Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1

Î Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1 ✓ Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs - Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1, Batman Li l Gotham Vol These gorgeously drawn and painted all ages tales feature all of your favorite Gotham City characters Batman Robin Nightwing Catwoman The Joker The Penguin and many others First up Robin needs B

  • Title: Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1
  • Author: Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
  • ISBN: 9781401244941
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

Î Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1 ✓ Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs, Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1, Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs, Batman Li l Gotham Vol These gorgeously drawn and painted all ages tales feature all of your favorite Gotham City characters Batman Robin Nightwing Catwoman The Joker The Penguin and many others First up Robin needs Batman s help to learn the true meaning of Halloween Then on Thanksgiving Batman and Robin join the families of Gotham City around the table for a holiday feast and birdTh Î Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1 ✓ Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs - Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1, Batman Li l Gotham Vol These gorgeously drawn and painted all ages tales feature all of your favorite Gotham City characters Batman Robin Nightwing Catwoman The Joker The Penguin and many others First up Robin needs B

  • Î Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1 ✓ Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
    413 Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1

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  1. Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs

    Dustin Nguyen is a comic book writer artist who has worked for DC Comics and WildStorm since 2000 He has since worked on such titles as Jet with Dan Abnett, Wildcats v3.0 with Joe Casey, Batman with Judd Winick, Manifest Eternity with Scott Lobdell, and the latest revamp of The Authority, The Authority Revolution, with Ed Brubaker He was the artist on a six issue arc of Superman Batman entitled Torment , with writer Alan Burnett.With issue 840, Nguyen became the regular ongoing artist with writer Paul Dini on one of DC s flagship titles, Detective Comics until issue 852 He is now the ongoing artist along with Derek Fridolfs and writer Paul Dini on the series, Batman Streets of Gotham.Photo by Luigi Novi.


  1. One of my biggest issues with DC s New 52 is the total lack of humour in their titles They re almost all dark and gritty comics that are unpleasant and not fun to read most of the time Thankfully DC s digital side has done a lot to alleviate that this year, publishing the excellent Batman 66, Scooby Doo Team Up with Batman and Robin, The Adventures of Superman, and Batman Li l Gotham Following the popular trend of chibi meaning small cute versions of characters, DC have miniaturised Batman and h [...]

  2. Cute, light, silly Basically everything that New 52 DCU isn t I kind of wish I d been able to read this right after Batman Death of the Family, as a palate cleanser The holiday themed stories make for a fun read, and I was surprised at how effective this version of Mr Freeze was The characters aren t far from their canonical pre Flashpoint versions, they re just in a sunnier, sitcom version of Gotham I was unsure about the painted art at first, but it grew on me quickly The aesthetic definitely [...]

  3. 3 Stars.Okay, this was sweet and cutesy and I actually found the first three or four stories quite charming and fun, but theeeeeeen it just gets super repetitive No, that s not how I d describe it I don t wanna say it gets boring, but it just loses the magic and charm it had in the beginning.The jokes don t work, the stories are not entertaining any and, well, it s Li l Gotham I m not expecting something thrilling, but the idea just doesn t hold up Not if you re reading this in one sitting at le [...]

  4. Very cute, short vignettes about Gotham and it s cape population during the holidays I liked the shorts with Mr Freeze especially well, and the moment in Thanksgiving with Penguin in a jail cell next to a bunch of orange jump suited penguins, one of which was playing harmonica, cracked me up

  5. I found a copy of it in the library and the artwork is great All of those Batman and son stories are light hearted and funny too I guess kids will love this series.

  6. It pains to rate this so low but while the art was pretty unique and eye catching, the stories seemed way too superficial, short and ultimately meaningless I should give it half a star just for the art.

  7. Y knowme things are probably better left for the kids Thing is, I ve been hearing about Li l Gotham for a really long time Pretty much every comics person I follow recommends it I see it on starter lists all the time, I see the art reblogged on tumblreveryone seems to love this one Everyone loves to talk about how cute it is and how much batfamily interaction there is in it Being a huge fan of both cuteness and the batfam, I decided to pick it up But unfortunately, this one really, really missed [...]

  8. so adorable yet it can be too light of a reading definetely has best batfam moments the thanksgiving issue and there are great details.

  9. Loki is not impressedd neither am I.I guess I should have known I wouldn t like this when I saw that this wasn t Little Gotham, it s Li l GothamNo it s not a rap titleThat would have probably been better.What this book actually is, is an overly cutesy explosion to the point that it s saccharine and may cause diabetes.Don t get me wrong I love cute, bring on the kitties and puppies, and I had no problem with the cutesy artwork It was fun to see a sort of infantilized version of Batman and his vil [...]

  10. A combination of wonderful artwork and fun stories make Li l Gotham a must for Bat fans of all ages With an expansive cast of characters, an abundance of jokes and puns Would you like some roses The Dark Knight Roses and heart warming moments, it s a welcome change of tone considering DC s darker New 52 output Brilliantly illustrated with a colourful, painted style by Dustin Nguyen, the book has an undeniable charm that carries over to the holiday themed stories co written by Nguyen and Derek Fr [...]

  11. I wanted to rate this higher because I ve enjoyed seeing pictures from this comic online for a long time However, I found it much enjoyable as individual pictures than all put together as sometimes weak, unfunny stories The art was less appealing put together as comics as well Something about the chibi watercolor style just seemed to hurt my eyes I think reading it as the 10 page comics online would probably be enjoyable than as a volume I also think that while it seems like it would be good f [...]

  12. First Reads Review Batman Li l Gotham Vol 1I was quite pleased to read this volume of Batman Li l Gotham from the First Reads program I m a little hit or miss on Batman most of the time, having loved the animated series growing up and liking most of the movies but not really ever getting too into the comic books For me, especially since the New 52 started, I just haven t seen much of a point, in part because a lot of what I do remember is no longer the case But this series actually takes place p [...]

  13. What the heck did I just read I thought I was going to be reading a Batman aimed at little kids but then as I started reading I decided, no, this is a parody of Batman, aimed at adults, that kids could read but wouldn t get the adult jokes But after a while I just gave up on trying to guess what it was The only thing I truly knew was that it wasn t for me Not funny, when it was obviously trying to be Damian came off as a super jerk Mr Freeze s heartfelt Christmas scene gave me the creeps and had [...]

  14. 3.5 This is the cutest comic ever Everyone is a small, sassy, pun crazy version of their traditional comic selves Most of the batfam is featured, as well as a large slew of the rogues gallery Harley is ADORABLE, even the Joker for that matter , and oh my word the Mr Freeze segments end up so heartwarming A few of my favorite segments include those with Harley, the Christmas one, and the Mother s day and Father s day ones It s fun to see familiar characters in such a lighter tone I wouldn t say t [...]

  15. This graphic novel felt like a bit of a guilty pleasure while I was reading it To put it simply, it waste There s no other way to explain it The idea of Batman teaching Robin specifically Damian about trick or treating is just adorable, even if doesn t feel exactly canon In many ways, these stories felt like fan fictionbut in a good way So many Batman stories are dark and intense, so it was nice to see this lighter, fluffier take on these characters The Mr Freeze stories were also nice, as they [...]

  16. Very cute I ve read most if not all of this before The watercolor art by Dustin Nguyen is simply to die for, it s the cutest ever It is occasionally a little confusing, both in a what word bubble or panel comes before which way and in a what is this action sequence showing way But not so bad as to ruin things The stories are all very short, about 5 pages or so, centered around various holidays I don t think the holiday theme continues beyond this book, I do have volume 2 to read to Raven later.

  17. I m rating this book a low 2.9 I think that there are many funny points in the story and the art style is nothing like I ve ever seen before Although I liked some areas of this book there are many where I just found it rather boring Overall I think this book evens out to be a little bit below average I feel like there is just something missing that needs to be added I m just not sure what that thing is.

  18. This was all right but the stories skewed a little young for me The art is gorgeous though And the couple of Lobo cameos made me laugh This is something I would definitely give to teens and tweens at the library.

  19. 2 1 2 stars I saw it in the library and thought it looked cute It was, kinda It was mostly mindless and a lot of the characters look too much alike Plus, it had soooooo much Damian Most annoying Robin ever.

  20. The good This is kids oriented The art is amazing The plots are interesting.The bad The dialogues are corny.

  21. Really fun, light hearted read that can be considered a breath of fresh air for those looking for something different than the typical grim offered by comics often nowadays.

  22. This review is courtesy of an Advance Review Copy through the good folks at NetGalley.It seems most of the major publishers are keen on chibi or mini esque versions of their properties Marvel has Skottie Young s current portfolio, Dark Horse are playing with Itty Bitty Hellboy and DC has Li l Gotham.While I normally wouldn t check out tales of tykes fighting crime and spending their weekends engaging in being cute and creating hilarious dust clouds through punch ups, since most of these stories [...]

  23. This is FUN, LIGHT HEARTED, SILLY, and absolutely ADORABLE.Batman Li l Gotham Vol 1 could best be described as if Batman The Animated Series got it s own comedic spin off similar to Teen Titans Go If you re a fan of those animated series then you ll really enjoy Li l Gotham.In other words, if you hate the concept of Teen Titans Go then this is material is not for you Theses stories are focused on the holidays featuring several characters, both allies and adversaries It s not meant to be serious [...]

  24. 3.5 stars super cute, but some of the stories couldve used some development to flow better and i wish there were stories abt the batfamily as a whole instead of just brucedamian, but ofc this one is just a personal preference, and not the writer s fault.

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