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Ant Colony Best Download || [Michael DeForge] - Ant Colony, Ant Colony The debut graphic novel from a dazzling newcomer with a singular idiosyncratic styleIn the few short years since he began his pamphlet size comic book series Lose Michael DeForge has announced himse

  • Title: Ant Colony
  • Author: Michael DeForge
  • ISBN: 9781770461376
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

Ant Colony Best Download || [Michael DeForge], Ant Colony, Michael DeForge, Ant Colony The debut graphic novel from a dazzling newcomer with a singular idiosyncratic styleIn the few short years since he began his pamphlet size comic book series Lose Michael DeForge has announced himself as an important new voice in alternative comics His brash confident undulating artwork sent a shock wave through the comics world for its unique fully formed aesthetic The debut graph Ant Colony Best Download || [Michael DeForge] - Ant Colony, Ant Colony The debut graphic novel from a dazzling newcomer with a singular idiosyncratic styleIn the few short years since he began his pamphlet size comic book series Lose Michael DeForge has announced himse

  • Ant Colony Best Download || [Michael DeForge]
    434 Michael DeForge
Ant Colony

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    Michael DeForge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ant Colony book, this is one of the most wanted Michael DeForge author readers around the world.


  1. i don t know why i didn t love this book i should have it s about ants and war and the despair of the overlooked and conquest and the big questions the things that divide us, the impossibility of communicationbut also gruesome horrible deathand these kind of richard scarry gone bad overview shots like rarrrrrrrrrand pretty endpapers which are all good things but then there are these other things that just kind of grossed me out yes, i KNOW i read monsterporn and i should be totally immune to thi [...]

  2. Goodness gracious What was that And why do I feel so weird If David Lynch ever directed a movie for Disney, I guess the result would be the movie equivalent of this comic book cute, candy colored, beautiful, mysterious, surreal, enigmatic, fearless, subversive, dark, obsessive, merciless, disturbing, brutal, deranged, and than a little painful An artfully delivered punch in the gut what could you ask for

  3. Ant Colony is a subversive look at Western society through the prism of anthropomorphised ants A couple of gay ants have relationship troubles everyone s bothered by the repetitive drudgery of their work and the seeming pointlessness of keeping their Queen happy a father gives bad advice to his son regarding an earthworm leading to his son becoming a prophet there s an ant hunt to catch a serial killing spider and war with the red ants, a neighbouring colony, begins This was my first Michael DeF [...]

  4. With Ant Colony, Michael DeForge has served me exactly the kind of graphic novel that I love to chomp, chew, swallow and smack over A veritable feast for the sequential art gourmet with a palate for the bizarre and existential la Werner Herzog s Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Heart of Glass Starting off as an offbeat, slice of life story about a black ant colony that could have been conceived by the painter Francis Bacon, events then take a ruinous turn during the second course, as war is waged w [...]

  5. It s possible people thought I was a crazy person as I cracked up reading this on the Metro The drawings are mostly simple panels of stick like ant and bug figures, but the characters are creatively designed and well composed and you ll find yourself caring about their doomed attempts to find community as their colony falls apart around them And every so often the artist throws in a huge one or two page panel that is just gorgeous to look at I especially loved the gross and psychedelic design of [...]

  6. LOLs early on and full page Boschian panels of battles with red ants The story broke apart but not the art I met the author a few years ago at a book release party for one of his friends who played in a band with a friend of mine Of all the books in the store devoted to comics and graphic novels etc, I was most attracted to one that turned out to be his Been meaning to look at his stuff ever since His drawing is unmistakably his own at a glance.

  7. This is like a really dark, adult episode of Adventure Time only with black ants, red ants, bees, spiders, and limousine centipedes.The illustrations are somewhat creepy, the black ants are not cute like real black ants but look like mutated little NoFaces from Spirited Away The red ants look a little like ants in that they have big ol mandibles and giant eyes on their bulbous heads but the similarities end there The spiders are freaky with their huge, open mothed 30 s cartoonish dog heads and [...]

  8. Ants, or ant like creatures and other bug like creatures DeForge obsessively creates this pretty detailed ant world with sex and politics and war and death, a world which is also bizarre and gross and surreal at times.

  9. This book is SO WEIRD I think I loved it But if someone told me they hated it, I d be like yeah Also, I knew it would be super dark and existential and gross, but I was surprised to find myself laughing out loud a lot What does that say about me

  10. 4.5 stars This is your ant farm on drugs Any questions Like many of the best aspects of art and life, ANT COLONY is difficult to describe Human nature, war, and pettiness are examined through the use of fever dream imagery of ants and other insects I love all things weird, and I found ANT COLONY absolutely compelling Those not attracted to the surreal aren t likely to be quite so amused, however.I did dock this one half a star because I thought that a small number of scenes most notably the bree [...]

  11. I think the art world and the literary world are both destitute and decrepit, locked between the frivolous gambling idiocy of the market, and the hidebound conservative immovability of the academy MFAs, best seller lists, and global art fairs have left us with pallid ghouls instead of vibrant art and books.Thankfully, the comic world isn t like that I go to a comic book fair albeit a fair that focuses on the so called literary and or artistic and I am continually blown away Every few years a who [...]

  12. I found this graphic novel surreal, dark, and gross in parts, and yet I could not look away It s the story of a civilization writ small war, corruption, sex, angst, ennui, the search for meaning, them versus us, gender politics, murder, etc all set in an ant colony The art is creepily good I especially loved the spiders, and was than a little disturbed by the queen illustrations My fave parts include an ode to the Lion King, the 300 style battle scenes, and the final bucket list There are multi [...]

  13. Vibrant illustrations, but I ultimately didn t connect I think I was expecting something a little accessible and anthropomorphic I mean, I m looking at a page with images of a blender and a baseball bat And it s getting all kinds of acclaim.I m coming out nonplussed.

  14. To put it simply, this is one of the best comics I have read in a while I enjoyed it immensely and read the whole thing in one sitting Great artwork that is very unique, and an excellent, surreal story 5 stars and best reads pile.

  15. Meh, between one and two stars Not really funny, not really graphically beautiful, not really interesting, but it is weird and original.

  16. I loved ANT COLONY because it defied me I assumed as it began that anthropomorphized ants would stand in for the foibles of the human condition and I would be left with a brightly colored sit com that I d likely grow weary of before the end Despite reading a great review, rarely am I enthralled by animals acting human so at best I was kinda hoping for a brightly colored Seinfeld episode Instead I stumbled into a dazzling mixture of many things I love Yellow Submarine meets Animal Farm with the d [...]

  17. This book falls into a special subset of graphic novels that I refer to with the highly technical term of weird I used to avoid weird comics due to some unconscious bias Happily, though, I ve started to give them a shot Not surprisingly, there are some winners and some losers Ant Colony is an overwhelming win Once I got over my initial knee jerk complaints ants are female , they have six legs and remembered that I m not looking for sources for an academic paper on arthropods, I realized what a j [...]

  18. I read this all online as a weekly, direct from Michael Deforge s pen But surely this tale of ordinary disaffection and social malaise as well as extraordinary catastrophe mapped onto an ant colony will be even better to have a single story all in one place now that it s reached book form at last Certainly the color printing looks fantastic.

  19. I really could ve done without all the crude humor, swearing and sex jokes, it was just crass, repetitive, immature and annoying But the art style and the story itself, which follows exactly what its title says, are both good reasons to read it once or twice.

  20. Anthropomorphisized is that a word insects and arachnids in weird whimsical scenarios that kind of culminate collectively kinda like an ant colony but what I really liked was how WEIRD this is

  21. I should ve loved this, but only liked it Very bizzare and unique art, but I feel like Deforge didn t really hit the jackpot story wise yet I might get another book of his and see if he got better since this came out.Recommended for people who like their disturbing stories tied with a bow.

  22. Unfortunately I did not like this one as much as I had expected Psychedelic colouring is the best thing I see in this, the ending is the second I think it was like a worse version of Anders Nilsen s Big Questions fewer interesting or complicated ideas, less care in constructing a detailed ecosystem, a non human point of view I think DeForge s Big Kids is a big improvement as it has a stronger character, idea and ending that you might care about Based on some biological research I did a few years [...]

  23. Not a lot unnerves me, but this truly didI just don t think that s enough to warrant a positive review If you read this and enjoyed it, or saw something in it that I didn t, power to you, but I am not a fan.I love the art style and I think I get the gist a look at Western culture and nihilism through anthropomorphic ants but it felt pointless A lot happened, but there didn t seem to really be a reason for any of it The visuals are very intense and some of the prose made me feel like something w [...]

  24. There are moments here that are breathtaking not in the sublime beautiful way, but in the sheer ambition and reach A two page spread you ll know the one caught me off guard and opened my eyes The narrative itself gives DeForge s peculiar, idiosyncratically obscene artistic style a number of loosely related skeletons on which it clothes itself Characters are prophetic, confused, existentially bemused, and horny they don t want to be all at once, all at the same time, but there you have it There s [...]

  25. Messed up, surreal, messed up I ve never read anything like it, but I would only recommend it as an example of what this genre can achieve.My biggest disappointment was the treatment of the female characters there are only two, and one the queen ant is a sexist stereotype of motherhood in the form of a human with exaggerated sexual characteristics why couldn t DeForge have made her just look like an ant, like the male characters The other is a an infertile female with exaggerated human sexual ch [...]

  26. The artwork is fantastic, but sadly the story comes nowhere close to matching it The dialog sounds like it came straight from the mind of a teenage boy and I honestly though it was written by a young teenager before I learned about the author It is stilted, lacks nuance, and often clumsily fails to convey the writer s meaning to his audience There is no deep meaning here, no allegory to be found, no hidden gems of wisdom, only unearned pretension in a pretty package.

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