough writes the whole thing in damn near teleplay format he knows how to write visually, how to set up light and sound and does it all with text Pretty slick I found some of his characterization [...]

  3. Click Picture to Enter Giveaway Post Tome Tender GiveawayEnter to winThe Dire Earth Cycle Trilogy includes 1 Printed copy of The Darwin Elevator by Jason M Hough 1 Printed copy of The Exodus Towers by Jason M Hough 1 Printed copy of The Plague Forge by Jason M HoughOpen to USA and Canada Mailing Address OnlyContest runs September 24, 2013 October 8, 2013I am shocked, overwhelmed, reeling and feeling completely bereft that it is over Suspense, tension, violence, non stop action, plot twists and t [...]

  4. The second book of the Dire Earth Cycle, The Exodus Towers, ended with a slow, tense burn that continues into The Plague Forge Skyler Luiken, the main character, now shares the spotlight with Tania Sharma and Samantha Rinn and all are on separate missions to retrieve the last three alien artifacts to complete the puzzle on the alien Builders Key Ship Tania and Skyler s teams deal with the ever present threat of subhumans and the SUBS disease, while Samantha, within Darwin, must steal the blue ar [...]

  5. First of all, I feel bad for The Plague Forge because this particular book had the dubious honor of competing for my time and energy with Dark Souls II Ouch Even my beloved Packers would have a hard time competing with Dark Souls II, so Anyway I digress I often make fun of Baen book covers but who hasn t Secretly, however, any time I pass one in the bookstore, I linger on it because it just looks so damn interesting The amount of lasers, monsters, explosions, and scantily clad space heroines doe [...]

  6. I m trying to think of an analogy that encompasses all of the great things this book brings to the reader First and foremost, while it falls firmly within the sci fi genre, it draws liberally from many others There are strong mystery and adventure elements here that make the story almost ache with tension It is not a book that is easy to put down, nor will you find sections that are easy to skim over due to lulls in plot or action The story is layered, intelligent and if you are a bit of a nerd, [...]

  7. Still hesitating about the rating Would have been a solid four for most of the book, but some of the parts before the end started to drag a little, and I m trying to decide whether the ending was fitting, a bit disappointing, or a bit of both.A bit of both, I think.In any case, The Plague Forge is a thrilling, action rich conclusion to the Dire Earth Cycle I think it s pretty safe to say that anyone who enjoyed the first two books will also enjoy this one with the addendum that they might or mig [...]

  8. mybookishways 2014 06 Skyler is still shaken from the events in The Exodus Towers and he s also still a little conflicted about his feelings for Tania, who risked her life to save his It turns out that the alien Builders have something else up their sleeves, but what Skyler and Tania do know that they must find the remaining keys, and they re hoping that the towers will lead them to the artifacts needed to complete the Builder puzzle They decide that two groups will go in search of the artifacts [...]

  9. July, 2013 Review on hold And don t think it isn t killing me September, 2013 Signed, sealed and delivered beyond expectations, The Plague Forge by Jason Hough brings his Dire Earth Cycle to a brilliant conclusion Intense, detailed and flying by at breakneck speed in a race against time and an unknown alien faction with an equally unknown purpose, The Plague Forge holds on to its final secrets until the very end Imagine a rollercoaster powering to the precipice, then plunging downward, leaving y [...]

  10. Potboiler only sparingly dispensing bits of the sci in sci fi The conclusion seemed tacked on at the end It seems that the author feels confident in his skills for describing nonstop violent action over the course of three substantial volumes, leaving only 18 pages at the end for the meaning of the invasion The explanation provided in these 18 pages seems like a set up for the next volume When Alan Cheuse first reviewed The Darwin Elevator on NPR, he claimed that it was the first of a projected [...]

  11. Overall the seeming trilogy gets 4 stars from me I enjoyed the mystery, the nasty characters and the lead up to what the builders were planning to do with humanity The situation seemed dire, indeed, and it was so hard to guess how it was going to end, let alone continue at times I thoroughly enjoyed the books and the narration by Simon Vance, right up to the very end It is hard to tell if there will be books in this Dire Earth Cycle, but I don t think so If Mr Hough has stories like these up h [...]

  12. In case you don t know I didn t , a space elevator is a potential space transportation system made up of a cable anchored to the earth s surface that extends into space It s meant to allow transportation along the cable from the Earth s surface directly into space without the need for rockets This concept is important because a space elevator is the focal point of the Dire Earth Cycle, a trilogy that consists of The Darwin Elevator, The Exodus Towers, and The Plague Force First, the setup Severa [...]

  13. You can read the full review over at my blog shadowhawksshade.wordpressLast year Jason M Hough put out one of the best debut novels of the year, one that I even put on my Best 2013 Debuts list at the end of the year The Darwin Elevator was a really fun and fast paced action SF novel set in a post apocalyptic future where the only remaining mass of humanity is concentrated in what used to be the roughly coastal city of Darwin, Australia and where humanity s lifeline to the stars, a space elevator [...]

  14. My goodness, this has been a long ride I ll have to digest for a day or so before getting a feel for how this series sits with me.In book 1 we re introduced to the characters, by name if not in person and the world building begins Hough is a master at this craft His descriptions are solid.That said there was a huge raging debate on thread elsewhere where some people were taken about by what they perceived to be inexplicable holes in the plot Personally I didn t notice but one, and as it turns ou [...]

  15. Finished The Plague Forge at 1 30 this morning, and my first mental response was to say iiiiiiiiiinteresting in a slightly foreign villainous accent Yes, this book kept me up until all hours, pressing onward towards the action packed conclusion Yes, Mr Hough does his best George R.R Martin impression with some of the characters And yes, the stage is set for a potential return to the Dire Earth universe And, like with the previous books, many of the events that unfolded did so in a way that was j [...]

  16. It was fun, the best book in the series Very action packed, extremely visual All of the books in the series are super easy to picture, he writes like he s describing a movie almost It sometimes leaves the dialog and character development a bit weak, but the characters were stronger in this one than in the previous two books.It really strikes me looking back now how much of a change of focus there was after the first book into the second and third books They re all very much adventure books, the [...]

  17. After discovering the first key in the wreckage of a crashed Builder ship, Skyler Luiken and his crew follow the migrating aura towers in search of the four remaining relics But time is running out the team learn that the next Builder event will be the last, and one of the objects has already fallen into dangerous handsWill the survivors finally reveal the Builders plan That is a very short paragraph describing the action in The Plague Forge, book three in the Dire Earth Cycle and yet it says it [...]

  18. OH my, where to start I loved it, I hated it mainly that it ended , and i m confused by it NEED MORE ANSWERS.The end of this book answers so many questions but not until the VERY VERY end At the same time it just leaves you with questions to be answered The book is left in a very good position to write spin offs and additional novels, AND WOW do i hope the author continues I want to know WAY MORE I want to get wrapped into intense fights with who knows what kind of enemies I want to know of [...]

  19. The I kept reading the book, the less and less I was rooting for anyone to finish getting the parts up the the Builder ship And the last part of summing up who the Builders were and why they were doing it just felt like I read a 3 book prequel to a whole new series If you like two fisted SF with a heavy dystopian feel then this is for you But I think I am done here Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

  20. A simple recipe for writing an SF series a mysterious alien artifact, at the beginning, a humdrum explanation at the end, and in between three volumes of people killing each other in predictable ways.

  21. originally posted at thebookplank 2013OK so first off YES the conclusion to the Dire Earth Cycle Ever since picking up The Darwin Elevator this has been a series that I have been looking forward to read Its action packed, has great characters and what is up with the Builders What do they want from Earth But let me skip back a few paces So far the story has been well established in the first two book with a lot of twists and turns The first book, The Darwin Elevator, introduced us to the concept [...]

  22. 2.5 stars, rounded up for good measure.Things started to go a bit askew in this book for me It doesn t have quite the same feel as the first two in the series There are many characters jostling for page time, with frequent jumps in point of view Almost every character from the first two books shows back up here and gets some piece of the action The story is spread out all over the world too, so you re jumping locations as well as POVs Some of the events were a bit too coincidental for my liking [...]

  23. The best thing about this book is the epilogue I enjoyed the romp, but it felt something like a car chase all the way through Obviously a race for time, the third in the Dire Earth Cycle needs to wrap up by the end of the book It is satisfying in that all the suspicions you had about the Builders are revealed at the end as pretty much what you expected It s a good romp Not earth shattering or revelatory in any way as far as illuminating the human condition or speculating on the meaning of life, [...]

  24. The story and action were great, the conclusion was a bit disappointing actually At least there was a conclusion I suppose Maybe I just wanted better aliens.

  25. Good solid SiFi story nice setting and good characters I was a bit disappointed with the ending but overall a good read recommended

  26. Nonstop action in what to the participants and readers are inexplicable circumstances Fascinating ending Great imagination by the author.

  27. As i listened to the series, I became less enchanted The characters don t really grow beyond the sketches of their personalities OK, Russ ended up doing a big thing completely out of character, but the protagonists pretty much stay the same All the detailed accounts of fighting between humans and subs and between humans and humas became super tedious The descriptions of alien ships, towers, what have you did not inspire the sense of awe one gets in reading Alastair Reynolds aobut how cool it all [...]

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